“Our lives begin to end the day we become
silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Before we talk about 2011 and the 4 Global Year ahead, we really need to take a deeper look at what the 3 energy of 2010 is communicating to us. After all, 3 is the number of communication. But what good is communication if it does not express TRUTH?

In December 2010, we experience four distinct bursts of 3 3 3 energy – on the 3rd, 12th, 21st (winter solstice), and the 30th.  3 brings hidden matters to the surface where they can be seen for what they really are. As a result, a most destructive force is starting to leave Earth… and its name is DENIAL.

3 x 3 is 9, the number of endings, emotion, drama, and expanded awareness.

3 is the number of the arts and entertainment and, as the 3 global year ends, it is giving us quite a show on the world stage, doing what art is meant to do, reflecting life back to us – vividly – in all its diversity – so that we can better understand the part that we ourselves are playing. Art helps us understand who we are and why we are here. There is a good reason why artists, in all genres, are such emotional people. Art is expression, and expression facilitates the movement of emotion which keeps our ability to FEEL alive.

Numbers provide the building blocks for art in all its forms. The purpose of numbers is to give us understanding, perspective and inspiration. 3 represents all forms of communication, including the internet, TV, radio, media, advertising, PR, general conversation, news, art, images, sound, truth, lies, etc. We are surrounded by these reflections now, both on the world stage and in our own personal lives. 3 is the number of words, and everybody’s talking.

We cannot evolve if we are unable to look at our own reflection. Self acceptance is therefore the key, but 3 reveals our ‘self-consciousness’, our guilt for getting things wrong, and our fear of failure. 3’s optimism helps us see how unnecessary it is to feel that way. Evolved 3 energy teaches us that being our natural unpretentious selves is what paves our way forward. We have come a long way towards achieving that. We are indeed evolving.

3 represents creativity, self-expression and the flow of ideas. It is the number of friendship, friendliness, pop-culture, popularity, population, PEOPLE. Transparency and truth are called for in this evolving world – and it is we, the people, who are calling for it.

3 is the number of appearances, particularly surface appearances which tend to be deceiving. 3 is the number of social matters, networking, gossip, hearsay and trivia. Just look at how ‘social networking’ has taken off throughout the globe, but I am not so sure it will be used in quite the same way in the years to come. A more serious vibe is coming into the world with 2011’s 4 energy which can help us transform our addiction to the trivial aspects of the internet into the conduits for truth, growth, freedom and prosperity they have the potential to be.


“This is the first time we have seen an attempt at
the international community level to censor a website
dedicated to the principle of transparency. We are
shocked to find countries such as France and the
United States suddenly bringing their policies on
freedom of expression into line with those of China.”
Reporters Sans Frontieres.
(Reporters Without Borders)

With the appearance of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks organization on the world stage, we are learning more about how government works, including the marriage of governments and corporations and their attempts at brainwashing the public. That’s what the so-called ‘battle for hearts and minds’ is all about.  Are they really preparing to criminalize TRUTH?

If that occurs, the 4 year ahead which focuses on mechanism, system and how things work is going to be a rough one for us all. 4 is also the number of restriction and being ‘boxed in’. This does not bode well for the 5 global year of 2012, a tipping point by both ancient and modern calculations. It is clearer than ever that it is what we do leading up to 2012 that will determine which way this journey turns. I should point out though, that 4 is also the number of breakthrough – something we have a good chance of achieving.

We’ve been traveling this particular curve for 11 years now, more than a decade. 2010 is the first year of the decade of the 10s, and 10 enables us to bring things to a NEW level. We cannot allow ourselves to fall back – to devolve – into archaic ways of thinking and being.  See “10 10 10 Welcome To The Decade Of The Tens

Government should be transparent by default,
secret by necessity. Of course, it is not. Too much
of government is secret. Why? Because those who
hold secrets hold power. Now WikiLeaks has
punctured that power. Whether or not it ever reveals
another document – and we can be certain that it will –
Wikileaks has made us all aware that no secret is safe.
If something is known by one person, it can be known by the world.
~Jeff Jarvis Transparency – The New Source Of Power

As our emotional energies rise, so too does our individual WILL. Free Will creates transparency by knocking denial out of the way. The will of humanity is rising, one person at a time. Emotion is what drives the will, and we are realizing just how dormant our emotions have been until now, so much so that we often do not know how to handle them, which makes us believe that emotions should be held in and kept ‘secret’. This must change because when feminine emotions and masculine consciousness combine, the personal power of humanity can rise above any attempts to curtail it’s development.

Our silence and passiveness has enabled power-hungry individuals to dominate our lives. It is all very good to advocate peaceful revolution, but you have to have some kind of strategy. Complacency has been a problem all along. It was as if we were ‘dead’ to the idea of BEING the change we want to see in the world. Our entire range of emotions is stirring now, including LOVE, including hate, anger and grief which in turn are shattering denial, waking us up, and moving us into reality. The road to openness is before us. That’s what Free Will is: EVER EXPANDING OPENNESS!

We must figure out what we can do, individually and collectively to ensure that those who are afraid of change and losing their positions are unable to block our entry to it. Where there is a will, there is a way. Or, to put it another way, for as long as we can FEEL, we can succeed.

As awareness expands, strong survival vibrations are in the air, and people everywhere are feeling angry, afraid and determined to somehow take back the power we gave away because we were too afraid to take responsibility for our own lives. “Let the government take care of it,” people would say. “That’s what they’re there for”. But governments in their present form do NOT take care of what matters in the world. They take care of whoever helps to keep them in power. It has always been that way. That has to change now because our survival depends on it.

The true role of government is to maintain crucial balance points which enable everyone to live freely and experience life according to their natural life path. The true role of government is to orchestrate and choreograph conditions in a way that accommodates diversity without harming or deliberately altering the nature of our living, breathing, sustaining planet. The true role of government is to maintain BALANCE on Earth. But the system of greed is so out of balance right now, so top-heavy, that there is a danger of collapse at any time.

Any attempt to change government from within always fails because it is always confronted by denial. These attempts also fail because those involved, no matter how good their intentions, are not fully present because their vision for the future takes them out of present time. Premature focus on the end result prevents us from knowing what has to be changed in the present to bring about the desired result. Good intent is also destroyed when pride sends fear into denial. Unevolved 3 energy is communicating in that case – “keep up appearances, never let them see you sweat, emotional expression denotes weakness.”

No, emotional expression only denotes weakness when it is exaggerated, played down or forced.

Without the drive of our emotions, there is nothing to compel us to act even when action is urgently needed. We merely wait for everything to resolve itself, or for someone else to do it for us. Without emotion, we have no Will at all. Suppression of emotion is DENIAL of reality. We have been trying to leave denial for many years. That journey is accelerating now because we have been calling for real and meaningful change. Calling for it from our hearts and, obviously, truth is a lot easier to accept when truth is what we’re seeking.

At the very foundation of our emotional body sits the survival instinct. Code red. The base chakra. The trigger of fear itself. But we have to stop blaming fear for all of our ills. Fear is a multi-dimensional energy with a distinct purpose. To help us survive. It is fear of oppression, fear of loss, and fear of great harm that give us the intelligence to question and protest the status quo. It is fear of where we may be headed that pushes us to confront denial’s ignorance – and TRUTH is pouring through the cracks as a result. Fear is not the problem. Not being able to face our fears is the problem. Fear of fear is the problem.

Communication is the nerve center of consciousness and is our principle means of expanding our awareness! And yet it is unguarded and completely vulnerable to those whose hatred for life is trying to shut life down. What is left of the Will of the people must rise to the challenge and free itself. This cannot be done for us. No one is immune to this evolutionary process. We are moving into openness, where everything can be seen for what it really is. This revelation cannot sit well with those in control. They are determined to put down the will of the people before it all gets out of hand. For the sake of freedom, we must do everything we can to stop this further assault on the Will of the people. Where there is a will that is at least striving to be free, there is a way.

3 is the number of JOY – and now, at the end of 2010, we have reached a point at which we must decide whether we want to evolve into Free Will enough to make the effort to do so. 3 is OPTIMISM and HOPE. Without these vital energies, we will not have the strength to carry on when the going gets tough. These are the magical gifts that 3 imparts – energies which can carry us through the toughest of times.

As the 3 year comes to an end, and the 4 year begins, it’s a good time to ask yourself: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” Or, if you’ve already been asking those questions, then now is the time to listen for the answers.

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3 Responses to INTO OPENNESS

  1. Rebecca Anderson says:

    Wonderful as always. Refreshing to read, healing words!

    Many Thanks!


  2. laurie says:

    Thank you, it’s time for the people to have a voice again.It was never lost, just hidding in fear.

    We have nothing to fear from this false front of power, but we do need to stand our ground and not be pushed from it.


  3. Gerald says:

    I am always “opened” by your words Christine. Almost frightened by your insight, your intuition and your abilitity to tune into the infinite wisdom that is available to all of us, but you seem to centre on the “truth” much more than most. I am humbled and almost embarrased by your link with spirit. As I have written before to you, I feel the words you write are for me personally. It therefore highlights that I must work closer to Spirit, rather than just rely on them to help me on my journey, as I assume they will without any effort from me. I have put effort into my link in previous years, but I have “assumed” it would stay strong, always. Now, I must stay in constant touch with the God force and my intuitive self during this particular time, and always thereafter. Thank you, thank you. With best Wishes at this time Gerald.


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