10 10 10 ~ Welcome To The Decade Of The TENS

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There are only 9 numbers in existence.

Every number beyond 9 is a variation of the original 9.

The natural path for 10 is to bring things to the ‘next level’, where we start again, but with the advantage of knowledge accumulated along the way. 10 is about learning from past and present experience so that we can stop repeating the same old mistakes, and truly move forward. 10 is the number of innovation.

We are now in the right place and time to get a much better understanding of this. It’s that time of the year when people get curious about a date that has formed a noticeable pattern. 10 10 10, in this case. However, every year, I point out the these triple formations actually took place 2 years prior. The real 10 10 10 happened on October 10, 2008 because 2008 adds up to 10, just as 11 11 11 occurred on November 11, 2009.

The actual sequence of numbers that occurs on October 10, 2010, is 10 10 3, which adds up to 23, which adds up to 5 – the number of constructive change. In its most masterful form, 5 becomes 55 which, of course, adds up to 10.

But this year does seem to be different. The numerical patterns coming out of 2010 suggest that 10 10 10 really does have great significance this year because there are just so many 10s occurring in our lives right now. This includes the fact that 10 10 10 is a reflection of the binary code – the foundation of our computerized, gadget-based existence.

Unfortunately, the simplicity of the binary code has become such a large part of our lives that we have started to think in binary terms. The more ‘user friendly’ things become, the less we have to think at all. Binary thinking is based on the most limited understanding of the #2, i.e. that we only have 2 choices in any situation – one extreme or the other. This or that. On or off. For or against. Us or them. Black or white. Love or hate.

Binary thinking has done much to dumb down the population and is part of the rut we’re all in. It reduces our choice to only two theoretical opposites. This leaves no room for detail, discovery or expansion. Binary thinking simplifies everything to the extent that words no longer hold their true meaning. The year 2010, which adds up to 3, is sending strong warnings about the importance of language and how words are being used to deceive and manipulate. 3 is the sum of both 1 and 2, and it is the number of COMMUNICATION.

Binary thinking focuses only on what is present. It cannot perceive what ‘could be’. Binary thinking lets us believe we are being creative when, in fact, we are trying to create a world in which everything happens ‘as expected’, unaware that this is stagnation. Our computers are only as advanced as what has been programmed into them – by human beings!

It is also interesting to note that the decade of the 2010s is the 202nd decade of the western calendar (the calendar which influences most of the world today because of industrial globalization). 202 signifies a distinct shift from the binary 101 – a complete change of frequency that needs to be developed in the 2000s. Ironically, 202 is also the telephone area code for Washington DC. This would seem to be the place where change and innovation are most needed. But it is also the place where unprecedented opposition to change and innovation runs rampant.

To explore the number 2 is to discover an entirely new world. 2 is the rich, loving, maternal, inventive, cooperative, and expansive energy of the feminine. It is not going to replace the masculine 1. It is the next level of the masculine 1, symbolized by the number 11. 1+1=2. 2 is the foundation of equality and balance. 2 will change what has always been a violent ‘man’s world’ into a balanced world.

But let’s get back to 10.

10 is the number on which we tend to judge perfection. “10 out of 10!”  “A perfect  10!”  “On a scale of 1 to 10.” But 10 is not the number of perfection. It depicts ‘the very best we can do at the time’ which is something we can ALL aspire to. 10 provides a new level of determination that helps us create an opening in the ‘rut’ so that a real and meaningful change of direction can be taken.

10 is the basis of the decimal system on which most currencies and many other essential aspects of our lives are based.

The war in Afghanistan entered it’s 10th year in the 10th month of 2010.

And, of course, welcome to the decade of the TENS! A decade is an increment of 10 years in our linear time, in which specific themes define the nature of the 10 year cycle. Yes, we have been in the 2010s since the beginning of the year, but now in October, the 10th month, the number 10 is actually being recognized en masse, and can help us recognize what our individual next steps need to be.

10’s influence will continue until the end of 2019. This is good news because, although the world will not stabilize any time soon, and is likely to become even more volatile, this decade gives us a little more time to learn what we need to learn – about the very first and most basic number — #1. The number of THE SELF, which now has the opportunity to evolve to new levels in terms of increased awareness and innovation. New ideas – BIG new ideas are needed.

However, by ignoring the 20 in our current year, we ignore a large portion of our current reality. This deprives us of the knowledge that the 2 vibration brings, without which we cannot survive in the 2000s. Just by looking at the numbers, you can see that there is a huge vibrational difference between the 2010s and the 1910s. There will be some similarities for sure, but this decade is going to be very different from that one.

What does 19 have to do with 10? Well, just add 1 and 9 together, and what do you have? By ignoring the 19 in the 1900s, we never did understand 19’s karmic relevance in the course of our lives. Now we are going to have to learn, very quickly, everything that the number 19 has to teach us, which includes finding balance between give and take, and accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.
Carl Jung

People everywhere are undergoing profound mental, emotional and physical movement. Can you feel that urge to understand yourself better, to know who you really are and why you’re here? Are you feeling it?

Part of the 2 experience is to gain much greater sensitivity. This starts by realizing just how insensitive and over-sensitive we can be. To sense is to FEEL. That is what’s happening now. We are learning to feel and sense our way through this feelingless and senseless segment of the journey. This evolutionary process is effecting each one of us. 1 is the number of STARTS, BEGINNINGS and FIRST TIME EXPERIENCES. 1 is the number of THE SELF. Everything starts within the self.

10 is a variation of the number 1. (1+0=1)


Our task is to have awareness of these things within us. We can already see their outer reflection in the world, but we need to locate them within so that we can start to take charge of and lead our own lives, instead of being controlled and led. We must evolve our ability to learn – and make adjustments as needed as we go. We will do this by FEELING as deeply as we can into whatever our situation happens to be, and expressing ourselves from the heart – yes the physical organ in the chest.

Our emotions are triggered in the gut. They must pass through the heart and then the throat  in order to express themselves openly and heal. Our emotions ARE our truth. I was once discussing emotional movement with a dear friend in England, Tracy Graham, and she summed it up so well in just 4 words. She said, “Emotion is our honesty” ……  And that’s the truth!

When we express emotions that are not truthful – exaggerated or played down – it is because a part of us, usually the mind, or a combination of body and mind, does not want to acknowledge the reality of the situation. If the emotion is allowed to flow through you and out of you, you arrive at a conclusion – reach a finish line – come to an end. The end of a lie – the awakening to reality. We are starting to be honest with ourselves about how we feel, and the natural path for 10 is to bring this essential healing process to a new level.

Learning to believe in yourself is a principle theme of this process, and an important key to your long-term wellbeing. Belief in yourself is SELF-ACCEPTANCE, and that means accepting everything about you, including your true feelings, thoughts, your background and history, your present circumstances, and your aspirations for the future. Where acceptance is lacking, there is imbalance. Once you understand this, you will be able to make a fresh start, with every chance of success. And yet, full self acceptance cannot happen in an instant. Be patient. Many people on Earth today are here for the purpose of correcting this imbalance – and it is likely to be the work of a lifetime for most of us. However, we are starting to make progress now. We must learn to be patient for results.

Remember: we don’t get ‘past’ our feelings, and they are not something we have to get ‘through’. Rather, they must be allowed to move through US. Feelings are meant to be FELT. That’s how they express themselves and heal. That’s how our emotional circuitry works. Often it is not a matter of solving problems, but outgrowing them, letting them go, and building something new from what’s left. We must learn to play the hand we’re holding more efficiently and imaginatively. We have the power. We must learn to trust ourselves.

And sometimes, the emotion involved is laughter – a healing balm in itself. All those petty things we dwell on and take too seriously are what’s standing in the way of taking care of the really important things, such as love — and survival.

As we evolve, we must accept that everyone has their own fields of interest, their own roads to travel, and their own lives to live. And there are also times when individual interests must be put aside for the needs of others. We are learning about this balance now.

Be aware…
there are those who have chosen to be…
consciously unconscious…
because of ravenous greed and fear of lack.
Dori Batista

These are not simple times. These are enormously complex evolutionary times. It is no wonder that our fears and anxieties often rise to the surface. Humanity is changing from the inside out, and no one can accurately gauge where we are going because we ourselves are creating the evolutionary path as we go. At the same time, familiar structures and institutions are breaking down, and whether we continue to ignore it or not, we all know just how severely our actions have damaged the planet we depend on for our very existence. Oil, sludge, fumes, waste and other poisons are leaking all over the world, killing and destroying, as greed continues its deadly carelessness – its inability to care.

10 10 10 signifies a time in the journey when COMPETITION either fades out, or it consumes everything. The age of “1” will fade at the same pace as our ability to learn about and embrace 2. The first thing 2 teaches us is that COOPERATION, not competition, is the only way forward from here.

The old system of the 1900s is falling apart. What are we going to create in its place? It cannot be more of the same. And yet, if we do not want to start from the very beginning again, from the rubble, we must be careful to preserve all that is good in our world. We did not come into this grand potential called life to be enslaved to a filthy, toxic, unfair, unbalanced, unfeeling industrial system which wants to control our every waking and sleeping moment. The industrial system has no sense of responsibility other than making profit and aspiring to the title of being #1. And because it cannot feel, it has no awareness of the fact that it is falling apart.

In fact, industry is deeply engaged in a war with itself. There are currency wars, product wars, the war to win hearts and minds, the wars that are fought in the name of religion and even human rights, but are actually being fought to secure valuable resources or strategic positions in the world. There is always a war on this, and a war on that. This is the stage that competition has reached. Unremitting war. The industrial age is destroying itself, which is the only way a system based on destruction can end.

We are all experiencing the uncomfortable sensation of being squeezed and manipulated by the alliance of industry, government, military, media and religion. The people who have risen to the top of the industrial system have a life all their own up there, controlling the everyday workings, controlling US! It doesn’t matter to them what we think or how we feel. All that matters, is the game they’re playing. Winning is everything, and we are simply the pawns in their obsession with competition. As we grow more aware of our own potential as individuals, and of the outright incompetence and lack of evolvement in those at the top, how can we continue to ignore the fact that these people are destroying our planet and with it, our potential?

Competition is at war with itself because war is competition’s NATURE. In competition, the goal is to defeat one’s opponent. Bring him or her DOWN! “Kill the competition!” It’s called winning. Competition at this level has resulted in a complete destabilizing of our world. But competition is just a camouflage for what really drives the industrial system – and always has. GREED; a fear of loss so great that it becomes an unquenchable thirst – a constant craving for MORE! The greedy are taking everything because that is greed’s mission. To consume everything; own everything; control everything – unaware that this imbalance destroys everything in the end, including it.

Greed is the inability to feel satisfied. Greed is a horrible addiction and, unfortunately most of us are addicted to something. How can we not be when we were all born into this system that was built on greed? We may be addicted to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, TV, cars, gadgets, the internet, to name a few examples. Addiction is lack of Free Will, and Free Will is what we are evolving to, no matter how unlikely that may seem at the present time. Addiction is lack of self-love. It all comes down to love. Everything starts within the self.

It has been said that the richest among us are not those who have the most, but those who need the least. This is a sentiment well worth remembering as our individual journeys unfold.

We are not on earth to labor for others. We are here to learn about life in all its forms, including the physical. But what we have learned so far is limited by our having to focus on making money in order to survive – in a system that is designed to keep everyone in debt. There is nothing wrong with wealth at all. This world is abundance itself when in a state of balance. But there is plenty wrong with poverty.

With everything based on profit not quality, there is no room for creativity and innovation. Nothing new emerges. Consequently, we are up to our necks in cheaply made and often useless throw-away “stuff” that becomes a death sentence for the natural environment which then has to hold our mindlessly discarded junk. Safety standards and conscience have been scrapped in the name of profit. Much of what is being produced: goods, services and FOOD, is downright dangerous today.

If a new form of existence comes into being, (and individuals do have the power to change the status quo by changing our own habits and attitudes), the people who control the current system will NOT be in charge. They know this, and are doing everything they can to distract us from that reality. Greed is always dangerous, but when it reaches its own finish line and demonstrates its need to destroy everything rather than lose control, it is more dangerous than ever. And yet, as the awareness of humanity rises, they are losing control.

Now, we are looking for the next level – a sustainable way forward that is not just a repeat of the past. There is no one road that is going to suit all people. We are ONE, but we are not the same. The energy that comes from our calendars is bringing our own diversity to our attention and asks us to consider why we call ourselves the human RACE? A race is a competition, a contest. This is why RACE is such an important topic of our times – just as it was from 1910 through 1919, our previous 10 decade. That was the era in which the world’s bankers really started to take control. It was the era when racism accelerated in the United States, South Africa, Britain, and other places around the world.

The acceptance of diversity is the acceptance of differences -the end of the RACE.  Yes, the end of the human race as we know it.  It is peace.

Here is a very interesting comparison between something that happened in 1910, and what is happening now, racially, in the united States. On July 4th, 1910, black-American boxer Jack Johnson defeated white-American boxer James J. Jeffries in a heavyweight boxing match, sparking race riots across the United States. Look at all those Js in their names. J is the 10th letter of the alphabet.

It is from that particular incident that the term “great white hope” came into being. The ‘riots’ were often the result of humiliated whites objecting to blacks celebrating in the streets that a black man had won a race that white men thought they owned. The fight was racial from the very beginning, with undefeated champion J,J,J, (10 10 10), coming out of retirement with these words: “I feel obligated to the sporting public at least to make an effort to reclaim the heavyweight championship for the white race. . . . I should step into the ring again and demonstrate that a white man is king of them all.”

That sentiment is by no means mainstream today, but it does exist, and in high places. Those who cannot stand the thought of non whites being of equal value to whites are stuck in an old segment of time. That’s why the ‘tea party’ likes to dress in the costumes of that and earlier eras. The days of slavery suit them well. But progress HAS been made nonetheless.

On a religious note, it was in 1910 that the Vatican introduced a compulsory oath to be taken by all priests on ordination against modernism. Surely, this very oath would prevent the ‘modern’ understanding that it is wrong to abuse another human being, especially a child. Did modern laws not apply to the Catholic Church?

The very last execution in Sweden took place in 1910.

Henry Ford sold 10,000 cars in the USA in 1910.

An ocean without ‘ocean life’ is a dead ocean….
which is a dead planet…..
Mike DeLorey

The numbers 10 10 10 are being used to promote urgent environmental matters. Thousands of events around the world have been scheduled for October 10, by Greenpeace, 350.org, Creative Visions Foundation, The Green Party, as well as smaller organizations, groups and individuals. The condition of our planet is a reflection of the condition of the emotions that are trapped inside us. The healing must occur at ALL levels. As within, so without. I mean, look at us looking at nature as if it is something separate from ourselves….

To sense is to feel, and if there is to be any sense to how we create the future, we have got to rethink and re-feel everything we thought we knew. What a daunting task that appears to be. But it need not be. It could also be an adventure into creativity, an exercise in cooperation and acceptance, the healing of our emotions, minds, bodies, and outer environment, and the rescuing of LIFE that is trapped.

In fact, the feeling of being trapped, with seemingly no way out, is something we may all have to experience as we evolve, because total acceptance for this feeling (as awful as it may feel at the time), forces the imagination to a new level, creating an opening in the rut through which to escape. Reflections of being trapped with no way out have greatly increased this year, with workers trapped in coal mines and gold mines all over the world, women buried up to their necks in the Earth being stoned to death, men, women and children being “trafficked” and enslaved, people living in such poverty that they cannot defend themselves against anything, and people trapped in war zones with absolutely nowhere to go, to name just a few.

If we can imagine how any of those things would feel, we can put our own situations into a more realistic perspective. We are all trapped in this failing system and we will need to feel a sense of that if we are to escape it. The old ‘masters’ are losing the invisibility which was always a major part of their ‘magic’, losing their grasp and, in many cases, losing their minds. There is no intelligence in their words.

We have been talking about a spiritual awakening for a very long time, but it never seemed to happen on a grand scale. It is starting to happen now because we are realizing that a spiritual awakening by itself is only part of what needs to happen. We are simultaneously having an emotional awakening, and are realizing that love itself is the ultimate feeling – the sum of ALL feelings. ACCEPTANCE is the first function of love. Love accepts all feelings because love accepts and loves itself. We must learn to do the same.

But we cannot reach this level of self-love because all of our old denied and unexpressed emotions are backed up inside, weighing us down, blocking our path and holding us back. In the 2010s, this blockage is what we must work on, and in the most loving way possible. This old emotional energy needs to leave our bodies, not get pushed further down. The only way through this emotional barrier is with the firm intent to heal it, and let it go at the same pace that it is able to leave.

LOVE is the only thing that can soothe and heal our emotional turmoil. This is self-healing at its most basic. We must have acceptance for all of our feelings, otherwise we will be denying that certain feelings exist within us. This healing process is the act of SELF LOVE, without which we can never love unconditionally. And while love starts with acceptance, acceptance starts through the firm intent to accept and love. That’s what we have to keep in mind as we encounter feelings within us that are as far from love as we can get. We have all been hurt along the way. And we must develop our capacity to forgive, not only those who hurt us, but also ourselves for believing that it is somehow ‘wrong’ to feel as we do. That’s guilt.

Love is not just a feeling. It is the entire intricate, multi-layered range of feelings that all of us possess but haven’t even begun to understand. Our emotions are our feminine energy which has been rising rapidly since the beginning of the 2000s. 2 is the number of the feminine, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, nurturing, diplomacy, peacemaking, cooperation, patience, caring, and LOVE.

Love can never hurt us. it is the loss of love that hurts. We are so afraid of getting hurt that we don’t love as deeply as we can. That must change. We must start to face these fears head on, and learn to love more fully. To change the world, we must stop trying to  change ourselves, and start BEING ourselves instead. That is self-acceptance.

And that is what ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world’ is all about.

Happy 10 10 10 everyone…





An Urgent Message From Mother Earth, “felt” by Christine DeLorey

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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20 Responses to 10 10 10 ~ Welcome To The Decade Of The TENS

  1. Dana says:

    WOW OH WOW! I feel such hope in reading your translation of the upcoming day 10.10.10. Puts such power in what I am senseing right now and helps me so much when I can read thru your kind and gentle encourageing words- to have hope and be more willing to not only do the work to heal myself but our planet– and keep the faith that truely there is a reason for everything, including numbers.
    Thank you so much!


    • yes there is plenty to be hopeful about, just as long as we can face the reality of these evolutionary times. And it’s not just one day that this is about, but an entire decade – the 10s – the 2010s. So keep that faith alive, Dana!


  2. Lindsey Dawson says:

    How generous you are in pouring so much energy into essays that can be freely accessed by your global audience. Thanks from New Zealand for being such a good example!


    • Hello Lindsey, that is so kind of you. I’m fascinated by New Zealand. There is something so unique about your country, and I know I will have to make my way there one of these days. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this work.


  3. Jim says:

    OMG what happens in 2012 when the numbers run out?!


  4. Silvia says:

    I admire your insight about what´s going on plus your endless knowledge of science of numbers. I feel it within myself, my current life situation etc that we are in the times of big changes !!! and your articles are making me conscious of reality. You ve got a great talent fr writing, putting your insight, knowledge into words !


  5. Axelle. Sarosi says:

    You write very much. What we need to hear. To know that. What we need to know is been read by. People all over the world is very comforting You are a very loving person. Axelle


  6. Alana says:

    Thank you 🙂 I loved reading this!


  7. yogi4change says:

    You are amazing you make it look so easy, great stuff


  8. Anonymous says:

    Nicely done. Thank you. 😉


  9. Jim Probe says:

    Very nicely done numerology, which I don’t follow religiously, but with some curious moderate interest.


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