by Christine DeLorey


On the 11th day of the 3rd month of 2011, one of the biggest earthquakes in history occurred in Japan, creating not only widespread tsunami conditions but also situations that have never been seen before, such as massive whirlpools several miles inland.

As I mentioned in my recent article, (None Of Us Are Free – link below), the emphasis on the number 11 reaches a peak in 2011 and then fades into the numerological background in 2012. I also mentioned that the 3 energy of 2010 will stay with us throughout 2011 and 2012 because of its “spreading” quality.  3 is symbolized by the triangle, and its spreading nature can be better understood if you think of a triangle with hinges. If you let its 3 sides move freely, they will fall and form another triangle, and then another and another – and on and on until it loses steam or until something breaks the triangular motion. This spreading quality is mirrored in the movement of a tsunami. We can only hope that the quakes do not spread in this fashion.

3 also shows up in Japan’s economic status – the world’s 3rd largest economy. It is also a fact that 30% of Japan’s energy is nuclear.

Triangular Nuclear Symbol

1 is the nucleus of all the numbers, and 11 is the number most associated with nuclear energy. Therefore the connection to the Fukushima Power Plants is chilling indeed – and even more perplexing since Japan is the only country on Earth that has already experienced nuclear devastation first hand.

Japan has 55 nuclear reactors. 55 is a master number which adds up to 10, (the number of our current decade), which adds up to 1.  55/10/1 often brings matters to fruition that were once considered impossible.

2011 is a 4 global year. (2+0+1+1=4). The symbolic shape of 4 is the square. 4 represents restrictive situations in which solutions are not easily found, thus its emphasis on hard work, practicality, great attention to detail, and the stark acceptance of reality.

The 11th of March 2011 is a 9 global day. 11+3+4=1+8=9.  9 is the number of endings, trauma, deep emotions, expanded awareness (especially global awareness), as well as giving and tolerance.

Also mentioned in “None Of Us Are Free” is that our emotional evolution is rising through the base chakra = #1 = RED = RAGE = SURVIVAL. The year started out with the whole world focused on a square – Tahrir Square in Egypt and, subsequently many other squares all over the world in which people are rising up in the natural expression of anger – which is also spreading around the world like a tsunami. This is the result of the ’20’ in the year 2011. We must never forget how important those first 2 digits are. They tell us precisely where we are in our journey.

Note that most of these squares have a very distinct circle within them. With the focus on RED, the Japanese flag now adds even more symbology to the conditions of 2011. The circle not only symbolizes the world itself, but also implies survival – infinite return – ongoing life. The WILL of the people – the feminine emotional energy of humanity – is rising everywhere – and is fracturing the old system, just as the old system is fracturing the Earth (look up “fracking” and its connection to Earthquakes if you are not familiar with this dreadful practice).

The circle within Tahrir Square

The current prime minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, was born on 10 10 1946 (1+9=10 and 4+6=10)  1 is the number of leadership, and this 10 10 10 10 formation is most symbolic. He was born on the 4 Destiny Path and is currently in the problem-solving 6 yearly cycle.

Meanwhile, continued prayers and sympathy for those directly involved are needed.






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Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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9 Responses to EARTHQUAKE 11-3-11

  1. Gerald says:

    As ever Christine I enjoy your insight. We are living in extra-ordinary times. My 60 years on this earth have been a wonderful eye-opener of what man can do for the good, and by the bad. I am very sure we will be seeing further “catastrophies” and “enlightenment” stories these coming next 10 years. Maybe to 2020 – a 4, will see the world including the Muslim world moving closer together. Tragedy, regretably, brings people together and we will see more of it.
    A Polish Minister today was frustrated at the failure of the EU to act on behalf of the people of Libya – we have heard this all before frome weak men- He said “The North African story and in particular Libya is like the Berlin Wall coming down for us and the people of Eastern Europe getting rid of Communism” Hear Hear. Wake up you weak Politicians and most probably lead by the French and Germans…They will learn one day…
    Thank you once again Christine. Gerald


  2. Malia says:

    It is important to be aware of occult technology used in these sorts of events. It is suspicious that this happened on the ’11th’ which is a commonly used number in freemasonry. September 11th and many other history-changing events have happened on the 11th and the U.S. government has been using HAARP technology for some time, such as in the case of the Haiti disaster.


  3. Cathie says:

    It is very sad for all those in Japan right now as with Christchurch and far north Queensland and all the other locations of great life changing events around the world. The numerology of the day this took place is very fascinating as numbers carry their own unique energies. I love numberology and it totally fascinates me the power the numbers have and how we can use them to make our lives unfold in more positive ways. We have entered a new era of great change for this planet. The world as we know it is changing whether we like it or not. For far too long it has been driven by greed, corruption, anger & cruelty on so many levels. The general population has been driven by negativity and fear and a dog eat dog selfish mentality fueled by the mass media. It has to change and every single soul reading this has the power to assist orchestrate that change. On a soul level many are unable to assimilate the changes the world is going through. On a subconcious level those souls need to exit planet earth at this time so find themselves in places of great global upheavel where many are exiting at the same time in great numbers. Everything is energy and what we put our energy into is what dictates our world and our experiences within the world. We have the power to make a huge difference by putting our energy into choosing to be positive, to have gratitude for all the positive things we do have, to show love, speak in loving ways and just in general be more loving and considerate human beings. Our power is the energy of love. Our energy impacts on those around us and also goes out into the wider community and even the world at large. By choosing to live from gratitude and love we have an enormous positive impact on our own lives and the entire world. What we put out is what we have return to us tenfold. What a fantastic wonderful world to have every single one of us making conscious choices to be the absolute best person we could possibly be every single day. To make positive choices to live with the attitudes of praise, love and gratitude. What a truly wonderful world we would be living in. We all have the power to make that change. And the Universe is trying to get the people living on planet earth to wake up to this fact and show us that being kind and loving and caring towards one another is way more important than the direction society has headed whereby having money and possessions is of paramount importance to the detriment of everything else. These monumental natural upheavels mother earth is displaying are helping to be the catalyst for communities and indeed countries to reach out and show kindness and compassion and to help their fellow man because for the most part the masses have forgotten how and seem to only remember how when such events as the earthquake & tsunami in Japan take place. How nice would it be if everybody finally gets it and they choose to live within their own communities being more loving, caring and considerate to those around them. The more we all make that choice and do that the more we will see positive change in the world for the better for all of mankind. Putting out positive energy can impact on the entire world and assist mother earth to heal in a very profound way. The power is within each and every one of us. And right now we can start by sending the energy of love and compassion to the people of Japan and then reach deep inside and make the choice to start demonstrating random acts of kindness and love on a daily basis and continually displaying enormous gratitude for all that we do have. I have gratitude to Christine for her insights on the numerology of this event and the opportunity for me to share my inner wisdom and guidance with you all. With love & gratitude … Cathie


  4. Very interesting! I appreciate the details of Numerology from Christine & the insights of respondents. Also, so nice to know of others that have the same interest & think the way I do. Peace & Love to us all.


  5. Juergen says:

    Dear Christine, dear All,

    it is not easy for me to write an article here – but I think I have to. Since some days and especially since 11/3/11 I have a very strong feeling that GOD has spoken to me. I am German – I was in Kathmandu at that time and there was enourmous energy. Only later on I herad about the earthquake and now all those spoken words are like a puzzle and I try to fit it.

    Is there anyone out there who is feeling in the same way?

    11/3/11 is a sign – symmetrie is coming from GOD. We have to stop nuclear power directly. And: my fear is: we have to prepare for 22/12/12. We have to prepare for really great changes.

    At the moment I don´t know much more. I only know that HE has sent some people on earth who can help us. Do you know such people too? GOD has shown me one.

    I hope that I am not crazy – my feeling is that this is really the truth.

    Any suggestions?

    I am feeling with the people in Japan and with you

    Your Juergen


  6. Gerald says:

    Dear Juergen, As much as none of us like anything to do with Nuclear Energy, it is here to stay, and if you are a God man, then it was meant to be invented. One hopes that the scientists will improve its safety, in time. I am sure any country with Nuclear energy will be checking their safety methods. But, Man does move forward, it seems slow to us mere humans who have been on this earth such a short time, and it’s only since the 1950’s that everthying seems to be speeding up with inventions and natural disasters happening almost daily. The polulation in the world has grown 3 times since then, we are definitley heading for further man-made problems, such as a shortage of food and drinking water to feed the masses, and a reduction in natural energy such as fossil fuels. Solar energy is a start, wing and wave energy too, but man will invent (be shown) something for us.
    It has always been my philosophy that both Men and Women will rise into positions of “Power and Influence” and through my belief in re-incarnation, as a Christian Spiritualist, those Souls that have had greater experience than us, at present, will come back and help the world.
    Christine herself is well connected and her words are truthes, ALL those being of service to others are God people, there are millions in this world. Some may have a better connection to God than others, by hearing the words and accepting them as truth. But importantly they want their form of democracy, their freedom to choose. Control by a family, an Army backed President and maybe a type of religion will ALL GO, they are outmoded. History past and recent present has shown us what the people want, from the Roman Catholic Church 2000 years ago, now to North African and some Arab states. Truth and that LOVE for our fellow man will bring the people of this world together. It is happening as we write, people want their freedom.
    We will see changes from the natural disasters and even for ourselves in our own lives. As we make mistakes, we try to correct them so they don’t happen again. Governments seem to take longer to learn don’t they?
    Take life as it comes, if we follow the 12 commandments that many religions recognise, we cannot go far wrong. Help one another and we will be helped.
    Incidents over the next few years will help mould a better future for our children and their childrens children. God Bless. Gerald


    • says:

      Dear Gerald,

      Actually, there have been and will be inventins which stop all nuclear energy in its tracks. Which have been hidden or
      paid off to not let the public know. Look at the Pyrimads they
      generated energy with water and the sun, only. WE will get it.
      It is already happening now understanding “Fractal Science and the Fibonacci Code. See Dan Winters, Implosion Group. They
      have found the very source of life and how to sustain it now.
      We will be left with how to clean up all the rotting oil pipes still out in our oceans and how to contain all the poison from the nuclear. It is over and done. Gone. We are waking up.


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  8. Anonymous says:

    MIND ConTROLLS, It must be god or humans or global warming or devils or spirits.NO


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