1 is the number of beginnings. 9 is the number of endings and completion..1 is the first number – from which all other numbers are formed. 9 is the last number in the numerological spectrum and contains the energies of all the other numbers. (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 3+6 = 9).

Add 1 and 9, and we have 10 – the number of significant change, innovation and advanced solutions. 10 is also the number of our current decade – so the timing is right for this. And when we convert the 1 and the 0 into a single digit, we go back to 1 again, but this time around, our understanding of 1 has evolved. Notice that 1 is the number that all the other karmic numbers, (13/4, 14/5 and 16/7) have in common.

1 takes.  9 gives. The karmic energy of 19/1 is teaching us about the power of ‘give and take’ – compromise – individuals pulling together for the common good. And we are also seeing the deadlock that forms when the gap between ‘give and take’ is out of balance, in which case compromise simply cannot work. The ever increasing divide between the population and those who seek to control everything is being reflected around the world in the form of ‘budget’ negotiations, all of which are leaning in favor of the already ultra wealthy and powerful banks and corporations. There are no winners in this situation. 1 is the number of self-interest. 9 is the number of giving — and something really really does have to give before greed pushes the entire financial system over a self-made and unnecessary cliff.

1 is the number of progress, but we are at a point in the journey where we can progress no further until we gain the power from better understanding ourselves; from knowing who we are and why we are here. 9 takes us backwards – into the past – so that we can learn whatever we failed to learn from past experience.

Much of what we have to learn now is reflected in history, especially the 1800s (19th century), and the 1900s (20th century). History is repeating itself yet again. All that’s changed are the fashions and the technology. The brutality, the greed, the wars, the imbalance, and even some of the names are the same. In all that time, we have not progressed far at all.

19 is the holding pattern that contains everything we did not learn – and everything we need to know – in order to evolve into a new and more peaceful form of existence. 19 exposes hypocrisy and atrocity, so that healing can occur.

More and more people are letting down their guard and looking at life as it really is. The more we learn about ourselves, personally and collectively, the more aware we become of just how long and hard humanity has suffered over the course of time. Surely, by now, we have learned enough from our mistakes to want to transform this heartless patriarchal/industrial system into something that is based on love not profit. In the last decade, people have learned a lot about how this system works – which is the first step to releasing ourselves from it. 1 is the number of new beginnings. 9 is the number of letting go.

1 is the number of THE SELF, 9 is the number of ACCEPTANCE,  and 19 offers major lessons in SELF-ACCEPTANCE. This means loving ourselves fully and unconditionally. It means recognizing our potential and finding ways to fulfill it within this physical lifetime, while respecting the rights of other individuals to do the same. Self acceptance is inner peace, which is the only means of there ever being peace on Earth.

Our inability to break through our limitations and actually reach that point is reflected in the number 19 – and manifests in the form of our own IGNORANCE – our tendency to IGNORE anything that could result in our having to feel emotions we do not like to feel. Our own ignorance does not want to get involved with anything that could upset, disturb or inconvenience us in some way.

Ignorance is not bliss. On the contrary, ignorance is lack of awareness. When we ignore reality, our denials keep this cruel and ugly system going, and we shrug it off as ‘human nature’. This hell on  Earth in which people are reduced to mere ‘units of productivity’ is not the result of human nature. It is the result of human nature captured in denial. There is no such a thing as ‘necessary evil’.

Denial is a numbing place. A dumbing experience. When we do look at reality and truly feel it and empathize, and react with our feelings, people tell us to keep everything ‘positive’. They say, ‘Don’t let it get to you. That’s just life.’  But, if we are awake and aware, it gets to us anyway. That’s conscious life!

“Letting it get to you… you know what they call that?  Being alive!”  Doctor Who: “The Doctor’s Wife”

A lot of things are going to ‘get to us’ as we continue our journey out of denial into the openness of free will. It is not a matter of thinking positively or negatively. It is a matter of thinking realistically.

We are evolving in many ways, but most noticeably, we are evolving emotionally. We are realizing how powerful life’s feminine energy is, rather than how weakening we have been led to believe it is. 19 reveals the extent to which we have been ‘led’ to believe many things. When misinformation grasps the mind, rational thought cannot form, and the dumbing down process is firmly in place.

We have been programmed to believe that fear is the problem when, in reality, our rejection of what fear has to teach has created so many of the problems we now face on Earth. We must gain a deeper understanding of natural emotions such as fear, and all their layers, circuits, triggers and forms of expression. It is not enough to speak of fear as if it has only one frequency, meaning or purpose. Fear of WHAT? We need to be specific.

Sorry Franklin Roosevelt, but ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ is not quite true. When the messages that fear sends are correctly understood in any situation, it can alert us to potential harm and even save our lives! Misunderstanding of fear has caused many to believe that ‘fearlessness’ is the only way forward when in fact that is nothing more than fear of fear.

Fear is a vital part of our complete emotional range. But we do have to learn how it works so that we do not become paralyzed by it. Our blanket resistance to feeling this particular emotion is so magnetic that it is attracting the very things we fear the most but do not want to look at, talk about, or acknowledge.

Terror is denied fear, manifest. We need to face our fears so that we can pay attention to what really does require caution on our part, and learn to let go of fears that are irrational and unnecessary.

When we accept our fear of having personal power, denial loses its grip and cannot suck us back in. Each of us has power, which the system uses for whatever its purpose happens to be at any given time.  This system RUNS on the power of human energy. We give it away – we give our Will away without knowing – yet – how to survive otherwise. And right now, because the system is collapsing under the weight of its own top-heaviness, it is trying to suck us all dry.

By ignoring our feelings and relying only on what we ‘think’, we cannot release ourselves from this self-defeating and pointless system, in which the only consistent purpose appears to be WORK and the pressure that comes from having to compete – often referred to as the ‘rat race’, in reference to the rat’s undignified scramble for survival.

The will of humanity – the will to live – survival instinct – is rising in the form of emotional energy. Our base chakra is awakening and we are starting to give it consciousness. Not that consciousness likes this state of affairs. Consciousness does not want to feel fear, or anger, or grief and, given the choice, consciousness would only feel what feels pleasant to it and discard everything else. Indeed, that is exactly what we have all been doing throughout the ages. But, now, as one age evolves into another and we realize just how divided and broken we are as a species, consciousness is expanding as a result of the vibratory messages that our feelings are transmitting to it.

No one can bring us the enlightenment we need. There are no pills, therapies or gurus for this. If we cannot make the connection for ourselves, in our hearts, we remain disconnected and we don’t evolve. It is this personal association that frees the will of an individual. As our emotional journey continues, we are going to feel our feelings strongly, no matter how hard we try to fend them off, but we can take comfort in knowing that all that feeling is helping us evolve and become whole.

19/1 exposes the selfishness that is in all of us. But in some, selfishness has reached the most dangerous proportions in which nothing else matters but the fulfillment of one’s own personal desires and ambitions.

As we watch our so called leaders reach impasse after impasse, and create crisis after crisis, we realize that we individuals are not meant to be led, and the purpose of government is not to control, but to create a level of balance that will facilitate humanity’s evolution into free will and openness. Until we do eventually learn what 19/1 has to teach, leadership as we know it will repeat episode after episode of brinkmanship, fear-mongering, and outright war. We must develop what it takes to independently lead our own lives. If we don’t own our own lives, we own nothing.

1 is also the number of independence – which does not mean isolating oneself from others. In fact, independence is best achieved through friendly and cooperative connections. We all need to soften our hard edges when it comes to our relationships, and let others see our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths.

19/1 karma manifests in our lives by making even our closest relationships feel uncomfortable or in some way disadvantageous because we are so concerned about how others may judge us. We are going to learn that judgment is a very big problem in the world and is preventing progress to a huge extent. Judgment is what guilt and blame are made of – neither of which can coexist with love. Guilt and blame seek punishment and revenge which serve only to perpetuate hatred. Love, on the other hand, seeks forgiveness and healing.

Love is the ultimate feeling. Love is experienced through feeling. Love IS feeling. The entire emotional range from the highest high to the lowest low reflects love’s response to experience. By denying our emotions, we deny love the chance to heal itself. Denied emotions prevent forgiveness, which is the healing balm itself.

In unevolved 1 energy, we believe that competition is the way forward, but in reality it is competition that keeps this karmic roadblock in place. If we are to learn from history, we will see that competition – the need to win at all costs – is the basis of greed and war. 19/1 reveals a part of us that is never satisfied. We always want more. We want to outdo others, no matter how much we’ve already got. Comparing ourselves to others rather than simply being ourselves is the problem here – and it’s all related to competition.

When we left the 1900s and entered the 2000s, life’s vibrations changed significantly. The masculine era of competition ended. The feminine era of cooperation began. We cannot make progress until we recognize our new position in the journey and make the necessary inner shift.

1 is the number of SELF and therefore relates to EGO, which is one’s sense of self, or self awareness. Ego is a sacred inner mechanism that enables us to recognize oneself as oneself, rather than some ‘label’ that judgment has placed on the individual. Instead of blaming the ego for everything that goes wrong, we must HEAL the ego and allow it to balance itself between over-inflation or deflation so that it can evolve with the rest of us. Until we do, the great imbalance between those who feel superior and those who feel inferior can only deepen. This misunderstanding of ego can be seen quite clearly among those who impose great hardship on the masses for the purpose of increasing their own power and wealth.

Misunderstanding of ego and position renders individuals unable to act on their own initiative. It leaves the population dependent on those who are only interested in their own needs and ambitions. Our personal and collective struggles will continue until we find a way to balance our own needs with the needs of others. See article: The True Purpose Of Ego.

Many of our present-day problems are tied to the effects of relationships, past and present, which always seem to stop us from making the changes we need to make. And when we cannot fulfill certain ambitions or ideas, pessimism starts to invade our hearts. Until we learn what 19 has to teach, we will find that no matter how great our efforts, plans will collapse or be diverted by conditions ‘beyond our control’. This is deceiving though, because there are many people out there who are seemingly successful and in control of their lives. But they are not immune to this energy. They continue to want more. They are never satisfied. And they live in fear of loss, or of being unfavorably judged or compared. The only true sense of security that any of us can have in our current circumstances must come from within – from our belief in our ability to handle whatever may lay ahead.

19 reveals hidden matters for the world to see in which the indignity of being ‘unmasked’ is suffered by those involved. If, even then, they continue to act self-centeredly, other problems will arise to compound the original problem. This is happening now as scandal after scandal sheds more light on the hidden aspects of this terribly imbalanced system we live in. Eventually, we will realize that the ‘hierarchy’ on Earth is a façade, and that all human beings share the same strengths and weaknesses and are subject to the same karmic principles. Until we understand 19’s lessons of balance and equality, we will be unable to independently plan for the future – or our plans will always be subject to the whims and dictates of others.

It is not simply a matter of creating a more ‘even playing-field’. That just changes the rules of the ‘game’ but leaves in place the principles of competition and the fight between individuals to out-do each other.  If we are ever to be the ‘ONE’ that so many of us insist we are meant to be, we must see competition for what it is: rivalry, the assumption of superiority or inferiority, judgment, and ONE-upmanship.

Let’s elevate ourselves out of the deep groove of conditioned thinking and herd mentality and become Originators again…instead of Imitators.~Oshum

We are not simple beings. We are thinking, feeling, multi-dimensional marvels, the depths and heights of which some people are so afraid of exploring that their life’s work is to keep everyone numb and dumb. There are those who will do anything to prevent humanity’s evolution towards peace, love, and understanding, because there’s nothing in it for them… (other than survival, of course, but they don’t see that).

We must be patient with ourselves and each other. We must be patient with the pace of our progress and with the details that come to light when we move more deliberately and consciously. Remember that nature moves to the rhythm of whatever time it takes…


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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25 Responses to OUR 19/1 KARMIC RUT

  1. Anonymous says:

    As always Christine your wisdom shines. Thank you so much. This particular article has given me more insight into things.

    Blessings Sue


  2. iampennyking says:

    Oh my Christine! I am stunned, this article is amazing to me – speaks volumes to me, and I get exactly what you mean and are saying. You have inspired me to bring “this” level or depth of awareness to others, to teach and heal them. Your work is unprecedented, and you are very much needed at this time in our evolution. I am very happy that you are here with me at this time in this world. Your wisdom, guidance, and emotional positiveness is refreshing. I am the epicenter of emotion (you should know that), and have been told I’m weak and emotions are weak. Well, I’m ready and getting ready to lead this 2 energy right on in to rock the world, for my father who art in heaven. The value that you bring to me is imeasurable, your contribution to the world, your unconditional love and understanding, in your words, insight, wisdom, and simplicity – I love you and this article rocks. I have been paying attention for some time, and I am paying attention to you and what you have to say. You bring light to specific topics that allow me to see the deeper meaning of life and and furthering my understanding of it. Thank you for your work, I study carefully what you put out – so I can learn and I naturally get the much deeper meaning and wisdom so that I can have further understanding to teach others in a way that helps them move forward. Lots of love, Miss Penny king


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  4. Kara says:

    Amazing analysis as always…now off to digest and to try to apply to my life.



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  7. odediran olufemi says:

    i really enjoy d teachings on karmic numbers and there vibration energy effects.


  8. Hrishi says:

    Great article…resolved a lot of questions I had. Thanks for posting it!


  9. Ezou says:

    Karmic # 19/1 and Life path number # 11 and Soul erge # 8: We are born to learn from mistakes but in freedom and through our own trials and tribulations lead towards that which is missing from the lives of the people–a people who never gaze at the truth, a people who do not look at history, a people who never have passions and intensity and never stand in awe at the sight of the story of the people from cradle to the grave. We are born to lead our own lives and follow our own insights but do so with love and respect for others in democratic and constructive method for the world at large.


  10. Rene Nguyen says:

    I love your article and thank you so much for sharing it. Please let me know if I have a 19/1 karmic debt. My birthdate is 8/19/1963


    • Hello Rene, being born on the 19th, you do have the 19/1 karmic debt (major karmic influence). Wherever 19 exists, so does its karmic vibration. However, being born on the 19th suggests that you have what it takes to deal with it in the most constructive way. I have found that when 19/1 comes from the name (rather than the date of birth), it is much more challenging.


  11. Dear Christine,
    I love your writings and gain so much from your website weekly and each month. Thank you, Thank you! My birthday is 09/19/1972. So I have two 19s and my birthdate can be read as 911. I am a Spiritual teacher, mentor, coach so my reading of 19/1 today fit perfectly into where I’m at on my divine path at this point. I’ve worked this one through to a great extent and have found much Self Acceptance as I teach and coach on the balance of Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine and really applying what it means to “Let Go, Let God”. I’ve also drawn a connection between 911 and September 11… my role as Master Healer Teacher in the new age. Thanks again, you’ve helped me connect many, many dots in my progression along my path when it hasn’t been all that easy to understand!


  12. I guess i carry 19th in both my name and birth date. My first name is Hema Darshini and last name is Selvaraju. I born on 19th Dec 1986. ~I believe the quote which says “life is about creating yourself”~ having said such does these karmic 19th going to be hard on me? confused.


  13. 18lizzie says:

    Christine…this resonated so deeply. Such wisdom…copying and reading it often. Thank you so much.


  14. Tiny Boogie says:

    My father is feb 13, 1930. He is lifepath 19/1. I now understand his extreme violence, his extreme ego, and his extreme anger and frusteration in this life. He is not at peace even at 86 and his extreme controlling ways, I always new deep down inside he is an insiecure man. He has Karma that is catching up to him now.


  15. I am just now learning about numerology and it is fascinating! This article was wonderful to read! I tried figuring out my life path number and I come up with a 1. However, I stumbled upon 9 definition and I am much more a 9 then a 1. My birth date is 12/18/1987. Am I really a 19/1? Thanks for your help!! ❤


    • Hello Amanda, yes your Destiny Path is 19/1, but do keep in kind that this is only one aspects of your multi-aspected chart. The Destiny Path is the main path you will travel, and the 19/1 energy is not always active. Your Destiny Path is 1, which is influenced by the karmic number 19. As for the 9 energy, you have plenty of that too. After all, you were born on the 18th. 1+8=9. Therefore, 9 is your Birthday Number, which is also part of your core energy. I hope this is helpful.

      Be sure to read your yearly, monthly and weekly forecasts on my new web site. There is a lot of insight to be gained there. You are in the 4 Year in 2017. http://www.creativenumerology.com
      With love,


  16. Jennifer says:

    This article is amazing and powerful. Jennifer

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Henrique says:

    I was trying to understand why 19 and some other numbers are considered Karmic and then i stumbled upon your article. I never found such a deep article and your words touched me. I’m on a 6 year now, entering next year a 7 year and this text is very useful to the soul searching and introspection i’ll have to go through. I have a karmic life path number (19) and i can see myself on my things you describe. I hope i’m able to dominate my dark side and maybe be a positive energy in this suffering world. I really thank you for your wise words!


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