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  1. Jacob McNamara says:

    Hi Christine, for a long time I have been studying numerology and have visited many sites on the web. But only three days ago I came to find your site which is the vesy best out of all the sites I have visited. I am not flattering: eg. I am yet to find a site which has such a lengthy account of each personal year. Your weekly and monthly forecasts are spot on!

    I have a question which I sincerely hope you will be able to answer even with a few words: my birthday is 14 Sept and I will have ended ny year 9 then and begin year 1. Am in relationship with someone I love very much who entered year 6 in July. She has become quite removed and taken somewhat a cautious stand, where as I am going through several waves of emotional termoil. Is this to be expected? I would really apppreciate your help to understand. Thank you so much.


  2. By my calculations, Jacob, you have been in the 1 year from January 1, 2012. Your 9 year of endings came in 2011. There are some aspects of the chart that change on one’s birthday, but they come from your birth name, not your date of birth. I know there are differences of opinion about this, but that’s the way I find to be accurate and makes the most sense. It also makes sense that you would be asking about this relationship in September 2012, since it is a double 1 month for you. 1 = change and new beginnings.

    So think back, Jacob, to what was going wrong with the the relationship in 2011. Perhaps you were avoiding signs that things were not going well. The waves of emotional turmoil that you are feeling now are the result of hurt feelings which, of course, could have occurred in any year. Her standoffishness is likely to be the result of either confusion about the relationship, or the need for more space and time to herself, or she wants to end the relationship. I am so sorry that you are going through this, but do remember that this is a year of new beginnings for you – a new era of your life.

    I wish you both the very best, and send my love.


    • Jacob McNamara says:

      Hi Christine, I am so grateful for your prompt reply and advice. The fact that you took time to read and reply to say a lot about your personal grace, intergrity and this wonderful talent you have. So again, a big thank you. Please clarify one thing for me re the personal year: Since my birthday falls in September I had been under impression that the current personal year is calculated based on the birthday past (year 9) and that the new year begins on the day of my birthday this month (year one); i.e., personal year runs from September to September. But you take the birth name as the lead and then suggest that the personal year begins from 1 January of each year. Is this correct? Also, are you suggessting that, irrespective of when one’s birthday is during the year, the personal year begins on the 1st of January for everyone? Or are you saying that the birth name informs when the personal year begins? With gartitude and love to you also.


      • No Jacob. Only two small aspects of the birth name (the name progressions and the aspiration number) run from birthday to birthday. Their influence is certainly makes a difference, but these energies are by no means as strong as the core energy that comes from the birth name. Other than that, the birth name has very little influence on the course of the personal year.

        The calculation method you choose to follow for the personal year is up to you, but this is what I have found to be the most accurate, and why.

        To calculate the personal year, we add the numbers of the day and month of birth to the specific numbers of the current calendar year. Numerological cycles are based on the calendar, and a calendar year always begins on January 1st. When you were born, the calendar year cycle had already begun – and you were born at a specific point WITHIN that cycle.

        So yes, the personal year for everyone, regardless of one’s birthday, starts on January 1st.

        I hope that is helpful.


  3. Jacob McNamara says:

    Christine, Thank you so much for your explanation which is, indeed, helpful. A special thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I visit your site everyday, reflect on the Today’s Vibe and read some of your articles in the archives. They are full of information and there’s so much to learn. Waiting for a credit card to come through to get the total set of the Year Books. Again, thank you heaps. with love


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