THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 45)


 If you get the feeling that everything is happening too quickly, or that too much is happening at the same time, your perceptions are correct. In the 5 global energy of 2012, there is a whirlwind brewing which is bringing sudden and unexpected events and understandings. There are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum and, as 5 sits at the center of all the other numbers, calendar week 45 increases the intensity because 45 is the sum of all the numbers from 1 to 9 put together.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45, and 45 adds up to 9.


These are unprecedented times. Everything is converging so rapidly that it’s impossible to understand the full implications, but the numbers involved can help us see a little more.

Last week’s focus on ‘opposites’ continues into calendar week 45. November always shines the light of 11 onto shadows and cover-ups, but November 2012 does seem to have greater significance. 11 is the only means of reaching 2, (1+1=2), and is a vivid symbol of humanity’s evolution. Transformation is occurring at all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

11/2 illuminates areas of darkness and secrecy and brings transparency into the world. The focus on 11 over the past three decades has enabled us to SEE, SENSE and KNOW what’s going on. But 11 can also turn us into dreamers and idealists who don’t actually get anything done, and we need to change that. 11 is made of two 1s, and masculine 1 represents ACTION. However, feminine 2 represents action that will sustain life, not destroy it. Together, there is balance.

Not only is the human journey moving from one millennium to another, from the 1000s to the 2000s, but also, in this number-based world, we are traveling the first steps of the Fibonacci Sequence, which is also 1+1 = 2. In December, we will arrive at the next step of the Fibonacci sequence, which is 2+1 = 3 – the number of communication and the arts. 3 is going to play a major role in our lives from then on. These are the most basic steps we take in life: Paternal 1, Maternal 2, and 3, the child. What’s going on in the world, and in our personal lives, are lessons about the continuity of life – survival – which applies to all of us, regardless of geography or circumstance.

 The Fibonacci Spiral over the USA in Week 44 ~ source unknown

Week 45 is a 9 calendar week, (4+5=9), and it is one of the busiest weeks I have ever seen in my study of numbers. I can only cover a few key issues, and in this 5 year of drastic and fundamental change, the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday, November 6, is brimming with numeric significance.

November = 11
Day = 6
2+0+1+2 = 5
11+6+5 = 22/4

November 6th is a 22/4 day in the world. This is the master number of building, rebuilding, precision, and improving conditions for the masses — or, at its shallow end, the number of uninformed and uncaring power that creates chaos instead.

At this crucial stage of human evolution, the importance of this election cannot be understated. 2012 is  a 5 global year. Will week 45 be the week in which Mitt Romney becomes the 45th president of the United States? Or will the 44th president, Barack Obama, remain in place? I think , and hope, it will be the latter because the result of this election is the difference between going backwards or going forward, not only from a political standpoint, but from an evolutionary one as well. 44 also signifies ‘the meeting of opposites’. If humanity is to survive, we need to develop peaceful intent and find strength in unity.

The United states is in the introspective 7 National year and, in November, a 9 National month. It may be plain to see, or it may be subtle, but something significant will end this week.

The master number 22 is expansive on November 6 because, further down the path in week 47, on November 22, we have the 49th anniversary of the murder of President John F. Kennedy. The final weeks of 2012 are vividly connected to each other, and to the past, present and future. Week 47 is an 11 global week (4+7=11) in an 11 global month. And 49 connects us to the 13/4 karmic vibration which will strongly influence our lives for the next 5 weeks, relating to industry, work, system (how things work), the system in which we live, limitation, obstruction, jobs and ‘making a living’.

For many weeks to come, numeric connections are likely to take us back to the past so that misinformation, misunderstanding, and outright lies can be seen for what they are. What a complicated and far-reaching day November 6 is, with the instability of a leap-year thrown into the mix.

This is a week to stop putting things off, and get things finished. One of President Obama’s campaign slogans was “let’s finish what we started…” which, in this week of endings and conclusions, does appear to be the message that this week brings, regardless of who you’re voting for, or whether you’re voting at all. This is global energy, not just American. No matter who wins this election, people, everywhere, are going to have to put differences aside and start pulling together.

Throughout the week, there is likely to be a lot of scrambling going on, all over the world, by scared people trying to cover their tracks as 11 continues to bring light and transparency. Again, it’s not all political and world-stage stuff. It is happening in our own lives, too. That’s what all those memories are about. The past is returning so that the reality of what happened – the truth – can reach consciousness.

As a result, we may find that we have been unconsciously holding on to people and situations that have no bearing on our lives now. The only reason they are in our memory banks in an uncomfortable way is because something we felt back then was never expressed. Hurt feelings must be allowed to heal, so that matters of the past can be concluded and we can move into present time, which is where all meaningful change occurs.

Among 9’s characteristics is the power to prevent us from moving any further in a direction that is not right for us. 9 brings situations to an end so that something new can begin. In this week of endings, when something concludes, we must be able to let go. Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially now that we are feeling everything more deeply than ever. Whether we realize it or not, we are developing courage.

Letting go of old emotion, old understandings, and old ways of life, are some of the final steps of the great spiritual awakening that people have been discussing and analyzing for decades. This old energy is being triggered by events taking place in the present. 2012 is the most talked about and analyzed year we have ever known. The time is right. But it’s not going to happen on its own. The emotional healing process must be given consciousness if we are to free ourselves. Then there will be nothing left to see but the reality that our previous understandings and misunderstandings created. From there, we can find the answers we need.

This means letting go of the various distractions to which we deliberately succumb in order to avoid looking at reality. Humanity is evolving. Even those who are causing most of the problems can evolve if they let go of the fear that causes them to resist love. CHANGE of this magnitude requires great patience and tolerance, a willingness to look at life from different angles, and with careful attention to detail.

We are too impatient for answers and results. We don’t go deeply enough into what matters. This prevents us from learning anything new. We want instant solutions – never mind the facts. Consequently, we keep repeating the same old mistakes over and over which is reflected in 5’s karmic vibration, 14. Our inability to learn is what keeps the karmic wheel rolling in adverse territory – and we’ll be dealing with a lot of 13/4 and 14/5 karmic energy for several weeks.

There is a link to the “Karmic Energies” at the end of this page.

We must be patient with the pace of change. We must understand the length of time it takes for one event to play itself out. It was 23 years ago, on the 9th of November, 1989, (a 9 global year, week 45), that the Berlin Wall and communism began their fall. IT TOOK 19 YEARS for the impact of that ending to be felt at the other end of the economic body, capitalism, resulting in the financial crisis of 2008. When one extreme falls, it is only a matter of time before the other extreme is impacted. 2008 was just 4 years ago, but in weeks 45 and 46, the start of another major completion is due.

No matter what our outer experience happens to be this week, memories are surfacing and churning up issues that we thought were long gone – issues we thought we ‘got over’ but we actually pushed into denial. The feminine vibrations of the 2000s are helping us to heal and release this old emotional energy, from the perspective of love, rather than judgment.

Unnecessary connections to the past keep us tied there, often without our realizing it. In this week’s intense 45/9 energy, we must be careful not to throw these unresolved issues back into denial now that we know they are causing our current problems. Finding the cause of an effect means that you can finally find a solution and let go. In many cases, the solution is going to be to FORGIVE and let go (not necessarily forgive and forget). The problems of today were created in the past. And the solutions can only be found in the present by learning what past mistakes and experiences had to teach us. That’s a principle rule of the 14/5 karmic energy. Learn from mistakes. Learn as you go. Try not to battle with your memories. The freeing of memory is the lightening of load!

Denial is preventing the past from moving into its right position, behind us. What keeps us connected to the past are the emotions we never got to express because judgment told us it was ‘wrong’ to feel that way. Judgment comes in two mirror-forms: guilt and blame, neither of which are emotions. Judgments are points of view to which we became attached. Judgment prevents emotional movement by judging it. The objective of guilt and blame is to stop movement – to stop life. And yet neither guilt or blame are conscious energies. They are unmoving energies which oppose movement of any kind. But life is movement!

We must stop judging our emotions – our feminine energy. We must stop judging ourselves for what we are feeling; for being truthful with ourselves. And we must stop judging each other in the petty and unnecessary ways we do. This hatred of the feminine is being reflected on earth as the ‘war on women’, but it is actually a war against the evolution of humanity, kept in place by unmoving, unrelenting judgment.

Week 45 enables us to face those old reflections that never got a chance to heal. 5 is the number of EXPERIENCE, and this is a chance to let those old experiences move into their correct position… behind you. Only then can you know the true extent of the experience you have amassed – your knowledge and understanding, your special qualities, your ability to learn, your joys, your relationships, your anger, your love, your hope, your loneliness, your pleasures, your sorrows – YOUR experience of life. Your experience is your wisdom and expertise. Let yourself FEEL who you really are and express what you really know.

When 4 and 5 combine, adverse situations can be ended through transforming what is broken. 45 promotes practical change by accepting the realities involved, and building a new reality in which old mistakes are not repeated. This will take dedication and hard work – and since lack of work is one of the biggest problems in the world right now, just think of how things can change by rebuilding the broken infrastructures in our physical world!

4 is the number of system, and the building of structure. We have to rebuild with prevention in mind, and this applies to our own lives – our own bodies – as much as it does to cities and other material areas. 4 is the number of MATTER and PHYSICAL FORM.

This week, 13/4 is showing us the difference between determination and stubbornness, and 14/5 is showing us the difference between irresponsibility and flexibility.

Ignorance – the deliberate ignoring – of the effect humanity has had on the planet is ending now. At last, the effects are undeniable, and although some will continue  to argue a different point of view, their ignorance will become irrelevant.

Not only is climate change going to happen – it HAS happened. It is happening right now. And it’s all part of something much bigger – EARTH CHANGE – which is affecting every aspect of life on the planet. Mother Earth (feminine energy) will not allow us to destroy her, and that is also what’s going on within everyone of us. Everything starts within and, bit by bit, we are increasing our personal power by developing our ability to feel.






… and be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. (See sidebar for links)




2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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7 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 45)

  1. Sam says:

    This is great work.

     “Judgment comes in two mirror-forms: guilt and blame, neither of which are emotions. Judgments are points of view to which we became attached. Judgment prevents emotional movement by judging it. The objective of guilt and blame is to stop movement – to stop life. And yet neither guilt or blame are conscious energies. They are unmoving energies which oppose movement of any kind. But life is movement!”


  2. Anonymous says:

    That was brilliant Christine, and very helpful too .
    Thanks !


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing contributing. ❤ Thank You


  4. Gerald says:

    Oh Christine, How well written. I wish this article (Week 45) could be published in every Newspaper and put up in every University in the world, North, South, East and West. I truly believe you are so attuned that you have been allowed to bring to the world so many truths – from a higher source.
    Many men and women, I am sure, in the 20th century and in this new Millennium have been lighting a path for other bold souls to take. It is all about “pulling together” as you wrote. This is not just about Governments and Politics, it is mainly about acting from the grass roots of society, and Mother Earth through its natural changes that is showing us “How”! Whether it is a calamity in New York or a Tsunami in the Pacific, an Earthquake in China or Floods in Europe, or the Starving in Africa; we must pull together if we are to have peace throughout the world.
    But sharing and caring for others will have its price, if as the Masters advise us the America was to be the new blending of different races and religions 3 centuries ago, then it must show the way. To me Mr Obama may have lost his way these last 4 difficult years, maybe he has been influenced by ‘the established old school’ maybe he always intended to be more of a Captain when finances had improved in his second term, but he should have shown his true colours by now – the financial difficulties will continue another 4 years at least.
    The West needs a leader. Europe (the EU) is trying to delay the obvious, the old Politicians have spent too much money on too little, buying votes so as to continue with their over-payed salaries, pensions and expense accounts, instead of ‘paying off debt and only paying for what the country could afford, not take its voting public into further years of debt that even their great grandchildren cannot pay off.
    We advise our children to save for what they want, not get into debt. Now all the kids want IT NOW and there are plenty of Banks and Finance Houses offering them money to have it NOW. THIS IS WHAT IS BREAKING WESTERN SOCIETY. But through the natural disasters that are arriving more frequently, the people have a chance to save themselves, and say “Enough is Enough”.
    This period in history is not just about ‘The Arab Spring’, soon it will be Russia and/or China’s people that will be saying ‘Enough is Enough’ anyway, maybe we will see it in Europe too. It is about raising ones consciousness and being less selfish, and more caring, being patient for what ones desires. Our way of life is being tested and it requires to be changed, otherwise a greater natural force will bring that change about.
    Thank you once again Christine, you are truly ‘In Tune with the Infinite’. Even your personal numbers are interesting too, so I will be looking to see your new Wisdom after your birthday, at the end of the month!!!
    God Bless to you and all your family, Gerald.


  5. S.S. says:

    Thank you, this is beautiful …and so helpful. Much love .


  6. Julianne says:

    Good Lord, Christine! These past few days have seen so many “endings” for me personally. I am in the final weeks of my 6 year and have (for several months) already felt the effects of the 7 year approaching. This looks to be a difficult one if I don’t keep my perspectives grounded. But back to the “endings”…so many, so quickly, some so unexpectedly. What is going on here?


  7. N says:

    Thank you, I look forward to reading your posts every week. I found this interesting and wanted to share: Dixville Notch in NH only has 10 residents. They casted their votes at midnight and they tied 5 to 5. Another small community in NH also casted their 33 votes at midnight and Obama had 23, Romney had 9, and Libertarian Gary Johnson had one.,0,3993232.story


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