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By Christine DeLorey

© copyright 2009 – DeLorey – all rights reserved


November = 11           2+0+0+9 = 11

November 2009 = 11:11


For many years now, millions of people all over the world have been drawn to the numbers 11:11. Well, November 2009 gives us all a chance to experience this mysterious and persistent symbol for ourselves, because the entire month of November 2009 is 11:11.

The last 11 global years occurred 108 years ago in 1901, and 99 years ago in 1910, and the events of those years are highly significant today, especially as far as banking, business, politics, racism, and war are concerned. It is important to note the 1s and 9s involved in this observation because their evolutionary qualities are connected to 11:11.

We will experience another 11 global year 9 years from now in 2018, and almost every 9 years throughout the new millennium, but this November is a first for all of us, and a perfect opportunity to better understand the whole concept of 11:11. In our journey through time, we are traveling through 11:11 energy right now.

Although there is an obvious connection between the 11:11 symbol and the winter solstice of December 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m., this is not a time for speculation concerning the future as if it is something set in stone. On the contrary, it is what we do or don’t do between now and 2012 that is all important. From the perspective of modern numerology, 2012 is a goal post towards which we must aim our intentions and actions, not something that is hurtling towards us with the intention of doing us harm.

We need to be fully present in the here and now so that we can understand where current conditions are leading and what our intentions need to be. To begin with, they need to be loving. Without loving intent in our hearts, conditions on Earth will deteriorate quickly. Right now, it is the condition of our planet – Mother Earth herself – that stands out  so plainly, but not exclusively, as a source of urgency.

On November 11, 2009, we also experience 11:11:11 energy for the first time in our lifetimes – which adds up to the master number 33, which adds up to 6 – the number of home, responsibility, priorities, family, mother, father, child, animals, healing, education, judgment, extremes, violence, tyrants, control and, out of all that  – eventually – hopefully – ACCOUNTABILITY and BALANCE!

This planet is our home. But human ignorance has us doing mindless things like NASA’s bombing of the moon, CERN‘s attempt to recreate the Big Bang deep under the Earth in Switzerland, and Japan’s latest technological wonder which, instead of allowing carbon dioxide to poison the upper atmosphere, buries it in the ground – and poisons Mother earth instead. 1 is the nucleus of all the numbers, and 11 is the number most associated with nuclear energy. Therefore, all of the above mentioned aspects of 6 are extremely relevant right now. We have heard a lot about ‘checks and balances’ in the past few years, and it appears that there are very few in the areas where they are most needed, and of course, these are just 3 examples of what we are doing to our planet, our home, our Mother.

11 reveals vital details which must not be overlooked or left to chance. 11 is not conducive to speculation, gambling or recklessness – and yet that’s what the financial, scientific and business institutions continue to do. Not a good sign! But, it does remind us that 1% of humanity still controls the other 99%. (More 1s and 9s). I wonder what that will mean with double and triple 11 energy in play this November.

One of our major stumbling blocks over several decades has been this strange and arrogant belief that we should already know all the answers, or that there is some ’expert’ or ‘guru’ who knows all the answers. This is not the case. We are only just beginning to understand how much we do not know in all areas of life. As evolving beings, the learning never ends, and our constant state of imperfection is actually perfection. But if we continue to take irresponsible actions, just because we can, it is only a matter of time before terrible mistakes are made. The 11:11 energy is likely to bring such irresponsibility to light, and the call for accountability needs to be loud.

6 teaches us  right from wrong, but because unevolved 6 is highly judgmental, guilt and blame are thrown at petty issues, while profound malevolence and cruelty gets a free pass. People can have deep conversations about the clothes, hairstyle, weight or sex life of a celebrity, but pay no attention to the appalling pain and suffering that some people inflict upon other people. But now, on November 11 and 29, when 6 is infused with 3 blasts of master 11 energy, resulting in the master 33 energy, we can expect to gain great insight, with very little effort on our part, into hidden details that will reveal friend / foe, creativeness / destructiveness, truth / lies, and the direction that particular paths are taking, some of which may need to be stopped. Our priorities need to change, in a way that elevates us beyond “self”. And because we know that we have to take responsibility now, at least for our own lives, instead of leaving it all to ‘fate’, we are realizing more fully that what we do or don’t do in the present shapes and creates the future. We are evolving and creating at the same time.

We are maturing and evolving. And although we need to do this as quickly as possible, we also need to exercise great patience, and take things slowly enough to ensure that we get it right. We are in the process of developing patience – and noticing details. We have to learn how to accurately connect information, and then WAIT for results instead of seeking instant solutions and quick fixes. We cannot rush our way into the future because we are building it as we go – and on the way, we are realizing that the planet that sustains us is interrible trouble, and the system which made us dependent on it no longer exists.

We also know that we do not have enough WILL to change things by ourselves. And that is why the freeing of our individual and collective Will is SO imperative to our survival. It is helpful to understand that our evolvement into Free Will is what all this chaos, instability and fear is about.

We must BE the change we want to see in the world, which means that in order for the outer world to heal, we must heal on the inside first, emotionally. This begins with releasing layer upon layer of emotions that we have pushed down inside over the course of a lifetime. Only then will we understand the potential of our personal power – power that is generated when consciousness and emotion work together from the foundation of a loving heart.

We all carry the emotional weight of our past, but we have to release all that in order to heal and grow up. We have to learn to parent ourselves, and teach and do for ourselves what our parents could not and, at the same time, parent our own children in a way that does not push upon them the same misunderstandings that were pushed on us. Today’s children do not have to go through what we went through if they are encouraged to BE themselves and respect the right of others to be themselves, too. That’s the true meaning of being ‘real’, and is a basic lesson we all have to learn.

We also need to look at nature far more deeply and patiently. Not only do we ignore the divine order of the natural world, we have somehow come to believe that we humans are not part of nature at all, and refuse to acknowledge the very thing that enables us to exist in physical form. We trample on her mindlessly, instead of taking great care of what is essentially our own life-support machine. Nature speaks to us all the time, but we ignore her messages. In doing so, we refuse to learn the truth about who WE are.

11 symbolizes “I AM” and “WE ARE”. We are ONE, and we are many, and we are not all the same. Humanity is one entity, but it is made up of individuals. Change spreads across humanity through changes that occur one person at a time. It all starts within – and that is why we are feeling so strongly about so many things right now. When our individual and collective feelings trend in a certain direction, massive changes occur on Earth. 11 symbolizes 1 (the individual) reflecting on oneself for the purpose of growing beyond mere selfishness – to self-awareness, and self-acceptance. If we want peace in the world, we must first find peace within. There is no getting away from that fact.

Life has become a lot ‘deeper’ for most people. This added depth expands our dimensions and provides the additional space we need in order to grow and evolve. Consciousness has taken us to great heights as far as potential is concerned, and we are aware of what we can do if we put our minds to it – and yet, something is missing from that scenario.  We now need to balance ourselves with depth which will enable us to see ourselves in the light of reality, and rearrange priorities, skills, and circumstances accordingly. Balance doesn’t mean that we all have to be the same. Quite the opposite. Balance means arranging things in a way that enables diverse energy to flow smoothly, so that we really can be ourselves and lead our own lives. Diversity is life’s beauty, it’s color and texture, it’s RICHNESS.

Emotion is as sacred as any other part of us. We cannot be whole without it. And acceptance of emotion is not the invasion of consciousness that consciousness fears it will be. Rather, it is what will enable consciousness to EXPAND. Our emotional energy – feminine energy – is what brings depth to our intellectual understandings because it is triggered by real-time life experiences. The vibrations that come from our emotions open and stretch our minds. By accepting, developing and strengthening our emotional energy, we are simultaneously freeing our WILL and expanding our consciousness. If we cannot operate both consciously and emotionally, we cannot learn anything NEW. This is particularly important to understand because our evolvement depends on our being able to accept new understandings. Much of what we learned in the past was either inaccurate or just a doorway to somewhere else. Without learning new things, we drown in mediocrity and sameness.

In this unique 11:11 month, as we start to heal from the inside out, memories from the past are inevitable. There is no point in saying that the past has gone and you have to keep looking forward. It is not a matter of staying positive no matter what. We can’t do that any more and expect to find our way forward because unresolved matters from the past prevent forward movement. No one can be all positive all the time and still remain aware. Positive thinking, without the acceptance of reality and the feelings reality triggers, is self deception. By giving consciousness to what we feel, a much wider picture emerges. Sometimes, we are simply supposed to feel sad, or angry, or afraid, or confused. Consciousness that cannot accept all of itself, including what it feels in response to outside stimuli, is not fully conscious.

Learning from the past brings understanding into the present, and hones our sense of direction towards a future we actually want. We can only know what we want by knowing how something makes us FEEL. The present emerges out of the past. The future is created in the present. That is the progressive nature of life. Choice and caring are the keys.

11 is the number of elevated intuition which is triggered by the details that lay under surface appearances. The more deeply we look into 11:11 and it’s endless connections, the more complex it all becomes, and I have realized that one can easily exhaust oneself looking at all the possibilities and potentials. Of course, 11:11 is a symbol for humanity, not just numerologists, and I hope that by pointing out some of the aspects I have discovered, it will be easier for you to feel into it more deeply yourself. Who knows what other facts and connections you will discover through ELEV-ating your mind, feelings, senses, instincts and emotions.

On the one hand, 11 is the number of illumination, inspiration, the opening of the subconscious, insight, idealism, charismatic leadership, trust, dependability and fame. On the other hand, 11 is the number of self-sabotage, conflicts of interest, underhanded tactics, fanaticism, dreaming rather than doing, cynicism, instability, resentment, and irrational fear of change.

11 is made up of two 1s. 1 is the first number and is therefore the natural leader. 1 is the number of the individual, the self, self awareness, self confidence, independence, originality, competition, consciousness and masculine energy. 1 is the number of beginnings, fresh starts, origins, options, and pioneering – being the 1st to do something. 1 is the number of change through ONE-step-at-a-time progress.

However, unevolved 1 energy can be selfish, insensitive, oversensitive, unfocused, uncaring, egotistical, territorial, plotting, self absorbed, self destructive, dependent, arrogant, aggressive, and/or stuck in the past.

11:11 is all of the above – times 4! It is also the sum of itself, which is another master number, 22, which is 4. And the complexity only increases from there…… ALL the very intense master numbers emerge this month, especially 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, and 44/8, which I will talk about in Part Two of this article.

The main lesson of 1 is simply to be oneself and lead one’s own life. We are a long way from that right now because the old system was set up to prevent such freedom among the general population. But the more independent we become, the more creatively we go about surviving the inevitable upheavals, and the more adventurous we allow ourselves to be, the greater strides we can make. We must stop depending on others to make decisions for us if our purpose on Earth is ever to evolve beyond mere labor. But we cannot evolve to this level of freedom if we remain in denial of reality.

No matter what our situation in life, people are having to work harder and  longer to get what we need, no matter how modest our requirements, or how financially secure we believe we are. For all our rushing around and multi-tasking, and for all the time humanity has been on Earth, we have still not learned life’s most basic lesson of 1 – first and foremost, we are here to be ourselves and lead our own lives.

And here we are now, in November 2009’s sea of 1s – and double 1s – all in the same boat in unfamiliar waters. But, no matter how rough this sea gets, we must remember that a sea of 1s is a sea of possibilities, choice and change, and that with correct understanding of free will, we can take care of our needs.

11:11 signifies the emergence of the human WILL, a part of ourselves with which we are quite unfamiliar, even though we have always said “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Those four little digits – 11:11 – are a complicated code indeed which, I believe, holds the key to our personal and collective evolvement. We are looking at four identical numbers, and yet the complexity of 11:11 is mind boggling. Each of those 1s represents a different part of the whole. Yes, we are ONE, but we will remain fragmented until we accept ourselves in our entirety. Our 4 parts.

4 signifies DIRECTION, (as in North, South, East, West etc, or the 4 seasons in terms of timing, and if our 4 parts are not aligned, our sense of direction is extremely limited.

Individually and collectively, we are:

1. Consciousness / thought / electricity / masculine / father / SPIRIT.

2. Emotion / sensitivity / magnetism / feminine / mother / WILL.

3. Body / matter / communication / child / FORM.  Spirit and Will communicate through the body and the fact that they have not been doing this effectively not only affects our physical health, but also produces the lack of caring – the indifference – that is reflected on Earth as heartlessness.

4. HEART is the balance point within the body at which Spirit and Will, as equals, MAKE LOVE. Produce Love. Generate Love. And yes, we are talking about the physical heart within the body, and not some abstract idea of ‘heart’. The masculine and feminine energy that is within each of us, regardless of gender, must ACCEPT each other as equals, and the heart is where we are able to do that. I cannot help but wonder then, what really causes heart disease? What really triggers a heart attack? Lack of balance? An inner war between consciousness and emotion?

The heart not only generates love, it also generates COURAGE, which is the point at which determination outweighs fear and is, indeed, the only antidote to fear. The word courage is derived from the French word for heart, Coeur.

One of the biggest fears most people succumb to (although some keep it very well hidden) is fear of failure. It is much safer to settle for lower expectations than to go for a larger than average goal. Some people do develop courage, and they push and push until their goal is right in front of them. It’s theirs for the taking – and then – in the blink of an eye, fear of failure transforms into fear of success – and back to fear of failure, and back and forth it goes. All we can do in these strange and uncertain times, is to continue developing courage, and with it the intelligence to know how to make things happen as we need them to.

It is not consciousness that brings our masculine and feminine energy together within, as if the whole evolutionary experience can be somehow orchestrated by the mind. The mind needs to evolve too, and part of its evolution is to relax its need to be in control all the time. The feminine and masculine within each of us must find acceptance for each other. In fact, consciousness may need to be a little more humble if it is to gain the trust of its feminine counterpart and gain her forgiveness for demeaning, beating her up and rejecting her for so long. This inner relationship may sound a little dramatic, but it is an essential component in being able to trust oneself – and being able to sense who to trust, and who to avoid.

When 1 and 1 combine and become 2, it teaches us about the POWER of humility. 2 teaches us that humility is not about being less than you are. It is about being your natural and unpretentious self, having a realistic appreciation of your own worth as a human being, and being able to recognize both your weaknesses and your strengths. Humility is simple honesty – with yourself – and with others. It is the acceptance of SELF.

2 is also the predominant number of the new millennium – the 2000s, and 2 can feel so slow after the speed and urgency of 1. It is the number of patience, cooperation, partnership, teamwork, relationship, connection, intuition, attention to detail, diplomacy, feminine energy, mother energy, nurturing, sensitivity and gradual progress. 2 helps us to develop acceptance for something or someone else besides the self. We are all fellow travelers on the sea of life, and 2 emits empathy, equality and kindness. But we cannot reach 2 if we do not have two 1s. And that is why 11 is SO relevant to our present situation. 1+1 = 2. 11 helps us to combine our conscious energy with our emotional energy within our physical energy. Our outer relationships offer an accurate reflection of this inner relationship.

11 teaches us to look at things in different lights and from different angles in order to see a larger  picture – the whole potential for better or worse. When we look at 11 from a vertical angle those two parallel lines become the equals sign: =

EQUALS. Spirit and Will are not the same. Electricity and magnetism are not the same. Neither are masculine and feminine. Light and dark are not the same. But they are equals because not only does each have its own purpose and function, the existence of one depends on the existence of the other. 11:11 illuminates the major imbalances and lack of equality on Earth and in our own lives, and urges us to find the balance points that will bring these areas into realistic alignment. There is so much for us to learn in this regard that it can all seem overwhelming, but we will do a lot better if we start eliminating needless distractions which prevent us from seeing what most needs our attention. The circumstances of November are likely to grab our attention quite intensely as we realize the extent of the imbalance on Earth.

The 9th of NOVEMBER is also a significant date this year. Like 11:11, the 9/11 sequence is evolutionary in nature and assists in creating fundamental change. In the USA, dates are expressed: month, day, year, so 9/11 refers to September 11. But the rest of the world expresses the dates: day, month, year, making the 9th of November not only 9/11 but, in this particular year, 9:11:11. (11:9:11 in the USA)

There could be some kind of ending, event or revelation on or around this date which could cause restriction and upheaval – or set the ball in motion for bringing order and system to areas of constraint or disorder. The 9th of November is a 4 day in the world this year. 9+11+11= 31 = 4 – and 4 is such an important number when it comes to understanding ourselves, as explained above, regarding our FOUR PARTS.

The 9 energy of endings, completions, drama, expanded awareness, global connection, and giving, provides a massive boost to the 11 energy. Together, these numbers help us to bridge the gap between one stage of our journey and the next. However, the 9/11 energy can bring us to an emotional point where we feel we just can’t go on. But 9 is also the number of tolerance, and it helps us become more able to tolerate difficult people, conditions and circumstances. Emotional expression is the KEY to reducing stress, because stress is the pressure one feels from the buildup of unexpressed emotion. We think we are being strong by holding our feelings inside, but we actually weaken ourselves when we do this. Learning HOW to express freely, without hurting ourselves or anyone else, is paramount to this healing process, and something I  hope to be writing about more often in the coming months.

Although tolerance is not a long-term solution, acceptance is, it can certainly help us to deal with opposition more intelligently. Instead of taking everything so personally and succumbing to the pain of other people’s insensitivity, we must learn to let things pass, and just go on our way. Many of the things we stress over are quite irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. We must go around them, jump over them, or avoid them completely. Don’t stop in your tracks every time you come up against someone else’s ignorance.

It must also be said that while 9 is the number of kindness, under-developed 9 is also the number of cruelty, which needs to be more exposed. The problem is that we are afraid to look at cruelty because of how it makes us FEEL. But we must – or at least lend some kind of support to those who courageously dedicate themselves to freeing others who are trapped in heartless situations.

There is a huge difference between mental fear and the feeling of fear. It is our mental fear (pre-fear) that prevents our feelings from moving. But feelings must move, they must vibrate and travel in order to leave the body. 9/11 energy forces us out of denial so that we can finally FACE our merry-go-round of fears and start to soothe them instead of blame them, and accept them rather than deny them. Otherwise, cruelty will forever be given a free reign.

Mental fear of our emotions is what stops our imaginations from opening as wide as they could. Old programming tells us that there is something wrong with thought that goes beyond what is already known. But nothing is more needed now than the opening, the unfolding, the firing-up of our imaginations. After all, the most creative people in the world are highly emotional people. Not only do we have to get very creative if we are to survive current and future upheavals, but we also have to build our courage so that imagination, and creativity itself, can evolve too.

The 9th of November, and to some extent, the 19th, bring the focus on 1s and 9s to a crescendo. 19 holds major karmic lessons for us all, which I will explain in PART 2 .

Meanwhile, looking into the 11:11 energy today, the 1st day of November 2009, it becomes clear that this amazing symbol represents the hard work that lays ahead of us in becoming more whole. Highly emotional events and situations will be triggered until we do. And yet, as we do indeed continue to feel and sense on a much deeper level, consciousness IS starting to accept that he is far stronger when he is in partnership with his feminine equal. Rough roads lay ahead, and change is happening so much more slowly than we would like, but it is that rockiness and slow pace that is enabling us to see possibilities that were simply not visible or imaginable before.


About Christine DeLorey

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16 Responses to NOVEMBER 2009=11:11-PART ONE

  1. Ann Blanchard says:

    Masterful! Extraordinary in insight and articulation. I concur with every point; everything I am understanding within you have expressed without!! I look forward to part 2, all subsequent articles, and catching up on your past posts. Great thanks to Kathryn Cassidy for sharing!


  2. Rebecca G says:

    Thank you for your knowledge and insight and healing spirit….I love reading your articles….it’s like reading a poem…I understand on a subconscious level as well as understanding on a more surface level….


  3. Tim Doherty says:

    This is excellent, as usual. I enjoy all of your literature very much.
    Thank you,


  4. Carolyn says:

    Thank you Christine. I have been waiting for this and look forward to Part 2. Thank you for sharing with us, Carolyn


  5. Gerry Hill says:

    Love your way of putting it. I am a student of para. since my early 20’s..and now 72-so not new-but need reminders-and you sure have them.


  6. I love Christine’s understanding of numerology and the universe. This is great guidance that we all need at a time of so many emotions coming to the surface to be healed. We are all doing our part and this is invaluable to so many mental-body-oriented humans who will resonate with these words and be better able to connect to their heart and emotions and then follow their own wisdom. Thank You, Christine!

    Cherie Beckmann
    Raising the Vibration of the Planet One Person at a Time


  7. azankung says:

    wow!!! i’m still digesting / processing….so much is in the zeitgeist, thank you for articulating and making sense of the deep entangled roots of our emotions. i realize a lot of “peeling” needs to be done, this inspires!


  8. keffo says:

    I am definitely feeling what you are writing on a very deep level. It all started with the 9/9/9, when I realized my freedom, and now it seems I am ready for the next wave, which started on the full moon. Amazing times we live in.

    Namaste. 🙂


  9. Phyllis says:

    This article is so on target. Situations are being played out right before our eyes! Amazing!! You are so right; this is the time to bring all deep-seated emotions to the surface and begin to heal. Keeping them inside leads to the cancers, the heart attacks and the hypertensive episodes that we see in this culture today. We have the medical expertise to repair these. What we need is the emotional insight to not even let ourselves get to that point!! Now is the time to not just talk about love but to let people know that we actually love them.

    Thank you, Christine. 🙂


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  11. Tara Shakti says:

    Excellent article, thank you! I have definitely been feeling the change energies of 11:11, since Nov. 1st (also Samhain, start of the Witches New Year), when a big life change (going back to school) presented itself to me.
    Yesterday (11-9-09), I got the specific confirmation that I was needing to make this big, healing change in my life. Tomorrow, 11-11-09, some of us will be doing group toning in our Capitol here in Madison, WI!
    Blessings to all,
    Tara Shakti
    Tribal Visions Studio—Birthing Your Visions into the World


  12. Dali Singh says:

    Beautifully written.

    Thank you for the powerful and clear insights.



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  14. Celebrating the 11:11:11! Infinite Blessings Galore!


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  16. Omom says:

    Happy 11-11-11 Again 🙂


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