AMERICA: A Chance To Change

With nothing ‘trickling down’, the industrial system continues to collapse under the weight of it’s own top-heaviness. The USA is in a 6 national year – the number of responsibility and balance. August is the 8th month of the year, and 8 is the number of power on the material plane. Our limited understanding of 8 confines its focus to matters of finance, status, materiality, bullying, greed, and the notion that some human beings are ‘superior’ and therefore more ‘entitled’ than others. But there is so much more to the 8 energy than that. So much beauty. So much creativity. 8 is the number of strength, manifestation and abundance.

On August 1st (8/1), a cluster of 8 energy occurred in Congress, the house that controls the government’s finances. This burst of 8 revolved around representative Gabrielle Giffords, from Arizona’s 8th district, as she cast her vote in the absurd ‘debt ceiling’ fiasco. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head on January 8th (1/8) as she met with constituents outside a supermarket. She was shot by a mad man – a ‘scenario’ that is becoming all too familiar these days. The fact that her healing has been quite remarkable is also a factor. (Many more 8s are involved. See link at end of page.)

Whenever a cluster of numbers springs out of an event, all that numeric activity contains information which can help us understand what’s happening on  a deeper and longer-term level. For instance, the cluster of 11s that emerged from the attacks of 9/11/2001 was so uncanny that most people ignored it as some kind of fluke. However, since that date, the number 11 has penetrated mass consciousness and we have learned more about ourselves and our evolutionary course as a result of this phenomenon. Almost 10 years later, the USA’s credit rating was downgraded from AAA (111) to AA (11).

11 is the number of enlightenment – the bringing to light of reality. The end result remains to be seen, but what’s happening now, on many levels, does appear to be connected to humanity’s evolution from the electrical, masculine, intellectual #1 being balanced by the feminine, magnetic, emotional #2 (1+1=2) — and the fierce resistance to this fundamental shift of power.

This is not something we are going to experience some time down the road. We are deeply into this experience right now, and there is no turning back. On the physical plane, time marches on – and so does our journey through it.

8 is highly featured right now, and other numbers are involved too. The USA has always been referred to as #1 in the world. But, as we evolve, the very meaning of being #1 is changing because our understanding of this number – the number of self awareness and leadership – is expanding.

This is the 112th congress. (1+1+2=4.)

2011 is a 4 year in the world (2+0+1+1=4)

4 is the number of OBSTRUCTION.

4 is also the number of BREAKTHROUGH.

4 is the number of WORK and INDUSTRY.

The industrial system is now reeling and wobbling from the consequences of its out-of-control greed. Hopefully, somehow, this will end the insanity that greed produces, but it is likely that much destruction will have to occur first. Part of the insanity is that America’s ‘credit-worthiness’ was downgraded by an agency which itself contributed to the mortgage catastrophe which led up to the overall economic crisis. Such agencies have the power to JUDGE, and it is obvious that their judgments are not based on justice. Justice is another word for balance. The people at S&P have somehow upgraded themselves from criminal – to reputable.

The games being played at the top of this competitive system continue and, as we all know, the mechanisms of the global economy are indeed incompetent, unscrupulous, self-defeating and insane. We are being led by mad men and women who feel nothing about the suffering they leave in their wake.

Its July 4 birthday puts the USA in a 6 national year in 2011. (7+4+4=1+5=6). 6 is the number of responsibility, maturity, dependability, extremes, balance, domestic matters, relationship, health, and education. With an estimated 45 million Americans without access to healthcare, with the educational system being gutted by the extreme right, and with its leaders acting in the most irresponsible way, the USA must start to put its house in order. If it does not, then the laws of cause and effect will step in to create balance. 6 is the number of justice, judgment and judges, and along with the house of representatives, the corruption of America’s judicial system is slowly and surely coming to light. It is all connected.

Humanity is dealing with crisis after crisis, but what exactly is a crisis? It is a critical point in any situation where the opportunity exists to either worsen or improve things. A crisis is a turning point – and the way it turns is a matter of the CHOICES made!

America is in a karmic 14/5 month in August, (6+8=14/5) which is all about choice and change and, above all, learning from experience; learning from mistakes. What is even more revealing is that its birth date, July 4, 1776, makes the USA a 14/5 country. (1+7+7+6 =2+1=3. Add 7 and 4 to 3 and you have 14). America is living through it’s own karma right now, which could be a very constructive thing if the lessons of 14 are indeed learned. 1+4=5, and 5 is the number of FREEDOM which has always been America’s main lesson to learn. But that’s up to the people, not those who control the people. The timing is right for this because the 6 year is a time to reinvent oneself in the most constructive way. 5 is the number of the unexpected, the unusual, and constructive change.

America is experiencing a combination of the gradual change that comes with #1, the sudden change that comes with #5, the limitation that comes from 4, the focus on extremes and balance that comes from 6, and the emphasis on money, status and power that comes from 8. The judgment that came from S&P occurred on August 5, 2011. That was a 19/1 karmic day in America and an 8 day in the world. *

Everything on the physical plane has both a left and a right, and provided the extremes can be kept in their proper place – at the outer fringes – both points of view have validity. But left and right is a very limited selection. The ‘tea party’ is not a third party. It is the extreme right of the republican party which has been allowed to dominate.

Government does have a vital role to play in the evolution of humanity – to maintain the balance points which enable people to live freely. But it cannot fulfill that role until it evolves beyond its limited left/right structure, the very nature of which is constant OPPOSITION. The 2 party system must expand to represent life’s diversity rather than mere one-upmanship. We live in a totally different dimension of time now, which the world (not just America) needs to wake up to. We are all experiencing a giant financial and social wobble brought about by greed and which needs a serious and steady mind at the helm, not hysteria, brinkmanship or more guilt and blame.

The 6 national year is an opportunity for the USA to reinvent itself for the overall good. But it cannot make progress until it pulls away from the right and finds its true balance. When we lean too far in any direction, we lose sight of important matters occurring in other directions. As the USA emerges from its own denials and imbalances, and realizes how far to the right it has been leaning since the beginning of the new millennium, it must start pulling towards the left because right’s extremes are trying to pull everything in. To allow that to happen is mindless self-destruction. That is the nature of the extreme right, no matter which country is involved. It has a deep fear of anything it does not understand, but refuses to gain a deeper understanding of anything that it already ‘knows’. This renders it unable to learn anything new. 8 is the number of power on the material plane – the power that comes from correct understanding. In other words, knowledge is power.

Congress is meant to represent ‘the people’. But, until people start to express the truth in their hearts, rather than the conditioning in their minds, the house of representatives will continue to represent and protect the ‘establishment’ – those who are trying to drag everything into their grasp in the insane belief that they are in a position – and have the right – to control life – forever.

8 is the number of PERSONAL POWER. Once we realize that we do indeed have power, and stop being so afraid of it, we cannot be dragged back into denial. It is time to face our fear of the unknown. The reason unions around the world are being torn apart, and why workers have no rights when it comes to their own safety is that when people are united, they are strong. They have power.

But we also have to be aware of our own insanity in all this and heal ourselves with large doses of reality. Despite everything we know, corporations are making record profits while the average person struggles to make ends meet.  But it is we who hand those fortunes to them when we buy their products and services. We are the ones that empower them. They are in control of the human will, and this shift from 1 to 2 entails taking back – freeing – the will of humanity. This does not mean the end of industry. It means the end of industry’s control over earth’s resources, including the human will.

There are entire industries out there, (we may even work for one) dedicated to ‘diverting’ the attention of the masses from what is really happening. The dumbing down industry (communication) is alive and kicking!

As hard as it is to believe, we left the age of competition and war in 1999. We entered the age of cooperation and peace in 2000. But we cannot make progress on that path until we let go of the old ways which never worked in our favor, recognize our new position in the journey of life, and settle down in it. What wonders we could create, including true prosperity, if only we would bring ourselves into the balance of present time, and realize the extent of our potential as human beings. If only…



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Send your love” (into the future) …


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  1. Dear Christine — beautiful and insightful. Whatever is going on in your own personal numerological world, it must include the ability to see clearly…and to teach. Thank you.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You do great work!


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