THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 44)

THE FINAL WEEKS of 2012 – WEEK 44 – Sunday, October 28 to Saturday, November 3.  THE MEETING OF OPPOSITES

There is an obvious connection between calendar week 44 and the 44th presidency of the United States, currently held by Barack Obama, and that is a very important part of the story. But 44 also represents THE MEETING OF OPPOSITES, OPPOSITION, OPPOSING POINTS OF VIEW, OPPORTUNITY, ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION, and RESISTANCE TO CHANGE.

44 signifies both the highest and lowest potential of the number 8, the number of POWER ON THE MATERIAL PLANE. However, all too often, we associate power with money and position, while the real power on Earth – MOTHER NATURE – is held captive by this industrial system and viciously attacked for her resources! The reflection here is the gender gap – the inequality between male and female. And as talk of rape, sexual abuse and blatant inequality gathers volume all over the world, the system continues to rape and torture her, drill into her, blow her up and poison her – every moment of every day.

Mother Earth – the source of all feminine energy – is the mother of everything on the planet, including mother’s LOVE. What she gives sustains us as physical beings. She is a living, breathing, feeling, thinking, nurturing entity whose energy is rising steadily in the 2000s so that equality, balance, and freedom can finally be attained. She is reflecting humanity’s WILL, which is made of our emotions, and which is not free, nor has it ever been free, but is in the process of freeing itself now. This is reflected in the uprising of people all over the world which started in 2011 – which was a 4 global year (2+0+1+1=4). The symbol of 4 is the square. It was then that uprising after uprising sprang up in square after square in cities across the globe. When people change on this level and in these proportions, there is no going back. We the people want and need to be free to live our lives as we choose, not as dictated by people whose intention is to enslave us.

As Mother Nature now casts an enormous and unprecedented storm along America’s East Coast, a 7.7 Earthquake rattled Canada’s West Coast on Saturday night. East Coast / West Coast. Opposites. What makes Hurricane Sandy such a danger is that the warm air coming up from the South is being met by a cold front further North and forcing the storm inland. The meeting of hot and cold. More opposites. Precious life has already been lost, and as these events continue to unfold in week 44, we can only pray that the storm subsides quickly and that people remain safe. Perhaps this is a chance for ‘opposites’ to come together and help each other as needed. Americans have always been good at that. It’s not a matter of left vs. right, or even top vs. bottom. It’s a matter of connecting with each other on the common ground that exists in the middle.

God turns you from one feeling to another and
teaches by means of opposites, so that you will
have two wings to fly, not one.
~ Rumi

Be aware of the opposites all around you this week – in the form of male and female, rich and poor, black and white, North and South, East and West, caring and indifference and, ultimately, good and evil.

The final weeks of 2012 are sending major reflections which can help us understand where we are in the course of time. Reflection is part of the miraculous yet simple way nature communicates with us. In order to evolve, we need to develop our ability to recognize these truths – these pictures that nature paints for us – and absorb their information both intellectually and emotionally. Life communicates with us constantly, if we will just remove the blinders of denial, go deeper than the mere surface appearances that we often mistake for reality, and experience this metaphysical conversation for ourselves. It then becomes obvious that we are not separate from nature, but part of it. Life is nature – and running through the core of nature is the natural phenomenon of numbers which people are relating to more and more each day.

Communication, at all levels, is the most important aspect of what we have to learn at this time if we are to survive as a species. As the number 3 starts to penetrate the human psyche on an unprecedented level in the final weeks of 2012, we will gain a deeper understanding of the true purpose of the creative arts and the power of communication in general…. but that’s a subject for a different week.

2012 is a 5 global year, (2+0+1+2=5), the most talked about and anticipated year ever. If you are wondering what’s happening, CHANGE is happening – global evolutionary change! 2012 is a switching of gears and a change of direction. The chaos all around us reflects a sudden surge of change brought about over time by our actions and inactions. Cause and effect. This is enhanced by the number 1 which represents the decade we are in – the 10s – which also represents change, but on a new and more rapid level.

We start week 44 on Sunday, October 28, a date which gives us 2 more 10s. There are only 9 numbers in the numeric system. Therefore, 10 is the point at which we bring ourselves to the ‘next stage’. We are ready to take our next major step in our evolutionary journey. 10 represents innovation and originality. 10 has always been the number of competition, which really does need to be brought to the next level, which is cooperation. That is the difference between the aggressive 1000s and the 2000s. 2 does not compete. It facilitates. It cooperates and compromises to attain balance and peace. 2 is filled with caring and compassion for all of life.

The system we beleive is reality, this ‘man’s world’, is breaking down and collapsing around us. This is inevitable and beyond our control. But if we are patient and creative enough, we can transform the system rather than wait until it implodes. There are many dedicated people out there right now working diligently in all areas of life to do just that. This shift is the result of the change of frequency that occurred when the masculine 1000s came to an end and the new millennium of the feminine 2000s began. As the old system continues to fall, we have a chance to bring a new, sustainable, and more compassionate way of living into being if we are willing to work hard to achieve it. 4 is the number of hard work, and 8 is the number of manifestation.

Feminine energy is magnetism. Masculine energy is electricity. Opposites. Magnetism is rising in the form of emotional movement to bring stability to this completely imbalanced electrically-powered world. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within, so it is not a matter of women rising up to take over the world. On the contrary, the objective here is balance and peace, not more of the same old domination and war.

Meanwhile, unevolved masculine energy is fighting to keep the feminine down, because it is terrified of losing its superior position. This is reflected in the class system which puts a label on everyone according to their ‘usefulness’ to the system, and insists that an elite few are superior to others. It starts out on the premise that masculine is superior to feminine, and THAT is the gender gap we are currently experiencing all over the world. That is why there is so much emphasis on women’s rights, and women’s capabilities. But women are not some kind of ‘special interests’ group. Women are the KEY to fairness, equality, balance, and peace. But for as long as we allow Mother Earth to be raped and beaten every moment of every day, humanity cannot change a thing. But she can change things.

Climate change is the result of centuries of assault on the Earth. Our concept of time is SO limited. We don’t realize how change is the result of an accumulation of aspects all coming together simultaneously. That’s what 2012 is about. 5 is the center-point – the heart – of the numeric system. It is where all the veins of life MEET! We achieve inner balance by allowing mind and emotion (masculine and feminine) to meet in the heart as it pulsates in our chest and pumps life throughout the body. It is in the heart where opposites can coexist in peace. The heart is common ground.

But in mind’s fight to keep emotion from reaching the heart, it builds a wall around it so that it will not have to feel anything unpleasant. This can cause the heart to suffer terribly. A heart attack is often the result of mind attacking emotion. These inner tremors reflect in the outer world as Earthquakes. We have to learn to see the reflections more clearly because everything starts within. The inner battle is the outer war.

44 = 8. Unbalanced 8  energy produces greed and turmoil. Balanced 8 energy gives us smooth sailing infinity. 8 represents power through correct understanding. Power is not the ability to overpower others (reflected everywhere in the world as THE BULLY). In this context, knowledge is power. But what we are seeing in the greedy is quite the opposite. They lack knowledge. They are indifferent and incompetent and they do not know how life works. They are enslaved to greed which trickles down to the rest of humanity in the form of real modern day slavery. They are so narrowly focused on money, position, and material acquisition that they do not see the big picture and therefore lack intelligence. And it is that same narrow focus that enables them to bulldoze their way through life without even noticing the damage they leave in their wake.

44 is all about OPPOSITES – (extremes) and the 44th presidency of the United States was going to bring all the opposites into the open, no matter who won that election back in 2008. 44 represents breakthrough on a large and ‘thought to be impossible’ scale. 44’s potential for perfect balance – such precision that everything can be perceived in its true perspective. 4 is the number of detail.

Everything comes from the number 1. We keep telling ourselves that ‘we are one’, but we must remember that we are NOT all the same. We are diversity, assortment, multiplicity and range. We are chemistry! 2012 is a 5 global year, and 5 is the number of variety, the different and the unusual. 5 focuses on different cultures, climates and travel, the extraordinary and unexpected. The richness of life. Until we can accept that fact, we can never truly ‘be ourselves’.

5 is the number of freedom – which no one can define for another. 5 represents the freedom to live one’s life the way one CHOOSES to live it. 5 = CHOICE. To choose is to ELECT. But that will be next week, in Calendar Week 45. It has often been said in the months leading up to this election that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are essentially the same. They are not. They are opposites.

As we move deeper into the 2000s, we must allow feminine energy to find its right place alongside the masculine so that we can find balance and evolve into freedom. The following link demonstrates how a population behaves when the Will of an entire nation – the people’s emotions – are completely under control. This is what stolen WILL looks and sounds like, and it is very sad. But they too can evolve. We are One.

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… and be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. (See sidebar for links)



2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT



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5 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 44)

  1. Latifa Nancy Morrison says:

    You nailed it, Christina! Synthesing the energetics behind the weather, behind the election, you clearly illustrate how our personal dance of opposites is recapitulated and mirrored in our shared dance of Manifestation!

    Big Aloha & Respect,
    Latifa in Honolulu


  2. GMS says:

    This article, your words bring such comfort.. I’ve been feeling quite alone in my little corner of the globe, where others seem oblivious… thank you xx


  3. dee says:

    So insightful. So beautifully written. So true. Thank you for helping us to understand ourselves and the world around us.


  4. S.S. says:



  5. Anonymous says:

    Love you, Christine!


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