“With each beautiful or horrible moment,
each kind or unloving person and each
blessed or difficult experience you
encounter, ask your Self this question:
What Would Love Do?”
Ayla Miner,  Chrysalis Woman


April 4, 2011, (the 4th day of the 4th month of this 4 year) gives us triple 4 energy, with variations of this 4  4  4 pattern on April 13 and 22. This concentration of 4 sends messages to help us better understand our position in this fast-moving segment of the journey – like road signs that inform us of conditions ahead.

3 x 4 = 12, and 1+2 = 3.

3 is the number of communication and creativity. 4 is the number of restriction. Therefore, some restrictions may be forthcoming with the internet, or perhaps the fight to keep the internet free and open will accelerate. 3 is the number of the PEOPLE (population, the public, popularity, pop culture, friendship, etc), and while obvious restrictions are being placed on populations all over the world, we must remember that 4 is also the number of determination and breakthrough. The EFFORT people are making to break free from limitation is very visible indeed.

April 4, 2011 is the 94th day of the year. (9+4=13.  1+3=4).  This date forms a direct connection to June 18, 2011. I do not know what that may entail, except that the karmic aspects of numerology, 13, 14, 16 and 19, are heavily in play until then. (I will have to write a separate article about that).

13 adds up to 4 (1+3=4) and April 13 is the 103rd day of the year (1+0+3=4).

22 adds up to 4 (2+2=4) and April 22 is the 112th day of the year (1+1+2=4).


As April 22 is the 112th day of the year, and a 4/4/4 day, it should be an interesting day in American politics because of the part the 112th Congress is playing in the 3rd and 4th years of the 44th presidency held by Barack Obama. 4 represents BLOCKAGE and OBSTRUCTION, which have become the very themes of American politics today, and American politics do have a way of effecting the whole world.

4 is the number of WORK and SYSTEM. This encompasses WORKERS, JOBS, INDUSTRIOUSNESS and the INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM itself. The rights of workers are in the spotlight. Jobs are still being lost, and very few new ones are being created. Unions are being stripped of their ability to negotiate on behalf of workers. And strict limits are being placed on the general population of many countries under the banner of ‘austerity measures’ – the kind of strictness one would expect from a stern father disciplining his unruly children but, in this case, unwilling to consider that it is HE who needs to practice self-discipline. Such is the mood in our patriarchal society at this time. We MUST find a way to be imaginative and creative despite the pressure we are under.

The CLASS SYSTEM is very active now – the classification of human “worth”; the belief that one set of people is superior to another. To get an idea of how huge this ‘system’ of judgment and hierarchy is, consider that racism is only one part of it. The class system is unable to accept DIVERSITY because it is afraid of anything it doesn’t understand. It forms judgments that are out of balance, unfair, shortsighted, stubborn, inaccurate, narrow-minded and lacking awareness – all the characteristics of unevolved, imbalanced 4 energy. Unfortunately, people from all walks of life subscribe to this system without realizing that they are a part of it, how limiting it is, or that the diversity of life is the sum of our potential.

4 is the number of LIMITS and RESTRICTIONS, and we cannot place limits on others without becoming extremely limited ourselves. This is reflected in the incompetent actions of governments and corporations who refuse to be accountable or ‘regulated’. Greed doesn’t care about the damage it causes as it bulldozes its way through life. Those who see themselves as the ‘ruling class’ live by a code of entitlement and privilege and are committed to keeping the masses down – as a matter of duty! Their way of life must be preserved at all costs. But, they are not intelligent enough to sustain their delusions.

There are sinister similarities between the BP oil spill in 2010 and the Fukushima radiation spill in 2011, including the amount of time taken to ‘seal the caps’ and stop the leaks. Both events have been so ineptly managed that they are likely to leave DEAD ZONES in their wake; vast areas of the Earth that will be completely uninhabitable for hundreds of years. But greed-driven people don’t care about little things like that… and the knowledge that they can make it up as they go along without fear of retribution makes them even more cold and uncaring.

Greed becomes so focused on what it wants that it narrows a person’s awareness to the point where broader intelligence is squeezed out. This is why big business must NOT be allowed to rule the world. This is not to suggest that corporations should not exist, only that they should not rule. People are evolving to the point where they must be in charge of their own lives.

Both the BP oilspill and this dire situation in Japan are examples of the thoughtless use of technology to make a profit – technology that cannot be managed should things go wrong. Greed does not know the meaning of the words ‘patience’ or ‘prevention’ or ‘compassion’. Greed reaches levels of incompetence that are staggering to watch, as are the excuses, the lies, the spinning, and the #1 priority of getting back to profit-making as quickly as possible.

Corporations and governments KNOW that a de-funded population means ‘no customers’. So why impose restrictions that would limit the spending capability of the populace? Because greed has reached a point where it no longer understands the logic of balance and wants to OWN everything, including the very people whose energy makes their enterprises possible. The class system is the very foundation of slavery.


People CAN make a difference if we make the effort!  I was going to mention here, sadly, that April 4 was the cut off date for public discussion about fracking/drilling for uranium in the GRAND CANYON. But I have just learned that due to overwhelming public outcry, the Bureau of Land Management has extended the public consultation period until the end of May. Power to the people! Can you imagine destroying this spectacular pristine national treasure for the sake of this chemical element which will then be exploited for its unique nuclear properties?  (See link to petition at end of page).

The 4th month in a 4 global year is an 8 global month – the number of POWER ON THE MATERIAL PLANE – which has less to do with ‘position’, the ‘power industry’, or money, than we have been led to believe. Power is meant to empower, not control. Power on the material plane comes from true balance – which comes from correct understanding. In other words, knowledge is power. But too much focus on money and controlling the masses prevents us from seeing where our power really lies. The more we feel what is happening instead of just trying to work it out mentally, the more clearly we understand what we have to do. The human WILL is rising, and we have to learn how to deal with this natural upheaval individually and collectively. We are able to see the weaknesses of those who claim to be ’in control’. Humanity has an opportunity to change our outer reality by changing the way we operate within. (See article THE POWER OF EIGHT – link at end of page.)

April 22 is also EARTH DAY and, as irony would have it, the first anniversary of the day that the oil rig owned by BP and Transocean, and serviced by Haliburton, sank to the bottom of the Gulf Of Mexico after a blowout two days earlier. This resulted in the largest oil spill in US history, 11 human deaths, and incalculable damage to the environment. Perhaps even more ironic is the fact that Transocean, a year later, has just awarded its executives huge bonuses for having ‘the best safety record ever’. It sounds like a really sick April Fool’s Joke, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s the empty-headedness and cold-heartedness of greed trying to justify itself yet again.

This does not mean that those involved have no guilt. It means that they are denying their guilt. They are giving us a vivid demonstration of how denial of truth is enabling this great confluence of heartlessness to continue. Justifying a bad thing is denied guilt, and denied guilt is the basis of all cruelty.

This same heartlessness, greed, is pinching people’s nerves and triggering feelings like never before. Many are experiencing the physical toll of the emotional rollercoaster we have been riding since the beginning of the new millennium, which has accelerated significantly in the past 3 years. People are very tired and the natural emotion of anger is rising … and right on time.

4 brings us face to face with what we don’t want in our lives and helps us understand the nature of what we are up against, are stuck in, or stuck with. We were born into a system in which we must accept certain things that we find unacceptable. We realize that we have embraced beliefs and ideals that we don’t actually believe in, and which are unloving in nature. 4 is the number of ORDER, and we know it is time to make honest changes in our lives. As we continue to seek correct understanding, practical 4 keeps us focused on reality and leaves little opportunity for denial.

When we are stuck in a place with no apparent way out, we experience a wide range of emotions that push us and pull us in all directions. Matters of the past which are in need of forgiveness return to our lives in the 4 cycle. We are feeling the heaviness of all the ‘ill feelings’ that we’ve been carrying, and the only way to set them free is to allow them to express themselves. Before we can know how to build the future, we must put the past in perspective. 4 is about setting PRIORITIES – putting what is important to us in the right ORDER.

In the 4 year, the natural emotion of anger builds steadily until it reaches a crescendo in September. Anger that is not allowed to move, (including the anger we hold inside because guilt tells us that anger is ‘wrong’), eventually turns to rage – or illness. Rage develops when anger is silenced. Rage does not allow anything to be worked out or settled, whereas some kind of solution or settlement could have occurred through anger. Rage wants revenge and control. It desires vengeance and exudes hatred because all it knows how to do is blame. We have to let go of the guilt and blame that prevents forgiveness. We can only do that by expressing and accepting the emotions that guilt and blame have conditioned us to believe are ‘bad’, ‘unloving’, ‘negative’ and ‘weak’, and look instead at the conditions that triggered them.

We heal our feelings by giving them the healing power of our LOVE, because love is where they came from in the first place, no matter how ‘negative’ we judge them to be. An emotion is love’s reaction to experience, no matter which form it takes. In order for these feelings to return to the love they once were, we must give them acceptance, which is what love naturally does!

Of course, life is a matter of the choices we make, which is why power-hungry individuals are actively trying to narrow our choices down to nothing. But honesty needs to be spontaneous and not ‘picked over’. We cannot pick and choose what emotions we will ‘allow’ ourselves to feel and still be honest. We cannot pick and choose our feelings without placing what we choose not to feel in denial.

The same is true of thought. But we are afraid that everything would become overwhelming if we allowed all our thoughts and feelings to complete themselves. The reality is that life is chaotic because so many of our thoughts and feelings remain incomplete within. What we can choose is how to act, or whether to act, on what we feel or think. Let your thoughts and feelings complete themselves. Who knows what good ideas are stuck inside, unacknowledged, unfinished, unconscious. Loving intent will ensure that you don’t go anywhere you don’t want to go.


And here I must repeat the most timely quote of Ayla Miner because it is so appropriate to what we have to learn in terms of approach: “With each beautiful or horrible moment, each kind or unloving person and each blessed or difficult experience you encounter, ask your Self this question: What Would Love Do?”


There’s an innocent and loving part in each of us that wants to do the right thing for its own sake. Don’t mistake your innocence for weakness. This pure energy comes from loving intention, which is the only thing that can bring beneficial change. Two wrongs can never make a right.

As we evolve, we are going to have to face our own reflections whether we recognize ourselves or not. 4 energy helps us see ourselves as we are, rather than who we portray ourselves to be. We cannot be honest with ourselves without strong emotional involvement because our emotions recognize and express how we feel at any given moment. Emotion, with its multitude of levels and frequencies IS our honesty. And our honesty has been suppressed to the extent that we often don’t know what we’re really feeling. If we don’t know what we’re feeling, we feel lost.

The world cannot stop being the pit of lies and deceit that it is until we stop lying to ourselves, and by the end of 2011, I doubt if we will be holding much back at all. Every feeling that has been repressed must come to the surface and express itself so that the backlog of emotion can be cleared. That is why so much rage, fear, hatred and grief is surfacing all over the world, as well as in our own lives. This is a time of fast evolvement in the direction of freedom. This movement cannot be stopped, but we must learn to take full responsibility for our emotions because, without correct understanding, emotions can be very dangerous. Not everyone out there has loving intent in their hearts. Always remember that there is NEVER a need to harm yourself or anyone else in the process of emotional expression. (See article THE TRUE PURPOSE OF EGO – link at end of page).

There is ENORMOUS resistance to the changes taking place on Earth. Those involved are adamantly set in their ways and all forms of change to their ‘norm’ are terrifying to them. They deny their fear by coming across as ‘tough’, but they also come across as ill-informed. These are the hallmarks of unevolved 4 energy which insists on doing things ‘it’s way’ or no way at all. But those involved will find it more difficult to hold their position as the majority of people gain clarity in the months ahead. Eventually, what does not evolve gets left behind as fragments of the past. But don’t think these people cannot do massive damage as they try to conserve the status quo.

4 is the number of IDENTITY and, until we know who we are and why we are here, we cannot know where we stand, what we want, or where we are headed. The frenzy of greed, war, destruction, political mayhem, and environmental disasters going on in the world are reflections of the turmoil going on within each one of us – even if we believe we are calm and in control of our own lives

The destruction we are seeing in the outer world is a mirror image – the outer manifestation of our own SELF destruction as a species. But we are also seeing reflections of walls breaking down as oppression is confronted. All of this is the natural and inevitable consequence of our own actions and inactions, our own thoughts and feelings, our own denials and the process of coming out of denial. We CAN stop the bleeding. In fact, only we – the people – can stop it. We will heal the Earth by healing ourselves.

4 strips away pretense and denial, and makes us look at things squarely and realistically. It makes us take our problems seriously. 4 is symbolized by the 4 sides of a square. This has been most visible as the WILL of the people rises in ‘squares’ all over the world, from Tahrir Square to Trafalgar Square. Humanity can feel itself falling and is trying to find its balance. In the process, we are learning that no one can impose their will on another and expect such an arrangement to last for ever. Balance is the rearranging of things so that energy can flow FREELY, human energy included.


The shapes we are seeing: squares, triangles, circles, circles within squares, are reflections of CHANGE TAKING SHAPE in the world. In the 5 global year of 2012, the shape involved is the PENTAGON — now there’s food for thought!


The Arab world is rearranging itself now. A new shape is taking place in the Middle East which can be very hard to detect amid the rage, bloodshed and turmoil. The rage (denied anger) with which the Arab world has been labeled is in the early stages of a healing process which reflects the denied anger we are all holding inside because anger has been the most judged against and denied emotion of all. The Arab uprising has torn a huge gash in the iron clad fabric of oppression. It is shining a light on the root cause of the problem on Earth – lack of free will. The survival chakra not only in humans but in all life on Earth has been activated. The survival chakra vibrates to the number 1 and the color red – and the more we resist it, the more tired and exhausted we are likely to feel.

It is important to note that it’s not just the Arab world that is rearranging itself, but rather the whole continent of Africa. This became apparent on the palindromic date, 11 February, 2011 (11 0220 11) which focused on Egypt (North Africa) — and the palindromic prison number of Nelson Mandela 46664 (South Africa) who was released from 27 years of imprisonment on February 11, 1990. History suggests that human life began in Africa. 1 is the number of beginnings, origins, starting points. From this point of view, Africa holds the #1 position in the human journey. You see, #1 is not determined by material wealth or military might, but by place of origin. 1 = first. 1= originality.

* * * *

Meanwhile, as we question what it is we really value in life, our attitudes and expectations are bound to change quite drastically. It’s as if we are shedding old skins which, in turn, reveal who we really are inside. This can be an exciting process, but it can also produce fear about losing our stability and wellbeing. However, by having the courage to live our lives more authentically and fully, to be more engaged and involved, we gain the kind of inner security that will carry us through whatever turbulence may lay ahead. We must learn to trust ourselves.


The daily reading for April 4, in the Creative Numerology 4 Year Book is: This is a chance to move ahead. Something you thought you were losing can now recover and grow. Long-term fulfillment is emphasized. If you are wondering what your next step should be, slow down! This opportunity cannot be rushed or taken for granted. It needs to be taken seriously, appreciated, examined, and carefully planned for. It is time to start gathering accurate information.


4 is making it very clear that although the potential for positive change is there for us, we do have to WORK at it. We do have to look reality square in the face and accept the way things are rather than merely ‘hope’ it will all miraculously work itself out. Let’s hope that we can each find our own way through it by summoning up all our reserves of courage and creativity and BE the change we want so much. Of course, it’s not a matter of changing ourselves, it’s a matter of BEING ourselves. It’s a challenge that so many of us are ready for.

There is SO much more to discover and digest when it comes to this year’s 4 energy and the ‘triple 4 gates’ of April… and about the 11 energy which is obviously a major part of 2011. But 11 will fade quite a bit between 2012 and 2018. I will be writing more about all this soon…






AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH (written after the BP Oil Spill but applies just as much today)

2011 part 1 – NONE OF US ARE FREE

Ayla Miner,  Chrysalis Woman


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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3 Responses to 2011 Part 2 – THE TRIPLE 4 ENERGY OF APRIL

  1. dana shinn says:

    “Powerful..and not just ponderings”-I wrote as I shared on my FACEBOOK wall just now.
    THANKS so much. I rely on your gifts CD and will expand them. -Dana


  2. This is incredibly frightening and yet so reassuring. As scary as this world feels right now, I have never needed to face reality as much as now. Embracing it has been the best source of comfort. Thank you Christine for once again finding every perfect word to express these energetic changes.


  3. Gerald says:

    It seems the West is getting poorer due to the GREED of big Corporations (and Governments) taking advantage of the East’s massed poor and low (slavelike) salaries. It is not new of course the UK engineered The East India Company and profiteered, but what I cannot understand is the US (1) allowing Japan, Korea, China etc., to build up it’s Trillions of Dollars to the detriment of US jobs and industries, and (2) in pumping Trillions of Dollars into the Middle East when most of those countries hate Democracy. Inventions were Patented (and then brought up by the Oil Companies) that did not require as much Oil in the Petrol to run an engine and they have not told us. So it becomes the Great easy Tax collector for Governments.

    Now, we will see the West become poorer as we now rely on cheap badly made imports, mostly from China, and our food becomes more expensive as energy costs rise.
    Perhaps we will see a reversal of fortunes, but I wonder if we will ever see a wealthy China or Russia or India police the world, make it safer, provide generous Aid without wanting anything in return – Greed and power especially from the Past will one day have world dominance. The US on its own will be (is) unable to do anything and will suffer from its past GREED.
    DEBT is required in social democracy, for it to grow, but when we see Governments quietly, secretly carrying own blindly borrowing without worrying about how to repay it, does not create a good enough example. Now the GREED of New York bankers and financiers selling what was technically Junk Bonds, given Triple AAA credit, to world banks has created a lowering of standards and conditions for the west and will in turn create more poor, homeless and starving in the third world.
    WILL EVER a Leader or Politician tell the real truth as it is? NO, as they themselves are frightened of losing their comfortable careers so they will carry on and pass the responsiubility on to the next Government and the next generation to pay for. GREED instead of caring thought will not help this Mother Earth. We either have to work together or we will lose the world as we know it and maybe it will go back to nature (in certain areas).
    We would not want big wars again, but we all fear its possible. It does after all, MAKE MONEY as the US found out!!! But we hope a leader comes forth and speaks for the good of the world…cometh the hour, cometh the Man or Women soon maybe?
    Good words again Christine. Thank you. Gerald


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