The 11:11 Equation

By Christine DeLorey

© Copyright DELOREY 2008 – all rights reserved


Since the early 1990s, countless people from all over the world have contacted me stating that they keep seeing – or noticing – the numbers 11, 111, or 11:11 on clocks, receipts and documents, and in many other ways. Some people are fascinated by this, while others feel uncomfortable with 11’s digital intrusions.

With 11:11 itself occurring on the calendar this week, I have received many questions about these numbers, but I have to admit that it’s not the easiest of topics to articulate. The answer lies in the sum of 11, which is 2. And 2 is the number of connections. Therefore reading this sequence is like a never ending game of ‘connect the dots’.

The tendency of 11 is to illuminate or ‘shed light’, and it is certainly revealing that our desire for ease and simplicity has caused us to reduce our capacity to understand. Collectively, we have become lazy and easily distracted when it comes to learning anything NEW! We’re not discovering any more. We’re just hashing out the same old stuff, and think creativity is a matter of finding new ways to rehash it. We’re recycling our creativity, which means that creativity is stifled — and where we should be recycling and taking a far more responsible stance, we’ve been stifling the planet herself, suffocating her under a seeming impenetrable blanket of rubbish that we continue to produce and throw away!

The more deeply I look into this sequence of numbers, the more I see it as both a reflection of humanity’s evolving energy, and an inevitable effect of what we ourselves call the ‘digital age’. The entire planet is awash in an ocean of zeros and ones which make up the binary code of our computerized lives. Who is to say whether the two center dots in 11:11 are reflections of zeros, and that 11:11 is actually digital energy identifying itself through its own linguistic system. There is a connection there with something else I am seeing, which I will express a little later.

1 is the very basis of mathematics, the nucleus of all numbers, and is the core of understanding. Without ONE, the other numbers cannot exist, because they are all multiples of one – each an equation in itself – but what we must learn about the 1 energy is that its natural position of ‘first’ does not make it superior, since it cannot function without the cooperation of all the other numbers. It’s function as leader is not to force others into following it, but to open up space for others to lead themselves in their own UNIQUE ways. Only when leadership is based on those principles, and not the threat of nuclear dominance, will we ever truly be free. This connection, and its current reflection on the world stage, is extremely important to understand. As Einstein said, “Peace can never be achieved by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.”

1 is the number of independence, uniqueness and individuality, the mind – consciousness – masculine energy – the self – evolution – progress. It is represented by the principle of “I think, therefore I AM” . But only by thinking independently can we ever move beyond other people’s ideas and theories and discover new realities and truths for ourselves. 1+1=2, and 2 is the number of duality and cooperation!

We cannot think for ourselves if we cannot feel and, so, our thoughts and our feelings, our masculine and feminine, must start to work together, to both sense and intellectualize our way through the journey we call life. They must be balanced. Neither can be dominant, yet either can lead when called for. Balance requires tremendous flexibility. Balance = equality and looked at through a flexible lens, 11 IS the equals sign. It is also the plus and minus signs, the multiplication sign and, with the inclusion of 11:11’s two dots, the division sign. Put one of those 1s on a slant, and you have a more ‘digital’ version of the division sign. Oh, and there’s even a couple of exclamation points in there, too.


Unevolved 11 energy is self-absorbed, paranoid, overbearing, out of balance, ignorant, dependent, manipulative, aggressive. Evolved 11 energy signifies enlightenment, shedding light on things, learning, ideals, inspiring and being inspired, feminine/masculine balance, peace.

From a numerological standpoint, there is clearly an emphasis on the number 1. In this instance, 1 mirrors itself to become 11. And 11 mirrors itself to become 11:11, which in turn, = 4, the number of order, system, details, construction and one’s sense of identity.


Is 11:11 a cosmic mirror? Does it reflect US? Is it showing us how we limit ourselves to an “either/or” mentality? We want cut-and-dried answers to everything. It’s either this or it’s that. It’s either my way or the highway. It’s either good or its bad. And if it goes beyond the duration of a sound-bite, then it probably wasn’t important to begin with.

With 4 being the number which influences our sense of identity, and 1 the number of self-awareness, perhaps we ourselves must individually look at our own reflection and discover not only who we really are, but where we are, why we’re here, what to aim for, what we have learned, and what we still need to learn. Which brings me to the connection I spoke of earlier……….

Is the technology that we ourselves created, this sea of ones and zeros with which we coexist, a signal from ourselves to ourselves to WAKE UP from the deadness of our own denials and find our imaginations again? There is nothing NEW in the world. Uniformity has almost become the norm, and the tedium of unevolved “one-ness” is not only making us sick, but it’s trying to convince us that any tendencies toward spontaneity, creativity, and originality are unnatural, and are causing our pain and weariness. Thankfully, things are changing. People are becoming increasingly more aware, with or without the 11:11 experience.

As a numerologist for more than 25 years now, I’m seeing an amazing increase in the number of people who are interested in numbers. People, everywhere, really are beginning to feel and sense those living numerical vibrations which are a natural part of life, not some obscure occult practice. Remember, the word ‘occult’ means ‘that which is hidden’.

The purpose of Creative Numerology is to shed light on this natural resource and bring it enthusiastically into the open. Openness is needed more than anything else right now. That is why people and situations are being exposed for what they really are, and not just the illusion they’ve been painted with. Numerology is, quite simply, the study of numbers, and provides the basis of knowledge. But it should be remembered that numbers can very easily be manipulated, altered, exaggerated, understated, misread, and blurred. That is destructive numerology.

Perhaps there are meant to be MANY different interpretations of 11:11 because diversity is a large part of what those four ones are all about. They encourage you to look at things from different angles, to see all sides of the story, to think independently, to make up your own mind, to lead your own life.

1+1 = 2, and 2 is the number of INTUITION – the ability to sense and feel which is then converted into thoughts. Hey mind! We must start giving our emotions – our feminine energy – our Will – credit where it is due!

Now that the global numbers have changed from the masculine “I AM” 1000s to the feminine “WE ARE “ 2000s, we are finally starting to see how much we have not yet learned about number 1 (our individual selves). We have been conditioned to focus on getting ahead, following a leader instead of leading our own lives and, paradoxically, striving to BE #1, or to position ourselves closer to what we think the number 1 position should be.

Unevolved 1 energy equals unbridled competition and contest which eventually equals war. This is being reflected back to us, vividly, in the form of war itself, corruption in just about every sphere of life, toxic goods (including the very food we eat), inefficient services, inequality, and extremes. Take a look at competition itself. Sports, for instance. Is there a sport out there which does not rely on drugs, or sabotage of some kind, to produce the ‘#1’ players and teams? Unevolved 1 energy tells us that life is one big competition and that being #1 (winning) is all that matters. But that belief is so shortsighted that it has actually set us up to lose – everything.

But the times are changing. The course of time is evolving from 1 to 2, and time will continue to move on whether we are ready to move with it or not. 2 is the result of 1+1. We all exist together on ONE planet, which we have been destroying with our inexperience of life. We do not know how to take care of the world that sustains us and, for the most part, we take this planet and her resources so much for granted that she is in great peril. However, Mother Nature is far more powerful than humanity and all our technology (which is so far limited to zeros and ones), and she is the main component of the feminine energy that is on the rise in the new millennium. SHE will survive. Will we?

The 1 energy within us seems to be in a state of reflection, induced by the justifiable fear that it cannot survive in the direction it is currently following, and is noticing that there is so much more to its ‘self’ than it realized. “I THINK, THEREFORE I AM” is only part of the equation. We also FEEL, independently of the mind, and often in opposition to it. 1 is masculine consciousness energy. 2 is feminine emotional energy, and we have to start to understand, accept, and LOVE the feminine part of ourselves instead of trying to kill it. Without our feminine emotional energy, there is no feeling, no compassion, no love. And we do seem to be looking at that reflection a lot these days.

As we slowly and reluctantly face the reality of these times, we are experiencing discouraging waves of gloom and doom, followed by episodes of enlightenment and optimism. As a result of this back and forth movement, things are slowly changing and healing in the outer world, although that is often very hard to see. Nonetheless, consciousness HAS expanded, especially as far as political and environmental awareness is concerned, and that very expansion is showing us just how narrow our perspective has been on just about every matter on Earth, including our spiritual beliefs.

For as long as unevolved 1 energy has led the way, we have had only ONE way of looking at things, even though we may kid ourselves that we are more broadminded than that. We can see things through a different lens now, if we will just stay awake, stop getting so easily distracted, and NOTICE aspects of life we did not notice before.


One of the reasons so many things have gone wrong here on Earth is because we have failed to understand and implement the laws of CAUSE AND EFFECT into our daily lives. “1 plus 1 equals 2” is perhaps the best symbol that cause and effect can have. If something doesn’t ‘add up’ or if it doesn’t ‘feel’ right – then we should look more deeply into it and notice the details which were previously overlooked or deliberately hidden. 2 is the number of CONNECTION. And why are those two dots in 11:11 so important? Perhaps it is yet another symbol of cause and effect – our need to CONNECT the dots which come in the form of details, if we are to see and understand the larger picture.

The numbers involved here point out that our understanding of technology is far less constructive than we thought and, as is becoming more apparent every day, is actually destructive. What about the other numbers? What about other aspects of life besides the financial – because money IS what everything is based on right now. What about the others? What about other people besides the self? 1+1 = 2.

I am sure there is much more to the spiritual, emotional and physical evolution of humanity than just a slide from 1 to 2, or alpha to beta. Could there be a connection between our computerized lives and the fact that we only use a tiny percentage of our brain’s capacity? Are we using our electrical masculine energy to assemble our capabilities on the outside in the form of computers. Are computers the outer manifestation of our brains? Imagine what we could do if we went within with this electrical energy and combined it with our magnetic feminine energy. Perhaps we would be able to do everything that our computers can do, and so much more, simply by imagining it, and then WILLING it. The human Will is made up of our emotions. The mind alone cannot Will anything. Only feeling and thought combined can do that!

11:11 is an equation, and that’s a word worth looking up.

With LOVE,

Christine DeLorey

© Copyright DELOREY 2007 – All Rights Reserved


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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7 Responses to The 11:11 Equation

  1. pibulus says:

    Hi, this is very interesting to me! I have had a number of great coincicidences with this number and am unsure as to whether to attribute it to patterns, time codes or messages.. but it is intriguing. I found your article very interesting. You may find my site might resonate with you, its a catalogue of coincidences which i just recently began!


    – Pablo


  2. Kristin says:

    In Numerology I am 11 dominant. Great inner struggles and understanding. Just a lack of it from others. lol. I tend to feel misunderstood always.


  3. Stuart says:

    This is a very interesting subject. I am an 11 and was in a tempestuous relationship with a soulmate for 14 years who was also an 11 by birth numerology. To me 11:11 meant the the interactions of two elevens which was quite extraordinary. love and light to you, Stuart


  4. Another superbly crafted piece of writing. This also contains a lot of synchronicity for me as I keep seeing the phrase, ‘I think, therefore I am’ everywhere this last 7 days – which, by the by, I notice has two II’s in it!
    Thanks Christine


  5. zowlay says:

    Hi, i have been seeing 11 111 1111 1234 222 333 555 1010 1212 1221, that is alot so u could imagine how i feel……to look at those numbers like that….has shocked me….can someone please tell me whats happining to me… friends and family think….i am crazy….i know that i am not….i just need to understand,,,,by me finding this site confrims this…..


    • Hello Zowlay, numbers are a natural phenomenon of life, and you are simply becoming more aware of that fact. As a result, your awareness (consciousness) is expanding – and there’s nothing crazy about that.


  6. nUmerology daily says:

    11 is really a master quantity, as are all dual number quantities, for instance twenty two, thirty three, 44, fityfive, 66, 77, eighty eight, and 99. “master amount ” is definitely an suitable expression for the reason that high side of


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