The focus on Rupert Murdoch entails so much more than the hacking of phones and computers, the bribing of police and politicians, and other atrocious tactics in both  the pursuit and the suppression of ‘news’. Those incidents finally pushed his global operations out of the shadows and into the light of day, but the real story, eventually, is going to be – and certainly needs to be – about mind control. The systematic manipulation of consciousness.

We all know that a simple but sinister form of psychology is being used to influence the ‘masses’, in whichever way suits the agendas of those at the ‘top’.  The people who rule our world are not the politicians who occupy leadership positions, but families of great wealth and influence. They are the royal families, industrial families, and others who have amassed unimaginable fortunes and power. It is their system that we live in. It is based on greed – and the sheer insanity that greed produces. Everything is tilted in their favor. They can only operate in secrecy, which is becoming less available to them as humanity tries to move towards the openness of free will. That is why so much effort is being put into restricting our access to the internet.

The extent to which Murdoch controlled communications extends far beyond Britain and the USA. In global terms, his organization has penetrated all aspects of life – and all the various industries. Many ‘prominent’ people and institutions will fall. This is just the beginning.

The depth of this story can be seen in the life of Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth. Like her father, she is a communications tycoon, with strong ties to TV and entertainment. She was born in 1968, but her connection to the use of psychology to control the masses goes back to the 19th century. She is a modern-day reflection of how this family has merged with other families of like mind.

Elisabeth Murdoch is married to PR tycoon Matthew Freud – the great-grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud who is best known for his research and theories on the unconscious mind, ‘transference’, and sexual drive. This connects her to Freud’s cousin – known as the ‘father’ of propaganda and public relations, Edward Bernays. He believed that people are inherently dangerous because they possess a ‘herd’ mentality, and that manipulation of the masses is therefore necessary. The Murdoch organizations are based on that premise. Their agenda is one of ‘public relations’ – mind manipulation – not news!

The Murdoch family has led the way in dumbing down the population by selecting what it wants people to know, omitting information that people need to know, spreading lies by mixing them with truth, and turning news into entertainment. Keep the people distracted – in denial!

Truthful and accurate information will be kept from us for as long as we keep the patterns of denial in place. The function of denial is to capture truth and prevent it from reaching consciousness, and we cannot leave denial without first recognizing its existence. To discover the reality of any situation, our desire for truth must be strong enough to draw truth to us. To live in truth must be a priority if we are to evolve.

Once a lie or inaccuracy gets the stamp of approval from a gullible public, it can spread like wildfire, burning down the truth as it rushes across consciousness, shoving reality into denial – the unconscious – that very part of humanity that Murdoch has been able to manipulate so well with the powers of distraction and distortion.

We have been programmed to believe that we, the people, have no power and if we did, we would not know how to use it. The truth is that only the regaining of our personal power can stop us from falling back into denial. But let’s not despair about this too much. For things to have come this far, it does seem that humanity really is starting to empower itself. People are more aware of reality today than ever before. And let’s not kid ourselves, either. There is a long way to go.

There are many critical things going on in the word right now, including the manipulation of the global economy, another destabilized area from which the truth is slowly emerging. However, the implications of Murdoch’s decline are so far-reaching, so international, that it is likely to have a profound effect on everything else, including the economy because, as I have mentioned in many previous articles, we are evolving from the ‘information age’, over which he held so much control, to the age of TRUTH.

Although all the karmic numbers 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1, are highlighted in the second half of 2011, (see previous article which explains the other three karmic numbers), 19/1 is most significant in our lives right now, not only because the 19 vibration is emerging within the Murdoch story, but because the story itself is starting to reflect so much of what 19/1 means.

The 1 energy is evolving into double one energy – 11 – from which the number 2 is formed. We are moving from the 1000s to the 2000s. From masculine dominance, to feminine equality. We are evolving towards balance. But we are stalled in unevolved ‘1’ energy because we have not yet learned the true meaning of 1, the first number, the nucleus of all the other numbers. We are stalled in 1’s karmic bottleneck . We have not yet learned what we were meant to learn from the 19th century which ran for a hundred years from 1800. Neither have we learned what we needed to learn from the 1900s which we left on December 31, 1999.

Once we learn what 19/1 has to teach, we can heal from the diseased condition that our lack of understanding has created, and move forward into a more loving and sustainable way of life. Then 19 can finally add itself together, turn itself into 10 and connect with us in present time through the number of our current decade.

“The natural path for 10 is to bring things to the ‘next level’, where we start again, but with the advantage of knowledge accumulated along the way. 10 is about learning from past and present experience so that we can stop making the same old mistakes over and over, and truly move forward. 10 is the number of innovation.”  From my article “10 10 10: Welcome To The Decade Of The TENS”

2011 – Karmic Numbers



10 10 10 Welcome To The Decade Of The TENS

About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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  1. totem says:

    That’s very interesting about Elisabeth Murdock being married to a Freud! Makes you wonder.


  2. Rebecca G says:

    Again-thank you for your insights and wisdom….brilliant article!


  3. Gerald says:

    Hello Christine, I am sorry I have not has time to reply to your earlier notices – I will.
    As to this one, I agree 100% with what you have written, both from the factual and to your higher link.
    Oh how the Politicians loved to get close to Mr Murdoch and his like, the Blair/Brown era in the UK loved him and won him power, and he was kind enough not to ‘advertise’ why it had to collapse. Socialism after all generally means HIGH TAXES and HIGH SPENDING (the EU problem ?)
    Let us hope we can see further scrutiny in other countries with other newspaper groups.
    The real problems, as you have written, is the powerful families behind the politicians and beyond the reach of the public.
    My real concern is what happened in the Banking world. Nothing seems to being said of the way Standard & Poors provided a AAA credit rating tag to what was realistically ‘Junk Bonds’ that were sold through the banking system, by the BILLIONS of USD’s, from the top banks down.
    WHO IS SUING Standard & Poors, and where is the list of top Bank Executives , from these stupid banks who authorized their purchase and in the end brought down Banks and forced governments across the western world to make sure their economies did not fall.
    NOW, we see the governments, America and European countries in particular, seeking ‘Austerity’ measures (READ HIGHER TAXES) for the man and women in the street to pay for it all in the YEARS to come. I trust we will see the USA pay the same for Petrol at the pumps and food from the shops as we do in Europe?
    Are we seeing the demise of the western world, the lowering of living standards, whilst we see the Far East and China in particular rise and rise in their wealth, whilst their social responsibilities are ignored; and at the same time using their wealth to gain control of poorer countries. A sort of Colonialism but coming from a Communist stance – it won’t be easy.
    Here I am in Portugal, and in the few local towns near me, Chinese Shops selling Chinese goods have been offered a 5 year Tax Free opportunity from the government to set up their businesses, to the detriment of local shops and staff. And this is happening all over Europe in one form or another, most probably because these Governments have accepted a Chinese purchase of Government Bonds. (Debt instruments) in other words, “we lend you money and you pay us a competitive interest on it for, say, 10 years, and repay the capital at the end of the term” Us normal people call it HP, “Have now Pay later”. Well, sadly, these countries will pay as there will be less and less jobs going around in the west, unless rates of pay drop!
    We are certainly in turmoil, but, as we know, it was prophesized, this period in our history. Let us hope we can find a balance, and as you have written allow the ‘Feminine’ side to have more say in the running of things. In time Christine – but the male bastion of controlling the money will not be let go lightly – we can see that from the Muslim world, and what a battle goes on there!
    Best wishes, as always,


    • vintage'58 says:

      Remember one thing, the person to give Murdoch his free rein to do as he pleased in the UK was Maggie Thatcher; no matter what came after, once the Genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back in.
      Perhaps until now.
      The only other thing I have to say about the whole Murdoch affair is, on his death bed will Rupert be heard to say “REBEKAH” instead of “ROSEBUD”.


  4. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this interesting article! We are certainly living in some
    fascinating times!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Christine – this is excellent work! Thank you for this article, most people just don’t understand or couldn’t possibly fathom how deeply rooted these ever so subtle forms of mind control exist today. But, as we both know it’s more prominent than ever, this is really a battle for free will, but the masses have to realize their own free will first before they can understand how deeply rooted the battle of containment really is. Lots of love! Penny


  6. A says:

    IMPRESSIVE! thanks!


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