2010 – CHANGING OUR ACT (Part 3 of 3)


2010 – Part 1 – A Triangular Year

2010 – Part 2 – Become Yourself!

2010 – Part 3 –  Changing Our Act


March 2010 places us in 33 energy for the entire month.

March is the 3rd month, and 2010 is a 3 global year (2+0+1+0=3).

We will also experience four instances of powerful 3/3/3 energy on March 3, 12, 21 and 30.


In 2010, the 3 energy takes us further into reality by showing us just how shallow our perceptions of so many things have been. We all know that life on earth is changing drastically. We feel the uncertainty and sense that anything can happen at any moment. No one can be sure where it’s all leading because there is no stability from which to accurately assess our direction.

These are unique times. What we are living through here, what we are all experiencing, is the end of an era in which greed gained the upper hand to the extent that it had started to consume itself. Some days, everything looks bleak and disastrous and we envisage the horrors of where we may end up if things keep going that way. Other days, rays of hope and inspiration shine through the pessimism and we say, ah yes, things are, slowly but surely, changing for the better.

We have to LOOK at what we are dealing with in detail, we have to face reality, if we are to find the solutions we need. As a result, we are learning to form a balance between blind optimism and blind despair. We are learning to cope and adjust.

3 is filled with distractions, and we must learn to keep our priorities in the right order, and change them to suit changing circumstances. Ongoing adjustment, as needed, is the only way to maintain balance at this point in our journey. 3 emphasizes the value of optimism, especially during difficult times. Optimism is HOPE. Without that, there is no way to keep going when the going gets really tough. If we believe that nothing can change, then we have no incentive to try to change it. Hope is our last lifeline.

Earthquakes and other climate related disasters are increasing around the world. 8.8 on the Richter scale is a message in itself, 8 being the number of power on the material plane. Human beings are not the principle power on Earth. Mother Nature IS. But, until we stop our assault on the planet, the frequency and severity of earthquakes and volcanic activity can only accelerate. The Chilean earthquake moved our planet off its access by 3 inches … in a year that is influenced so deeply by the number 3. Of course, we have yet to understand what this really means to the overall stability of the planet.

It is also interesting to note that, in seismic terms, the definition of an earthquake is not limited to the kind of event that occurred in Haiti and Chile. Any impact of great magnitude upon the planet constitutes an Earthquake or Earth Tremor. This includes the barbaric practice of “mountain top removal” to get to the coal and other riches beneath. 3 is the number of communication, and nature is certainly communicating to us now.


We want freedom of speech
But we all talking at the same time
You say you want peace,
But nobody wants to change their own mind
So it goes on and on and on for a thousand years
It goes on and on and on
What language are your tears?
Michael Franti
Is Love Enough?

In the 3 energy, insight can come from unexpected sources, often through random WORDS, IMAGES, SOUNDS, and all forms of COMMUNICATION. 3 is the number of EXPRESSION, LANGUAGE, SOCIALIZATION and NETWORKING. People are expressing themselves one way or another, on phones and computers, constantly. FaceBook and Twitter have taken off as everyday tools for personal communication. People are connected, electronically, as never before. Everybody’s talking, talking, talking…. but we also have to develop the other side of effective communication, which is to be a good listener. LISTENING is a vital part of our receptive system – our intelligence – which we must extend if we are to become fully aware.

We need to keep our minds open to other people’s suggestions and ideas, and try to work together in a spirit of friendship. 3 represents our ability to express ourselves, and to listen to others as they express themselves. By being a good listener, there is no end to the insight we can gain, whether it’s from someone speaking, something we read, a song, something we hear randomly on the TV, internet or radio, something we overhear on the street, or just words that unexpectedly pop into our heads.  In the 3 energy, illuminating language is in the air. All we have to do is LISTEN.

Listening can help us discover what a particular situation most needs, and what would serve everyone’s best interests. We all have abilities and resources that could be of benefit to others. Much more can be achieved if we are generous and friendly, and willing to discuss things in an atmosphere of open communication. To be a good listener also enables us to read between the lines and discover valuable information from what is not being said, from what is being left out.

Listening provides the passageway to one of our most valuable resources – INTUITION. But the pace and noise of everyday life can make it very difficult to ‘hear’ our inner dialog effectively. We must therefore take some quite time and space for ourselves in which to practice the art of inner listening. By developing our ability to listen, we can hear ‘through’ the surface noise so that we can reach the real insight beneath it. When our ability to listen finds its balance with our ability to express ourselves, we gain a much deeper understanding of reality, including the reality of what we really desire, need, think and feel. There is an old Native American expression that is most applicable here: “Listen, or your tongue will keep you deaf.”

One of our greatest problems with 3 is that we tend to feel inadequate and inexperienced in its presence. But as we evolve, we realize that all this self-consciousness – this fear of not being SEEN as ‘normal’, in control of our lives, likable, and approved of by others is actually the extent to which we are unable to accept ourselves as we are.

3 exposes the debilitating effects of peer pressure and placing too much attention on surface appearances. Therefore, 3 will affect us all in 2010, particularly in March and December, by demonstrating the futility of ‘keeping up appearances’, and providing experiences and lessons in the process of self acceptance. This will reduce our tendency toward gossip and criticism, including the kind that is based on people’s outer appearance or the way they choose to live their lives.

When we accept ourselves as we are, we are able to accept others as they are, without lying or using flattery as a means of gaining favor, or manipulating. We need to be more aware of what is happening to us and around us, instead of so concerned with what others think of us. It is so important to remember that as evolving beings, acceptance of our imperfections IS perfection.


Achievement is most likely to come to those
who recognize that their personal happiness
is woven into the fabric of our collective wellbeing.
Rick Levine


Our complexity is amazing, and we must learn not to be afraid of how we are made, how we are wired, and how all those intricate parts of ourselves are meant to work together. This isn’t something we’re going to learn quickly. Becoming who we really are is the work of a lifetime. It is also what we must do in order to heal Mother Earth, and change conditions on the planet in a way that will sustain life, not destroy it.

In the 33/6 energy, provided we do not hold on too rigidly to what we think we ‘know’, new understandings can replace old ones with very little effort on our part. But our refusal to let go of obsolete ideas, beliefs and lifestyles is causing us to draw the most painful learning experiences into the world, and into our lives.  At this time, we are all children in the evolutionary process; just starting to glimpse our greater potential. 3 is the number of the FRIEND, and present circumstances are teaching us to stop being our own worst enemy.

Before we can experience stability in the outer world again, we must be aware of the great imbalance that exists within each one of us. This awareness begins with knowing the precise nature of our INTENT, which is what drives us at the HEART level. The question is: is our intent loving or unloving?

3 brings our ulterior motives to the surface, no matter how loving we think we are. We do not get rid of ‘negative’ energy by ignoring or denying it. We soothe damaged emotion by accepting it, feeling it, and allowing it to express itself outwardly and heal. Our true feelings are surfacing faster than ever, and we need to allow most of this healing process to be done in private until we are more sure of what our true intent is. We may shock ourselves in certain circumstances.

True feelings are surfacing. In the 3 energy, people tend to blurt things out that they would not usually express openly, and then suffer the consequences of hurting someone else’s feelings, and perhaps losing friendship or popularity. Careers, reputations and relationships are often damaged as one’s true beliefs come bubbling up to the surface. What escapes from denial when the 3 energy is active can come as quite a shock! So watch out for a lot of blurting this month, and this year, as people discover what they have been hiding inside.

We are experiencing the consequences of a world controlled by unloving intent. The only way to change this culture of destruction is to focus more creatively. This REQUIRES us to evolve more fully into our authentic, thinking, feeling, breathing, loving, capable selves, and to bring our 3 MAJOR PARTS into alignment.


The most challenging journey one will
take is from their head to their heart.
Kim Vidya

3 is the number of creativity – the unrestricted creativity that comes from the heart. But the heart does not do this all by itself. Creativity comes from the combined power that forms when emotion and mind align within the body. The HEART is where everything connects and is infused by either loving or unloving intent.

This huge influx of 3 energy gives us a chance to find a completely different way to understand and approach creativity, including the creative arts. These fields have been so subjected to formula that everything has become predictable. We even have a formula for how we should live our lives – the rules of ‘society’ – which have turned life into the very mass of sameness that numbed our senses and dumbed us down. 3 is the number of words, and some words really do need to be protected. For instance, there was nothing creative about the so-called ‘creative financing’ that almost destroyed the entire world economy.


Our body works, and has it’s own voice.
Listen to its song & dance.
Harmon Hathaway

Mind, body and emotion are the 3 parts of us which, when perfectly balanced, form a 4th dimension which makes us WHOLE. There is no point in looking for the 4th dimension separately because it is brought into existence by balancing the other 3 parts of ourselves – mind, body and emotion – all coming together in the heart.

The mind-body approach has so  much to teach. So few of us understand our own bodies, let alone how the body is connected to the mind. Now in the 2000s, the time is right for mind and body to bring emotion into the mix so that our entire approach to life can expand. That is how we will turn this unfeeling world into something more compassionate and livable. However, because we cannot gain this understanding immediately, we must be patient, and allow our experiences in this 3 global year to move our emotions, minds and bodies into their correct position in the heart, and bring us the insight we need. As a result, we may find ourselves thinking more often from the heart position, rather than always from the head.

Balance is reached when each of those parts have equal ACCEPTANCE for its counterparts. This is true SELF ACCEPTANCE, SELF RESPECT and SELF LOVE… and it has to occur within the individual before it can take shape in the outer world. There can be no equality in the world without equality within. It is easy to believe that the circumstances of the outer world are shaping our lives, but we are actually evolving the outer world by our efforts to evolve ourselves. It’s not easy. But we must have made quite a bit of progress over the years because although there is still such a long way to go before the concept of equality really sinks in to the human psyche, equality does seem to be the shape of things to come, if our overall intent remains loving.


Breaking News: This just in – the poor
are fighting rich men’s wars! More later.
Eddie Pepitone, Comedian/Philosopher

March 2010 is a 6 Global Month (3+3=6). 6 is the number of both balance and extremes. It is also the number of responsibility, duty, home, family, marriage, parenting, healing, education, law, justice, judgment, knowing right from wrong, and entertainment. The two 3’s add intense aspects of friendship, association, communication, sociability and creativity to the mix. This combination brings out our ability to teach and communicate in some very unusual ways, but it also demonstrates how important communications, such as the news, are often reduced to mere entertainment, or manipulated to present a particular point of view. The way ‘news’ is communicated (and selected and omitted) carries great responsibility. We are likely to be reminded of that several times this year.

The circumstances and conditions of our early environments are likely to come back into our lives in 2010, so that we can heal from whatever happened to us back then, and help us understand that our personal background provided the precise conditions that are now enabling us to evolve in the way we need to. We will then see that what’s happening now – today – is the result of what has remained unresolved since then. 6 is the number of healing. 3 is the number of happiness. This month, we will feel these beautiful energies – or perhaps long for them so much that we actually draw them into our lives.

When 33/6 energy lacks balance, it becomes extreme. It exposes tyrannical behavior which is extremely dangerous because of the lack of intelligence involved. We can also become extremely judgmental in the this energy, and tend to blame others for their own problems regardless of circumstances. That is often unfair since we are all evolving at different speeds, and in different ways. We can never really know what another person’s experience has been.

However, when our intent is genuinely loving, 33/6 brings out our sincerity and devotion, which makes friendship easier, and communication more factual, authentic and attractive. 33/6 gives us the creative vision needed to form new desirable conditions and helps us find the material means to put our vision into action. This energy also produces a desire to uplift and inspire others towards unconditional love – on a large scale rather than within family or small groups.

Everyone is feeling pressure in their own way, and it would be wise, I think, to avoid confrontation or, at least, recognize when head to head hostility is unnecessary. March will bring out extremes of all kinds which must be pushed back to their rightful place at the outer edges of life, and not brought further in so that they can infiltrate the balance that is trying to form. We cannot hold the balance by becoming more like those who oppose us.

Again, the balance (stability) must start within, and we do this by being aware of areas of our lives that are too one-sided or obsessive. We need to consider everything to which we routinely give our time and attention, and stop trying to meet all the demands being made on us, either by others or ourselves. So many of the things we worry about have no basis whatsoever.

Fear is not the problem. Not being able to FACE our fears is the problem. The more we refuse to face reality, the more we experience conditions that force us to do so. By knowing what needs to be feared and what doesn’t, we release ourselves from the constant pressure of living by “society’s” outdated rules which suffocate our desire to change and grow. Fear is part of our full range of emotional energy and has a distinct job to do within life’s expressive framework. When we allow it to do its job properly, it helps us to see the reality of a situation so that we can protect ourselves from some kind of harm or, if we are convinced that there is nothing to worry about, we can soothe this fear so that it can retreat back to its right place. People talk about fear as if it is a consistent, unchanging and evil energy. It has many different levels, frequencies, uses, objectives and causes. For heaven’s sake, various forms of fear are waking us up to reality right now!

33/6 helps us to evolve from self-consciousness into new levels of enlightenment and Love – or – our resistance to healing and balance can make us self-conscious to the point of paranoia, and controlling to the point of tyranny. 6 is the number of priority and it is now more necessary than ever to get our priorities straight, starting with the most basic of all, which is one’s INTENT. Is it loving or not?

On March 3, 12, 21 and 30, we experience 3/3/3 energy, which gives us 9 – the number of endings, completions, dramatic situations, kindness, giving, accidents, expanded awareness, and diversity. 9 contains the energy of all the other numbers and teaches us the value of versatility. 9 is the sum of all the numbers before it. Add them all together and the result is 9.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36.  3+6=9

If you add 9 to ANY number, you always arrive back at the original number. 9 denotes the end of an era – and what we must learn from the cycle that is ending before we can effectively create a new one. New beginnings emerge from endings. That’s the ever changing chemistry of life. We are helping to change the world every time we notice what is wrong with it and allow ourselves to feel how that makes us feel. The past is filled with knowledge that we need to understand more deeply so that we can take ourselves to the next stage. The learning doesn’t stop – and we cannot allow technology or other people  to control us.

But we do tend to slow ourselves down with outdated reasoning, including the belief that technology is our only way forward.  We are also held back from activating our imaginations by the fear that we might imagine something we don’t know how to deal with or something that isn’t loving. In self acceptance, we realize that just because we have a certain thought or feeling doesn’t mean that we have to act it out. As our emotional healing continues and balance occurs within the heart, we gain a sense of appropriateness which is directly related to our core intent which for most people, I believe, is becoming more loving by the day. 9 is the number of compassion and generosity. 3+3+3 = 9.

The intense 9 energy of March 3, 12, 21 and 30 is giving us a chance to look much deeper into our own personal reality. Thankfully, humanity is becoming more conscious and is realizing that the individual has a critical role to play in collective evolution. We don’t just get swept up into some magically transforming evolutionary wave. This particular phase of our evolution is not a glamorous state of affairs. People are kicking and screaming and are even prepared to kill in order to avoid it.  It has to be a matter of free will, because free will is what we are evolving TO.

Because 3 is the number of the surface, 6 is the number of balance, and 9 is the number of endings, all kinds of matters that were buried or hidden are likely to come to the surface no. Unresolved issues are resurfacing. And, as we let go of layer after layer of old emotions from the past and present, we will discover layers and layers of undiscovered energies and potentials which exist beneath the surface appearances of our own lives. We are SO much more than we appear to be.

1 = the father. 2 = the mother. And 3 = the child. Our encounter with the 3 energy this year, is showing us the childishness in ourselves and others. Unevolved 3 throws tantrums or becomes a bully. And when we look out into the world, we can see that the childish, frightened tactics of the bully have been controlling and forcing the pace and direction of life on Earth for ever. Whether on the world stage, in the workplace, community or home, the bullies and fear-mongers are easy to recognize now. Theirs are not the tactics of powerful people. Rather, they are insecure and frightened people who must throw their weight around or manipulate others so they can make themselves believe they are powerful. The 3 energy is likely to shine a spotlight on these people this year.

We are also realizing that there are some very ‘successful’ people out there who have risen to positions of power and authority, not because they have high levels of expertise, but because they were able to make themselves appear as if they do. We also see people passing themselves off as disinterested experts but really have an agenda of their own which involves convincing as many people as possible, usually through the manipulation of words, that what they are presenting is true and correct. Our awareness of these people and their tactics is also likely to increase in the 3 energy.

We are learning not to judge a book by its cover or a situation by its props. 3 is the number of ILLUSIONS, and we need to be ultra alert to them this year, as well as other false appearances that have been present for many years. We are easily swayed by the clever manipulation of words and images. In 2010, we must look at the different ANGLES involved and be AWARE.

There is so much more that could be said about the influence of 3, but I will leave it for now on the note that we really must face our fears as they arise, so that we can move beyond them. Our biggest fear has nothing to do with disasters or other dangers in the world. Our biggest fear is that of seeing who and what we really are. Fear of facing our own reflections. Not the surface reflection we see in the mirror, but who we really are inside.

We need to CHANGE OUR ACT and release ourselves from the routines, formulas, habits and beliefs that keep us tied to a system of mindless cruelty against life itself. The highly concentrated 3 energy that we are now experiencing can help us make that vital correction to our course. It can also help us to increase the friendliness and friendship in our lives if we will only make friends with ourselves first.


2010 – Part 3 –  Changing Our Act

2010 – Part 1 – A Triangular Year

2010 – Part 2 – Become Yourself!


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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3 Responses to 2010 – CHANGING OUR ACT (Part 3 of 3)

  1. I always enjoy your articles and this one especially resonates with me as I AM a “3” Destiny so I recognize most of what you speak about now in terms of global energy. The 3 energy is truly so authentically light, beautiful, friendly, loving, expressive…it will do us all good to get a big dose of an opportunity to bring more of those energies into our daily lives.
    Thank you, Christine, for your on-going activities to help enlighten all of us!


  2. Gerald says:

    As always Christine you are truly a God sent channel. I hope your wisdom is passed through to the children of the world and to the future leaders. If and when I am ready to stand and speak in front of people, yours will be the words I will choose to use.
    As an aside; your comment above – “There was nothing creative about so called ‘Creative Financing’ that almost destroyed the world economy”. Sadly, read GREED, greed from the Board of Directors and to the Trillionaires and Billionaires, Big Corporations, PLC’s that just want to get richer. These are the real culprits. Unfortunatley, Debt Instruments have to be issued to bring new cash into the system otherwise it will just dry up – as many have experienced – even countries.The real problem has been a certain big democratic country whose citizens have not paid the true costs for goods received over the years, and the costs of running the country is far too high! Thus the much debt has been created and now has to be shared by the billions around the world. Enough said, but thank you again Christine. G


  3. 38Harmony says:

    Dear Christine: A remarkable essay, like fresh baked bread, points to what is before us as a work in progress. I thank you for this piece & the guidance it provides to so many as our evolution unfolds. As a writer of numerology we are blessed by your contribution to this field.


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