THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 46)


 1 brings CHANGE and NEW BEGINNINGS. The direction of the human journey has shifted drastically in response to our increased awareness and the DESIRE for a better way to live. Here in week 46, (which adds up to 10), we can sense that something of great magnitude in the world is beginning. 10 is the basis on which magnitude is measured. 10 is a fixed step in the evolutionary process which takes things to the next level.

The magnitude of CHANGE and NEW BEGINNINGS is likely to increase significantly this week. We may even find the word ‘magnitude’ being used with greater frequency than usual. The word ‘unprecedented’ also springs to mind.

10 demonstrates how zero is utilized in the numeric world. When we add 0 to a number, its value increases 10-fold. 10 represents the basis of the decimal system which is how we count and measure, based on the fact that we have 10 fingers. 1 and 0 form the language of the binary system, without which we would have no computers, phones or other electronics. 10 also represents competition and judgment: a perfect 10; on a scale of 1 to 10; and 10 out of 10 etc.

1 represents ORIGINS, and we cannot move forward while matters of the past continue to drag us back to the root causes of our problems. That is why so many past events are surfacing – so that we can know the truth of the matter, accept the reality, heal from the damage done, and move on with the wisdom gained. 2012 is a 5 year – the number of learning from experience.

November 2012 is a 7 month in the world – a vibration in which deeply buried secrets are revealed. Since the beginning of the 2000s, we have been moving further into a state of openness and free will, despite brutal efforts by the ruling forces to prevent it. Now, where there is a cover-up going on, there is a good chance it will be uncovered in the light of November’s 11 energy, and trigger a string of unexpected revelations in the remaining weeks of 2012.

Major scandals are forming in the USA, the UK, China, Portugal and Greece, all of which are in 7 national years. Australia and Ireland are in 5 national years, and 7 national months. But it applies to us individually as well. Secrets of all kinds are being pushed out of denial and given consciousness. The past is penetrating the present and we are finally facing the facts.

11 brings light to truth 
and truth to light…

 Week 46 begins on November 11 (11:11) which is one of the most evolutionary numeric sequences of our times. 11 provides the light that makes transparency possible. November 11 is the 316th day of 2012, and 316 adds up to 10. Week 46 is filled with 10s and 11s.

The entire month of November is a voyage through 11 energy, with two distinct concentrations on the 11th and 29th. 11 illuminates and inspires, and has been shedding its light on Earth in abundance since the beginning of the new millennium. That’s when the whole concept of 11:11 started to register in the mass psyche. Since then, people everywhere have wondered what it could mean, and have formed their own attachment to it. It means different things to different people – which is how it should be. 11 adds up to 2 – the number of perception and, in most cases, 11:11 is what we perceive it to be. 11:11 is often a reflection of our personal truth.

This week, 10 and 11 come together in a profusion of 1s reminding us that WE are diversity and, at the same time, we are ONE. 10 is the number of the current decade, making this the age of the 10s – the age of INNOVATION and CHANGE.

We are learning just how necessary forgiveness is to the flow of life – not for the sake of whoever else is involved – but for the sake of continued MOVEMENT. Life is movement. Resentment and holding grudges keeps us locked in the past. We do not have to embrace those who have hurt our feelings, but we do have to allow those hurt feelings to heal. Forgiveness is the final stage of that process. The 11 vibration is penetrating our personal lives as well as life on Earth in general. We are all facing situations right now which require forgiveness and letting go – and are realizing that it is not an easy process because it entails expressing emotions that we’ve been holding back.

We must approach the road ahead with love as our guide, otherwise we just won’t make it. 2012 adds up to 5 – the number of change and choice, and never has it been more clear that we create our reality by the choices we make.

Last week, (week 45), the people of the United States emphatically chose to stay with president #44. When President Obama was re-elected, the whole world, with very few exceptions, breathed a mass sigh of relief. The alternative would have been a disaster in itself. What Mitt Romney represented is what humanity is evolving from!

Achievement is most likely to come to those
who recognize that their personal happiness
is woven into the fabric of our collective wellbeing.
Rick Levine

The master number 44 adds up to 8 – the number of power in the material world. But our understanding of 8 must change in the 2000s because it acts quite differently to the way it acted in the 1000s. It was that 1/8 combination that fermented greed to the unmanageable level it has reached. Such is the chemistry of numbers when we don’t understand or care about their effects. Power in the 2000s is not a matter of controlling others. The 2/8 dynamic gives us a new and evolved kind of power which does not overpower, but empowers.

The 2012 election was not about politics. On the contrary, it showed us just how hideous ‘politics as usual’ have become. No, it was about survival. The American people chose survival over what could have been a brutal return to the very distant past.

Barack Obama’s personal numbers are fascinating. Of course, there are people all over the world who have similar numbers, but he is using his in an extraordinary way. He understands the power of potential and this is inspiring others to stretch themselves towards their own.

His name converts to the numbers 911 and his date of birth adds up to 2. As he speaks about a level playing field, fairness, compromise and cooperation, he speaks the language of 2 – which is where we are in the journey – the 2000s. Vice president Joe Biden urged Americans: “follow your instincts…”, which is one of the most fundamental rules of 2 – the number of intuition and the senses. The first act that Obama signed into law in 2009 (11), was the Lily Ledbetter act which assures equality for women in the workplace. 2 is feminine energy – and it represents fairness. And 911 adds up to 2 as well. It is because of 2’s perceptive qualities that we know when we are being lied to. And there are some very serious lies being foisted on the population at this time. This magnitude of mass deception has forged deep impressions into the hearts and minds of many people, which is the enslavement of the senses.

2 is the number of persuasion – not by lying – but finding the most effective way of getting a message across. In this age of expanding consciousness and the rise of feminine intuition within men and women alike, the only way to get your message across is to CARE about the people you are trying to reach. This cannot be done by surveys and questionnaires or any of the cold tactics used to ‘measure the pulse’ of the population. Neither can we, as individuals, judge each other based on shallow judgments about how we human beings should ‘be’.

Given the power that the USA has in the world, the American people brought us to a place where the potential for making real progress just shot up significantly. But there is ENORMOUS work to do – and it all starts within. The American election occurred in week 45 – a week of endings and deep emotions – THE week in which the majority of Americans made it clear that they know what is going on and said… ENOUGH!

There are people so poor, the only thing they have is money.
Kathryn Cassidy

All 10 calendar weeks from 40 to 49 contain the number 4 – the number of work, analysis, planning, organizing – and getting the job done. 4 is the number of system and how things work. The number of order, logic, boundaries, obstruction, limits, being boxed in, fear of failure, adrenaline, and BREAKTHROUGH. President #44 is best equipped for the gargantuan task of transforming the system on the basis of balance – instead of allowing it to fall apart under the weight of its own top-heaviness.

Life’s abundance has been siphoned to the greedy few who play deadly games with the world with attitudes of superiority and contempt. But with the arrival of the new millennium came the feminine 2 energy whose nature is to bring balance into life.

1 is the number of leadership because it is the first number. It leads automatically, and that will never change. But our perception of leadership must change from those who lead others to those who lead themselves – lead their own lives – on an even playing field, where absolutely everyone has a chance to be who they really are, and live in freedom, peace, safety and prosperity. Making that happen and maintaining such a balance is the main purpose of government. But this cannot happen within the current system. 2 brings transparency, and although there is still a lot to be discovered, we do know an awful lot more now about this system that rules our lives, than we ever knew before. We can see through it. We can see how things are being run and what really goes on behind the scenes.

In these new conditions, it’s going to be very difficult for business people, politicians and the press – in any country – to continue their now obvious routine of covering up each other’s transgressions. As the transparency and light of 11/2 continue to dig up past events, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep changing laws to make their illegal pursuits legal and keep them safe from prosecution.

Signed by Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, this billboard is now up in New York City, over an expressway that Governor Cuomo is known to travel frequently. Created by

People are EXPRESSING their deepest feelings in creative and practical ways. 2 is the number of sensitivity, and our feelings, senses, intuition and instincts are all part of the complex feminine emotional range that exists within each of us. With this evolutionary movement, the vital role of women is becoming more accurately understood. This elevation of women is the outer manifestation of our ability to accept and love our emotions, no matter what form they take.

In the decade of the 10s, we are rescuing the human WILL – our feminine energy – from those who would steel it and use it as their own. The human will is our true power. Without it, there is only slavery.

People everywhere are in revolutionary mode. But because we have been locked in the darkness of denial for so long, life is emitting triggers and shocks to awaken the senses. That is why one shocking thing after another is going on. Every day there’s something else. But there are still millions of people who would prefer to go even further into denial – further into unconsciousness – than face what is really happening to us as a species, to all species, and to the planet herself.

Life’s massive network of CONNECTIONS is what makes us ONE, and the way things go from here on depends on how much progress can be made together – common ground – that point at which left and right, top and bottom, meet. This is the point of moderation. The point at which adjustments MUST be made in order to maintain BALANCE.

The 6 energy in week 46 reminds us that 2013 is a 6 year in which middle ground is the central theme along with the extremes it separates. Without this balance, there is only implosion. There will always be extremes in this physical dimension, because everything has its furthest point. But extremes must not prevail, for obvious reasons. Common ground must expand in order to push the various extremes back to the outer edges, which is their correct place.

THE CLASS SYSTEM is so huge that racism represents only one part of it. It was formed on the assumption that money is the measure of a person’s worth. The class system is a system of hierarchy in which one’s title (one’s classification) makes one entitled to a higher set of rights than other people. We live in a system in which money is GOD, and the desire to acquire more and more money (greed) enables those who have it to ‘play god’ with and ‘lord over’ everyone else. The age of kings and queens, and princes and princess, whether in the ‘royal’ sense or self-appointed, has no place in this evolving world. That is what we are evolving from, and equality is what we are evolving to. In an evolving world, no one is superior. No one is inferior. We are one – but we are terribly imbalanced. The gears are switching. We are moving to new levels of understanding. And the ones who would rule us are scrambling to keep their behind-the-scenes activities covered up. The class system is breaking down and it’s up to us to be part of its transformation.






… and be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. (See sidebar for links)




2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT



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13 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 46)

  1. angelsong119 says:

    Reblogged this on angelsong119's Blog and commented:
    Oh Lord! I am sooo there, Christine!


  2. Adrianne M says:

    I appreciate your good work and the insight you give on numerology.
    However, as an Independent who was really for neither ‘combatant’ in the political arena, and especially against the way the current political party is taking us the way of the European countries into bankruptcy, the glowing remarks about the current President make me cringe.
    Our government is currently spending more than it collects, and no amount of ignoring will make the problem go away. When Clinton was President, we had a balanced budget. He had the ability to line-item veto bills instead of, as Nancy Pelosi said of the Health Care Bill, “…pass it to find out what’s in it”. When Reagan was President we we the ‘shining city on the hill”. Now we are in the same shape as most of Europe (like lemmings going over a cliff) – everyone wants government services without having to pay, which is impossible. If the government taxed the wealthy (which is now being defined as anyone earning over $250k as a family) it would still not be enough to cover the debts that our current political system has incurred.


    • Kris says:

      “the glowing remarks about the current President make me cringe”

      They made me cringe as well.

      I do not believe “What Mitt Romney represented is what humanity is evolving from!” In my eyes he represents a man who believes in tradition, family, religion, and entrepreneurship. What is wrong with those things? There is no need to “evolve” from those things. We had better KEEP those things. Moving away from those things is the reason the why the country is as corrupt as it is. That’s why women are fighting for non-traditional family value issues like birth control and abortion. Niether one of those things produce family or life. This “feminine” energy being referred to is not moving anything forward. It’s sucking the LIFE out of everything before it is even conceived. A world without traditional values, family, religion, and entrepreneurship is a scary place. And those are all things Obama, and a lot of other Americans, did not grow up with. This is probably the reason Obama and the majority of Americans who voted him back in are so willing to move the country as far away from those “ideals” as possible. Whenever someone feels they can’t live up to an ideal, they try to push it out or change the rules. The rules don’t need to be changed, people need to change. People need to realize that life isn’t fair, and if they spent more time building up the family, rather than tearing it down before it begins with birth control and abortion, they would have a family support system that takes care of them when life hits hard. The rich, the wealthy, Wall Street, Mitt Romney, Kings and Queens are all people that others want to blame for their own misfortune, when they should be looking at themselves for why their lives are the way they are, and asking themselves, “What can I do to get MYSELF out of this situation?” All the “bad” things Wall Street did were perfectly legal. It’s just that the average man didn’t know about such laws in order to get wealthy too. The laws aren’t hidden. If the average man knew about the same laws the wealthy know about, and used those laws to get wealthy, we would not hear any talk about how things are “unfair” or how the rich are “greedy”. Things are only considered unfair when someone else feels they didn’t get their chance to be greedy too. Then we hear things like, “there needs to be a revolution!” Not so. The United States government set the laws up that allowed Wall Street to do what they did. This is the same government that people think is going to save them. Wall Street didn’t steal anything. Sure they took advantage, sure they could have pulled back, but they got it fair and square based on the laws. That’s why no one has been arrested. I am by no means taking up for the rich, but “the poor” must get educated on the way this country works or they will remain that way no matter who is in office.

      Proverbs 22:7 says “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender”. This is a FACT most people don’t want to listen to or accept. That’s why most people hate religion. Because it tells them a bunch of things they don’t want to hear or abide by. IT IS A BIBLICAL FACT THAT THE WEALTHY RULE OVER THE POOR. It has always been like this and this will never change. Anyone who does not accept this FACT will remain ruled over. It’s best to figure out a way to become rich so one can no longer be ruled over. Hoping for anything else is just sheer ignorance. The government cannot change this and Obama cannot change this to “balance” things out. It’s biblical.

      If more people spent more time around the dinner table discussing religion as a family, like Mitt Romney, they would know this. Then they could position themselves differently in the world. They wouldn’t have to hate the rich or be worried about “imbalance” because they would already be positioned in the values of God that bring forth the prosperity they want, but will never get from a government who attempts to “redistribute” things.

      “The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him.” Romans 14:3.


      • Kris and Adrianne, thank you both for your feed back. We see things from very different perspectives, which is okay with me.


      • AL says:

        THE reason there is dislike for religeon is that is over 75% man made maybe to keep humanity in check and if we really found out what this is all about it would blow are minds.Religeous people tend to be self righteous and discriminate look down on those that believe a different program.Thank the universe for evolving us out of the quackery of the past however, we dont have to throw religeon (a personal belief) in politics to know the difference between whats right and wrong for the people as stated in the beginning of the constitution.


  3. Gerald says:

    Firstly may I comment on the above reply to Adrianne M; sadly your American Newspapers and especially the Television blames the ‘European’ way into Bankruptcy, they are not ‘Lemmings’ note that it was Goldman Sachs`Investment Bank that advised Greece to get into the European Union, when they should not have been allowed in(at the time)!!!…It was also the USA that has pushed the Western and Eurpoean Banks and certain Governments into Bankruptcy by selling them ‘Junk Bond’ type Debt Instruments, backed by a Standard & Poors rating as Triple AAA (when they were not!). China especially is keeping America afloat. IF IT WANTS TO CASH IN ITS US TREASURIES or MORTGAGE DEBT instruments, Fannie Mays or Freddie Macs, they hold, THE US COULD NOT PAY THEM. Sadly American Politicians have kept the American public happy by keeping Fuel and Food prices much cheaper than it should have for a long time. It is time, and has been since even before President Bush left office that the American public have to pay their way in the world. If any other country was in the same state the IMF would have had to help them out a long time ago. It will be a tough road even beyond President Obama’s term now to 2016 to build the US back to a strong position, which the Free Western world needs. However, with much less Oil imports and new mainland Gas finds will help the balance of payments and reliance on cheap fuel import from the Middle East and goods from China. But there has to be a fine gradual balance to handle this as we don’t want China to Crash, otherwise…( we don’t want to mention the consequences) No, sadly President Obama will have his wishes curbed with a Republican Upper House controlling things, but there has to some give and take, but we hope that they can make sure the support of the banks locally must get the monies into small and new business for them to help people into Jobs…D.C must intervene at this level…and get some guarantees into place, as they have for mortgage debt.
    …But I am interested Christine, if Hilary Clinton will be in The White House in 2016? When I looked at both President Obama and Hilary Clinton’s Numerology in 2008 I thought it could be either of them that could be there. HAS HER TURN COME- WILL IT BE HER TURN AS THE FIRST WOMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN 2016. I hope so – it needs it…
    As ever Christine, I always welcome your wise and intuitive words, and the above words you have reported are true, and the TRUTH will out. It requires Womankind to come foreward and in this I hope the energy from the West will support the Middle East and Muslim women around the world in their plight, to give them HOPE to show the Mullahs that women have their place in their society too.
    Best Wishes, Gerald (A Brit)


    • Kris says:

      I definitely think Hillary will be in the White House in 2016 for an 8 year term. I do not think the Republicans till take this back until the 2020’s-2030’s. This will give them plenty of time to regroup.


    • Hello Gerald. Thank you for your response. As for Hilary Clinton, Kris is probably right about that. But anything can happen in the next half hour, let alone 4 years, so I won’t be speculating. As for the rise of women, it is not only women that are involved here. It is the magnetism (feminine energy) that exists with both women and men and which constitutes the human will that is rising to free itself. That’s what all the uprisings, all over the world are about. And such enormous change does not happen in the space of a year or two.

      As an example of how long it takes for such large scale change to take hold, here is a paragraph from “Week 45”:

      “We must be patient with the pace of change. We must understand the length of time it takes for one event to play itself out. It was 23 years ago, on the 9th of November, 1989, (a 9 global year, week 45), that the Berlin Wall and communism began their fall. IT TOOK 19 YEARS for the impact of that ending to be felt at the other end of the economic/political body, capitalism, resulting in the financial crisis of 2008. When one extreme falls, it is only a matter of time before the other extreme is impacted. 2008 was just 4 years ago, but in weeks 45 and 46, the start of another major completion is due.”

      It’s happening and it will take however long it takes.


      • Gerald says:

        Thank you Chiristine, I fully agree with you regarding the feminine energy. I also felt that when President Kennedy went to the Berlin wall in the early 60’s, it was the beginning of the end for it, and the breaking down of barriers in general, including Apartheid in South Africa. I suspect also that President Gorbachov of Russia was moved by what he felt as the ‘Will’ of the West for peace and harmony for him to be strong enough to clear the way for Russia to be part of the world family. Thank you, as ever. Looking forward to your messages for the remaining weeks of 2012…Gerald


  4. I love the positive words you put to the potentials in the numbers and current events. Better to put out the positives and start that vibration going. Thanks!


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