*Every emotion has its place in life, even hate. And “place” is very much the point here. Extremes are the furthermost edges of life, which is where hate belongs. The more humanity seeks individual and collective balance, the more the extremes will fight back. But, extreme energy is so immersed in irrational fear, hate and rage that it cannot reason or be ‘reasoned with’.

Extremes have been penetrating the main evolving body of humanity far too deeply, and almost crushed any hope for Free Will in the first decade of the new millennium. But they cannot take complete control because the 2 energy of the 2000s has brought us to the right time – the right cycle – for the Will of humanity – our emotional feminine energy – to begin the evolutionary process of freeing itself.

The extremes, left, right, top and bottom, want so much to be right about everything that they have rendered themselves unable to learn anything new. Their reasoning consists of mindless repetition of the same old antiquated beliefs. This is not the rise of the extremes but, rather, a violent reaction to their fear of being irrelevant. This irrational form of fear is uniting with hatred and rage, all of which is spewing outwardly against those they feel most threatened by. No matter how clever they believe themselves to be, they are lashing out mindlessly which is what makes them so dangerous. The extremes are the manifestation of hatred and rage, each of which has a right to exist, because everything in life has its furthest point.

Of course, the extremes must be kept in their natural position – way out there – and kept apart until opposites find a way to coexist. And that’s the role that the main body of humanity (you and me) are meant to be playing at this precarious stage of the journey. We have to find a way to exist freely among others with whom we do not agree. The extremes are afraid of being washed into irrelevance by a new majority – a new reality – the conscious acceptance of diversity – which is the conscious acceptance of differences.

Their understanding is amazingly limited. Most of them don’t believe in ‘evolution’ because their limited belief system prevents understanding of it. We are on the evolutionary fast track right now, but we also need to recognize that evolution is GRADUAL DEVELOPMENT – the result of progress made over time. Everything in life, even an atmosphere, is created. Evolution and creation are different functions of the same process – as are so many other things that people are currently fighting over.

No one knows how large the extreme backlash will be, or how long it will last, but we do know that extremes will always be there, and will evolve proportionately in the passage of time. They believe they are in a constant state of war,  and they are, forever trying to prove themselves to be ‘right’.  But that war can only occur if the rest of us take the bait. Since the beginning of the new millennium, we have been traveling the evolutionary ‘2’, ‘we are’ journey of the 2000s in which nature seeks balance in diversity by pushing the extremes back to the edges, where they belong. People who are drawn into the extremes will fight back.

As we move further into the 2000s, and no matter how vehemently the extremes, right, left, top or bottom, try to control the journey, we must remember that 2 is the number of PEACE not war, COOPERATION not competition, HARMONY not discord, CONNECTION not isolation, PARTNERSHIP not selfishness, ACCEPTANCE not denial, SENSITIVITY not numbness, INTELLIGENCE not dumbness, INTUITION not mind control, UNDERSTANDING not misunderstanding, EQUALITY not superiority, LOVE not hate.

When our love of truth outweighs our fear of it, openness and cooperation will activate the power of friendship between human beings.

There are bound to be some very rough experiences in the process of balancing ourselves, individually and collectively. If we pay attention to the details (a very important aspect of the 2 energy) we will see, or at least sense, that the center itself has moved. It has moved further to the left. But we cannot go to extremes in that direction either. Balance can only come from equality, and equality can only come from the ACCEPTANCE of diversity… you and me, brother, sister… we are all in this together… PEACE.

© Copyright Christine DeLorey 2009 – 2011 – all rights reserved.


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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  1. j. kaczy says:

    Bluntly, the world has gone mad. Flying airplanes into buildings filled with people is sheer madness. Attacking countries and killing people, madness. One mad act after another after another. Then we dress up in costumes and say that killing is ok? More madness. There is nothing but prayer left. Whoever perpetuates this madness must be stopped by disarming, not arming. We have nowhere to go with adding to arms and everything to gain by removing them. Enough is enough. Sorry but the internet must also be monitored for violence as any child may get weaponry from this arena. Let’s put police to use to gain peace, not violence. We have enough of that already. Let’s shore up the sides.


    • I agree with you. There is so much sheer insanity out there. But the good news is that we are feeling it so deeply now that consciousness really is expanding. At least people are aware of this now. It was always secrecy that kept this heartless system in place.


  2. Dragonfly Kid says:

    Hi Chris, I’m really enjoying your numerology as to how it relates to this new Obama era. Many of us are confused with the extremes and this helps us to understand why they act the way they do.

    I feel like this is the last battle, and we have to choose carefully the choices we make if we are to make a better world. I also feel very strongly that I AM HERE to fight the lies and hate. I feel strongly the reason I chose to be born was for these times, right now.


  3. Well said & presented as you bring us the wisdom of numbers that do give us a feel for the present circumstance & the gradual balancing we are moving through at this time. Blessings 🙂


  4. Jan says:

    Thank you Christine. I came to your site to see what you had to say about 2011 and found exactly what i needed to read. The 2’s are about peace, it is hard to remember that with all of this insanity swirling around us. The Guardian, UK wrote that the judge that was killed had just allowed a 32 million dollar law suit by migrant workers to go forward in hi Court and the little girl a dancer and an athlete was taken to the event because she had just been elected to her student counsel. Altogether shocking and heartbreaking. Thanks for reminding us that there is hope in the 2’s.


  5. Anita says:

    Needed this reminder thank you, about how fear can create a mind full of frustration rather than clarity. Have found that the Celestine Prophecy series books by James Redfield are a devine example of how the world IS becoming a conscious one full of Love and Peace. It is already happening. People ARE coming together and realising what is actually important in life – every living thing. Sending Love and Hugs to all xox


    • Thank you so much, Anita. Yes I do believe we are moving forward in both spirit and will. We are involved in a ‘slow process’. That’s why we have to be SO patient with our progress. Love to you!

      p.s. I enjoyed Celestine Prophesy very much.


  6. Christine,
    This was a very interesting article. I came over by way of Kara at Conduit of Joy. I find numerology to be fascinating! I’ll be back.


  7. Rebecca G says:

    Thank you for this article. I am writing from Tucson Arizona and this article is very healing for me after a week of shock, grief and profound sadness. I am meeting with my friends for coffee today and I will take a copy of this article to share with them. Thank you for your enlightened and sensitive way of presenting your knowledge of numerology to me.
    Blessings and peace,


    • Dear Rebecca, I am deeply touched by your response. Tucson was certainly a flashpoint last week. I hope things become calmer there soon, that the pain is soothed, and the potential for peace is realized. Wishing you and your friends continued healing. Much love to you.


  8. Pensadora Nomada says:

    What you wrote was well intentioned but based on the false premise that “extremes” had anything at all to do with the murder. The man who did it was insane, probably schizophrenic. His beef with the congresswoman went back to 2007 over his feeling that she hadn’t responded to him properly. He had been a far left liberal, but wasn’t really political, friends said. The attempt by leftists to incitement against lovers of freedom, individuals who feel a part of the freedom movement was quite upsetting, dangerous, Nazi-like. You contribute to the perpetuation of that danger by blaming the despicable act on extremes. My love of freedom and the Constitution that our forefathers laid out to keep us free can be called extreme – extremely spiritual, extreme love of mankind. I’m sure that the attitude that you just espoused was quite common in Nazi Germany as they began persecuting Jews, good people taking the middle road, not extreme, but extremely dangerous.


    • Keith says:

      First of all–this isn’t a platform for you to spew your political ideologies. Christine wrote an enlightening article and you are free to take whatever truths resonate with you, as are others. But there’s no need for attacks. Secondly–there is no evidence whatsoever that Jared Lee Loughner was a far left liberal or a far right conservative; he was actually registered as independent, and nobody knows anything about his ‘beef’ with the Congresswoman just yet. Fact check next time you leave a half-thought out comment. Thirdly–even though the Nazi’s have nothing to do with the article OR the Tucson tragedy, I will respond to that argument by pointing out that the Nazi’s were extreme in their views, and therefore it follows logically that good people on the ‘middle road’ would be against persecuting Jews. Please stop attacking Christine’s thought-provoking article about peace and cooperation with more partisan politics, as nothing in this article implied any type of politics whatsoever.


    • Dear Pensadora Nomada, your reasoning is a little too muddled for me to respond in full. You seem to be saying that you yourself are an ‘extreme’. But this article does not refer to extremes as people, but as remote energies into which some people are drawn or even born.

      I am curious to know:

      What is ‘extremely spiritual’?

      What is ‘extreme love’?

      With love,


      • Pensadora Nomada says:

        My comment was well thought-out. I mentioned several brief facts about JL. I didn’t say he was far left; his friends said he had been a far left liberal, but wasn’t really political. AND I knew that he was a registered independent and had a beef with her since 2007. You seem unaware of the anti-conservative rhetoric by the sheriff and opportunistic politicians. This is what I find to be very dangerous, Nazi-like. They blame conservative “extremists” for the shooting. In Germany it was the Jews who were blamed and incited against.

        Having two math degrees and being an engineer, I’m not a muddled thinker. Perhaps to a person who doesn’t have or doesn’t understand the real facts of a circumstance, truth and sound reasoning do seem muddled.

        I did not attack anyone. I understood the article. I simply gave my own opinion of the effects of the article, given the environment from which the root story stemmed. In a different situation, I’d have nothing against the article. In fact I don’t, per se.

        Regarding our being called extreme. I thought, “What is extreme about us?” So that’s where the spiritual and love came in – just responding to the question as it must arise.


        • Pan says:

          Though Christine gave a few examples of extremes in the beginning of the article, i don’t think she wrote the article stemming from one or two events with any root stories but wrote it based on numerology and peaceful intentions. Like keith said, “you are free to take whatever truths resonate with you,” since the article themes could relate with events in your life or world events. I definitely don’t think she intended it to become something for others to start fighting over anyway, especially an argument over petty stuff like our perception of intelligence on an article saying how we need to cooperate and spread peace and love to grow…


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