Aurora – in the light of numbers

What happened in Aurora, Colorado is becoming all too familiar. Such violent episodes have occurred frequently in the past few years – all over the world. As senseless as they seem, they always have something important to teach us at the time. Unfortunately, this window of time passes quickly and, very often, the lessons go unlearned. Right now, the numerology involved can certainly shed some light.

July 20, 2012 was a 14/5 day in the world. 14/5 is one of the major karmic numbers which prevent progress until we learn what those numbers have to teach. 14/5 encapsulates the whole concept of karma which is to learn from both our mistakes and successes, and make constructive change as we go. Shock is often involved with 14/5 because its vibration happens in bursts of sudden and unexpected activity.

There are strong numeric patterns here. James Eagen Holmes was born on 12/13/1987, which adds up to 5. (3+13+7= 2+3 = 5.)  5 is the number of freedom and constructive change. That is his Destiny Path (also known as the Life Path). It is the main vibrational route he travels in this lifetime. He was also born in calendar week #50 which further energizes the 5 energy.

2012 is a 5 global year. (2+0+1+2=5).

The USA is in a 7 National Year and a 5 National Month. 7 represents going within to find the self, and 5 is the number of the sporadic and unforeseen.

Holmes’ personal karma suggests that, from a young age, a deep-rooted fear of discovering his origins and his potential, distorted his perception of self in a terrifying way, which he denied. Denied fear is what makes a bully a bully. Denied fear always evolves into terror. Terrorism is the act of transferring one’s own fear onto someone else. Fear is a natural emotion and is not the problem. Our misunderstanding of fear’s true range and purpose, and its subsequent repression, is the problem.

The mis-channeling of emotion and the refusal to feel anything that does not feel ‘good’ results in a coldness that squeezes out any form of empathy. The heart itself does not turn to stone, but is surrounded by what seems like a stone wall which denied fear has built around it so that feelings, especially sexual feelings, cannot get through and actually ‘touch’ it. This cuts the individual off from his or her own love and produces an inability to trust oneself. Trusting others then becomes impossible. This inner disconnect produces a purely intellectual reality in which contact with one’s feelings is avoided at all costs.

Holmes is in a 3 personal year in 2012. 3 represents expression and communication. What he did in that theater was how he chose to express himself. He communicated with a gun. Several guns.  All the other aspects of 3 appear to have been twisted, too. 3 represents friendship and friendliness. 3’s focus on social interaction did bring him into contact with others, but for horribly destructive purposes. 3 is the number of creativity, happiness and the continuance of life – at the other end of which is destruction, misery and death. 3’s emphasis on optimism was completely turned around.

3 is the number of popularity, population, people, pop-culture, and the arts. This film premier was the 3rd in the Batman trilogy. Even the Batman story has symbolism in this case. It was written on the premise of justice and fairness which is a large part of what is missing on earth today. Ironically, Batman is the story of a billionaire whose parents were killed at the hands of petty mugger, Joe Chill, as he robbed them of their money and jewelry. This serves as a reminder that a person’s wealth is not the issue, but at whose expense it was obtained. Both loving and unloving intention exists in all walks of life and at all levels of existence.

Many of the Aurora survivors reported that they first believed that the attack was part of the whole entertainment package. After the incident, Warner Brothers, the makers of the Batman movies, decided to scrap a trailer from another film, “Gangster Squad”, which depicted gunmen shooting up a crowded theater. Perhaps there is something to learn from this about our individual choices of what we accept as ‘entertainment’.

There are 4 major karmic influences, 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1. All of them are highly featured in this tragic event. There are links at the end of this page to full descriptions of these karmic numbers. Meanwhile, note that James Holmes was born on the 13th and his first Turning Point Cycle is 16/7 (a long period of energy that began at birth and lasts for 32 years in his case). And the fact that the USA is in a karmic 16/7 National Year (7+4+5=16/7) brings the 16/7 energy clearly into this numeric mix. This is reinforced by the location of the event, the Century 16 Theatre Complex – and Theater #9. Theatre 9 is relevant because whenever the day and month add up to 9, as they did on July 20, everything is intensified and the entire emotional range is often triggered on a major scale.

Colorado has an interesting numeric make up. The vowels add up to 19. The consonants also add up to 19. Towards the end of July 19, 2012, many people in Aurora made their way to the theater for the midnight premier of “The Dark Night Rises”. It is also interesting to note that Aurora is the ancient Roman Goddess of the dawn – a new day rising.

The symbolism here depicts the continuing and unnecessary fight going on within all human beings between light and dark, masculine and feminine, electricity and magnetism, our thoughts and our feelings, our yin and our yang, our masculine Spirit and our feminine Will. It is this inner fight that stops us from evolving and keeps us arguing amongst ourselves. Although we are now in the millennium of the 2000s, we are still stuck in the patterns of the 1900s, and we have many lessons to learn before we can move on.

When the vowels and consonants in Colorado are added together, we get the full vibration of the name, which is the master number 11 (19+19=3+8=11/2) – the number of transparency – the great shedder of light – the number that reveals what is going on behind the scenes and under the surface. Note, too, that Colorado is the 38th state of the USA. (3+8=11/2).


11 is the bridge that takes us from 1 to 2, from the 1000s to the 2000s. And that is where we are all standing at this point in time. Still on that bridge. Waiting for the change to come. But we cannot evolve into 2 until we first understand 1, the number of independence – which teaches us that one must make those changes for oneself.

The vowels in the name Aurora add up to 11. The consonants add up to 9, and the vowels and consonants together add up to 11. Whenever 9 and 11 are prominent as they were, for instance, on 9/11/2001, there is much under-the-surface detail to become aware of. The effects of such events are usually long-lasting and more intricately detailed than is first apparent.

This violence is HEARTLESSNESS manifest. It is cruelty. It is hatred. And those sick energies must come to the surface if they are to leave this planet. They are not natural emotions. They are emotions (feminine energy) that have been distressed, dis-eased and distorted to such a degree, due to suppression, that they may be beyond the point where healing is possible. Terror can be healed, but the act of terrorism is extreme dis-ease, and unless the root cause is identified and soothed, only the effects (symptoms) are treated, and true healing can never take place.

Terrorism is the transference of extreme fear that is in denial. It is camouflaged by and expressed as enraged blame, and then received by others as concentrated and undeniable fear. If those who impose terror are simply killed, the enraged blame finds its place in a new source, even a new generation, and the cycle of violence continues. The root cause has to be addressed, but we also have to be ultra honest about the role ALL the players are playing, including ourselves and our denials.

Whatever you feel about it, let those feelings move within you. Allow yourself to really FEEL them because the people who commit these acts of terror have reached a stage where they can feel nothing at all. If you feel hatred, feel it. It is just you being honest with yourself. If your overall intent is loving, you will be able to feel it, express it, and get it out of your system without aiming it at anyone else. Emotions are NOT weapons and there is never a need to hurt yourself or anyone else when expressing them.

When we refuse to feel feelings we do not like, or feelings that we believe are somehow ‘wrong’, they build up inside until they cause illness – or until they explode outwardly. Whatever the case, precious life can be lost or damaged in their wake.

Survivors, families and friends are currently wrenched in shock and grief. Their lives have changed forever and their healing will take a very long time. I send my heartfelt love to Aurora, Colorado, and to people everywhere who have experienced extreme violence.


Read about the karmic numbers in detail:

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About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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10 Responses to Aurora – in the light of numbers

    • Karen Taylor says:

      Lovely Christine. I love your explanation that denied fear is what makes someone a bully. Denied feelings are so destructive. So many boys especially are not supposed to be afraid. We all need a safe place to feel and have our feelings, and start to learn how to treat all our emotions with love and respect for what they are trying to teach us.
      Karen Taylor, IL


  1. aurora b says:

    What we have here, I believe, is nothing more than a CIA prank. In other words, I don’t believe there’s anything real here at all. This is nothing new, it’s a shock prank, and they do it all the time. When are people going to wake up to this kind of false flag crap. I’m surprised you didn’t figure this out.


  2. MBC says:

    Christine, As always, thank you so much for shedding light….for explanations that help us understand.


  3. S says:

    Can we please ask our young men to FEEL their hatreds – and believe me, they have many – tell them, teach them to allow the venom to move thru their own bodies. Encourage them not to “freeze” the hate, can we encourage our young men not to DENY those feelings within themselves.

    We must heal. Really. Holmes’s act was a disgrace.


    • Sylvia says:

      Michael Meade has done wonderful things to give young men rites of passage from boyhood to manhood, something our culture does not do . . . his book “Men and the Water of Life” treats this as a manly celebration of the emotional body . . . his music and stories are for this purpose . . .


  4. Dove says:

    Absolutely. It’s not about getting rid of any external thing, or the gov’s pushing its foot harder on the throat of the people with its gone-wild controlling. It’s always about the internal. As a people, we’ve simply got to get this–how incredibly potent our emotions are and how deadly they can be when we allow them to fester within, ignoring them, pushing them down, as if they’re completely insignificant. When nothing could be further from the truth. Stop telling people “don’t cry” or “snap out of it” or “you need to get grip” or “stop being so negative” … Instead encourage them to get it out, talk it out, write it out, exercise or dance it out … whatever ritual it takes to get this very real and powerful energy out of their body. EVERY DAY, or at least very regularly. Like exercising the body, it isn’t a one-time thing. Teach this in school. End the stigma on being human and having FEELINGS. All the love-and-light talk will do little (and often judging others for being “negative” all the while), until we get THIS. Don’t get me wrong, the love-and-light energy is a wonderful thing and muchly needed, but only part of the answer. Paired with emotional processing/healing, it is the true road to peace.



  5. C.M.Layhue says:

    I just Love your writing SOO much! I am truly grateful to have found you!! Thank you for you wonderful words, kindness, love, for being a light in a dark place; your words give comfort and meaning, understanding.
    My heart goes out to all who are in pain.


  6. Sylvia says:

    Christine this is awesome, thank you for doing this work. The numbers are so compelling. I am wondering what to expect when USA is in a vibration of Eight and Five sometime next year . . . as I have been doing a little of that recently, I found that physical exercise and moving emotion was very grounding and relieving . . . with that, no need for outer conflicts or reactivities . . .


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