IRAN – Human Will Freeing Itself

By Christine DeLorey
Iran Soccer1

June 17, 2009: I have to admit that I’m not a sports fan. But my attention is fully drawn to these Iranian soccer players wearing green in support of their country’s attempt to break free from oppression. I am drawn to their deep heartfelt and honest emotional energy which is quite apparent in their expressions, and at the numerological symbolism captured in their team numbers. 4, 6 and 8 represent POWER in their own unique ways, and the rise of human WILL POWER is what we are seeing in Iran. Add these numbers together and we have 18. 1+8=9, and 9 is the number of global awareness, completion, drama, deep emotions, and THE END OF AN ERA. The whole world is transfixed by this movement, and we are seeing just how alike we all are, despite different cultures, beliefs and traditions.

4 is the number of limitation, restriction and being ‘boxed in’, as the Iranian population has been since the revolution of 1979. But 4  is also the number of tenacity, organization (laying the foundation), hard work, belief in oneself and, eventually and hopefully, BREAKTHROUGH. 4 offers the power of DETERMINATION.

6 is the number of extremes, dictatorship, single mindedness, cruelty and control, and it is also the number that can heal those things through loving intent and balance. 6 is the number of healing, connection, family, loyalty, relationship, relativity, magnetism, education and compassion. It is also the number of entertaining and entertainment. Right now Iran’s star is rising and has center stage. The extremes will do what they can to put this uprising down, but this time, no matter how painful it gets, I think the show will go on! (Read about “Numerology and the Extremes”). 6 offers the power of BALANCE.

 8 is the number of power on the material plane and is one of the most misunderstood numbers of all. Those misunderstandings have resulted in unfathomable levels of greed, heartlessness, exerting power to control others (bullying), and willful destruction of life. Of course, the number 8 is not to blame. It is our misunderstanding of it that causes the problem. (Read “The Power Of Eight” for more details). 8 offers the power of KNOWLEDGE along with ACCURATE UNDERSTANDING of it.

One might say that a photo of soccer players wearing green is trivial compared to everything else going on in Iran right now. But I see the profusion of pictures, film and text coming out of Iran as a living testament to the rise of humanity’s Will – without which we will never be able to achieve balance, true understanding or PEACE. For as long as we give power to others who then dictate to us who they want us to be, rather than encouraging us to BE WHO WE ARE, there can never be peace.

As our minds start to accept our WILL – our emotions – as a natural part of what makes us whole, we are experiencing expanded consciousness, and through this increased intelligence we will be able to understand what our next step needs to be. However, we cannot presume that we know what that is in advance because the cycle of the 2000s has brought us into uncharted territory and we must observe, listen, feel, sense, think and learn as we go. Consciousness cannot expand if we think we already know all the answers. (Read “2009 – The Year Of The Mother” and (Numerology and Extremes). iran soccer 21 2 is the principle number of our times, and one HUGE ‘hint’ or message 2 is sending us is PATIENCE. Changing the world is going to take time. Only if we are patient enough to notice all the details involved will there be time enough. Remember that time is a natural occurrence in the physical world, and patience is our acceptance of time. 2 is the number of cooperation, camaraderie and teamwork and are also some of the principle themes of 2009. Without them, meaningful change cannot happen. But it IS happening and, right now, it’s happening most visibly in Iran. 5 is the number of FREEDOM, CHANGE, DIFFERENT CULTURES and the ACCEPTANCE OF DIVERSITY. God bless the Iranian people as they continue in the struggle we are ALL a part of – the struggle towards FREE WILL. June 27, 2009:  LATEST ON 4 IRANIAN SOCCER PLAYERS: From Nico Pitney Huffington Post Saturday June 27, 2009 LIVE BLOGGING on Iranian uprising 11:08 AM ET — Iran: No soccer players punished (yet). The government-backed Tehran Times reports: “FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, said Friday it received a letter from the Iranian federation which stated that ‘No disciplinary action has been imposed on any players of the Iran national team by any authority.’ ‘IFF has not punished any players up to now, but the issue is under scrutiny. If it is confirmed that they wore green wristbands as a political action, we will punish them according to FIFA rules,’ [Iran Football Federation President Ali Kafashian] said.”


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  1. WinkLady says:

    Great post. I’m new to your blog but love the way you write. In the crazy world we live in, good to go to someone who brings clarity.


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