Cycles, Spirals, Eclipses & CHANGE


The numbers we are experiencing this month are unusual and powerful. But there is no point in trying to read these numbers before we have passed through them because we need to learn from the experience itself, rather than try to define it prematurely.

However, I do believe that the 11 energy of 2009, and the fact that 22+7=29, the longest solar eclipse of this century, all taking place in calendar week 29, with an emphasis on the 29th degree, will prove to be quite significant as the rest of the year unfolds.

Add to this the fact that the numerical sequence 22/7 is also associated with the mathematical phenomenon of Pi (the endless stream of numbers contained in the rotation of a circle (or cycle), and it is obvious that the cycles of time that we have become so accustomed to are currently spiraling into fundamental change on Earth.

22-7symbol1 According to the web site, the symbol for 22/7 is the number 1 encased in a triangle. It is a traffic sign. It warns of unspecified traffic problems ahead. This symbol is also used in some dictionaries for “words that are likely to cause embarrassment or anger if they are used in the wrong situation“, or “taboo words”.

Things are getting tense but interesting.

The most important understanding to gain from our current position is that we ourselves must CHOOSE how we want these changes to occur. We individuals are in the process of rescuing our sacred will (our feminine energy), and that is why we are feeling our emotions so deeply. The free flow of emotional energy and freedom of expression are the basis of FREE WILL.

We are evolving, which means that we MUST move on from the past. But until we release ourselves from the old programming and unexpressed emotional energy that we are holding onto, the process of leaving the past behind will be more painful than it needs to be.

People all over the world are currently overwhelmed by feelings, circumstances, and details. But, by accepting our feelings rather than rejecting them, over-sensitivity can evolve into a profound form of intuition that occurs when mind and emotion willingly combine their power. I have written a short poem “HANG IN THERE”, about persevering through this process.

Our individual and collective INTENT is such a major factor at this time because the overall changes we make will be based on whether our intent is caring or complacent, peaceful or hostile, loving or unloving. 2009 does appear to be a crucial time in which to declare our basic intent, in our hearts, and openly too.

Interestingly, for the past few weeks, I have been waking up in what I now call the 11:11 position. Flat on my back. No pillow. 2 arms straight up. 2 legs legs straight down. I have to say that my dreams have never been more relevant or memorable, and I can also feel a general improvement in my physical well being. It’s as if the body becomes a conduit for healing energy while in this position. Meditation is enhanced too. I’d be interested to know if it works for anyone else.


MEANWHILE, here is an excerpt from 2009 – THE YEAR OF THE MOTHER which is most relevant at this time. This shows us how very little things have changed in the last cycle of 100 years, and that we no longer have the option of going around in the same old circles and getting away with calling it “life”:

Those who do not remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana

1+1 = 2

Reality is all around us, but we don’t look at it. We don’t like it’s ugliness or danger, and yet the ugliness and danger looms larger every day. The purpose of 1 reflecting on itself is so that it can find acceptance for itself just as it is, and we must find acceptance for ourselves just as we are. We cannot evolve any further until acceptance takes place because without it, we cannot know what we have to change.

On July 22, 2009, we will experience the longest lasting total solar eclipse of this century, its path starting in India, and crossing through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, and China, and then a small portion of Japan. The connection to numerology on that day, and in the entire week leading up to it, and the week that follows it, is a little breathtaking.

7+22=29 and 2+9=11. Add the year 2009, and you have 11:11 – a sequence of numbers that has been entering human consciousness through digital clocks, calendars and other media for many years now, causing people to stop – to break the pace of their rut – simply to wonder what it means. Entire books and websites are dedicated to 11:11, most of which have very different explanations of this persistent symbol. I see many things in 11:11, including its connection to Einstein, nuclear science, and the evolution (often called the awakening) of humanity. Perhaps it is a global alarm clock – the setting for an international wake-up call. Only time will tell.

But the fact that the solar eclipse takes place in calendar week #29 (2+9=11) and that 29 is directly linked to the year 2009, that the 29th degree is significant in this eclipse, and that July is a 9 global month in an 11/2 global year (you add the number of the month to the number of the year: 7+11=18.  1+8=9), and so much more 29 energy comes into play during that week (July 16 – 22 by the absolute calendar). But then, a similar cluster of 11, 9 and 2 energy occurs in calendar week #30 which is connected to the date July 29th.

Numerologically, July 22 in an 11/2 global year is a 40/4 day on which our freedom to move or communicate freely may be compromised in some way because certain details were ignored or unrecognized. Whatever happens in July is likely to prevent us from going to one extreme or another. There appears to be a giant eye-opener going on here which emphasizes 11/2’s connection to RIGHT TIMING. The slowness and uncertainty leading up to this event (which appears to be active throughout July and not just on the 22nd or 29th), could push our emotions to a point they have never reached, and while some will not be able to handle it, those who understand the emotional pressure involved in coming out of denial will see this as an opportunity to move some of that pressure away from them. I wish I could be more specific, but until we get closer to the date, it simply cannot. The same is true of the 11th month of the year, November, and especially November 11 and 29, which bring 11:11:11 into play.

We last experienced an 11 global year a century ago, and since CONNECTION is the theme of 2, 9 and 11, we need to notice the connections between what happened then and what is happening now. Again, this shows us the connection between the economy, the environment, racism and war. It also shows just how LITTLE things have changed in 100 years and why the economy, environment, racism, war (and health care) are such huge issues today!


January 1, the constitution of Australia was implemented. (1/1/11).

January 10, 1901 (1/1/11) Oil was discovered in Beaumont, Texas.

January 22, 1901 (1/22/11) Queen Victoria died, age 81, and her son, Edward, reigned as king until his death on May 6 (5+6=11) in the next 11 global year in 1910. (11+11=22/4).

May 17, 1901 (5/8/11): The US Stock Market crashed for the first time. (5 is the number of the unexpected, 8 is the number of money and power on the material plane.) 5+8 =13/4 which is the number of restriction on the material plane.

June 6, 1901 (6/3/11=20. 2+0=2) Cuba becomes a US protectorate which began the process of Cuba agreeing to lease to the U.S. the naval base at Guantanamo Bay.

August 30, 1901 (8/3/11) (8+3=11). Hubert Cecil Booth patents the vacuum cleaner, one of the most successful devices ever invented.  (Sounds like 2009 is the ideal time to get INVENTIVE, ORIGINAL and PRACTICAL)!

September 6, 1901: President William McKinley was shot, and died 8 days later on 9/14 when Theodore Roosevelt became President.

October 16, 1901: 1/7/11 (7 is often associated with intolerance). President Theodore Roosevelt invited African American leader Booker T. Washington to the White House, with angry reaction from the American south. Racial violence increased in the area. From the “Opinion” section of the Baltimore Sun, To the Editor of the Evening Sun: On behalf of our glorious sons and sires, on behalf of our virtuous wives and daughters, on behalf of that dominant and peerless race nurtured and reared upon the sacred soil of “Maryland, my Maryland,” I protest, in the name of white supremacy and white manhood, against the false and dishonoring sentiment “that it is no humiliation nor disgrace to live next door to a Negro! (Archived by the Gilder Lehrman Center for the study of slavery, resistance and abolition). In 2009, although these archaic sentiments are dying, it is obvious that the belief in white supremacy still exists. In fact the Klu Klux Klan was founded on December 24, 1865 (a 2 global year) (3+6+2=11) which places it on the 11 destiny path. The letter K is the 11th letter of the alphabet which means that KKK translates to 11:11:11.  (November 11, 2009 converts to 11:11:11, and we need to be very mindful of the current emphasis on racism in the USA and elsewhere. See link to “Numerology and Extremes” at the end of this article)

12/12/1901: 3+3+11=17. 1+7=8. Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal in Newfoundland, Canada. It was Morse Code for the letter S (the 19th letter of the alphabet. 1+9=1.  1+0=1). Note that 12 adds up to 3 which is the number of communication and 8 is the number of power, making this a date which emphasized the power of communication.

Also in 1901, but not dated,

* India has its first reliable census.

* Alzheimer’s disease is described for the first time by German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer. This is particularly interesting to me because the more I look at the role emotional denial has played and continues to play in our lives, the more it appears that Alzheimer’s disease is the result of emotional suppression.

* William S. Harley drew up plans for his first prototype motorcycle.

* 3 ongoing wars were happening in 1901.

* The second Boer War in South Africa started on the 11th of October, 1901. 11/1/11.

* The 1000 days war which resulted in the separation of Colombia and Panama was in progress. 1899 – 1902

* The Philippine – American war (1899 – 1913) was an armed military conflict between the USA and the Philippines which arose from the Philippine Republic’s struggle against U.S. annexation of the islands. Over 1,000,000 Filipino civilians were killed in that war.

9 years later in 1910

July 4 1910 (7+4=11 + 1+9+1+0=11 therefore 11/11) African American boxer Jack Johnson defeated white American boxer James J. Jeffries in a heavyweight boxing match, sparking race riots across the USA. Note that their initials are J.J., and J.J.J.   J is the 10th letter of the alphabet (11 and 111).

November 22, 1910: (11/22/11) What happened on this date is thought to have hastened the creation of the Federal Reserve, and is connected in many ways to what is happening today with both the American and world economies.  On that day in 1910, Senator Norman Aldrich and A.P. Andrews (assistant secretary of the treasury), along with many of the country’s leading financiers who, together, controlled 1/6 of the world’s wealth, were seen leaving Hoboken NJ, on a train under a shadow of secrecy. They later arrived at The Jekyll Island Club, an exclusive, elitist and racist private club on the Georgia coast, to discuss the banking system and monetary policy. Those numbers add up to 44/8,  the number of power on the material plane and there are many connections there to the rampant white supremacy of the day and the election of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States and, indeed the 44th president of the United States.

(On November 22, 2009, (11/22/11) it’s going to be interesting to see how the much has changed since those events 99 years ago)

Also in 1910, the U.S. census shows that 20.9% of the population that was classed as ‘negro’ were actually of mixed race.

Notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde were born in 1910, Bonny Parker on October 1, 1910 (1/1/11), and Clyde Barrow on March 24 (3/6/11). In the first week of 2009, it was reported that bank robberies are up in the US. But, more fascinating are the tactics that the banks themselves have been using. Today, many people consider the bankers themselves to be the robbers.

Florence Nightingale died in the 11 global year of 1910. She was born in the 11 global year of 1820. 11 is the number of illumination, and it is most symbolic that this nursing pioneer was to become known as The Lady With The Lamp.  From Wikipedia: During the Crimean campaign, Florence Nightingale gained the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp”, deriving from a phrase in a report in The Times: She is a ‘ministering angel’ without any exaggeration in these hospitals, and as her slender form glides quietly along each corridor, every poor fellow’s face softens with gratitude at the sight of her. When all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those miles of prostrate sick, she may be observed alone, with a little lamp in her hand, making her solitary rounds.

Nursing, nurses and health care in general are likely to become major topics in 2009 as the drug companies, who currently spend more on advertising than they do on research, find themselves unable to cope with illnesses arising out of a level of stress that they simply do not understand.  (Note the current emphasis on general health care and addiction to prescription drugs).

Acceptance of ‘alternative’ medicine is increasing, and its connection to China is particularly important. China has become synonymous with poor quality products as well as a dreadful record on human rights. Vital new information is evolving out of traditional Chinese medicine and it is essential that genuine Chinese know-how and integrity in this field does not get thrown into the mix of cheaply made “products”.

* * * * * * * * * * *

We are currently in the process of recognizing and healing a part of us that almost died in the course of our lifetimes – our ability to feel and, with it, our free will. Consequently, we are feeling our feelings now more strongly than ever before. This is not an easy process for any of us. Our emotional energy is part of our true wealth as human beings, but we have become imbalanced by the buildup of feelings we have refused to feel. This is being reflected back to us in the material world by a global economy that is so clogged up in its own imbalance that it could grind to a halt at any moment, and an environment which is also so clogged with its own pain that it’s teetering on the edge of collapse.

Many people on Earth do not know the difference between their thoughts and their feelings, but that is going to change as the magnetism of our unexpressed feelings attracts more and more situations to us that will force us to feel our feelings as spontaneously as we think our thoughts. When our masculine thoughts and our feminine feelings accept each other in the spirit of EQUALITY, that is when healing occurs, and that is when we will be able to breathe easy again.

Denial of reality almost killed our capacity to think, feel, move, enjoy and love. This year’s events will show us that slavery must be exposed and ended, and that Free Will is the next step of human evolution. Free Will is the future. How far off that future is cannot be determined at this stage, but we are closer to it than we’ve ever been. If freedom really is our goal, then this is the year in which we must commit to it and persevere like never before, no matter what lengths are taken to try to stop it.



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  1. Greg Varra says:

    Thank you so very much for your book, website and emailings.
    I began seeing 11:11 several years ago, however, did not begin
    to pay attention and research it’s meaning until a couple of years
    ago on my 50th birthday, 6/27/1957. Data collected from your
    resourses resonates with me more than anything else on the
    subject. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Greg


  2. NANCY says:

    I’m so grateful to the universe for the special being we have been given. That speical being is you. That’s for sharing the gift you have with us. I’m blessed to have found you wonderful web site aND BOOK.


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