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About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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4 Responses to MONTHLY NUMEROLOGY – MARCH 2012

  1. Kelton says:

    Thank you, Christine!


  2. Stacia says:

    I just went back to read this again, as I find I gain more insight after the 20th of the month. The 1st is like a preview of the unknown, a riddle of things to come. Around the 15th I can start to see the patterns taking place. Then between the 20th to the 25th, I am always stunned at the accuracy of what I am going through and have gone through. Your writing is brilliant, to put it simply. Thank you for sharing your gift.


    • Thank you Stacia. Yes, a lot can happen in the course of a month to change one’s situation or point of view. At mid month, I always remind people on Twitter and FB to re-read their monthly forecast for that very reason. Thank you so much for sharing that!


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