2012 (Part 3) MIDPOINT

The exact center of 2012 (a leap year), occurs over a two-day period, July 1st and 2nd. At the same time, humanity is reaching new levels of awareness about this violent system of contest and competition which is not designed to sustain life, but destroy it. Competition is so fierce that corporations are at war with each other, tearing up our only means of sustenance – the planet – to get at her resources. THAT is self-destruction. The goal of competition is to eliminate the competition. THAT is self-destruction.

What we are experiencing in 2012 is the end of this patriarchal system, and it is chaotic indeed. In numerology, 5 represents chaos, but also new possibilities within the chaos – if we are courageous and adventurous enough to discover and develop them.

2012 is a 5 global year (2+0+1+2=5). 5 is the number of CHANGE and FREEDOM. The brutal attempt to control the people is a major part of our current reality and we cannot ignore this horrible truth. But we also need to focus on the many emerging ideas, patterns, formulas and solutions for developing a new and self-sustaining way to live. Change is the chemistry of evolving life. Without change we have stagnation – the inability to move forward – which is where we have been for a very long time.

The ‘old guard’ lacks new ideas and imagination because money and power is all they focus on. In turn, this has forced uniformity (sameness) on the people to the extent that nothing is original, and there is no starting point from which to move forward. Mediocrity and inefficiency have become the norm – and it is holding humanity back from a much greater potential.

Now, here we are at the MIDPOINT of 2012, which is indeed a starting point – a point at which truth and caring can outweigh denial. A point at which survival and curiosity can outweigh a great assortment of fears.

July 1st brings us to the end of an ancient path.

July 2nd marks the beginning of NEW POTENTIAL.

Chaos is inevitable as an old era ends and a new one starts to form. One section of the population is hell-bent on keeping the old era in place, while others are diligently trying to figure out how to re-place it.

We cannot take a new road and remain on the old one. We have to let go of many old ways, habits and attitudes in order for anything new to form. We also have to make conscious the fact that desirable and sustainable change is not going to happen by itself. Each of us has a vital role to play. We are evolving in waves of movement – at multiple levels. There are those on the front lines; there are those who are providing information and encouragement, those who are seeking alternatives to the destructive methods of the past, those who give service to humanity in the healing and creative arts, those who are raising life’s new generations; and there are those who came here simply to BE on the material plane at this time. We are one, but we are not all the same… and no matter what our particular journey consists of, we all have something to contribute to a free and loving future. To each their own.

The numeric spectrum is made up of nine numbers. This makes 2012 a point of balance in itself. 1, 2, 3 and 4 have gone, and 6, 7, 8 and 9 are yet to come. 5 sits at the center. July 1st and 2nd bring us to the midpoint of the midpoint and, one way or another, the scales are going to tip.

Humanity is changing – transforming – from the inside out. We are not just changing leaders, fashions and technology. We are changing our entire experience of life based on lessons learned from previous experience. Learning from experience is a major aspect of the 5 vibration, and because this form of change is uprooting previous norms, stability will be very hard to find this year. 5 is the number of the sudden, unexpected, and unpredictable.

The only thing that can turn this self-defeating journey around is our firm intent and determination to make it happen. Intent is a formidable power, but if we want a more loving world, our intent must be more loving, peaceful and tolerant, not more selfish, revengeful and greedy. This applies as much to our personal lives as it does to humanity at large.

This is not an easy transition, not only because those who have been controlling life on Earth are doing everything they can to prevent it, but also because people are still frozen in disbelief (shock) at the idea that we the people are the only ones who can transform the world by transforming ourselves from the inside out. We can only take back the power that has been stolen from us if we are prepared to develop the powers we still have. And we have many!

Wherever you happen to live in the world, you need look no further than your own judicial system to see how imbalanced we are as a species. There is no justice where people who rob banks are imprisoned, but banks who rob people are rewarded – or where innocent but powerless people are imprisoned while powerful but guilty people do not even get charged with a crime. Inequality and unfairness are visible everywhere, and the rise of bullying and heartlessness, at all levels, on the basis of appearance, gender, race, politics or social standing, are the result of this dire imbalance.

Justice cannot take sides and still be justice because justice IS balance. Justice IS fairness. Justice IS equality. That is why it is symbolized by THE SCALES. But the scales have been knocked sideways by an all too familiar collaboration between business and government – which is fascism. Without true justice, the powerful will always prey upon the weak.

Justice is also symbolized by the number 6, and it was in June, the sixth month, that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a decision to allow unlimited multi-national corporate funds to influence American elections under a bill called “Citizens United”, which asserts that corporations are people and money is speech.

Corporations are not people. Corporations USE people as resources – human resources! A corporation is loyal to its investors – not its employees. To employ is to use. In this system, people need jobs to survive. But to allow corporations to rule every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave gives them a power that they are not supposed to have and are clearly unable to handle.

Money is not speech, nor is money the god that many people believe it is. The idea that ‘money talks’ limits the ability of real people to communicate. If we cannot communicate, we cannot know what’s going on and are therefore helpless to protect ourselves… let alone lead our own lives. Human nature is constant transmission and reception – communication at all levels.

July is a 3 month in the world. (7+2+0+1+2=1+2=3). COMMUNICATION, OPTIMISM and CREATIVITY are principle themes of 3. CHOICE is a principle theme of 5. Decisions will have to be made. The combination of 3 and 5 also produces a ‘pregnancy vibration’ which, for all of us, creates ‘fertile’ ground on which to build. Pregnancy is to ‘expect’. It infers ‘new life’ and new possibilities. We must keep this in mind no matter what happens.

July is the 7th month of the year. 7 seeks perfection and represents KNOWLEDGE – and there is an all-out attempt going on to monopolize knowledge. Notice how certain oil companies are penetrating the realms of child education. Notice how science has been centralized. If you want to succeed in the scientific world, you have to be approved by CERN which, in turn is heavily funded by the oil industry and, most noticeably, by Saudi Arabia.

Police forces throughout the world are also becoming corporatized in the form of private security companies, which have become a massive multi billion dollar industry. One such firm is providing most of the security for the upcoming Olympic Games in London, which begin on July 27. There have been many complaints that their methods are way over the top, especially in terms of technology, and may even put the general population at risk.

But whether private or public, we must remember that in any police state, the police do not serve or protect the people. They serve and protect the state. Laws are changed so that peaceful protest is judged to be an act of terrorism. Laws are passed to criminalize freedom and to make corruption legal. Keep in mind that everything that Hitler and the nazis did in the early 1900s was legal because the judges at the time made it so. This included the law which required all citizens to ‘show papers’ at the demand of the police.

Talking of the Olympic Games, there is plenty of symbolism involved here, including the 5 Olympic rings and the much criticized logo of the London Olympics which imbeds those rings in a very strange rendition of the numbers 2012. Many complained that the logo looks like an abstract swastika which, I have to admit is exactly what entered my mind upon first seeing it. All this is relevant because, let’s face it, the Olympic Games themselves represent the ultimate competition among nations.

What’s happening at the judicial level is directly linked to our own judgmental tendencies and our attachment to guilt and blame. We are conditioned to obey the law. So, when laws are changed to deprive us of freedom, guilt about breaking the law holds us back. How subtle guilt can be as it penetrates our lives even though it does not move and has no consciousness. Guilt is judgment we make against ourselves that we have done something we need to be punished for. Be careful not to mistake guilt for love. Love does not punish. Love heals. Guilt is the basis of self-hatred, and self hatred is the basis of the fascist/nazi mindset. We need to stop judging others for being different which we cannot do until we stop judging ourselves for not being ‘perfect’.

 Guilt and blame are the principle tools that keep us tied to the system. It is also no coincidence that the tie – the neck tie – is a symbol of legitimacy and allegiance to this man’s world which runs on the motto of ‘business as usual’. The neck tie is often decorative and artistic, sometimes quite beautiful in design, but it still symbolizes the leash.

We must recognize the roles that we ourselves are playing in the current rise of fascism, and stop investing in our own destruction – digging our own graves! We can start by making a real effort to figure things out for ourselves. The habit of looking outside of ourselves for answers stems from the feeling of powerlessness that the system has imposed on us – the feeling that we are just ‘little people’ who really aren’t capable of much. We are NOT ‘little’ people, we are PEOPLE.

While the old guard are leading from the old standpoint of force and trickery, we must lead from the inside, which is where all meaningful change begins. We have to learn as we go. That is part of what it takes to live intuitively. The 5 energy of 2012 encourages us to treat mistakes as opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t.

But we must guard against being manipulated on the inside by propaganda techniques such as the repetition of sound-bites, the twisting of words, and the writing of ‘headlines’ which appear to be giving news when in fact they are distorting it. Sadly, many people get their news by reading only the headlines. This is all part of the ‘war for hearts and minds’. Our hearts. Our minds.

FREE WILL is openness and transparency – and vulnerability – which provides the basis of building genuine confidence, and the development of something the world so desperately needs right now – IMAGINATION. The freer we are as individuals the more effortlessly life flows. Capitalism or ‘free markets’ are anything but free. What needs to be free is the WILL of the people – all people!

When the numbers changed from the masculine (I AM) 1000s to the feminine (WE ARE) 2000s, people started to FEEL on a much deeper level. This has raised our awareness. Since the beginning of the new millennium, consciousness has expanded and the world has changed for ever. But it has taken us 12 years to get this far, and we must be VERY patient with the pace of our progress.

2 is the number of patience. We cannot succeed if we try to produce an answer before we fully understand the question. Patience with detail is therefore essential. We must uncover the deep-rooted nature of the problem, not just its outer appearance; the cause, not just the effect. We must be patient for CHANGE to take its course.

While 1 created the era of the COMPETITION, 2 is creating an era of COOPERATION. CO-operation means partnership – working together. While 1 emphasized leading others, 2 emphasizes leading ourselves … and so we evolve…

The 2 energy is transparent. 2 reveals what is happening behind the scenes and shows us how the system works. The system can only operate effectively in secrecy, so we must take great care not to be distracted by insignificant matters or events deliberately contrived to avert our attention. We are still all too easily sucked in.

Feminine 2 energy is rising unstoppably now to bring balance to a system that has entered a stage of self-destruct and has started to fall apart. Feminine energy is emotional energy. The rise of the feminine is the rise of the human WILL. We must rescue and heal the WILL because that’s the part that was extracted from us and which fuels this system of slavery. The Will is our ability to FEEL and sense. It is magnetism rising to take its place of equality beside the electricity of masculine 1. That is why there is an all-out “war on women” going on. Unevolved 1 energy is trying to eliminate the competition!

But it is so much more than a war against women. It is a war against humanity – and what could be more self-destructive than that? The feminine must be kept down in order for unevolved masculine energy to retain its power. But because 2 represents equality, time is on OUR side and the ball is in OUR court.

We must stop calling time an illusion. It is our limited understanding of time that is illusionary. The continuum of time and space, in its multi-dimensional context, is what it will take to successfully make this transition. Anything worthwhile TAKES TIME! Time is the measurement of movement. Time is the framework on which evolution takes place. When we feel we have no time, we lose patience. The power of patience is developed through the acceptance of time. And here, at the midpoint is where time MEETS. We must look at how our actions in the past created our present circumstances, and how our actions NOW will create our future.

There are 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum. 9 numbers from which to measure and understand life. 9 signifies the spiraling nature of change and evolution – the unfolding of the journey forward. But 9 also takes us back into the past so that we can learn from our mistakes and release ourselves from old habits, patterns, and misunderstandings. Only then can the change that does occur be constructive and loving in nature. However, in the process of releasing ourselves from the past, we cannot avoid the many emotions that are stuck back there, feelings we were never able to express out of our bodies and minds. Freeing ourselves includes the freeing of our feminine energy, the healing of our emotions, and the acceptance of our own WILL.

9 is the number of letting go and giving. To give something, you have to let go of it. 9 is FOR GIVING. Forgiving means letting go. We are conditioned to believe that we must never look back because the past is gone and cannot be changed. But this is a misunderstanding. We must look back in order to understand how the present came to be. This is not dwelling in the past. It is the ability to learn from mistakes. It is how we release ourselves from the past.

We have to go back into the past because everything that ever happened to us in life is imprinted on us in a way that prevents us from learning anything new until we release ourselves from the grip of that imprinting. We can only do that by releasing the feelings that correspond to those circumstances.

Emotional healing is the next great phase of our evolution, but it is not a simple process because our understanding of emotion – feminine energy – the human WILL – is so limited. We cannot have free will if we do not allow it in – or take responsibility for developing it.

We have entered a period of equalization. This is not a matter of one side wiping out another side, but quite the reverse. We are talking about real equality, where the notion of superiority based on one’s material ‘worth’ can no longer drag humanity backwards. That is what ‘austerity’ is all about. Austerity means strictness or sternness. Austerity is the tactic of a patriarchal world desperately trying to keep itself afloat by keeping the feminine will of the people down. Austerity is a means of dragging, pushing, rounding up, and enslaving the people in order to keep the old system going.

“Air, water and soil are not economic entities.
They’re sacred. Nature doesn’t care about the economy.”
Barry Smit, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner
for his work on Climate Change.

Those currently ‘in charge’ are visibly and conspicuously unable to maintain control of the monster system they’ve created. Nothing can keep the old system going at this stage. It started to fail when the numbers 1999 changed into a whole new sequence – the 2000s – a whole new frequency! From electrical 1 to magnetic 2. This does not give us a ‘woman’s world’, but a balanced, sustainable world. Capitalism failed completely in the previous leap year, 2008, when the people had to bail it out of the economic hole they had dug and, even then, continued to dig.

We must fully accept reality on Earth because this planet is all we have to stand on. Mother Earth – Mother Nature – is pure feminine energy. Until we embrace this natural shift in reality, turmoil cannot help but continue. Here we are at the midpoint – the center of the center; the heart of the matter. This is where everything meets. As the journey proceeds, we need to pay great attention – not only to what we are told is happening, but most especially to what we are FEELING, because that is where our power is.


This is PART THREE of an ongoing series of articles about 2012 – the most talked about of all years. For deeper insight into 2012’s evolutionary and healing energy, also read Part One and Part Two


About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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14 Responses to 2012 (Part 3) MIDPOINT

  1. michaelewj says:

    This is fantastic Christine. Thank you. I am on a small group trying to do something radical to help transform the young people who were involved in the UK riots last summer. Some of our team think we are biting off more than we can chew. I will pass this on to remind them we are a small part of the whole.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kati says:

    Christine, thank you 🙂


  3. dee says:

    Wonderful, amazing, and oh so true. Thank you for all your insight into our world and our lives.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Your wisdom, your insights, are such a gift. Thank you for so fully living YOU and sharing yourself with others.


  5. subhra says:

    I love the thread of light that you have woven through all your posts this year 2012- this thread of changing ‘inside out’ and connect to our feeling nature and that of Earth…. Thanxxxxxx


  6. S says:

    “We need to stop judging others for being different which we cannot do until we stop judging ourselves for not being ‘perfect’.”

    That’s the truth right there, this should be on a billboard somewhere…I see this played out all the time – even in myself…


  7. Sylvia says:

    Christine this is so awesome, deep, resonant, thank you so much. I got the feeling seeing the spiral and nine together that way for the first time that the spiral also suggests the ever expanding ever evolving nature of the universe. Certainly there may be times of involution and reversal but always following by evolution and always with LIFE and vitality as the fabric . . . guess I cannot develop that further as it just stuck me reading your article and seeing that image . . . blessings always, Sylvia


  8. Gerald says:

    Christine, as ever your words become magically true as we see 17 or so of the top world banks manipulating the LIBOR rate, the rate the banks led to one another, but in effect is passed on to their customers, and therefore, their shareholders.
    In addition in the UK we have seen the banks, once again miss-selling Insurance Policies; the recent one being the Stop-Loss policy, sold when interest rates were high (around 6%) knowing full well the rate would drop, these policies were in effect over-charging their customers; not only that they charged 000£’s for their customer to buy their way out of the policy (Exit Fees). Small-businesses were hit the most. This comes after their over-selling/miss-selling of the Payment Protection Policy whereby they approved loans on the basis that the customer had to have these expensive policies. I understand the UK banks put aside £13 Billion Pounds to pay their customers off, if they claimed!!! What cost of the claims of higher interest rates and Stop-Loss policies in the UK, another £20Billion by the time the No-Win No Fee Lawyers have their way.
    Strange too that in the UK the Law made it a Criminal Act if Accountants and Lawyers were involved in any illegal Money management. It is strange that The Bankers have had no such Law placed on them. Under these new legal thefts, all those Executives will have their Roll-over Salaried, share option, Bonus contracts settled amicably if they are sacked or resign.
    But the people must understand too that Government (s) has a habit of taking from the Poor and holding it for “The Establishment”. A Few hundred years ago, noticably more so in France, but among many such Countries in Europe there were uprisings and the beginnings of Wars in the 20th Century, with Millions escaping to the New World (America) in order to seek their Freedom.
    Responsibility must come from the Top and with it full transparency, without it the system we know as DEMOCRACY will break down, slowly but surely, and in certain countries quickly. The Bankers mistakes of 2006/7/8 have still to be paid for BY THE PEOPLE, through no fault of their own. WHY? THEY DON’T KNOW WHY – because the US Government has not told them, Nor in the UK, and so on through the Democratic world. The poor, the masses are having to pay for a number of wealthy people’s GREED and MISTAKES. Austerity is HIGHER TAXATION, and a LOWERING OF THE STANDARD OF LIVING. How much will the people take of this? We shall see if GREECE, PORTUGAL,ITALY, SPAIN, IRELAND, and then maybe others can take it. For long, before more money is required to prop them up. Will we see GERMANY lowering their Standard of Living to help the European Union’s poorer nations…? In general more money has to be printed (and paid for) albeit over a long term, but passing the debt to our grandren is not the answer…
    WILL WE SEE THE PEOPLE OFTHE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA having to put up with a lowering of their standard of living, so that they cannot afford to eat out, or put so much fuel in their cars? Reducing the number of cars they own? Will we ever see the wealthier of American Society pay the appropriate Taxes as they should and not use all the loopholes imaginable to pay Peanuts on their Annual Millions. THIS IS WHERE THE PEOPLE MUST SEEK REDRESS FIRST before they plan the Health Insurance policy for all. I SAY MORE HEALTH POLICIES, MORE CLAIMS AGAINST THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, WEALTHIER LAW FIRMS, HIGHER COSTS SPIRALLING…and in the end the poor can still not afford their health policy???
    Thanks again Christine,


  9. Cathy says:

    Your knowlege and writing is inspiring and very powerful. NLP is the way to go Christine! Thank you!! x


  10. I am grateful for your post! I have been feeling and communicating much the same, albeit in my own simple language. It feels good to have it resonate with such knowingness. I would love if you’d check out my simple website for my organization…www.peacebeginswithme.org . I ask for energetic support helping us to choose the in breath of support for ourselves, so we can choose the outbreath of connection and love for others!

    Love and peace, Joan


  11. Michele FitzGerald says:

    Your comments and opinion are very interesting. It remains diffucult to determine a womans role in society when in fact we are defined by men. Our identity is WO man, of man, and it is alarming how we are treated by men. I was contemplating this recently. How am I to define myself without man? It was a curious question my brain rushed to solve but all it came up with was I was nothing without man. But mind over matter is not feminine. It has always been heart and will in an exchange of energy between men and women. Women have become aware recently. Men dont look so good in our eyes or like the influence over our sons. We arent angry like in the 80s and wont be defeminized like in the nineties and wont be turned into prostitutes in the 2000s. Men have run their course with us just like they have in business and politics…and there is desperation in their eyes. What we do about how we are treated remains to be seen. But our eyes are
    open, our hearts clear, and like Mother Earth, will
    shift her axis, change the course of nature, and
    protect her resources. It may be patriarchal societies
    but all that is natural is matriarchal. Reality is not real
    because it is not organic, it has a shelf life. And just
    like a flower growing in cracks of concrete what is
    organic can overtake and reclaim its landscape. Earth
    is our landscape. Women are flowers. I dont like
    what I see and experience of reality. It is man made and ugly. I dont care to live in a world such as we live
    in today. It is the vision of what world I do want to
    live in that feels real to me. Nature is beautiful. Like a woman. So what does it feel like to be a woman without a man….natural and beautiful. They need us more than we need them. Partnership is their only choice. And women want that too.


  12. kit says:

    It’s truly a relief to read your website and feel that I’m not alone in a nook of the world feeling this way and seeing the world this way. I’m grateful to hear you.


  13. Heather says:

    I agree with many of the comments above – thank you for sharing. when I read my various weekly or monthly updates I feel able to breathe a sigh of relief, I’m not “way out there”, this is in fact what is happening to each of us and all of us. I am at a crossroads in life right now and reading the “background material” on the type of year it is and where we are within this transformative year is so helpful.


  14. K says:

    Wow – unbelievable comments above. The insight that you have on this subject is nothing short of amazing, Christine. You are hitting the nail on the head, as are all of the comments here. This is a blessing to me today to see this, as the state of our country and world does not look good. Terrible, even. I pray we don’t have to “hit rock bottom” to come back up, to a place where there is kindness, empathy, cooperation again. I am tired of the rudeness, blatant disrespect, and vulgarity that has infiltrated our society. It is so sad. I fear it will take a major natural, or economic disaster to wake people up and make the turn in the right direction. Thank you for this 🙂


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