2009 – The Year Of The Mother

© Copyright CHRISTINE DELOREY 2009 – All Rights Reserved


You see the stars are moving so slowly
But still the earth is moving so fast
Can’t you see the moon is so lonely
She’s still trapped in the pain of the past.
This is the time of worlds colliding
This is the time of kingdoms falling
This is the time of worlds dividing
Time to heed your call.
Send your love into the future
Send your precious love into some distant time,
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing.
Send your love, Send your love……..


We create the future by the choices we make in the present and, so, looking at the year ahead is not a matter of what the future will bring, but how we will bring about the future. History has always repeated itself because we have always repeated the same old patterns and mistakes. 2009 is a chance to change our approach and break out of this centuries-old rut of endless war, destruction, and disproportionate power. The collapse of the old system has passed its balance point and cannot be stopped, and its decline is likely to occur faster than our attempts to restructure.

Although we can only move forward from here, it is vital that we know which way forward is. This year’s transformational vibrations urge us to look honestly at the past in order to design a different future. Understanding the past brings wisdom into the present and hones our sense of direction. However, connecting the past to the present is a slow process and will inevitably trigger deep emotions all over the world, especially anger. As our understanding of other people’s realities increases, we will realize that even those who appear aggressive are reacting to pain of some kind, the source of which needs to be understood.

The more we allow ourselves to feel, the easier it will be to rediscover our natural sense of direction – our amazing intuition. Our feelings are as sacred as any other part of us and, now, in the 11/2 energy of 2009 and its theme of connection, we will realize just how true that is. We are in a new and untraveled era of the human journey in which we have a chance, no, a responsibility, to rediscover long-forgotten skills and learn new ones. I think that’s important because so much of the skill and talent, gained over countless generations, has been forgotten in a very shallow segment of our journey whose claims to fame are war and cheaply mass-produced “stuff”. But the path has shifted and we know we are in much deeper waters now.

We are ALL on unfamiliar ground. We are ALL trying to find our way forward, and only by cooperating with one another, instead of trying to outdo each other, can progress be made. Thankfully, the collective intent for PEACE does seem to be growing significantly around the world. Perhaps we will find a way to redefine prosperity which does not involve treading on others – or wiping them out – in order to get what we want. We must learn to connect in a way that does not demand uniformity. This year’s focus on ‘connection’ does not mean that everyone must become the same. Nor does it mean that everything has to join together. Sometimes it entails breaking a connection that is too restrictive or controlling. The diverse path of 2009 is one we are simply going to have to travel, with our minds and senses fully open, in order to discover the conditions and potential it contains.

2009 is the last year of the 00s. The end of the first decade of the new millennium.

The sum of 2009 is 11. (2+0+0+9=11).  Double digit numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99, (often called ‘master numbers’), are very powerful, and so are the single digits they result in which, in this case is 2 (1+1=2). The 2 energy is greatly amplified throughout 2009 because 2 is also the principle number of the new millennium – the 2000s. The masculine and patriarchal #1 ruled the last millennium. We are now in the age of the feminine and maternal #2 and, because of the vibrational qualities of the numbers 2 0 0 9, this is very much The Year Of The Mother, in all the forms that the word mother is used. All of them.

2 is the number of PEACEFULNESS and, yet, here we are, starting another new year in the all too familiar pattern of  bullying, war, atrocity and slaughter. 2 is also the number of compassion, tact, diplomacy, caring, patience, equality, gentleness,  humility, nurturing, sensitivity, cooperation, partnership, teamwork, correct timing and helping each other.

2 symbolizes pure and uncontaminated MOTHER’S LOVE. But it is not only women who possess this potential. Feminine energy exists in all of us, regardless of physical gender, and there are many women who are struggling to maintain this quality for the sake of competing in what was essentially a man’s world. There are also many men who possess the tenderness and compassion of Mother’s Love without even realizing that that’s what it is.

While the number 1 represents independence, change, new beginnings and progress, those who controlled the old patriarchal system which reached its peak (and inevitable downfall) at the end of the 1000s, are desperately holding on to their waning power which is still significant in these early days of the 2000s. They can do a lot of damage as they jockey for position without noticing just how drastically reality itself has changed. There are many unclothed emperors running around on the world stage right now seemingly unaware that we can actually see their nakedness.

The complexity of the numbers – 2 0 0 9 – is remarkable. The predominant numbers are 2 and 9, the sum of which is 11. All of the numbers involved have the theme of CONNECTION which means that there is nothing they do not effect. Our sudden awareness of so many different aspects of life all seemingly coming at us at the same time, or one after another, and the fact that 2 is the number of sensitivity, is going to raise our stress levels considerably. But once we do reach a deeper understanding of how everything in life is connected, stress can turn to curiosity, which can turn to inspiration, which can turn to new ideas. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Some people are looking to the “crash of 1929” and the “great depression” of  the 1930s for connections to what is happening economically, but I would suggest that we look back a little further to 1901 and 1910, as those were the years in which we last experienced the 11 global energy. It is there that we will find some of the cause of today’s effects, including the stunning connection between the ECONOMY, the ENVIRONMENT, RACISM and WAR and why we must prevent that greedy and heartless path from being rebuilt. We have to build a better way. At the end of this article, I have included a list of events that took place in 1901 and 1910 (as well as links to articles of interest) which may prove helpful in gaining understanding of the route we took over a century ago, and how that journey has transpired.

But first, let’s take a look at where we’ve just come from: 2008 was a 1 global year, emphasizing change, leadership, individuality, beginnings and progress. It certainly delivered on its promise of change, to the extent that the old system is collapsing around us, people are expressing their feelings instead of suppressing them, and the American people, after 8 years of disastrous leadership which adversely effected the entire world, elected a new president on the basis of his character, intelligence, vision and leadership skills, and not the color of his skin, even though the color of his skin in such a powerful position is a mighty symbol in itself.

While the United States is just one country in the world, it has long been associated with the #1, and what happens there does have a significant effect on the rest of the world. Just as the number 1 of the 1000’s must give way to the 2 energy of the 2000’s now, the USA is losing its dominance in the world, too. That’s OK. 2 is the number of balance, and there can be no dominance in a balanced world. But there can be influence, and the US can play a pivotal role in bringing that balance about. Leadership is not about controlling others. It’s about paving the way for others to lead themselves.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, and particularly in the 1 global energy of 2008, things started to shift and change in significant ways. People began to feel things much more deeply. It became apparent that thinking without feeling produces nothing but repetition. We cannot think anything new until the vibrations of our feelings open our minds.

2, 9 and 11 are highly intuitive energies. Intuition is one’s ability to feel and sense, which then expresses itself into the mind. Albert Einstein put it this way: The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.  And, so, there we were, going around in ever increasing circles, talking about progress, but never arriving anywhere new. It was also Einstein who said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

An ongoing shake-up of our senses is helping us to understand that TO GET A NEW RESULT, YOU MUST FORM A NEW INTENT. That will be a principle mission for all of us in 2009, regardless of what else is happening in the world. And lots will be happening……

We learn nothing from our successes, which prescribe business-as-usual.
We learn everything from our mistakes, which require us to analyze
where we went wrong and invent fresh strategies.

Gail Sher

We are now dealing with situations for which we have  very little past experience to prepare or guide us, but the vibrational quality of 2009 is going to slow us down and help us to focus on details that we previously overlooked, or which we will overlook if we try to maintain the unrealistic pace and superficial focus we became accustomed to. We will need to notice things we had never noticed before, including vital connections between the past, the present and the future.

When we see for ourselves how things fit together – how 1 and 1 make 2 – much insight (intelligence) can be gained. We must develop greater patience with detail and a much deeper understanding of the laws of cause and effect. Remember that the level you are evolving TO is moving at a much higher frequency but slower pace than the frenetic but dense level you are evolving FROM. This can be confusing when it comes to gauging the time it will take to complete, or even start something, and that’s why patience, with other people, with your own progress, and with details, is such a valuable commodity.

In 2009, we are living on an uncertain and moment-by-moment basis in which planning for the future is very difficult. That is because the present is so congested with unresolved problems of the past, that we cannot move forward until those situations are healed once and for all. Finally we have arrived at the point where denial falls away and reality stares back at us.

We cannot move forward until we form a firm intent to find the way to peace. 2 is the number of DIPLOMACY, a word which may need to be redefined if peace really is our intent. Diplomacy is not a game in which the loudest voice or the biggest stick automatically wins. Diplomacy exists for the sake of unbiased resolution and mutual wellbeing – the feeling on all sides that everyone’s needs are being fairly met. Without peaceful intent, nothing can be achieved.

A human being is a part of a whole, a part
limited in time and space. He experiences
himself, his thoughts and feelings as
something separated from the rest … a
kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us,
restricting us to our personal desires and
to affection for a few persons nearest to us.
Our task must be to free ourselves from this
prison by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living creatures and the
whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein

Facing reality also means facing our own reflection which may come as a shock, and experiencing other things in life which will wildly trigger our emotions. But we must remember that it was our reluctance to feel anything other than ‘pleasant’ feelings that caused us to deny reality to begin with. It is impossible to look honestly at today’s reality without having an emotional response. And the level of honesty that comes from actually knowing how you feel, without the influence of others telling you how you should feel, is the first step to healing ourselves and our world, because that is the basis of free will – and free will IS the future, whether it seems possible right now or not.

Facing reality and noticing previously overlooked details will also reveal natural beauty and other exquisite aspects of life, if we are patient enough to look for them, recognize them when we see them, and appreciate their relevance. Many of the answers we have been searching for but could never find, are likely to come through a deeper observation of nature in a way that does not threaten to harm or destroy nature.

Many people’s perception of beauty currently comes from magazines, TV, Hollywood and Bollywood and, in short, from other people’s minds. 2 is the number of PERCEPTION, and perceptions are likely to change drastically this year. Judging others really does invite judgment on oneself, and we can never have honest and satisfying relationships while we are so focused on appearance rather than substance. In order to get out of the shallowness and activate the compassion that is so sorely lacking in the world, we need to be able to look at other people, of all ages and circumstances, respect their feelings, and know that they are so much more than just their outer appearance.

Everyone has needs, some that are basic to all of us, and some that are unique to them. Everyone has feelings which, by their very nature, can be easily hurt and manipulated. One of the reasons we tend not to imagine what life is like for someone else is that the old system conditioned us to pigeon-hole, categorize and label, so that our uniqueness got squeezed out of existence and everyone had to strive to be like everyone else. This also enabled the feelingless tactics of certain power-seeking individuals to go unnoticed. Our natural spark called curiosity was drained from us too, to the extent that nothing new came out of science or technology – nothing NEW! Just different ways of making money or gaining power from the same old knowledge. Science has been stifled to such an extent that what average people know about life and how life works is shockingly limited. That, too, could change in the combined vibrations of 2, 9 and 11.

When we slow ourselves down in the light of 11, consciousness seems to be able to jump from one understanding to another in the order of how each is connected. In other words, the light of 11 helps us to prioritize when it comes to putting the pieces of a puzzle together. 11 helps us to connect the dots with much less effort than is the case with the 2 energy! One set of dots that I’ve been looking at just lately is the connection between numerology, the number 11 in particular, and DNA. If our genetic imprinting is what stands between us and free will, and since free will is increasing throughout humanity, then, as we evolve, DNA must change to the extent that its power over us is significantly weakened. Just a thought. A subject for another time…..

Albert Einstein once said: I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. I think we will hear a lot more about Einstein in 2009 because, from what I am noticing, much of his work appears to be connected to LIGHT, as well as the numbers 2, 9 and 11. It should also be noted that many scientists are so afraid of having their discoveries turned into weapons by corporations and governments, as was the case with Einstein and his work with the atom, that they are holding back their knowledge in many areas.

We also need to be aware of the activities of CERN, The European Organization for Nuclear Research, which intends to make a further attempt this year (last year’s was postponed because of  a “technical malfunction”) at activating its highly controversial particle accelerator (super-collider) in a massive underground tunnel beneath France and Switzerland. The purpose of this, we are told, is to recreate “the big bang” or the creation of the Universe. Is it just me, or does this not sound dangerous enough for some kind of world discussion to take place before they actually do it? 1 is the nucleus of all the numbers, and this year’s 11 (double 1) energy brings all nuclear matters to the forefront. 9 denotes curiosity itself, and although curiosity is an essential element of progress, we must always keep in mind that just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done.

Adversity is like a strong wind.  It tears away
from us all but the things that cannot be torn,
so that we see ourselves as we really are.

Arthur Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha

9 has a magical function all its own. It takes us back to the past so that we can tie up all the loose ends we’ve left there, personally, nationally and globally. Only by learning from the mistakes and experiences of the past can we make further progress. 9 forms the basis of a spiral, and it is through its spiraling action that evolution takes place. It may even feel, at times, that we are spiraling out of control, and there is little we can do at those times but hold on and continue to believe in our ability to persevere.


9 helps us to build courage, rather than become stuck in fear or denial. 9 expands our view of the big picture and makes us more globally aware. This can initially seem as if everything is just too complicated and confusing. But when we realize that the only way forward is through slow and measured steps, noticing all the details as we go, we start to regain our confidence and discover simple understandings which eluded us in the past because we were living so fast that reality was just a blur.

9 is the number of endings, dramatic events, global awareness, deep feelings, tolerance, compassion and generosity, all of which tend to expand the mind so that the emotions can be accepted and understood, including those emotions that the old system told us we should not be feeling, such as fear. To tell people not to be afraid is like telling them to cut off a major part of their awareness. This has played a huge role in the dumbing-down process which, of course, is another term for denial. The emotion of fear has a distinct and positive purpose which is to recognize danger and find a way through it or around it. Fear slows us down or stops us in our tracks which is precisely why it has become the principle weapon of governments and power-seeking individuals with which to keep people under control. We need to feel our fear as it arises so that we can increase our sense of what needs to be feared and what does not. To live in perpetual fear is to live in hell, but to deny fear altogether is to be oblivious to reality. Only acceptance of fear can produce courage, which is fear’s only antidote.

Similarly, to tell people that anger is wrong is a very convenient way of exerting control and compliance. Although many people still deny their anger to a large extent because it seems to contradict their peaceful intent, it is important to understand that when anger is held in, it gets backed up and then hardens into a new level of emotion we know as rage. Denied anger is much more dangerous than expressed anger. Frustration is a form of anger which can dislodge barriers and lead to better conditions. And it must be remembered that wherever pain exists, anger is attached in one form or another. Pain is rampant on Earth today and pain, too, has many forms. Rage must be given acceptance so that the pain can heal. Without that understanding, anger will continue to accumulate and must eventually explode. Acceptance is the key, not condemnation or further denial. Acceptance of anger – and fear – can only come with a deeper understanding of cause and effect, which 9 can help us to develop this year.

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and
the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought
under the name of totalitarianism or the holy
name of liberty and democracy?”


Terror is condensed fear. It is war. It is hell on Earth. Bullying and intimidation are forms of terror and, yet, conveniently, the terror-ist is always someone on the other side of the conflict, never our own. 2009 marks a new era when it comes to how we FEEL about the bullying few who have controlled the world for far too long. Unless we are completely switched off from our feelings, it is impossible to look at their atrocities and not feel anger. We have long asked where is the outrage? Well, in 2009, here it comes.

Most of us have evolved beyond the point where this ongoing, never ending pattern of the bully can continue. Protests against Israel can be expected to escalate, and rightly so, but those involved are so completely locked into their view of life, and an attachment to victimhood that makes the existence of others irrelevant, that the pressure of protest may only increase their resolve to continue until, I fear, something new transpires to stop them. The 2 energy cannot tolerate aggression on this scale and, frankly, to protest as much as possible is the most peaceful thing we can do as we try to create a new way of life in which the bully no longer has the upper hand. Bullies are frightened people who deny their own fear by projecting it onto others, and this applies just as much in the playground, the home and the workplace, as it does to governments and armies.

This year’s intense, inspiring and life-changing 11 vibration, provides us with the CHOICE of either trying to reconstruct the old system; back to an old way of life which was actually a way of death — or developing the courage to abandon the old, and embark on a major transformational journey in which a desire for healing and LOVE becomes our major motivator. Without healing and loving intent, we will never figure out how peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity can evolve out of all the hatred, greed, pain, suffering and heartlessness that life on Earth became. And it is something we must figure out while large masses of the population still have no interest in peace whatsoever, and would rather die or kill than face their own denials or admit to what they see as some kind of defeat.

The quest for certainty blocks the search for
meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition
which impels people to unfold their powers.

Eric Fromm

People do not know what to do next. People are frustrated at having so little control over their own lives. People are afraid. However, once we accept that we really are in this evolutionary bottleneck which is closed off by our own uncertainty, lack of imagination, and our position in time itself, we will realize that there is no point in pushing blindly ahead. We have to cooperate with and generally help each other as we figure out how to progress. 2 is the number of patience. Nothing can be rushed in the 2 energy because slow and steady development is its nature. And when we are not pushing ourselves to produce answers, we are far more likely to notice realities that trigger the mind with relevant and workable ideas.

Of course, certain situations and events will have such an urgent tone to them that we may feel the need to speed everything up instead. But we cannot afford to rush headlong into anything this year. We need to be moving slowly enough to notice what is actually happening, how it came about, what needs to be done to soothe the situation rather than inflame it, and the true nature of the relationships involved. Retaliation or aggression or any rush to judgment will not succeed within the 2/11 energy and will eventually be stopped in its very slow no-nonsense vibration, although it may appear for quite some time that aggression has the upper hand.

Much of the slowness and seeming delay that takes place this year is occurring for the sake of right timing. Certain things must happen first in order for goals to materialize and any rush to complete things prematurely will have poor results. In 2009, the importance of patience cannot be overstated. However, patience does not mean that we must simply put up with adverse conditions. We must stand up for ourselves when needed. But the potential for humanity to evolve into a better way of living is so great right now that we cannot afford to surge forward without knowing why we are doing what we’re doing, and where it may lead. Essentially, this is an opportunity to consciously pave the way into a future of our own design, one that respects the individual needs and feelings of all human beings, rather than just the controlling few.

2 is a caring, compassionate and maternal path which has no tolerance for imbalance or unfairness, and brings the tactics of bullies and manipulators into the full light of day. Of course, that does not mean that bullies and manipulators will not continue to do harm, but at least people will see them as they really are. The 2 global energy reveals phoniness and insincerity, and that revelation in itself can greatly weaken unloving and uncaring forces.

Everything becomes more sensitive in the 2 energy, including the planet herself, and we must learn to reduce our stress without going into denial. We must learn to tolerate stressful situations more readily than we were previously able to. Stress is the pressure that comes from the buildup of emotion within the body and mind which needs to be expressed outwardly. The more we hold our feelings and sensations in, and the more we ignore or subdue them, the more this pressure builds and the more difficult it becomes for our bodies to hold. Eventually we reach ‘bursting point’, often without realizing why we are so sick.

In such volatile and uncertain times, stress is inevitable and we must allow for it in ourselves, and others. That is where caring and kindness enter the situation. We are all in the same boat and must try to take care of each other where possible. Doing so will reveal many instances where people who really do love each other realize just how competitive they have been. What we’re experiencing now is not a game.

11 is the number of  ILLUMINATION – the number of light.  It is the number of inspiration and intuition. It is also the opposite of those things when approached from an unloving stance, so we really need to remain aware of the lengths unloving people will go to in order to control us. In fact, the information that comes to light this year will leave no doubt that the path we have been traveling (for generations and perhaps forever) was more filled with smoke-and-mirrors than most people realize. When light is shed, we can see the truth, and it is unlikely that even the cleverest tactics, staged events or PR campaigns will keep the truth from our senses this year because 11’s intuitive precision (if we choose the path of realism and honesty) can easily sense a lie or a ploy.

We have spent our entire lifetimes caught up in the same old monotonous patterns and living out the same old routines and dramas. Until recently, most people on Earth did not care about what was happening behind the scenes. But this year will be different because we can SEE the old mechanisms of the ‘greed system’ now, and those who operated it are having to deal with the consequences of their own denied fear. They are panicking. Life itself is the greatest ‘reality show’ we will ever see. Why? Because every single one of us is in it – every single day!

The more we allow ourselves to feel how we really feel when we look at reality, the more our minds get pushed open so they can expand. And the pace at which our minds expand, is the same pace at which denial is leaving the Earth. The disinformation age is falling apart and real information – truth –  is filtering its way through.

The age of truth is forming, but because the truth has always been so hard for us to swallow, or even look at, we must be patient with ourselves, with others, and with the pace of our progress. Just like freedom, evolution cannot be forced. Evolution happens when conditions allow it. It happens when it is ready to, and not a moment before. Patience is one of the most important elements of the 2 energy. Without it, we cannot learn what we need to learn, or know what needs to be healed.

Our lack of awareness has made us all sick, to the point of unconsciousness when it comes to living in reality. In medical terms, people who are sick are called patients, and patience with ourselves and each other is vital to our overall recovery. Time is a natural occurrence in physical life, and patience is the acceptance of time. The good news is that WE ARE REGAINING CONSCIOUSNESS NOW, and our current position in time – a 2 global year – will do all it can to assist with our wellbeing.

11 brings great insight whether we are consciously seeking it or not. 11 is the number of inspiration, and has a charismatic effect which arouses and motivates. Because it is made of two 1s, 11 denotes leadership and progress, and because 1 is the number of individuality and independence, the importance of letting go of dependencies so that one can lead one’s own independent life must not be lost in the equally important aspect of helping each other and working together. 2 tells us we must cooperate. 1 tells us we must remain independent. There is no conflict here because cooperation, by definition, is a voluntary action. It is a choice. By understanding that cooperation is exactly what is needed at this point in time, the choice should not be difficult to make.

Because 1 denotes speed, and 2 denotes intuition, the 11/2 vibrations enable our minds to gradually (and sometimes suddenly) absorb and assimilate information that appears to come from nowhere. It is rather like learning a foreign language simply by living for a while in a country where that language is spoken. Denial takes an aspect of reality and blocks it from reaching consciousness, but in  2009, 11 opens up channels of communication from the unconscious to the conscious mind, so that the truth can take its natural course. What we already knew, but could not remember, is often recovered in the 11 energy, and ideas occur to us without conscious effort on our part. The intelligence that flows from our feelings will, literally, start seeping through our denials. Talk about getting real!

Of course, denial has been so rampant on Earth that we have had to bring ourselves to the very edge of self-destruction in order to realize how wrong we have been about so many things. We have been alive, but we have not known how life is or how to thrive and evolve on this planet. All we have really known is the basest of survival instincts which tells us that we must kill or be killed; that we must destroy in order to create; that we gain personal freedom by taking away the freedom of others. We can climb out of that shallow position this year and take a much higher road – a road on which logic and instinct (mind and feelings) can willingly coexist.

The 2 energy tells us that we are all fellow travelers on the road of life. Attitudes of superiority, by race, money, position, tradition, “breeding”, or whatever makes a person believe that their life has more ‘value’ than other lives, cannot survive along 2009’s path of equality. The fabric of humanity must pull together to prevent it from being torn apart. Where we are already torn (and the damage is extensive), we must discover how to heal those shreds of humanity, not rip them even further.

Growing up in England, I always thought class distinction was a purely ‘British” thing, but in the course of my travels and 30 years of living in the USA, I realized that the ‘class war’ is system-wide; designed by those in advantaged positions to keep the disadvantage down, and is merely adapted to suit different nationalities and cultures.  “Know your place” is the cry of the elite when ‘subordinates’ get too close for comfort. The 2 energy helps us to become more balanced by mixing humility with self-acceptance. That’s what authentic confidence is made of. Truly powerful people rarely need to show how powerful they are. Those who push their weight around are usually frightened people, and their denied fear has turned them into insecure individuals who are trying to make themselves appear powerful.

2 signifies the POWER BEHIND THE THRONE, and there are two ways of looking at this. Often, the power behind the throne is a well organized individual, invisible to the public eye, without whose efforts and know-how the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ cannot function. But at a time when the workings of the collapsing system  are becoming more visible, the power behind the throne is often someone in a position of enormous power who deliberately stays out of the public eye, and whose agendas are carried out by governments and other sources of influence. As balance continues to change the landscape of life as we know it, those people are going to lose their disproportionate power too, but because the very nature of oligarchy is extreme, they could remain extremely dangerous for a long time. It is the throne itself that is leaving because, I’ll say it again, we are all fellow travelers on the road of life, and 2 is the number of equality.

We should also be aware that many of these people are so entrenched in denial that they are, indeed, insane. Their sense of superiority and entitlement is so firmly established that they really do believe they are above the ‘masses’, and that rules do not apply to them. Even as their kingdoms and empires fall, they are  jockeying for position. There is no telling what steps they are prepared to take to maintain power in a global contest they do not realize is over.

We really must stop calling ourselves the human ‘race’. This term normalizes what we need to abandon if we are ever to experience peace on Earth. The must-win-at-all-costs attitude that is bred by competition. That’s what a race IS. That’s what racism is. Life was never meant to be a contest and, for as long as we see it that way, all we can expect is war, and more war. No one can win the human race because it doesn’t lead anywhere. It keeps us going around in the same old circles of repeated history, maintained by the same old families and their descendants whose race for superiority and power depends on keeping everyone else ‘beneath’ them.

However, we must not mistake wealth for greed. Not everyone who is wealthy is greedy. Greed is a hunger for MORE which overwhelms all other feelings other than that hunger. Wealth has never been the problem. This is an abundant world. But the imbalance between those who have and those who don’t is what has tipped the social and economic scales beyond the point of no return. The damage that all of this has done to Mother Earth as the race to own her resources further fuels the contest and the imbalance, is something we have only just begun to see the seriousness of.

Mother Earth is going to have plenty to communicate this year because the channels of communication that exist between the Earth and everything on it, including humankind, are being opened by the connective energies of  2, 9 and 11. Where we are not connected with Mother Earth this year, she will connect with us, and this is one Mother who has experienced so much pain that she will not be able to hold back when she does finally release it.

We need to look at those people, best described as mother fuckers, who have quite literally been raping Mother Earth to death with their drilling and mining and blowing up mountains and the systematic removal of the rain forests which are her lungs – and ours. No wonder respiratory illness is so rife! We can hardly breathe!  That’s what the race has been all about. Wanting it all, no matter what the cost. Greed. However, with so much emphasis on mother energy this year, it could be that Mother Earth herself may raise her levels of self defense and intervene on her own behalf. Environmental matters are always highlighted in the 2 energy, which is extremely intense this year.

We must also remember that every one of us has played a part in all this. If we hadn’t bought into that system, it would never have succeeded for as long as it did. But guilt is not the answer: our minds have not had acceptance for this information until quite recently, and thought it was simply the way life was. What matters now is that we do not allow it to continue. That means making decisions in our physical lives to coexist and cooperate with nature rather than assume that we are somehow superior to and apart from it. How superior can we be when we are the only species on Earth that is at war with itself?

It is feelings of superiority – inflated egos – that make people believe they can, should, and are entitled to kill other people – and feelings of inferiority – deflated egos – that make people believe that you can’t beat the ‘system’ and that there’s nothing an ordinary person can do about it. The disproportionate sense of entitlement – or helplessness – that some people possess (part of the class war) must be brought to light as both attitudes fuel the pathetic argument that it’s OK to kill masses of innocent civilians as punishment for the acts of a few, or that its OK to ravage the planet in order to meet the material demands of ‘consumers’. What a terrible name to call ourselves; but accurate nonetheless. It’s time, now, to bring humanity back into our lives.

Of course, it takes workers to work the industrial system, and racism provides a way to keep costs low and profits high. Conditions in the sweat shops of Asia (and elsewhere) are abysmal, as in the fields and mines in Africa now being run by Chinese corporations. Slavery continues. Africa is one of the richest continents on Earth in terms of natural resources, but the people remain the poorest. It is happening everywhere of course, but there is some serious exploitation going on in certain African countries which highlight the connection between the economy, the environment, war, and the dominance of one ‘race’ over another.

Although 2009 is likely to shine its light on the shocking degree of racism that exists on Earth, it is also true that racism was dealt a heavy blow in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama in the USA, and his overwhelming popularity around the world. It is no coincidence that Dr. Martin Luther King’s destiny path number was 1 – the path of leadership and progress. He was a true leader in the highest sense of the word since his vision, his famous ‘dream’, started to come to fruition, when Barack Obama’s black father and white mother connected in 1960 – the very decade in which racism reached a painful peak in the USA, and in which Dr. King was simultaneously organizing and building the civil rights movement. The symbolism is stunning. And, as surely as 2 follows 1, Barack Obama’s destiny path number is 2, as determined by his date of birth, August 4, in the 8 global year of 1961.  (8+4+8=20. 2+0=2). He was born on the path of peace, patience, partnership, teamwork, sensitivity, intuition, emotion, connection, and caring, and is taking office as the 44th president of the United States when the world is also on the 2 path.

The USA is in the 22/4 national year in 2009, which suggests that great achievements are possible by the acceptance of limiting circumstances, hard work, organization, great attention to detail, determination and the implementation of  bold new ideas. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. There may also be some truth in Winston Churchill’s observation that, “You can count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else” , but I really do feel a change of energy occurring in the US which, I hope and pray, results in the kind of positive breakthrough that is associated with the 22 vibration. But America’s national energy for 2009 is too large a story to detail here.

Occasionally, someone comes along in our lifetimes and creates an energetic movement in the world where it is most needed. Dr. King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela spring to mind. In 2008, Barack Obama created a large-scale shift of energy in the world (not just in the USA). The energy he moved in people was emotional energy. It was an election in which the strength of our feelings opened our minds to new possibilities.  He helped to trigger those feelings which, in itself, accelerated the emotional healing process to a large degree. Just as long as we do not depend solely on government to solve our problems, and provided we are patient with his progress given the dire circumstances he and his team are inheriting, his vision may turn out to be just what the world needs. The freer we are as individuals, the more effortlessly life can flow. Free markets are not the answer – FREE WILL is!

Barack Obama is a politician though, a human being just like you and me, and we need to keep that in mind, as well as the fact that there are many who want to see him fail. His impressive organizational skills will certainly be put to the test with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli/Palestinian war, the ongoing friction between India and Pakistan, Russia’s growing presence in Cuba and Central/South America and its control over the oil supply to much of Europe, the global economy in free fall, and the call for genuine freedom and not the usual compromise, lies and illusions.

The 2 energy points out the need to replace competition with cooperation and with simple contentment for being yourself. The more impatient or purely selfish we are in 2009, the less progress we will make. It will take great patience and acceptance of reality to be able to ride out the karmic waves of 2009. Karma is just another word for cause and effect. It is not punishment for past misdeeds. Karma is the drawing of experience that will help us to learn what we need to learn in order to evolve to the next stage of our existence. We have a lot of learning to do but, instead of continuing to learn from experiences that we don’t want to have, we are realizing that most of the pain and suffering in the world is preventable. The more we allow ourselves to feel our  feelings, the more alive we feel!  It is denial that keeps us enmeshed in our own karma. But we must remember that because karma is also evolutionary in nature, we cannot learn something before our minds have opened enough to have acceptance for it. For different people, acceptance comes at different times and in different ways.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz was not exaggerating
when he quipped to me earlier this year that “the fall of Wall Street
is to market fundamentalism what the fall of the Berlin Wall was to
communism.” Just like that, we’re in a different era.

Nathan Gardels Editor, NPQ,
Global Services of Los Angeles Times Syndicate/Tribune Media

I expressed a similar analogy, from a numerological point of view, in my September 30, 2008 article: 44 – the meeting of opposites – numerology and the economy, with reference to the very numbers that made capitalism’s fall inevitable. The world economy is in shambles and we may not know the true extent of the damage until much later in the year. Capitalism started to collapse back in 1989 along with the collapse of communism, but because capitalism and communism are opposites, and communism served as an ‘anchor’ or counterweight for capitalism, instead of falling immediately, capitalism took off and soared – so high that it completely lost control. When greed has no restraints, rational thinking gets thrown out the window, and ethics become a laughing stock.

We are watching it plummet now. But, the end of capitalism is not the end of the world. It is an opportunity to create a new way to live that does not treat every man, woman, child, animal and every other thing on our living and breathing world as a mere commodity to be capitalized on. The unregulated industrial system has almost destroyed the planet which enables us to exist in physical form. Our living planet, our MOTHER, needs the same recognition, care, attention and respect as any other living entity.

The 2 global energy will produce a much needed atmosphere of humility and an understanding that money and position are NOT the measure of one’s worth.

The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.


Since so much attention to feelings and sensitivity is needed this year, one of the most helpful things we can do for ourselves and each other is to recognize where we are being oversensitive and stop taking everything so personally. We need to live our own lives and, no matter how closely related we may be, we need to stop letting others ‘get’ to us so easily. We need to protect our feelings, not put them out there to get battered and bruised.

At the same time, we must be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. Remember that the very nature of feelings is that they can be easily hurt, and when they do get hurt, they need a chance to heal. What one person may think is ‘all in good fun’ may feel like a kick in the gut to the one on the receiving end. We need to tone down our criticisms of other people and treat them as we would like to be treated.

2 is the number of RELATION and 9 is the number of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The energies of 2009 are likely to make us aware of the conditions we place on our relationships. Just because we are from the same group or family does not mean that we own each other. We must learn to let others be who they are, and stop telling them how they should feel or what they should be doing, or not doing. Loving someone on condition that their thoughts, feelings and actions comply with your own, or if you try to shape someone else’s love into something other than what it is, it becomes stifled and guarded – or hurt and angry. There are many grievances and hurt feelings within families because people expect those close to them to accept them unconditionally, even when they are hard to accept, and often before they are able to accept themselves. The expectation of unconditional love is, in itself, a major condition that we place on love, and much healing can occur if we stop pressuring loved ones to love us unconditionally. The fact that they love us at all is reason enough to rejoice. In the words of Michael Franti in his song “That’s Life In The City”:  If you love somebody, Better tell them so, ’cause you never ever know when they’re gonna go, If they love you back, just give thanks, You can’t keep love like money in the bank……

At this point in our journey when no one seems to know which way is up, down, left or right, who is to say what is right for someone else? If we cannot live in peace with those closest to us, how can we hope for peace in the world? The 9 energy is very giving, and it will help us to give encouragement, rather than disapproval or indifference. This does not suggest that you should put up with behavior that you simply cannot tolerate. It means being more tolerant where you can. Provided we understand that tolerance can never be the long-term answer, it is a step in the right direction, towards ACCEPTANCE.  Denial is the opposite of acceptance.

The freeing of our denied and stifled feelings and the acceptance of reality is what will help us survive the upcoming changes. The more we refuse to face reality and feel how it makes us feel, the more we will experience events and conditions that will force us to do so. We cannot evolve unless we can accept ALL of ourselves, including our emotional energy. It is a matter of Spirit accepting its own Will; of masculine accepting feminine; of electricity accepting magnetism; of light accepting dark; of hope accepting reality. Look around you. Connection is happening everywhere.

Hope (not to be confused with blind optimism or false hope) is our most precious resource in times like these because it is the most basic component of the human Will. Hope is our survival instinct. Hope is the WILL to live. In life, hope is the very last thing to go. We must preserve it, no matter what occurs. As we become more able to connect things together, the element of secrecy can no longer be used as a weapon against us. Ever increasing openness is what we must aim for if we are to free the human WILL.

It is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE on Earth that holds the power to change things, not armies, not governments, not religions, not industries, not cults. The illusion is that people are powerless to lead their own lives and must be told how to live by dubious others who call themselves ‘experts’. That is because we have not understood or accepted the WILL for what it is – the feminine emotional energy that exists in all individuals, and which provides balance to our masculine spiritual energy.

Masculine energy misunderstood its ability to lead for being “superior”, and took on a controlling role instead of a pioneering one. It even proclaimed that the masculine principles of mind over matter, competition, territorialism, physical might, winning, and being #1 were “all that matters” in life. This was the unevolved mind-body connection at work. Spirit has often claimed to be superior over all other aspects of life, making balance impossible. The connection of mind and body to our emotional energy will increase significantly this year as more people realize that negative energy – emotion or magnetism – is what opens the mind so that new information, thoughts, visions and ideas can enter. Negative energy opens the space that positive energy (light) needs in order to RADIATE! Only through its natural connection to darkness can light actually shine!

We make war with such certainty, yet we are befuddled
how to create peace. This paradox requires reflection,
if we are to survive.  Making and endorsing war demands
a secret love of death, a fearful desire to embrace annihilation.
Creating peace requires the mirror of compassion, putting
ourselves in the other person’s place, in all their suffering, with
all their hopes, and to act from our heart’s capacity for love, not fear.

From Dennis Kucinich’s speech,
House of Representatives, July 18, 2006.

War is hell on Earth! It runs on extreme terror and hatred, and inflicts the kind of unbearable suffering that, unless you’ve experienced it yourself, unless you were there, it is hard to imagine the extent of its horror. It’s all too easy to pass judgment on others when we don’t understand their reality because we will not look close enough to gain a deeper understanding. Until we do delve deeper into reality, all we will have to go on is the version of the story that most suits the oppressors, or that which is most convincingly portrayed by the mainstream media.

Will we all have to suffer in similar ways in order to learn what suffering on that level feels like? Not if we will just put ourselves in other people’s shoes for a while and use our natural power to empathize with – to connect to and FEEL – what’s happening to them , and then EXPRESS what we’re feeling. Genuine compassion must take the place of that form of hatred called indifference. Our tendency to turn a blind eye to those horrific aspects enables them to continue.  Only by facing our own denials can we ever heal the damage, end the suffering that life has become, and find a way to live in peace and harmony.

The suffering must stop, and the pain must be healed. Hatred must leave the Earth completely, but that will not be possible if we do not recognize the hatred that we are all holding inside, shackled by denial. Then, through that evolved level of self acceptance, we realize that everyone has a place on Earth. Everyone belongs somewhere – a place that feels just right for them. And what feels ideal to you could be misery for someone else, so we cannot decide for others what is best for them, or judge others because they are ‘different’. A very important lesson that comes from the 11 energy is that we are all unique.

11 is a symbol of 1 reflecting on itself and, from the human perspective, one reflecting on oneself. We must see ourselves exactly as we are, as we have been and, eventually, how we could be. We cannot do that, or even understand why it is so necessary to our survival, unless we slow ourselves down, no matter how anxious the journey gets, and take the time to notice all the details for ourselves. 2 is the number of GRADUAL DEVELOPMENT, and the harder we push against 2’s slow and deliberate nature, the more it will slow us down to a pace that will enable us to see reality more clearly.

Reality is all around us, but we don’t look at it. We don’t like it’s ugliness or danger, and yet the ugliness and danger looms larger every day. The purpose of 1 reflecting on itself is so that it can find acceptance for itself just as it is, and we must find acceptance for ourselves just as we are. We cannot evolve any further until acceptance takes place because without it, we cannot know what we have to change.

On July 22, 2009, we will experience the longest lasting total solar eclipse of this century, its path starting in India, and crossing through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, and China, and then a small portion of Japan. I know nothing about astrology and rely on my friend Eric Francis’ deep perceptions in that regard. If he writes about this I will send you a link if you’re on my mailing list. But the connection to numerology on that day, and in the entire week leading up to it, and the week that follows it, is a little breathtaking.

7+22=29 and 2+9=11. Add the year 2009, and you have 11:11 – a sequence of numbers that has been entering human consciousness through digital clocks, calendars, and other media for many years now, causing people to stop – to break the pace of their rut – simply to wonder what it means. Entire books and websites are dedicated to 11:11, most of which have very different explanations of this persistent symbol. I see many things in 11:11, including its connection to Einstein, nuclear science, and the evolution (often called the awakening) of humanity. Perhaps it is a global alarm clock – the setting for an international wake-up call. Only time will tell. But the fact that the solar eclipse takes place in calendar week #29 (2+9=11) and that 29 is directly linked to the year 2009, and that July is a 9 global month in an 11/2 global year (you add the number of the month to the number of the year: 7+11=18.  1+8=9), and so much more 29 energy comes into play during that week (July 16 – 22 by the absolute calendar). But then, a similar cluster of 11, 9 and 2 energy occurs in calendar week #30 which is connected to the date July 29th.

Numerologically, July 22 in a 2 global year is a 13/4 day on which our freedom to move or communicate freely may be compromised in some way because certain details were ignored or unrecognized. Whatever happens in July is likely to prevent us from going to one extreme or another. There appears to be a giant eye-opener going on here which emphasizes 2’s connection to RIGHT TIMING. The slowness and uncertainty leading up to this event (which appears to be active throughout July and not just on the 22nd or 29th), could push our emotions to a point they have never reached, and while some will not be able to handle it, those who understand the emotional pressure involved in coming out of denial will see this as an opportunity to move some of that pressure away from them. I wish I could be more specific, but until we get closer to the date, it simply cannot. The same is true of the 11th month of the year, November, and especially November 11 and 29, which bring 11:11:11 into play.

Those who do not remember the
past are condemned to repeat it.

George Santayana

We last experienced an 11 global year over a century ago, and since CONNECTION is the theme of 2, 9 and 11, we need to notice  the connections between what happened then and what is happening now. Again, this shows us the connection between the economy, the environment, racism and war.


January 1, the constitution of Australia was implemented. (1/1/11).

January 10, 1901 (1/1/11) Oil was discovered in Beaumont, Texas.

January 22, 1901 (1/22/11) Queen Victoria died, age 81, and her son, Edward, reigned as king until his death on May 6 (5+6=11) in the next 11 global year in 1910. (11+11=22/4).

May 17, 1901 (5/8/11): The US Stock Market crashed for the first time. (5 is the number of the unexpected, 8 is the number of money and power on the material plane.) 5+8 =13/4 which is the number of restriction on the material plane.

June 6, 1901 (6/3/11=20. 2+0=2) Cuba becomes a US protectorate which began the process of Cuba agreeing to lease to the U.S. the naval base at Guantanamo Bay.

August 30, 1901 (8/3/11) (8+3=11). Hubert Cecil Booth patents the vacuum cleaner, one of the most successful devices ever invented.

September 6, 1901: President William McKinley was shot, and died 8 days later on 9/14 when Theodore Roosevelt became President.

October 16, 1901: 1/7/11 (7 is often associated with intolerance). President Theodore Roosevelt invited African American leader Booker T. Washington to the White House, with angry reaction from the American south. Racial violence increased in the area. From the “Opinion” section of the Baltimore Sun, To the Editor of the Evening Sun: On behalf of our glorious sons and sires, on behalf of our virtuous wives and daughters, on behalf of that dominant and peerless race nurtured and reared upon the sacred soil of “Maryland, my Maryland,” I protest, in the name of white supremacy and white manhood, against the false and dishonoring sentiment “that it is no humiliation nor disgrace to live next door to a Negro! (Archived by the Gilder Lehrman Center for the study of slavery, resistance and abolition). In 2009, although these archaic sentiments are dying, it is obvious that the belief in white supremacy still exists. In fact the Klu Klux Klan was founded on December 24, 1865 (a 2 global year) (3+6+2=11) which places it on the 11 destiny path. The letter K is the 11th letter of the alphabet which means that KKK translates to 11:11:11.

12/12/1901: 3+3+11=17. 1+7=8. Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal in Newfoundland, Canada. It was Morse Code for the letter S (the 19th letter of the alphabet. 1+9=1.  1+0=1). Note that 12 adds up to 3 which is the number of communication and 8 is the number of power, making this a date which emphasized the power of communication.

Also in 1901, but not dated,
* India has its first reliable census.
* Alzheimer’s disease is described for the first time by German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer. This is particularly interesting to me because the more I look at the role emotional denial has played and continues to play in our lives, the more it appears that Alzheimer’s disease is the result of emotional denial.
* William S. Harley drew up plans for his first prototype motorcycle.

3 ongoing wars were happening in 1901.
* The second Boer War in South Africa started on the 11th of October, 1901. 11/1/11.
* The 1000 days war which resulted in the separation of Colombia and Panama was in progress. 1899 – 1902
* The Philippine – American war (1899 – 1913) was an armed military conflict between the USA and the Philippines which arose from the Philippine Republic’s struggle against U.S. annexation of the islands. Over 1,000,000 Filipino civilians were killed in that war.

9 years later in 1910

July 4 1910 (7+4=11 + 1+9+1+0=11 therefore 11/11) African American boxer Jack Johnson defeated white American boxer James J. Jeffries in a heavyweight boxing match, sparking race riots across the USA. Note that their initials are J.J., and J.J.J.   J is the 10th letter of the alphabet (11 and 111).

November 22, 1910: (11/22/11) What happened on this date is thought to have hastened the creation of the Federal Reserve, and is connected in many ways to what is happening today with both the American and world economies.  On that day in 1910, Senator Norman Aldrich and A.P. Andrews (assistant secretary of the treasury), along with many of the country’s leading financiers who, together, controlled 1/6 of the world’s wealth, were seen leaving Hoboken NJ, on a train under a shadow of secrecy. They later arrived at The Jekyll Island Club, an exclusive, elitist and racist private club on the Georgia coast, to discuss the banking system and monetary policy. Those numbers add up to 44/8,  the number of power on the material plane and there are many connections there to the rampant white supremacy of the day and the election of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States and, indeed the 44th president of the United States.

Also in 1910, the U.S. census shows that 20.9% of the population that was classed as ‘negro’ were actually of mixed race.

Notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde were born in 1910, Bonny Parker on October 1, 1910 (1/1/11), and Clyde Barrow on March 24 (3/6/11). In the first week of 2009, it was reported that bank robberies are up in the US. But, more fascinating are the tactics that the banks themselves have been using. Many people today consider the banks to be the robbers, especially after taking billions of taxpayer dollars to get the banking system moving again, but then refusing to issue credit to businesses and individuals.

Florence Nightingale died in the 11 global year of 1910. She was born in the 11 global year of 1820. 11 is the number of illumination, and it is most symbolic that this nursing pioneer was to become known as The Lady With The Lamp.  From Wikipedia: During the Crimean campaign, Florence Nightingale gained the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp”, deriving from a phrase in a report in The Times: She is a ‘ministering angel’ without any exaggeration in these hospitals, and as her slender form glides quietly along each corridor, every poor fellow’s face softens with gratitude at the sight of her. When all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, making her solitary rounds.

Nursing, and health care in general are likely to become major topics in 2009 as the drug companies, who currently spend more on advertising than they do on research, find themselves unable to cope with illnesses arising out of a level of stress that they simply do not understand.  Our acceptance of ‘alternative’ medicine is increasing, and its connection to China is particularly important. China has become synonymous with poor quality products as well as a dreadful record on human rights. Vital new information is evolving out of traditional Chinese medicine and it is essential that genuine Chinese know-how in this field does not get thrown into the mix of cheaply made “products”.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We are currently in the process of recognizing and healing a part of us that almost died in the course of our lifetimes – our ability to feel and, with it, our free will. Consequently, we are feeling our feelings now more strongly than ever before. This is not an easy process for any of us. Our emotional energy is part of our true wealth as human beings, but we have become imbalanced by the buildup of feelings we have refused to feel. This is being reflected back to us in the material world by a global economy that is so clogged up in its own imbalance that it could grind to a halt at any moment, and an environment which is also so clogged with its own pain that it’s teetering on the edge of collapse.

Many people on Earth do not know the difference between their thoughts and their feelings, but that is going to change as the magnetism of our unexpressed feelings attracts more and more situations to us that will force us to feel our feelings as spontaneously as we think our thoughts. When our masculine thoughts and our feminine feelings accept each other in the spirit of EQUALITY, that is when healing occurs, and that is when we will be able to breathe easy again.

Denial of reality almost killed our capacity to think, feel, move, enjoy and love. This year’s events will show us that slavery must be exposed and ended, and that Free Will is the next step of human evolution. Free Will is the future. How far off that future is cannot be determined at this stage, but we are closer to it than we’ve ever been. If freedom really is our goal, then this is the year in which we must commit to it and persevere like never before, no matter what lengths are taken to try to stop it.


let there be peace
let there be trust
let there be compromise
we know we must
and if we don’t
answer this call
there will be nothing left at all
let there be peace, love, understanding

let there be peace
let there be calm
let there be tolerance
no more alarm
release the hate
learn to forgive
drop out of the race
learn how to live
let there be peace, love, understanding

let there be peace
in every place
and so evolves
the human race
release the fear
release the pain
nothing to lose
the WORLD to gain
let there be peace, love, understanding

let there be peace
let there be truth
let us be free
to live as we choose
with borders and warriors
things of the past
and love for each other
the fuel of our hearts
let there be peace, love, understanding

there is no prize
no first place
here at the finish line
of the “race”
and when we see
no one can win
that’s when humanity begins.
let there be peace, love, understanding

This poem is the opening feature of my book
LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness
ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0

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About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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12 Responses to 2009 – The Year Of The Mother

  1. Anonymous says:

    Absolute truth..Thank you..


  2. S says:

    God Geometrizes – Thank you for the translation!


  3. Ashleigh says:

    There is an honest, beautiful, and yet difficult message within this excellent piece of writing that many deserve to and NEED to read. Thank you for sharing your insight and providing direction and reassurance as to what is happening and what needs to happen in this year of change. I do have hope.


  4. I really want to thank you for your generosity.. You talk so profoundly about our roots, about our foundations as human beings…. And the way you do it is so precise.. Thank you so much for sharing all of this and making the invisible more visible. Even tangible!


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  6. An excellent and highly informative piece of work. Thank you


  7. Kristie says:

    Your work is insightful and informative.I have “worked” with Numerologists in the past and wonder if you would ” read “(for lack of a better phrasing) my numbers . I am in ( as we mostare) a state of flux and want to et knowlegde of where I amand where I am headed with these days and my numbers. It is imperative I find direction. M Fee Will is the one main thing I hear myself speak of day after day and it has kept me strong in ugly situations from a very young age when the words literally came to me one day without prior knowledge of them.Please email me and let me know.Thank you


  8. Kathleen Rogers says:

    I whole HEARTEDLY agree with you and continue to send the highest healing to our world and people!!
    To me your article also includes colleges and institutions etc. constantly upping the education standards there by making it so difficult for anyone to get and or keep a job!
    Also the anti-depressent pills/prescribing doctors that I feel have had a HUGE hand in stifling the problem in making it be acceptable to shut down the natural “FEELING” part of humans.
    To our own selves be true and that harm is done to no one! Walk in your own light and love and be ok with that!


  9. Will Greene says:

    Dear Christine

    I would like to cooperate with you soon. I have ruow and
    numerology fascination as background in common with you.
    I think there’s a book to publish called something like
    Observing the world through the lens of the
    “Way of Relating Number”. I think I can see how children
    receive a combination of these 2 numbers from their parents.
    I think I can see a way to tie the vibration of of THIS
    phrase in the Gospel of Thomas (paraphrase: make upper like
    lower, inner like outer, M so M & F, F so F & M) to things
    about specific bridges. I think I can something that looks
    like a reflection of Nostradamus’ indigo abilities. I’m
    also feeling like I’m supposed to channel some portion of
    Willheart understandings, just like maybe you do from a
    feminine body. If I could interact with you, perhaps something helpful could result.
    Thanks for your beautiful work. You have numerology and ruow
    in common together with all the understandings you unveil in
    your numerology site. I wish a way would present itself that
    nourishes us each and us both, and helps us cooperate. Thanks
    for considering. Will Greene.


  10. Amisha Shroff says:

    Excellent words… well written, simple and easy to understand -analysis Thankyou !


  11. delaine says:

    very much enjoyed your poem, and the other info on the year of the Mother -Thank You!


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