Numerology & the economy

By Christine DeLorey

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2008 – All Rights reserved

When the millennial numbers changed from the 1000s to the 2000s, the old “I AM” system began to crumble. The new “WE ARE” system is trying to form. We have reached that chaotic place called “the meantime”, (the decade of the 00s), where our challenge is to survive the ending, while helping to shape the new beginning.

There is more than an ‘economic’ crisis going on. This is directly linked to environmental imbalances as well as matters of personal freedom, the suppressing of emotional expression and the resulting loss of creativity and originality. We are living in a world in which our dreams and aspirations are limited to only those which can result in financial gain!

We are experiencing a complete BALANCE OF POWER which will effect every aspect of our lives, no matter where on Earth we happen to live. This is happening to HUMANITY, 99% of whom are controlled by a mere 1%. You, me, and everyone else on the planet is involved. A shift towards balance was inevitable. It is happening.

Whatever occurs in week 44 of 2008 (October 28 to November 3) is likely to make it clear that capitalism IS collapsing, along with its heartless grip on our world. That will be difficult to imagine if the system of capitalism is all you have known. We were born into this system, and we are all involved in its demise. Hopefully, something much better will replace it. Hopefully, it will all happen slowly enough to enable us to figure out what that might be. But, in reality, it all depends on the courage, choices and decisions that ordinary people make.

Capitalism and communism are opposite extremes. If one extreme disintegrates, it is only a matter of time before the other collapses too, because opposite extremes keep each other in balance.

A major physical symbol of communism was the Berlin Wall, erected in 1961 – an 8 global year (the number of power on the material plane). (1+9+6+1=17. 1+7=8). 28 years later, communism collapsed – in calendar week 44 of 1989 (a 9 global year 1+9+8+9=27. 2+7=9. A year of endings). There are many connections to the numbers 2 and 8 here which, of course, have an obvious connection to the year 2008. (A 1 global year 2+8=10. 1+0=1. A year of CHANGE and NEW BEGINNINGS).

It has taken 19 years for the shockwaves of communism’s fall to reach its opposite extreme, capitalism. 19 also adds up to 1. 1+9=10. 1+0=1. However, in numerology, 19 is the karmic vibration of the number one, and it is important to understand that karma is not punishment. Karma is consequence. It is the effect of a cause. Karma is also a wonderful opportunity to evolve into higher consciousness by learning what we did not previously know. In the case of 19, it is an opportunity to evolve from selfishness to self-awareness. This appears to be happening more rapidly now.

1 is take – 9 is give. Both are just fine as long as there is balance. But when a few people do all the taking, while everyone else must give until they have nothing left, the system becomes top-heavy and will eventually collapse on itself. When a trickle-down system refuses to let anything trickle down to the ‘support’ beneath it, the weight of its own greed will cause it to crash down instead.

The scales that balanced communism and capitalism were tipped during calendar week 44, 1989. Then, in week 45, on the 9th of November (9/11 according to the calendars of all other countries besides the USA), the people of East Germany started to make their way into West Germany, and vice verse, making Germany ONE again. What happened on Europe’s 9/11 was extremely different to what happened on America’s 9/11 (2001).

FROM WIKIPEDIA: demonstrations broke out all over
East Germany in September 1989. Initially, they
of people wanting to leave to the West,
chanting “Wir
wollen raus!” (“We want out!”).
Then protestors began
to chant “Wir bleiben hier”,
 (“We’re staying here!”).
This was the start of
what East Germans generally call
the “Peaceful
 Revolution” of late 1989. By November
4, 1989,
the protests had swelled significantly, when a
million people gathered in Alexanderplatz, East Berlin.

Meanwhile the wave of refugees leaving East Germany
for the West had increased and had found its way 
Czechoslovakia, tolerated by the new Krenz
and in agreement with the communist Czechoslovak government.
In order to ease the 
complications, the politburo led by Krenz
on 9 November, 1989, to allow refugees to exit
through crossing points between East 
Germany and West
Germany, including West Berl

44 signifies the meeting of opposites and, specifically, the coming together of East and West.

There will always be extremes, but they need to be kept in their right place – APART – at the outer edges of life. No matter what philosophy an extreme is guided by, it cannot help but be drawn to its magnetic opposite. Without true understanding, which appears to be very limited at the outer edges,, extremes are drawn to the destruction of each other, unable to realize that the death of one guarantees the death of the other, and each is oblivious to all the other life that may be destroyed in the process.

As difficult as this may be to envisage given the inept characters that fill most government seats today, THAT is the true purpose of government – to solve problems rather than create them – to keep the balance – to stop the extremes from closing in on everything else, so that people can live according to their Free Will. Of course, they did close in – to the extent that, in many cases, the extremes manifested AS government.

These are exciting and dangerous times. We are experiencing the speeding up of denial’s departure from Earth. Shock is inevitable, and we have to learn to recognize it and heal from it. Everything is happening so fast, and those who have the position of trying to explain things to the population (the media, government etc) are, themselves, having to deal with their own shock that facing reality always involves at first. It is essential that we stay alert and awake by relying on our own feelings and senses as to what is happening. Ready or not, the transformation of humanity – the expansion of consciousness – our own evolvement – is occurring.

At this stage, as denial slips further away by the moment, we are all on a very uncomfortable ride into what is essentially the unknown. No matter where we live on the planet, and no matter what happens in the weeks and months ahead, it is time to take a stand and decide whether we will allow ourselves to evolve into the free beings we are meant to be, or go down with a dying system of greed, heartlessness and stupidity.

What happens in week 44 (and its obvious connection to the number 8, (4+4=8), can have a pivotal affect. 8 is the number of economics and power on the material plane. With so much of humanity’s attention being focused on 8 just recently, it seems that China has inadvertently enabled the energy of 8 to do what it does best – to expose inaccurate information and shed light on truth.

8 teaches us that real power is not money, but knowledge – and more than that – accurate understanding of knowledge. We have spoken much about the information age over many years but, so far, all we got was an age of trivia, double-speak, mis-information and outright lies. This is changing now. That all important aspect of the number 1 – the intellect – is starting to wake within humanity because our FEELINGS are so intense that the mind can no longer ignore them.

It took a global economic crisis to gain the full attention of the majority of people because money has been the main priority of the system all along, not health, peace, balance, goodness, compassion or anything like that. This system proclaimed that money is the single most important thing there is – more important than the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat, or the lives we live. Love of money became more important than LOVE itself.

However, all over the world, people became aware of THE POWER OF 8 this year (the number of both money and accurate understanding) and, even if we do not fully understand the significance of that, the increase of attention that was generated onto the number 8 has begun to lift the cloak of secrecy off matters of economics and government so that people who usually have no concept of how the system works, are starting to see it more realistically, in all its ineptitude, imbalance and amazing arrogance.

44/8 can be connected to many things that are happening right now, including the fact that the upcoming American election on November 4th is for the 44th president of the United States. This would normally occur in calendar week #44 which runs from October 29 to November 4. But, because 2008 is a leap year, the election falls on the first day of calendar week #45. This year, week 44 runs from October 28 to November 3. Instead of being election week, week 44 is the week running up to the election.

The insertion of an extra day (February 29) created an energetic wobble in time, making everything even more unstable than it already was. The election happens to fall right on the leap year wobble that is shifting back and forth between the last day of week 44 and the first day of week 45. Most modern calendars use a simplified form to establish week numbers but, in numerology, we use the “absolute” calendar in which the first day of each week is determined by which day January 1st happened to fall on. In 2008, it was TUESDAY.

We all know that all kinds of clandestine activities are in the works all over the world but, this year, results may not turn out as intended. Whatever is being planned behind the scenes could easily get caught up in the wobbling leap year energy and slip-slide around without ever gaining the intended momentum, even though 44 is the number of momentum.

13 years ago on November 4, 1995, Israeli premier, Yitzhak Rabin, who came closer than any other Israeli leader to bring peace between Israel and Palestine, was assassinated by a fellow Israeli. (1+3=4).

Week 44 is a time when opposites meet, or when intent meets with opposition. This can result in a continuation of conflict and misery – OR – the joining together of people with differences, on common ground, for the purpose of achieving a common goal. The 44 energy produces amazing levels of focus and determination. One way or another, a catalyst for a whole series of changes is likely to occur in week 44 of this 1 global year, including a concentration of enlightenment which will occur as layer after layer of denial lifts away.


44 temporarily disconnects from ego (one’s sense of ‘self’) and just gets on with the work required, being fully aware of the details as it proceeds. Progress can be remarkable under its practical, hardworking and tenacious steam. Even where change and understanding are not sought, 44 often opens the mind and jolts the instincts back to life anyway, and finds a way to correct and update inaccurate understanding.

As this 1 Global year comes to an end, we are likely to experience some dramatic light-bulb moments in which the penny finally drops and people not only “get” what’s happening, but also realize the extent to which they themselves must participate. This, in turn, creates enthusiasm as well as CREATIVE and ORIGINAL thinking!

Week 44 produces BREAKTHROUGH, and from this numerologist’s perspective, brings everything full circle so that the real CHANGE promised by 2008’s 1 global energy, can finally take root. It is going to be a rough ride, no matter where in the world we happen to live, but real and meaningful change must start somewhere! The reason that FREE WILL is the constant theme running through all of my Creative Numerology work, and my book, LIFE CYCLES, Your Emotional Journey To Freedom, is because Free Will (not free markets) is the best means we have of surviving the endings while building the new beginnings. Free Will – the ability to feel and think and act for ourselves – is how we will find our way.

The single 4 is the number of the BUILDER. It is also the number of WORK, ORDER, SYSTEM and LIMITATION. Doubled, 44 enables us to see HOW something works, and reinforces the fact that the correct understanding of KNOWLEDGE is power. In week 44, it is very possible for the mechanics of whatever is going on to be brought into full view of those who are open enough to see it – and I believe much of the world’s population will be touched by this evolutionary energy.

People on “missions” are revealed in the 44 vibration, or the mission itself becomes apparent. And, with the elusive ‘leap year wobble’ sliding back and forth at the same time, especially on the 3rd and 4th of November, much behind-the-scenes activity is likely to be revealed. 44 provides the impetus or motivation which leads to breakthrough and, in some cases, breakdown.

8 is the number of POWER, and 44 denotes the BALANCE OF POWER. Since people themselves are the power which feeds the old system with their capacity to WORK, (in most cases without even realizing it) it is the people who now have a chance to take charge of their own lives, no matter how frightening the breaking down of the old system may be.

The danger is that if people continue to pull in different directions, the fabric of life will get torn up in yet another meaningless war, civil or otherwise. There is no way to ensure that people all pull together without further enslaving them. It is therefore a matter of individual awakening – developing great tolerance for those who see life differently from ourselves, and the learning about the evolving power of ONE. Every one of us is evolving in our own way, and at the pace that is right for us.

Being ONE is not about everyone and everything being the same. That’s called MONOTONY. All the other numbers are made from the number 1. 1 is therefore the nucleus of all the other numbers. The more we insist on everyone being the same, the more we subscribe to the possibility of nuclear war. The purpose of 1 is to expand DIVERSITY, not sameness, to our world. Acceptance of each other – acceptance of diversity itself – acceptance that different people experience life differently and feel differently about life – are the only means of everyone pulling together while remaining individuals. The more our acceptance for each other expands, the more loving intent grows, and the more easily heartlessness and cruelty can move off Earth. It can only happen on an INDIVIDUAL basis.

Week 44 is a vital and measurable BALANCE POINT, especially this year, in the ongoing human journey. The scales have already been tipped, years ago, and perhaps the corrective nature of 44 will enable us to move on from a way of life that was set up to fail from the very beginning because greed, not balance, served as its foundation.

One cannot look honestly at current reality and dispute that the system is cold, heartless, feelingless, uncaring and inhumane. And yet LOVE does exist here. And that’s what we have to rescue and nurture and share as we start to walk away from what has been a very deceptive form of slavery, which brainwashes people into believing they are free, and that freedom depends on giving our lives – our very power – to the system.

We did not come into this lifetime to be a mere cog in someone else’s wheel. There is a way forward because we can feel it and sense it. And we have to keep on feeling and sensing – developing and expanding our intuitive/emotional/intellectual powers, until what we are looking for, literally, occurs to us.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to be afraid. That philosophy is DENIAL. The natural emotion of fear has a distinct purpose. When correctly understood, fear is your very own radar system which alerts you to possible danger. It is a major component of AWARENESS. However, if you become frozen in fear, it is because you are not allowing the feeling to move through you so that it can further assess the details and determine your best means of dealing with the problem. Denial of fear occurs when your own consciousness refuses to accept the situation as real, and none of us can afford to live outside of reality any more. With the correct understanding of how this emotion works, it can be used as an accurate gauge as to what really does need to be feared, what does not need to be feared and, just as importantly, when fear is being used as a weapon against you.

Humanity, as a whole, has started to look at itself in a far more sober and realistic light than we have ever done in the past. And that is another place in which we are most likely to meet our opposites – in the awareness of who we are becoming, as opposed to who we used to be.

When 1% of the world’s population are in control of the other 99%, that’s not living. That’s slavery. And, now, the power grab is on to take it ALL. It can’t work because the higher echelons of “power” overstepped the balance point a long time ago, and the system has been sliding into worthlessness for longer than most people realize. Parts of it can be propped up temporarily, but that will mean that support has to be taken from other parts which are then in danger of falling. We are out of bandages and splints. The old system IS dying and we need to face that fact. The question is, how do we start creating the foundations of a new and more balanced existence in the midst of all the chaos? How can we be the change we want to see?

44 is the number of metamorphosis, transformation and evolution. In week #44, the true meaning of the BALANCE OF POWER can come to light if we are looking for its meaning, and are open enough to receive 44’s ‘down to the bare bones’ insight. The foundations we build must be kept in balance or we will end up reconstructing the same failed and imbalanced system all over again. In week #44, additional enlightenment comes through facing reality in all its forms, including the reality of the hard work involved, and the potential difficulties and rewards that exist with any NEW BEGINNING.

The system gained much power by casting blame and guilt through laws (government) and tenets (religion) which told us that it was ‘bad’ to think or feel in a certain way. No wonder religion is so important to those in power. The system could only maintain what it believed was balance by splitting the populace down the middle – POLARIZATION. The differences between us then kept us tied to the system through guilt and blame.

Oil companies, which are essentially governments now, are currently rushing to claim ownership of the melting poles which, they seem not to realize, have the purpose of holding the planet together in planet form. There is more going on at the poles than many of us can bare to look at – the feelings of grief and helplessness are just too strong. But, some people don’t look at the polar situation because they are oblivious to anything beyond the tiny space they occupy on Earth. And some just don’t care. That’s their choice. As the polar ice caps disintegrate, the polar bears are dying a slow, painful, terrifying and terrible death. That species is on the edge of extinction. They are at the stage of that unthinkable process in which cannibalism can no longer be avoided. It’s happening, and there’s nothing we can do about it. They could not adapt to the unnatural. And neither can we.

For as long as we try to by-pass the present, we cannot develop the future in a way that is any different from the past. We cannot build the new while we are still clinging to the old. We cannot bring old unexpressed emotions that were triggered in the past with us into the future. They must be accepted and healed in the present. Until we realize that, we will be caught up in the ending – unable to fully participate in the new beginning. Our emotions are our feminine energy – a MAJOR part of who we are regardless of whether we are male or female in physical form – a critical aspect of increasing individual power – and we cannot evolve into the future unless ALL of us is present IN the present.

Expressing our feelings is the only way to heal them and free them from our bodies. There is no short cut or quick fix here. Feelings must be felt and accepted by the body and the mind in order to be healed. At this stage, the body is holding everything, and that imbalance is making our bodies sick. It is time for the mind to step up to its responsibility for bringing balance to the individual and to life itself.

No one can predict the future without limiting the future’s potential because the future unfolds according to decisions made and actions taken in the present, in relation to what we have learned from decisions and actions of the past. Without going through the process of learning for ourselves, we destine ourselves to repeat the past. Apparently, we have not learned a lot throughout history, but I think we are about to have a “crash course”.

As I complete this article on September 30, 2008, and speaking of the demise of communism, an article just appeared stating that 77 year old Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who, during that era of capitalism called “Raeganomics”, helped bring down communism and won a Nobel prize for his involvement with that, is forming a new political party in Russia… “not to take the leadership role for himself, but for young people to find fulfillment in new politics.” It’s a brave move – a start – and I hope it leads to something good for that country and the world.

Out of clutter, find simplicity,
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom by Christine DeLorey ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0

CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles of Time By Christine DeLorey (the 9-part YEAR BOOK series.

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11 Responses to Numerology & the economy

  1. Rob Moore says:

    Dear Christine –

    My heart literally swells when I get to read your MONUMENTAL insights and OBVIOUS understanding of how things work. I hope any and all who are truly making an effort to redefine their lives into a more peace-centered, abundant, and, fulfilling direction somehow find their way to this important article regarding these important times.

    Much love –

    Rob Moore


  2. Wilma King-van den Heuvel says:

    Hi Christine,
    Brilliant piece, my thoughts exactly, only you can put it into words like that.
    Lots of Love,


  3. Hi Christine
    I live at the bottom of the world, in New Zealand, a far-distant place from which to look out and see what’s happening. The interesting thing, though, is that nowhere is far distant now. This afternoon, at 2pm on Wednesday (our time) I’ll sit down to watch the Obama/McCain No 2 debate at the same time as everyone else who’s watching on Tuesday night US time. Down here we are ahead of you in time terms and yet we are spinning simultaneously with you. A hundred or even fifty years ago we could not have imagined a satellite-news driven world in which everything happens Right Now, in synch. Maybe it’s only now that great worldwide movements actually can erupt. Technology has succeeded in squishing time down to the present moment. The era has arrived when the world’s people can actually shout “yes!” or “no!” and be heard all over the planet at the same moment in history.
    Thank you for all the work you have put into this ‘timely’ article of yours. You show leadership and generosity, too, in making your site available at no fee to anyone who’s interested. Great example to the rest of us!


  4. James London says:

    “Last night, Britain’s bank bosses had met with Darling to discuss a possible £50bn injection of equity, which is likely to form the centrepiece of the bail-out plan.
    The talks centre on the idea of a part-nationalisation of the banking system through the injection of capital into the banks via preference shares, which take precedence over ordinary shares during a liquidation but do not give the holders any voting rights.”
    Inject our cash as shareholders dash
    Off with the lot protected from the hash
    Up that has been made of this whole charade.

    This wholesale change in the system means that our banking sector is semi-socialist. That’s the heart of the capitalist system, converted to ownership by the people. Of course, looking out for the capitalist ruling class, the assets purchased with *our* money will only get us debt and will not come with any additional rights. How long will it be, do you think, before we’ll see the gov “float” the nationalised part of the system back to the bankers that should be out on their ear now?

    As another way can be conceived
    Another way can be achieved.

    Why champion a system that fights against you with these cyclical horrors?


  5. Carol says:

    On November 4th we here in the U.S.A. will vote in the 44th president.


  6. Harry Morrow says:

    44 has always seemed to be a special number for me, and it constantly seems to be poping up for me to notice. I have enjoy reading your article


  7. Rebecca G says:

    Barack Obama is our 44 president-paradigm shift coming up -it’s definitely time! Thanks for all your wonderful insights, wisdom and grounded yet spiritual approach to life with numbers.
    Blessings to all of us!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I came seeing the 44 in car tags al surrounding me in the highway, on the digital watches, on the shopping tickets, etc, etc. On my bank accounts, on error computer messages, etc, etc. And started believing it was something to do with the world more than with myself. And it seems it was true. And now I find all this numerological relation with Obama, and all. (I always felt that he had that something and i´m enormously happy he made it to the white house). As a curiosity, my name was 1 and when i got my spaniard citizenship, and i wass added a last name, now i´m a 44! That´s why also i think 44 was pursuing me. Ha!
    At the beginning I was very scared (that was years ago) about the meaning of the number, until a friend give me a numerology book that tell about the meanings of the number, among which i remember it says it activates under a new world order.
    So, look at that!
    Well, congratulations to USA, to the world and to humanity for this achievement.
    That love and wisdom to guide our steps from now on more than ever.


  9. Carol says:

    This presidency is the 44th presidency – however, O is only the 43rd person to hold the office as Grover Clevland did so twice, not consecutively,… Do you think that has a significance? Like the change that comes is happening no matter who the president is and perhaps the NEXT person to be president who really is the 44th PERSON to be president will actually be more transforming???


  10. Occasional Idea says:



  11. uggs says:

    44 has always seemed to be a special number for me, and it constantly seems to be popping up for me to notice. I have enjoy reading your article


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