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The revelation that 27 year old Joshua Duggar, the oldest ‘kid’ in the TV show “19 Kids And Counting”, sexually molested 5 young girls, including his sisters when he was a teen, is a strong reflection of what humanity is evolving from. There are many connections to be made here – and around the world. Whenever a number jumps out of an event or situation – a cluster of 19s in this case – there is always a deeper story going on. Not only are there 19 Duggar children, but each of their names begins with J – the 10th letter of the alphabet. 1+9=10.

Joshua, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie…


Josh’s Father, Jim Bob Duggar was born on the 19/1 Destiny Path. 7/18/1965 = 7+9+3=19/10/1

Josh’s wife, Anna, was also born on the 19/1 Destiny Path. 6/23/1988 = 6+5+8=19/10/1

19 is the holding pattern that contains everything we did not learn – and everything we must learn – in order to evolve into a new and more peaceful existence. 19 exposes hypocrisy and atrocity, so that healing, and then evolution, can occur.

As we learn 19’s karmic lessons, the two numbers converge and become 10 – the number of innovation, rapid forward movement, and bringing ourselves to the ‘next level’. In turn, 10 brings us back to 1, which emphasizes the power of the individual, leadership, new beginnings, and step-by-step progress.

Through the ‘reality show’, “19 Kids And Counting”, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar turned their reproductive life (their sex life), into a multi-million dollar business, and for some reason, did not expect this highly sexual vibration to resonate throughout the family. They espoused the archaic belief that masculine is ‘superior’ to feminine and that the female must ‘submit’ to the male. They have bitterly denounced same-sex marriage and all LGBT issues, imposing their intolerance on others, while all the time keeping their own moral failings firmly out of sight.

Amazingly, the police officer they brought Joshua to for a good ‘talking to’ a year or more after the molestations occurred, was himself convicted on child pornography charges. This hypocrisy is reflected in a major way through the lens of karmic 19, including the blatant cover-up of abuse, sexual and otherwise, by politicians, clergy, entertainers, police, and others in positions of trust.

The patriarchal ‘man’s world’ of the 1000s is ending, but very violently. The word patriarchy means ‘rule by fathers’ and by its nature, places the male as the primary authority figure, and is oppressive to women by keeping them in subordinate positions. Most religions – and whole societies – are based on patriarchy, and this has produced a world of discrimination. But now, despite the enormous battle to keep the ‘old ways’ in place, the feminine 2000s are bringing balance – and peace – through 2s power of sensitivity. We are starting to FEEL and SENSE more deeply, and as a result, our awareness of reality is expanding. Reality is not a TV genre.

Supporters react outside Dublin Castle following the announcement of the result of the same-sex marriage referendum in Dublin on May 23, 2015. Ireland on Saturday became the first country in the world to approve gay marriage by popular vote as crowds cheered in Dublin in a spectacular setback for the once all-powerful Catholic Church.    AFP PHOTO /  PAUL FAITH        (Photo credit should read IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images)

on May 23, 2015. Ireland became the first country in the world to approve gay marriage by popular vote. Crowds cheered in Dublin in a spectacular setback for the once all-powerful Catholic Church. Photo credit: IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images)

While the Duggars dominated the news in the US, something hugely symbolic was occurring  across the Atlantic in the predominantly Catholic country of Ireland. On May 22nd, an 8 day in an 8 year, (8 represents POWER and is the principle number of 2015 (2+0+1+5=8), Ireland became the first country in the world to approve marriage equality by popular vote. This brought the number of countries in the world in which same-sex marriage is legal from 19 to 20….

From 19 (the 1900s – and the old millennium of the 1000s) to 20 (the 2000s). Moving forward.

Just imagine how things will have changed by the year 2020. And it’s only 5 years away!!


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