Can we all get along?

Born on April 2, 1965, Rodney Glen King entered the world on the 9 Destiny Path which is always a dramatic and emotional vibration. Most people on the 9 path came here to heal specific emotions and to somehow share the benefits of that healing with others.

The numbers involved in his death on June 17, 2012, are deeply karmic. All four ‘karmic-debt’ numbers are present in this date – 19/1, 13/4, 14/5 and 16/7 – which suggests that there are evolutionary lessons to learn here. But they may not pertain to him as much as they pertain to us and what we still have to learn in order to evolve as a species.

(See links to these karmic numbers at the bottom of the page).

Whether Rodney King was aware of this or not, he has played the pivotal role of a messenger regarding the racial divide that keeps humanity, (not just Americans), split and unable to pull together. This separation is tearing us apart.

He was 47 years old (4+7=11 and 11 = 2). He was in an 11/2 personal year (4+2+2+0+1+2=11/2).  11 is the number of illumination and connection.

He was in an 8 personal month (11+6=17=8), and 8 represents self empowerment and correct understanding.

He died on a karmic 16/7 personal day (6+8+2=16/7) which is also the number of his own personal karmic debt, which comes from his birth name. Perhaps  he had paid this spiritual ‘debt’ in full and was ready to leave this earth.

7 is the number of intellect, analysis and wisdom, and it does seem that Rodney King has left us with one of the most profound questions of our times. “Can we all get along?” 

He was born into a 3 global year (1+9+6+5=2+1=3), and 3 is the number of friendliness, creativity, and communication. His famous question captures all of those qualities.

(I should mention here that a lot more is going on in 2012 regarding racial issues and their connection to the number 3. It is complicated, and I will write about that at another time).

People laughed at Rodney King when he spoke those words, and he was often misquoted. He did not say “Why can’t we all just get along?” His actual words were “Can we all get along?”

Rodney King was the victim of some of the most vicious police brutality ever seen at the time (1991) – and it was the acquittal of the offending officers in 1992 which sparked the Los Angeles riots that left scores of people dead, and an estimated billion dollars in material damage. And, now, with racism brewing again all over the world, what he has to teach extends well beyond the the USA. His question is global. “Can we all get along?” 

Despite being so overwhelmed by his emotions during that speech which was aimed at calming the situation in Los Angeles, he also said: “We’re all stuck here for a while – let’s try and work it out.”

That was 20 years ago. 2 is the number of the new millennium – the 2000s.  2 is the number of equality, partnership, compassion, peace, love, understanding and the freeing of the human will.

Rodney King’s speech (see video here).

The 13/4, 14/5, and 16/7 karmic vibrations

The 19/1  karmic rut

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