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This article is presented in two parts. This is PART TWO. It is recommended that you read PART ONE first.



November = 11.             2+0+0+9= 11.            November 2009 = 11:11.

I am life that wills to live in the
midst of life that wills to live.
Albert Schweitzer


The first decade of the 2000s – the 00s – ends on December 31, 2009. We’ve been on this journey in the 2 millennial energy for 10 years now, and life has changed irreversibly. The new decade of the 10s begins on January 1st and, as close as that seems, we have a lot of ground to cover between now and then.

The last two months of 2009 are brimming with numerological energies that we have not experienced before, and which are changing the way we look at life – and even the way we learn – because we are learning from personal experience, our own observations, and from how we feel inside. We cannot look too far ahead because anything can happen at any time, and it does appear that certain matters are reaching a climax now. They have to. The numbers involved are far too strong for things to drift along. So here we are, in present time, experiencing life far more intensely than we ever have before, in the process of freeing our individual Wills from a system that controlled our lives from the moment we were born. We are becoming who we really are, and learning how to lead our own lives. It’s not easy.

There is little point in trying to guess how humanity’s evolution is going to work out because we are creating it as we go. But what we can (and must) do is set a general direction through the power of our individual intent. That’s what drives us from within, and if we are to ever have peace and stability on Earth, one’s intent must be peaceful and balanced too. As within, so without.


On November 11th and 29th, 2009, we will experience an unprecedented burst of 11 energy, resulting in a concentration of 3 energy (11+11+11=33), which is most significant to our growth and wellbeing on Earth.

3 can either conceal the truth, trivialize serious matters – or educate. 33 is the number of the evolved teacher and/or healer. All of this potential is arising out of the energies of November 11 and November 29, 2009, but it does not stop there. On the contrary, these dates are starting points. 11 is made of two 1s, and 1 is the number of change and new beginnings. In fact, the entire month of November is a major starting point – a series of evolutionary gateways – towards an entirely new way of living.

As for people who have a lot of 3 energy in their birth charts, this is a time of rapid evolvement for you. Rise and shine!

Our evolvement towards Free Will is being accelerated by the economic and political upheavals that are affecting everyone. In trying to take it all, the greedy few at the top lost sight of reality, became consumed by their own denials, and were unable to carry the weight of the great imbalance they created. They were drunk with greed, but they had to be rescued because they were still holding the baby – the world economy – in their hands. The top had to be secured but, as economist Elizabeth Warren said recently, “that left the rest of us having to fend for ourselves”.

The financial and business world is at war with itself. When the stakes are as high as this – the pursuit of everything – there is no way that competition will not erupt into war. The free market system is one in which nothing at all is free, and where wars are fought in the name of freedom or religion when, in fact, profit is the main reason behind the carnage.

Hopefully, the economic stability that has been achieved so far will hold for long enough for new economic parameters to be put in place. Just imagine the millions of jobs that would be created by focusing on cleaning up the environment and repairing the damage done – and developing alternatives to oil, which may be running out anyway, according to an oil industry whistle-blower on November 9.

Strength does not come from physical capacity,
it comes from an indomitable Will.

*We are having to develop Free Will much faster than we ever thought we could, but Free Will is something we know very little about because we have never had it, EVER.

Free Will is not just a matter of making choices as to which brand we will buy, which school we’ll send our children to, what kind of food we’ll eat, what career to pursue etc. Free Will is not mere ‘positive thinking’ by the mind. In fact, it was too much focus on the positive that prevented us from seeing what was really happening globally and personally. Free Will is the ability to feel and sense – to know, not just think –  at a level of intuition that comes from a combination of mind and emotion. Free Will is the freedom to feel and think freely, to decide EVERYTHING for ourselves, and to accept the fact that what feels right to one may feel entirely wrong to another.

We have been in denial of our emotions for so long that many have forgotten how to feel. But conditions on Earth are forcing us to feel more intensely, and we’re not used to this. During the first decade of the 2000s, we have seen many shocking incidents of teens killing teens in schools, disgruntled workers going on deadly rampages, soldiers killing fellow soldiers, suicide bombers killing hundreds of innocents as well as themselves, people flying planes into buildings, and the list goes on. In some cases it was held back emotions that finally erupted. But in most cases, it was because those involved could no longer feel anything. It would be interesting to see a report as to the prescribed drugs these people were taking at the time because it is clear that certain drugs are designed to deaden the emotions.

The world is filled with dangers, sorrows and atrocities, which we cannot afford to ignore, and which we are starting to feel more intensely because those involved are part of the whole – part of the human fabric to which we all belong. We are developing compassion. Life is also filled with hope, inspiration, mystery, fun and beauty. We should not deny any of it because those feelings are part of an entire range of emotions that will enable us to experience life more fully and, eventually, more peacefully. We feel what we feel – and we have to stop the habit of emotional avoidance. Feelings are meant to be FELT. But it’s just as important to understand that we don’t have to aim them at others. We are responsible for our actions. 33 adds up to 6, the number of responsibility!

2009 is an 11 global year – the number of illumination – a year in which truth is coming to light. This year, light has been shed on some of the most shadowy and secretive corners of humanity, but we can sense that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else will come to light as 2009 draws to a close and we enter the 3 Global year of 2010, the pull of which we are already starting to feel through this month’s rare 33 energy.  2010 may be even more revealing than 2009 because 3 is the number of surface appearances, and 33 inspires a sense of responsibility that makes us want to look at what’s going on beneath the surface. We WANT the truth now.

Double digits, (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99) are called ‘master’ numbers, although the term ‘master’ can be misleading. Every number has a range of qualities which run from their highest and most loving form, to their lowest and most destructive. When a number is doubled, the potential is also doubled, for better or worse. There are often more challenges with master numbers than there are benefits because the extremes involved are more intense. However, humanity is at a stage at which the majority are now trending towards more peaceful and self-sustaining directions. The human Will is bringing itself to life through the power of its INTENT, but intent alone is not enough. It needs to be loving and peaceful intent if we are to experience loving and peaceful change.

When two numbers come together, an entirely different energy is formed. In this case 3 and 3 produces 6 – the number of responsibility, maturity, the home, priorities, family, pets, healing, education, accountability, stability and balance. 6 is also the number of prejudice (pre-judgment), extremes, violence, tyrants, control and hatred. Learning how to deal with people who are neither peaceful or loving, (and they are everywhere), continues to be a major challenge.

3 holds the power of communication and yet it is often associated with trivia, gossip, hearsay, peer pressure and not being able to take anything seriously. 33 is in our lives this month so that 3 (the child of masculine 1 and feminine 2) can finally start to take its purpose seriously and evolve into the force for truth it is meant to be. 3 holds the power of words and images, but our ability to give and receive information has been limited by those who use communication as a means of control. As our awareness of reality expands, the era of sound bites, word manipulation, double-speak, dumbing down and outright lies will end because we no longer have acceptance for it. We need to evolve into more authentic forms of communication now.

We need to understand the aspect of #1 which pertains to leadership. We are not here to be led. We are here to lead our own lives. The true purpose of government is to create the conditions that allow us to do that. 2 is the number of diplomacy and peaceful intent. 3 is the number of friendship. All of these aspects are in play now.

3 is the number of expression, words, sound, visuals, performance, performers and outer appearances. 3 is the number of optimism, and reminds us to hold on to hope no matter what, because hope is the most precious lifeline we have.  3 can produce dramatic situations, but we are losing patience for those who make a drama out of everything.

3 needs to tell the truth, which is something that people are very hungry for. Hopefully, artists of all descriptions will find the message in their hearts, take it seriously, and find a way to express it into the mainstream. 33 helps us to refocus our ambitions to suit current reality. Art for the sake of art rather than profit is going to change the atmosphere on Earth most significantly because one of the qualities of 3 is that its vibration spreads quite naturally without having to be pushed. When art is pushed forward for purely commercial interests, the inspiration it contains is often squeezed out in the process. 33 opens the imagination so that new ways can be found to sustain oneself. 11 brings vision and inspires, 22 highlights structure, teamwork, and a sense of order, 33 opens the imagination and creates channels into the mainstream, and 44 manifests the fruit of one’s effort.

Of course, this applies to everyone, not just those involved in the arts. We all need to be very creative in the months and years ahead because the safety nets on which we could once depend are no longer stable. We have to take responsibility for our own well being and imagine new ways of doing things. Until we open up the doors of our imaginations, nothing NEW can begin. 3 has no shortage of ideas, and 33 can help us take them beyond the ‘ideas stage’, into fruition.

We all have unevolved 3 energy which prevents us from taking ourselves seriously enough to make real and meaningful change. Unevolved 3 is that part of us that lacks self-confidence and comes across as self-consciousness – the constant worry about what others think of us, rather than expressing what we ourselves feel. Unevolved 3 is terrified of rejection and ridicule. It is that part of us that resorts to gossip, hearsay and criticism as a means of remaining relevant or popular. Insecure 3 can use words cruelly. Unevolved 3 is our shallowness; our immaturity. But 33 helps us to make truth, authenticity and kindness a top priority. The 33 energy that enters our lives on November 11 and 29, provides an opportunity to evolve in terms of how we express ourselves, and what we are willing to accept in terms of expression from others.

The freeing of our Wills enables us to take full responsibility for our own lives which, in turn, helps this un-free world to flow more smoothly. It is not a matter of selfishly pursuing personal goals. The nature of humanity is diversity itself. We are one, but we are NOT all the same – and one of those differences is that some are able to stand on their own two feet, while others are not. Not only is it the right thing to help others when we can, but it is also in our own best interests to do so. We need to CARE.

Free Will starts within the individual – and SPREADS from there. If you are living your life freely and do nothing to stop another from living freely, harmony is created, and spreads even further. Cooperation is essential, but that does not always mean working with another person on the same task. Sometimes, cooperation simply means LIVE AND LET LIVE.


The entire month of November 2009 resonates to the 11:11 sequence, the sum of which is 22/4. Based on its July 4th birthday, the United States is in the 22/4 national year in 2009, and so the entire month of November puts the USA in constant 11, 22 and 33 vibrations. 4 = restriction, work, identity, order, system, organization, making corrections, and breakthrough. When 4 is derived from 2+2, great sensitivity – or insensitivity – is brought into the equation, which has the potential for imposing massive control over others – or – improving conditions for the masses. The current fight for Health Care Reform in the U.S. is a good example of this. 22/4 is the number of the detail-conscious master builder who first builds a firm foundation on which further construction can occur.


On November 11 and 29, 2009, the entire world, including the USA, will be in a 33/6 day. But, nationally, the United States will be in a 44/8 day, 11+11+22=44/8, which relates to power on the material plane and large scale economic and social matters. This energetic mix links the 44th President, Barack Obama, in a very intricate way to the rest of the world. We will have to wait and see whether this connection becomes visible to us, or whether behind-the-scenes decisions and actions made on this day become apparent later.


On November 22, the world will be in a 44/8 global day, (11+22+11=44) but the USA will be in a 55/1 national day. (11+22+22=55=10=1). Both 5 and 1 indicate strong change. 5 brings change suddenly, while 1 brings change through step-by-step progress. 5 is the number of freedom. 1 is the number of independence. 5 makes one aware of one’s physical presence among others, and 1 is evolving beyond mere selfishness into self awareness. 55/1 often brings matters to fruition that were once considered impossible or ‘before their time’. 55 forces 1 to let go of what it is clinging to so that the natural free flow of life can be experienced. There is a huge shift of consciousness going on here but, again, there is no way to tell whether it will result in something visible or whether it refers to something going on within, which will bring about drastic change in the future.


And then there is the karmic aspect of November 2009 which makes itself known on November 19th. (11+19+11=41.  4+1=5.)  5= SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED CHANGE.


19/19 = GIVE, 1 = TAKE, and we need to find the balance between them. This is the karma that comes from misuse of power, and from being focused disproportionately on the exclusive fulfillment of personal desires and ambitions. We are still repeating certain aspects of this behavior – unsuccessfully – so that we can learn what we were unable to learn about the correct use of power. One thing we do need to remember is that power on the material plane is not meant to overpower or control. It is meant to empower, and that is something we must do for ourselves by freeing our Wills.

19 effects our ego, and it is important to know what ego is since we tend to blame it for anything we don’t like about ourselves. Ego is our sense of self. It enables us to recognize ourselves as the individuals we are. Finding a balance between over-inflation and deflation is what will enable ego to evolve along with our other evolving parts.

This karmic vibration urges us to practice patience, tolerance, kindness and openness. Pretense no longer works. Our senses have already sharpened enough that we can see through phoniness now. If we show one lifestyle to the world while secretly living another, we deny our individuality. We must BE ourselves and LEAD our own lives. (See Part One)

The self-indulgence and dependence of the past means that present day problems are tied to past situations which always stop us from making the changes we want to make. The only way forward is through being true to our individual nature. By treating others as we want to be treated, life becomes easier and more fulfilling. This karma will lift when we learn to live freely among others who are trying to do the same thing.


Breathe, breathe in the air, don’t be afraid to care…

Pink Floyd: Speak to Me/Breathe, Dark Side Of The Moon


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14 Responses to NOVEMBER 2009=11:11-PART TWO

  1. Louise says:

    You’re genius shines through once more. I wish I had your gift. This was a very enlightening piece and I’m going to share it with my friends.


  2. Tim Doherty says:

    As with Part I, Part II is excellent as well.


  3. Carolyn S. says:

    Christine, this is what so many of us have been feeling, thinking and wanting for some time. I, for one, am ready to Rise and Shine with loving and peaceful intent. Thank you again for sharing your great words and work.


  4. Steve says:

    Great article. I feel this latest (11-11) energy shift represents the true turning-of-the-tide on planet earth.

    This is the time for you ‘with your intent to make the world a better place’ to get that breakthrough you’ve been looking for. To actually live your vision.

    Saw this quote the other day and I think it applies aptly to you, yes you.

    The Most Important Thing
    Is To Keep
    The Most Important Thing
    The Most Important Thing
    by Steven Covey

    Take care,


  5. Megan says:

    Bless you for this powerful and beautiful revelation of the meaning within the numbers. It is a wonderful example of synchronicity that I opened my email, saw that it was 11:11 am (said a prayer) and found your article which a friend had forwarded to me….I have been seeing 11:11 on the clock at pivotal moments over and over in the last few years, and here we are….thank you for your inspirational words!


  6. Dreamwalker says:

    My intercession of tears are no longer tears of travail. Today in the Divine Energy of the One Truth, I cry tears of joy!

    Selah Everlasting,


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  8. 38Harmony says:

    Wow! thank you for the elegant understandings of numbers & and applications. Made many connections in your writings, thank you. Full of Mastery of numerical form & evolutionary advise, thank you again. Blessings


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  10. Suz says:

    Wonderful information, as I’m having a 11/11 birthday and learning about numerology. Each book I study has a slightly different take, but none give very much information to an 11/11 who has other 11’s in their chart.

    I would love to learn more about how this 11 year and my 11/11 birthday affect the big picture.

    Thank you!



  11. aparna s reddy says:

    its a great article. A November born, I’ve been feeling this energy for sometime. Almost intuitively anticipating it to happen at an individual and larger level. It explains a lot. Thanks for the workput into it.


  12. Sophie Desvallons says:

    Thank you for those enligthening words…
    My little boy Sasha was born this 19th of November…
    What a karmic lesson in perspective…
    Lots of love,


  13. Omom says:

    I just love it when synchronicity brings me knowledge—how I found your site. Just want to say that your work is appreciated. I am 0n a 22/4 with an 11/2 personality and my number for today is 6 ^.^ Whatever it means, I’m trying to pay attention. Happy 11-11-11!
    Sending you loving, peaceful vibes!



  14. Dove says:

    Ha, last night I was clipping some images from magazines and such, to use as visuals for that all-important intent thing you’re speaking of 🙂 and came upon an ad for a supplement. It had a giant “3” on a pretty pink background. At first I thought it was kinda goofy that I wanted to clip out the 3, but then thought, hey, it can be a reminder of the power of 3 🙂

    Awesome article, Christine!

    11DoveLove11 {Twitter}


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