By Christine DeLorey

Last year, everyone was calling for CHANGE. And real change is the only thing that can prevent the current economic system from completely crashing down (never mind trickle down). On January 27, comedian/satirist (and personal hero) JON STEWART made a suggestion which captures the extent to which the economic system needs to be turned inside out and completely overhauled.

He suggested that instead of giving 800 billion dollars of tax payer’s money to the corporations and banks whose unstoppable greed is at the root of the problem, give it directly to the people, and let we, the people, kick start the economy ourselves. By paying off mortgages and other debt, or spending and saving in whatever way people choose, money would start flowing back into the banks. INSTANT MOVEMENT!

Since the trickle down theory has completely failed anyway, things would start to trickle up instead. The ridiculous system of supply and demand would become demand and supply, transforming the acceptance of industrial junk into a demand for higher quality goods and services at reasonable prices. Banks and businesses would have to compete for people’s dollars by bringing down their extortionate fees and charges and other features that were designed to keep people in debt and under control. The unregulated greed known as “free markets” would be replaced with the free will of people enabling humanity to create its own pattern of abundance.

In light of the sheer uncertainty of anything else that has been suggested so far, this needs to be given serious thought. The end of capitalism is not the end of the world. It is the end of an antiquated system which depended on inequity, and sheer cruelty in many cases, for its survival. It was a form of slavery. Most of those at the top of the ‘economic chain’ (not all) were also enslaved – to their own greed and denial. Such a massive change in the way we live would certainly be an upheaval to our senses, but would only feel like the end of the world to the greedy few.

How would such a change be implemented? That would have to be worked out. Or are we stupid enough to believe that real change isn’t possible after all, and that total failure is imminent?

2009 is an 11/2 year – a time when idealism and imagination – converted into action – can create the very shift in reality we so obviously need. This is also the millennium of the 2000s – in which the ideals of cooperation, diplomacy, peace making, and caring are the only options available if we are to survive the upcoming changes which are not just economic. They are environmental, social, and profoundly spiritual, too.

Born on November 28, 1962, Jon Stewart is on the 3 Destiny Path, which suggests that he came into the world to communicate something specific. 3 is also the number of popularity and, given the platform and following he has created, perhaps what he has to communicate can actually make a difference in the world. Typical of a 3, words are his gift, and he uses humor to get his often serious points across.


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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  1. Ginger says:

    Now THAT makes more sense than anything else I have heard so far…if only we could convince the pundits of this.


  2. Joy says:

    I wish we could make this happen. You figure Obama and other economic experts must have considered this…but I suppose they need to buy favors!? I SO wish I could get a stimulus check this April to jumpstart my future financial well being, especially being without children and in the highest tax bracket and from NY – it hurts to give over 30% of my income to the government. Sigh.



  3. coritav says:

    Heidi, I believe the writer is talking about the billions of tax payer dollars being requested by the banks for yet another bailout – not depleting the entire tax base. Instead of give it to the banks who already abused the first bailout, give it to the people to spend any way they like. If the economy is kick-started, the tax base would be replenished anyway.

    I think the reference to slavery goes deeper that just the credit card companies. I took it to mean the whole system, which does engage in slavery all over the world. Slavery is slavery no matter when or where it happens. The u.s. press is not so good at reporting that stuff though or maybe people just don’t want to know.


  4. Heidi Schumacher says:

    I think it was a dumb idea. If you take all the money from the taxpayers and then give it back to them as an economic stimulus, you still have to replenish the tax base. Comparing credit card companies to slavery cheapens the true suffering of people throughout history!!


  5. I think 3,000 would have helped me, I would have spent every penny, but pure greed can’t see that, I long for the day when we no longer live under the thumb of such greed


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