12 ~ 21 ~ 2010


Something significant will end on December 21, 2010. It could be easily recognizable, or it could be something that affects us more subtly and gradually. But, because the internet has become the ‘voice of the people’ all over the world, there couldn’t be a more appropriate date than 12 21 2010 for the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION to vote on the Net Neutrality Act which can help safeguard our continued access to the internet. 3 is the number of COMMUNICATION in all its forms, and all the parts in 12-21-2010 add up to 3. It’s a triple 3 day! Free Speech and freedom itself are the themes.

Understanding the importance of open communication is essential to our evolutionary journey.  Many people believe that the word MEDIA (plural of ‘medium’) refers to the delivery of NEWS, but the news media is only one aspect of it. Media also refers to the tools we use to store and deliver information and includes all aspects and functions of communication. Understanding the MEDIA at our disposal has been a large part of the whole theme of 2010.

Social networking, no matter what its faults in these early days, is a reflection of free expression among human beings. The openness and transparency that the internet has created is shining a light on power hungry individuals who want to own and rule the world. They have been able to succeed so far because secrecy enabled them to operate invisibly behind the scenes, in the shadows of deceit and denial. The effort to control the internet is a major priority for this faction of humanity because they cannot operate in the light of truth.

This abundance of 3 energy is teaching us that COMMUNICATION is a natural occurrence in life and cannot be ‘owned’. Communication is natural because it is the most vital component of Consciousness. Consciousness expands through the communication of various understandings, both received and outwardly expressed. To attempt to control a person’s experience of the basic function of thinking and feeling for themselves is unacceptable in a world that is struggling to be free.

The capture of the airwaves and bandwidths is such an attempt against free will, and it has been horribly successful so far in misinforming and thus controlling the population. Yes, the art of persuasion is something we will all have to learn as we travel deeper into the 2 energy of the 2000s because persuasion is the nature of 2, but it must be based on truth if we are to survive. Many are incorporating a very dark art indeed to sell whatever it is they’re selling: the art of trickery. Deception has almost become the norm.

However, false appearances are what 3 exposes! The more transparent life becomes, the more able we are to see the mechanisms and practices behind this failing system of greed, and the more able we are to discover – and create – appropriate solutions and alternatives.

The result of the FCC vote on 12 21 2010, whichever way it goes, will significantly affect our ability to communicate in the months and years ahead, not only in the United States, but globally, because communication is what enables us to stay connected. And staying connected – being ONE with each other, and with life itself – is humanity’s main challenge at this time.

Some very good news did occur in the USA on 12 19 2010. Congress passed the Local Community Radio Act, giving opportunity for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of independent radio stations to take back the airwaves from an obvious extreme-right monopoly.  This is a major step forward in the realms of communication, and yet it has received little attention so far from the news media. The good in this new legislation is not being communicated loudly, but then again, a lot of new laws have recently passed in America which have not been ‘fanfared’ in. Perhaps these improvements are slipping in unnoticed for a reason which has something to do with right timing.

12 21 2010 is also the Winter Solstice, after which, traditionally, the days get lighter. Let’s hope so. There is also a total lunar eclipse on 12 21 2010, which is thought to be quite rare, making this date even more significant. My field is numerology, so I won’t even attempt to discuss the astrological potentials here, but everything I have read about it, by some brilliant astrologers, makes me feel that this is a truly significant day in our lives, no matter where in the world we happen to be.


9 is the number of endings – the end of an era. 9 is also the number of trauma, drama, emotional expression, compassion, generosity, and expanded awareness, especially in global matters, and issues of Mother Earth herself. She has been trying to communicate with us for a very long time.

On 12 21 2010, something significant will end.

On 12 22 2010, something significant will begin.

This applies as much to our personal lives as it does to worldly matters. Both dates are highly significant because they are made up entirely of the numbers 1 and 2, which = 3.

1-2-3 is a natural progression. It reflects evolutionary movement and the continuance of life. For more information on how the 1-2-3 sequence will influence our lives in the months and years ahead, read the article “EXIT 2010”.

For much more insight on what the 3 energy has to teach us, and how we can bring this knowledge with us into the restrictive 4 energy of 2011, read the article “INTO OPENNESS”. The more we know about the 3 energy of 2010, the better chance we have of understanding the more restrictive 4 energy of 2011, and using it to our advantage.

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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2 Responses to 12~21~2010: THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION

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  2. Suely says:

    Thank you for all you , Christine!
    Thank you for the above, as I conisder my (personal)Birthday Present…today! (hahaha)

    Many Blessings, Suely


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