Barack Obama’s Amazing Numbers


No wonder President Barack Hussein Obama is sending waves of excitement, hope and courage around the world. His birth name, when converted into numbers, becomes 911.

The numbers 2, 9 and 11 dominate this year because the sum of 2009 is 11.(2+0+0+9=11), and 11 adds up to 2.  (See 2009-The Year Of the Mother for full details). Because these numbers denote light and reflection and the evolvement of energy, we are seeing some astounding symbolism in the world. That’s what numbers are – symbols which represent the energies that make up life.

Since 11 is a symbol of ONE reflecting on itself, mirror images are everywhere – some that are extremely vivid. America has always been associated with the number 1, the first number and therefore, the number of leadership. 911 is the emergency code for the USA, and the world really is in emergency mode on so many different fronts.

In this seemingly ‘reverse’ situation, instead of the dread and terror and denial that came with 9/11/2001, the quality of feelings has changed over the course of those long eight years, to those of hope and courage and facing reality. The age of misinformation and ‘dumbing down’ is evolving into the age of truth and understanding. All three numbers, 2, 9 and 11 are the principle numbers involved in evolution. But what is most striking, of course, is that Barack Hussein Obama was born on the 2 path, and that his birth name converts to the numbers 911.

Very briefly:

His MOTIVATION NUMBER (from all the vowels in his name) is 9 – the number of drama, trauma, accidents, emotional expression, compassion, global awareness, generosity, endings, intelligence, and clearing up (healing) the debris of the past. That’s what makes him tick.

His INNER SELF NUMBER is 1 (from all the consonants in his name) and represents the first impression he makes on others, as well as his innermost desires, which is to lead in a pioneering way – to hold open the space through which others can learn to lead themselves. That’s the true purpose of 1.

His EXPRESSION NUMBER is also 1 (from all the letters combined) which denotes his talents and abilities and, because it is the same number as his inner self, his heart’s desire, he has all the potential he needs to make his desires a reality.

His PRESENT SELF energy (which comes from his abbreviated name of Barack Obama) adds to his numerological mix, a 1 Motivation number, a 22/4 Inner self number (the number of the master builder, organizer and architect), and also the number of the USA’s national yearly cycle in 2009), and his present self expression number is 5 – the number of freedom, the unusual, the sudden, the unexpected, the exotic, anything that is ‘different’, travel, addictions and over indulgence, accidents, sex, sales, and ‘the fast lane’. No wonder he is seen as such a cool dude!

And talking of cool, someone sent me this little gem the other day:
H=  8
E=  5
= 44

His  2 DESTINY PATH is that of sensitivity, patience, cooperation, details, intuition, feminine principles, mother’s love, team work, partnership, connection and bringing people together.

First Lady Michele Obama was born on January 17,  and her Destiny Path is 11/2.  She is also in a 2 personal year cycle in 2009. She has a power all her own, and I will be writing more about this inspiring woman in the near future.

Meanwhile, it was also on January 17, 2009 (a 2 day in the world) that Barack Obama put out a video to all his grass roots supporters, (the team of ordinary people that worked so hard to help him reach this destination) entitled “ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA”. When that title is converted into numbers and analyzed through vowels, consonants and in total, the numbers involved are 2, 9 and 11. There is something for us all to learn from this: we cannot just sit back and wait for government to solve all our problems for us. We must get inventive, creative and willing to help each other instead of trying to outdo each other. The 2 energy brings us into an age in which competition must be replaced by cooperation and effort – if we are to survive.

And talking of survival …. then there was FLIGHT 1549, (=19)  1+9=1.

THE MIRACULOUS SURVIVAL STORY OF FLIGHT 1549 also contains amazing symbolism. The plane that crashed into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009 appears to be a delayed reflection of what happened in that very same geographical area the last time 11 dominated the landscape, which was on September 11, 2001….. Only this time, everyone survived and, again, the overall feelings were those of relief and joy and hope instead of doom, gloom, grief and fear.

January 15, 2009 was a 9 day in the world, and 9 is the number most associated with drama, mishaps and accidents, emotional intensity, healing, and ENDINGS. 9 symbolizes the end of an era. And that was the very same day that George Bush said goodbye to the American people (and the world) in a very lame speech that continued to deny reality. As the Bush era finally came to an end, there was a plane crash in New York which had the opposite outcome to all the aviation disasters associated with the Bush regime and 9/11/2001. Everyone survived. It’s as if an 8 year-long spell has been broken, and despite the dire problems that exist as a result of the last 8 years, at least there is now a chance to fix them. There were 155 people aboard including the 5 crew. 1+5+5=11. So we are seeing the effects of the numbers 9 and 11, but in the context of survivors rather than victims. The word miracle was widely used to describe this event but I don’t think it was so much an act of god as it was a testament to human capability, skill, precision, and belief in oneself – something we must ALL aspire to if we are to develop authentic free will on Earth.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger was born on January 23 in the 7 global year of 1951. He is in an 8 yearly cycle in 2009 (the number of power on the material plane, balance and correct understanding. At the time of the crash he was in a 9 month and a 5 day, both of which are accident prone vibrations, and, in the case of 5, emphasizes the sudden and unexpected. His destiny path number is 4, which emphasizes order and system, balance, organization, dedication, skill and precision. In the 4 energy, as President Obama demonstrated throughout his 4 personal year cycle in 2008, (enforced by the fact that he was born on the 4th of the month,) if you want to achieve something, you have to organize your life around doing so. In the space of a few minutes, Captain Sullenberger organized and dedicated every fiber of his life around bringing that plane to safe landing on water. He succeeded.

2+9+11=13.  1+3=4. And so 4 becomes a prominent number in 2009 also. And for those of us who are aware of the 11:11 phenomenon, we must also keep in mind that 1+1+1+1=4.

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9 Responses to Barack Obama’s Amazing Numbers

  1. Sharon Warren says:

    What an absolute masterpiece on Obama and other fascinating insights. It is so timely to the inauguration tomorrow. Thank you so much!



  2. Brenda says:

    Christine! Thanks so much for this analysis — I live in DC and this place is vibrating at such a high frequency — it’s the coolest thing to be part of this historic moment. peace…Brenda


  3. Sully says:

    I was not an Obama supporter. But, I have begun to like him already.


  4. Tammy says:

    I was worried about the country’s state when it was down to McCain & Obama – But I think after how much of a horrible state we are in, even during the holidays we saw a sign of peace between all americans where we are reaching out to the food banks to give donations, thrift shops are being utilized, americans are trying to get back to the “simple life” and I feel Obama has the same dreams and ideas. But this time to have equality too.


  5. Daniel Stief says:


    You were a wonderful guest this week on Our Wondrous World with Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn show on It was great hearing you explain Obama’s numbers and much more on the show.

    If others would like to hear your beautiful voice they should go to:


    Daniel Stief
    Creator of Sedona Talk radio


  6. PenniJ says:

    And don’t forget… Obama is also our 44th President.


  7. Christine:
    It is truly inspiring to read this, as a person (myself) familiar with numerology.
    It’s amazing that events take place not from mere chance, but that there is a higher order to things, and all things are connected far beyond what we normally assume.
    I too, was very impressed with the miraculous landing of the aircraft on Hudson river, and reading this opens up a new understanding of the event.
    Regarding Barack Obama, this explains for me, the importance of the 2’s and .. and in fact, he is a gentle soul..something America needs..humanity in leadership especially after what we they’ve had for the past 8 years..
    Thank you,


  8. michael says:

    do proform this work for individuals for a fee?


  9. Dove says:

    I also see Obama as an 11, because that’s the total adding b-day straight across. Often the number comes out the same, sometimes not. I feel whatever number comes up in adding it this way, that energy also applies.

    8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 1 = 29 = 11


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