11 brings light to truth 
and truth to light…

 The entire month of November is a voyage through 11/11 energy, and before I write about the much anticipated 11/11/11, I must say that the numerology leading up to that date is spectacular in itself. So are the numbers that occur after November 11th, leading us out of the 11th month of this transformational 4 global year. (2+0+1+1=4). 

One date that stands out like a beacon is Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

For some reason, the United States has a different date format than the rest of the world. The American format is month/day/year, while the rest of the world uses day/month/year. On November 2, 2011, the American format produces the palindrome 11022011 (the numbers run the same backwards and forwards). These are the very same numbers that occurred in the rest of the world back on 11 February, 2011, the day on which the pressure coming from a brave and determined Egyptian people forced dictator, Hosni Mubarak, to step down from power – an event that shocked, moved and inspired people all over the world. (I wrote about this extensively in my article dated February 13, entitled “None Of Us Are Free.” See link at end of page).

Tahrir Square, February, 2011.
 Times Square, NY, October 2011

November 2 occurs in Calendar Week #44 of this 4 global year. 44 is a master number which creates a lot of nervous tension because of the sheer difficulty involved in fulfilling its potential. And, of course, 44 is the number of Barack Obama’s presidency. 44 adds up to 8, the number of power on the material plane – and the balance of power is shifting drastically now. 44 also refers to the ‘meeting of opposites’ and our mistrust of people and situations that are ‘different’. Danger and survival vibrations are involved here. But 44 also contains the strength and staying power needed to transform something as massive as this corporate/banking/political system which has wrecked the world economies in a frenzy of greed – a system which prevents us from fulfilling our true potential as human beings. 8 is the number of finance and material gain and, inevitably, greed.

When we look at that palindrome more closely, there are three master numbers staring back at us. 11 – o – 22 – o – 11, which also add up to 44. November 2, 2011 is an 8 day in the world. (11+2+4=17=8). It is also the 306th day of the year, which gives us a 9 vibration – and 9 always intensifies the other numbers.

Madrid, Spain
Tel Aviv, Israel

The complex vibrations of November 2, 2011, will produce valuable insight into how our world really operates – and needs to operate. 4 is the number of work, workers and how things work. There has never been such a focus on the plight and rights of working people as there has been in 2011. 4 is the number of system – and never before has humanity been so aware of how this totally imbalanced class system works.

4 is symbolized by the natural shape of the square – and never before have so many squares – city squares, parks and plazas – been so visibly a part of human activity as they have been this year. Uprising after uprising, protest after protest, sprang out of square after square, all over the world – and because this movement has taken root in a 4 year, we know that it is only just beginning. Humanity has indeed taken a giant step towards freeing itself. We are freeing our individual and collective WILL.

4 is the number of foundation, and the hard work that comes from making conscious change instead of merely trying to adapt to changes others make for us, often against our will.

Source unknown

As we continue to break free from our denials, we realize that we live in a system in which the illusion of freedom is cleverly packaged. We are experiencing our natural emotional response to recognizing this reality.  The expressive pulse of humanity – the human Will – is rising to free itself – EVERYWHERE!

Life on Earth isn’t meant to be a constant output of pain, cruelty and monotony. Life is meant to be a voyage of discovery, in a state of free will. Life on Earth will always be whatever we choose to make it, and we need to choose wisely.

Tunisian artists put the finishing touches on a portrait of Mohamed Bouazizi

On January 4 – the 4th day of this 4 global year – the death of a 27 year old Tunisian street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi, (who set himself on fire 17 days earlier on December 17, in a desperate protest against years of police brutality aimed at him personally), became the catalyst that brought the emotions of North Africa and the Middle East rushing to the surface. Nothing could stop it. His last words are reported to be: “how do you expect me to make a living?”, a question now being asked by millions of people across the globe as the ruling forces continue to de-fund and de-power populations everywhere.  Born on 29 March, 1984, Mohamed Bouazizi’s 9 destiny path is formed from the sequence 11-3-22 (inspiration(11) – communication(3) – improving conditions for the masses(22). In the end, those are the very qualities he contributed to the world. It’s so sad that he had to kill himself in order to trigger humanity’s feelings strongly enough to get things moving, but his short and humble life provided the spark (and I’m well aware of the irony there) that is changing the world as we speak. His story is really worth reading. (See link at end of page).

3 weeks after his death, the whole world was focused on Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. 17 days after that on 11 February, 2011 – (11022011) – Mubarak was forced to surrender to the will of the people. The world was inspired. 4 is the number of hard work, determination, organization and BREAKTHROUGH.

 Seoul Plaza, South Korea
 Stockholm, Sweden

The will of the people is rising everywhere on Earth, through the latent power of our emotions – how we feel. No one can tell anyone else how they should feel because feelings don’t lie. Emotion is our honesty which, now more than ever, needs to be expressed. In the process, we will see people in their true colors and perhaps be shocked by their truths. We will also be shocked by our own feelings as they tell us truths we have been avoiding. Yes, the truth will come out. That’s what we are evolving towards – truth, sincerity, and the acceptance of others, even if we don’t like what they represent. Until we are honest with ourselves, the world will remain a cruel pit of dishonesty, and we will never be able to make the changes we need to make. Free Will IS ever increasing openness and spontaneity. Free Will IS being one’s true self.

 Berlin, Germany

11022011=8. 8 is the number of power on the material plane, the number of balance and correct understanding. Misunderstood  8 energy instills greed and bullying. Evolved understanding of 8 brings satisfaction. Greed is the opposite of satisfaction. Misunderstood 8 energy produces abuse of power, scarcity and ‘austerity measures’. Evolved understanding of 8 attracts abundance, not for the few but for everyone. 8 teaches us that knowledge is power, and by knowledge I don’t mean the endless stream of mindless dribble that the system tries to stuff into our heads. By knowledge, I mean awareness of reality.  (See link to article ‘The Power Of 8’ at end of page).

A general strike has been called in the city of Oakland, California on November 2. Will it spread? Will it be called off? Will it be peaceful? Or will resistance to change turn everything violent? The last time there was a general strike in the USA was in 1946 and, amazingly, in Oakland, California. That was 65 years ago. 6+5=11. There have already been serious injuries in Oakland and NYC and other places due to excessive police tactics. It is uncanny to think that the use of tear gas is illegal in war situations, but legal when it comes to civilians.

General Assembly, Oakland California, October 28, 2011

Something strange and wonderful happened on October 28 – (1+1+4=6), which could never have happened before now and which made our world a little smaller and friendlier. A move was made which brings the whole concept of ‘we are one’ into a more practical light. An important gap was bridged when pro-democracy protesters in Egypt marched from Tahrir Square to the American embassy in support of the Occupy Oakland movement which had been so hard hit by police on October 25. The rise of the WILL is worldwide and growing, and we are learning as a result how to express our emotions without hurting ourselves or anyone else. THAT is lesson #1 when it comes to emotional healing and our journey ahead.

When we learn how to use our emotional energy in equal proportion to consciousness, (when our masculine energy accepts our feminine energy as its natural and equal partner), we will find inner balance, and we will discover that we are so much braver, effective, stronger and smarter than we ever thought we could be. We are coming out of emotional denial now – out of the deadness of apathy.

 Source of photo unknown

In any 4 year, anger gets triggered very easily because it exposes the extent to which we are boxed-in and stuck. Frustration IS anger. There is nothing wrong with anger as long as it motivates constructive change. We are learning that anger is only harmful when it is aimed at someone like a weapon, or when we hold it all inside until, finally, it bursts out in the form of uncontrolled rage.

We are also learning that people all over the world have the same basic needs which are being squeezed, stretched and squashed by an industrial system that treats people as property – mere units of labor. Of course we are angry. This is not the way life is supposed to be. This is slavery.

* * * * *

… and then we have Thursday, November 3, 2011 (11-3-11), another ‘full circle’ date which affected Japan so gravely on 11 March, 2011 (11-3-11). It was the day of the massive earthquake that led to a tsunami that made the whole world stop and stare in shocked disbelief. And of course, it resulted in a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima plant, the damage of which is still unknown. That was a 9 day in the world. The number of endings, drama, deep emotions, intensity and giving. In my corresponding article about this mammoth event, I sited some surprising connections to what had happened a month earlier.  Much of the symbolism was the same – for instance, the circle within the square (Tahrir Square) and the circle within the square that makes up the Japanese flag. (See link below).


November 3, 2011 reminds us that the real power on the material plane is MOTHER NATURE. She rules! And what we are doing to her now with our constant drilling, fracturing and poisoning is going to bring big trouble our way. We must continue to protest vehemently against the destruction of the very planet that keeps us alive! It is not just alternative fuels we need to develop, but alternative lifestyles, too. Where technologies have become addictions and distractions rather than creative tools, big changes need to be made on an individual level.

Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland.

The entire month of November is a voyage through the 11:11 vibration which adds up to 22 – the number of large scale accomplishment, especially when it comes to improving conditions for the masses. Remember that all these 11s are made up of 1s. 1 is the number of the individual. Multiple 1s reflect multiple individuals. The masses. Evolution is occurring within and giving the outer reflection of revolution. And every one (1) of us is a part of it. We are 1. November’s sea of 11s is, at its very core, a sea of 1s.

Take your time. Notice the details. Be aware of what you’re feeling at any given time. Use 11’s reflective energy to discover who you are, where you are, and what, as a human being, you came here to be.

Be honest with yourself. Be self-accepting. 11 is one reflecting on oneself, facing one’s own reflection, and accepting who one is. 11 = self acceptance, without which there can never be peace in the world, because everything starts within the individual. The number 1 represents the individual, but in November’s profusion of 1s, the focus broadens drastically to encompass the masses of humanity in relation to Mother Earth – our only means of existence and survival on the physical plane.

St. Pauls Cathedral, London, England

This is not just an emotional and spiritual evolution we’re experiencing. As we change from within, the outer physical reflection will change accordingly. The will of the people is rising and, no matter how hard others may try to stop it in its tracks, and we can be sure they will make every effort to stop it, they will be unable to do so. Despite all the violence, cruelty and heartlessness, and despite the fact that we are living through the biggest power-grab that has ever occurred on this planet, human hearts continue to heal and open. Love is spreading – and love really is too big to fail!


click here for Part Two: 11/11/11



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  1. Ac says:

    Hi, Christne
    How the people that are born on a 11 day will be affected by his changes on 11 11 11 ?


  2. Penny King says:

    Amazing insight, as always. Thank you and all the best!


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! It mirrors so much of what I’m seeing and experiencing personally and watching in these global movements for justice. I’m inspired by this. I’ve been facing many emotions especially anger (frustration!) and now I see that it is par for the course and part of what’s happening energetically. You’ve provided some perspective on how to manage it…I need the reminder not to explode! I’m looking forward to reading more about the 11’s especially about 11.11.11 and the day of interconnectedness & opening of the divine portal. This truly made my night, I can’t thank you enough. It’s confirmation of many things and is no coincidence.


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  5. Very thought provoking article. Thanks so much Christine.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this. Hoping all will stay positive through the many changes we are all going through.


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    THis was very interesting thanks


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    Hi Christine,

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom during such exciting times. I’ve been following your site for about 7 years now and you are always spot on!




  10. chris2pi says:

    Thanks for this Christine.Although I don’t understand the numerology thing.I certainly understand the content of what you are presenting.And having intensely studied in this area I can see that the conclusions you’ve drawn together are 100% correct.We need to reject the phoney elections,parties and politicians in all our so-called democracies and demand peoples parliaments,which provide open debate,where no issues are muzzled.I have never heard,for example the nationalisation of banks discussed in our Australian parliament,nor the real reason[oil] for the illegal occupation/invasion of Iraq.When we have a real open discourse we can take the first step towards real democracy and real freedom.


  11. Very much enjoyed reading this post and its significance to our social-political-economic world at these times of change. Hoping to visit my local bookstore today to see if they have your book in stock. I haven’t perused your entire site, but do you have any writings about 2012? 🙂

    Much thanks!!!


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