7 – 7 – 2009

Today’s date brings a powerful influx of 7 energy into our lives, the nature of which is to seek knowledge. 7 desires understanding of whatever it encounters in the flow of life. It seeks the truth, which is why 7 is often known as the number of wisdom.

7+7+ the 11 energy that comes from 2009 = 25, and 2+5 = 7. So, today we have three 7s that are supported by the number 11.  7+7+11=25 which adds up to 7. Back in 2005 (2+0+0+5=7) the numerology was 7/7/7, and the day will forever be remembered for the terror attacks in London. This year’s double 7 energy has a different formation and, we hope, a different result. Today’s focus on Michael Jackson and the fact that he died on the 25th (2+5=7) is an interesting connection.

The master number 77 – the number of great fame and fortune, excitement, freedom, variety and adventure. It is a very rare number indeed, and its energy is intense with the promise of 5, the number of FREEDOM. Double digits are called master numbers because not only are two 7s twice as powerful as one 7, their combined value brings new numbers into the equation and adds to the potential. 7+7=14. And 1+4=5.

7/7 seems like a fitting day to say goodbye to the king of pop. What unusual vibrations both of those words have when you really listen to them. “KING” of “POP”. Today, we say goodbye to a very different, exciting, talented, misunderstood and tortured soul who walked this earth at the same time we did and left behind a body of work that is full of message and instruction. The problem with great fame and fortune and what 77 symbolizes, is that in order to reach the freedom of 5, one must first work through the karmic energy that comes from the number 14. (1+4=5). Michael Jackson found that exceedingly difficult to do – as we all do.

We are all experiencing 14/5 karma today so that we can learn from it and reduce its restrictive and addictive effect on our lives. Karma is the learning of what we have not learned. Our reluctance to learn is what keeps us doing the same old things and making the same old mistakes.

14 helps us to free ourselves from what is limiting us, and the only way to live in 14’s unstable energy is to focus on what we’re doing, and to learn as we go. Mistakes are OK because that’s HOW we learn……. what works and what doesn’t. But the karmic elements of 14 are kept in place by our unwillingness to learn what a mistake has to teach and then make the necessary changes.

14/5 helps us stretch the mind and develop more self-assuredness. It helps us sense the direction we actually want to take, rather than settling for experiences we would rather not have. Diversity IS our true nature, as represented by the number 5 – the number of the unusual, the different, the weird, the strange, the exotic, the physical, the sexual, the exciting, the talented, the adventurous and the unexpected. We are one species, but we are NOT all the same. 5 is the number of diversity. 5 is the number of variety – the spice of life – something we hardly noticed we were losing.

We are creative evolving beings but we cannot be ourselves if we are confined to the denseness of uniformity. We  need to  learn what 14 has to teach so that we can have a richer and more loving experience of this amazing thing we have called LIFE.

History shows that learning from experience is turning out to be a very hard lesson for humanity to learn, and that we’ve been repeating the same old pattern of contest, greed, domination, cruelty and war for ever. Nothing much really changed.

Today’s numerological mix helps us to notice how we still criticize and gossip and make light of other people’s pain, and to notice how we still believe what we’re told without stopping to question or wonder whether we’re taking in truth or not. If we are ever to be the free spirits we really are, we have to be much more in tune with reality, kinder to each other, more tolerant of people who seem different or weird to us, and to appreciate their light instead of avoiding it. We have to stop tearing each other down and start encouraging each other instead.

In every way, we must learn from our mistakes. We must learn from experience. That’s what the 14/5 karmic influence is all about. Gaining experience and then using it in the most resourceful way.

14’s instability makes it difficult for us to estimate our own needs and is at the root of both addiction and self-deprivation. It’s erratic nature often results in everything moving too fast to be able to see important details, or to adjust priorities to suit changing situations. 5 brings change, and then change brings more change. We need to be less afraid of change and make it happen where we can, and be patient for change to happen when more time or understanding is needed.

5 is the number of the unexpected, 11 is the number of illumination, and 7 is a truth-seeking energy that can both uncover and cover up secrets. Anything could happen today in our own lives or in the world at large, and perhaps we need to slow ourselves down today so that we can stop repeating the same old routine, stand still for a while, and sense for ourselves what’s really happening and what we’re really feeling.

When we put all three 7s together, a new set of numbers arise. What an intense day this is.  7×3=2+1=3

3 is the number of creativity, appearance, (including surface appearances), popularity, the populous, the people, popular belief and, as we are reminded today, popular music and popular people. 3 is the number of friends, acquaintances, humor, gossip, hearsay, beauty, light-heartedness, shallowness, communication – and the power of words and images. 1 is the father, 2 is the mother, and 3 is the child. The emphasis is on the child today. We are all in the process of growing up, which is just another term for evolving. What a wild array of symbolic energies we are traveling today.

3 is the number of FRIENDSHIP but, as the life and death of Michael Jackson reminds us, some pretty self-serving games are played by people claiming to be friends. We need to know who our friends are and whether we ourselves have friendly intent.

11 shines the light, 7 absorbs and analyzes what it sees, and our emotions tell us how we feel about this unexpected expansion of consciousness. It is possible that all kinds of emotions will be expressed today. Take it slowly. Take it in. We need to make our lives easier, not more complicated.

There is so much more going on with the numbers today than I can describe in a single article, and we are likely to have many days like this in July. We are traveling through the cycles of time, which is a natural occurrence in the physical world. Our acceptance of time is called PATIENCE, and that is something we need now more than ever.

Read more about July’s energies (and some very interesting Michael Jackson numerology): The Winds Of Change Are Howling

To make things even more intense, there is also lunar eclipse today. Astrology is not my field, but here is a very informative article by Eric Francis of Planet Waves, (and some great horoscopes too).


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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8 Responses to 7 – 7 – 2009

  1. Dee says:

    Thank you for those powerful words of wisdom.


  2. Sheila says:

    Thank you for the explanations of the energy of number 7, 14 and 5. So much of your interpretation seems on target for what I am experiencing.

    I went through several dramatic and tumultuous life changing experiences over the past couple of years involving my unstable and emotionally abusive (now ex) husband and our two teenage children. My ex has continued to insert himself into my life and my children have turned their backs on me. In spite of all of this, my spirituality and intuition have soared to higher levels of understanding.

    In the past 6 months or so, I keep seeing the time 7:14 on clocks. This has happened so many times that I feel certain this number sequence is a sign to me. This morning my ex called to give me some distressing news about my son. The call came in at 7:14am.

    Can you give me any additional insight into possible interpretations involving the number sequence 714?


    • This sequence of numbers emphasizes personal freedom and independence while maintaining your dignity and cooperating with others. This means accepting people and situations exactly as they are. It does not mean embracing anything that feels ‘wrong’ but, rather, accepting its existence and how it makes you feel. It means gaining the insight that comes from facing reality head on.


  3. gautam sanyal says:

    It’s a great effort to explain the energy level of 7, 14. 5 and its
    role in our life.My date of birth is 01/14/1959.I have birth no 14 and
    life path no-3 comming from if I add 14+1+6= 21 or 5+1+6=12, my heart
    desire no is 11.I have all the effects of no 14 or 3 that you have explained.I have a different personality and different from others.
    I had a very hard life from my birth and slowly i understood that my
    feelings are more pure,I am looking for peace n harmony among my friends, relatives.I want to make an healthy enviournment where all are friendly to each other,tremendous inclination for music,love this planet and nature. now i can focus on my job which fetch my bread n butter.I am creative ,love creation, want to write a book on lifes experience. At last I want to know myself and entire creation of the almighty.


  4. Phil says:

    My public name is 77, and my life path is 33.. all my numbers balance each other out 🙂 (even my full name)


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