THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 47)

THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 – Week 47 -True Power Empowers

When you are in chains, living with no dignity or rights,
bowing to criminal dictators, the first step is to forget
your fear and realize that it’s your right.. to be angry.

We enter week 47 with the all too familiar horror of a brutal attack by Israel on a densely populated Gaza. This time, however, despite the usual tactic of the mainstream media to take the Israeli perspective, people all over the world are viewing this atrocity with a much increased awareness of the history – the facts – about Israel and Palestine.

Palestinians have no will of their own under Israeli occupation. But we are living at a time when the will of the people is rising all over the world. Our ability to FEEL is increasing and more people are able to empathize and feel their pain, rage, and terror. We need no particular creed or ‘ism’ to tell us that it’s wrong to kill! We are evolved enough to understand this — and to know that war is a mass deception in itself. The ulterior motives of nations and men are always woven into war!

Interior Minister Eli Yishai said on Saturday of Israel’s military operation: “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.”  But surely Israel places itself in grave danger by overpowering Gaza while the rest of the region is springing up. The Arab Spring is no light matter in humanity’s journey into free will.

True power does not overpower others. True power empowers!

This week, restrictive 4 brings us to our limits and clearly displays the roadblocks we are facing as a species, so that we can learn how to break through them. 4 = breakthrough. That is what all those uprisings in all those squares in 2011 (a 4 year) were all about. They were points of exit. Breakthroughs. Liberty squares.

Week 47 brings more revelations, emotional movement, and change! The combination of 4 and 7 produces a vibration that is filled with hope and vision and, at the same time, fear and pessimism. In other words, it’s a roller-coaster. 47 are the numbers of both AUSTERITY and the LEVELING OF CLASS DISTINCTION. The fight for domination and the fight for fairness continues – everywhere.

At the same time, introspective 7 takes us inward so that we can find those very same blockages within ourselves. Such is the reflective nature of life. As within, so without. As above, so below.

It’s a 7 month in the world, the number of wisdom. A measurable expansion of consciousness is happening this November as we start to transform our ‘dumbing down’ into our ‘wising up’. November is actually a karmic 16/7 month in this 5 global year.

From my article, the karmic numbers:

“16/7 affects matters of SELF-AWARENESS and PRIDE, as well as SECRETS and LIES. It involves the ABUSE OF POWER… and the formation of partnerships for the purpose of outdoing or controlling others. 16/7 is the number of conspiracies, and not just the theories behind them. This is the ultimate ‘smoke and mirrors’ energy which comes from self-centeredness, arrogance, and lack of accountability. Love can exist within this energy, but distorted motives can result in some decidedly unloving behavior.”

The vibrations of both 7 and 11 are conduits for valuable insight – inner knowing. People are going inward this week and will probably want to be alone with their thoughts.

Week 47 is an 11 week in an 11 month. Thursday, 11/22, (which adds up to 33) in this 5 global year = 38, which makes this an 11 day in the world. So, on Thursday, we have 11:11:11, and we have 11:11, both happening on 11/22. We have 22 and 33 as well. That’s a very powerful set of master numbers all packed into one 24 hour period, especially at a time when the Middle East is on the brink of something quite unpredictable. Thursday is the 327th day of the year which emphasizes communication, both expressed and received.

This year, November 22 is Thanksgiving in the USA, a time when families traditionally get together to give thanks – and eat. With such powerful energy involved, this could be a very interesting – or intense – day in a lot of American households.

November 22 is the 49th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assasination.

November 22 is also the 45th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution number 242, against Israel, which, after a brutal 6 day war, emphasized the “inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war and the need to work for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East in which every State in the area can live in security.” Obviously this resolution did not hold.

The formation of Israel is a compelling and heart-wrenching story on all sides. Israel was created by the United Nations and Britain (the previous occupier) on 14 May, 1948. The occupation of Palestine will be 65 years old in 2013. It could be that this dire situation is going to reach some kind of climax next year. 2013 is a 6 global year (2+0+1+3=6) and, just as the 5-sided star was a symbol of 2012, the 6-sided star will be the geometric shape of 2013. The Star of David – The Israeli Flag – and the main symbol of Jewish identity. How can this old and brutal occupation not be in our consciousness at a time when human beings are evolving away from those old barbaric ways?

This situation is of huge importance to all of us because Palestine and Israel represent the most unstable and therefore most vulnerable point of humanity’s presence on Earth. What happens there affects us all. That seems to be where the survival chakra – root – red – rage – fear – terror – is residing. The entire Middle East is rising towards freedom, including Israel, but the struggle against oppression is just SO difficult in that area, because balance was distorted for so very long by the iron fists of dictatorship.

No one can give us freedom. Freedom is not theirs to give. The days of seizing power from others is ending, albeit painfully. Everywhere. Country to country.  And person to person, too. Although we do not know how long our journey into free will is going to take, or how perilous it will be along the way, we entered a new phase this month which becomes more apparent on Thursday, and which emphasizes innovation and a change of direction, consideration and the evolved art of diplomacy, communication and truth, and the need for a solid foundation on which to build – all on the understanding that everything starts with a feeling within and then takes form in the outside world. Both 4 and 7 rely heavily on the laws of cause and effect to reach their conclusions.

We can no longer get past our feelings. We can’t shove them into oblivion any more. We cannot cut ourselves off from the power of our own truth. We cannot sever ourselves from our origins (1 is the number of originality) and we cannot be original if we refuse to FEEL.

Creative 3 looms large for the next 13 months, enabling us to speak from our hearts – once we get past our fear of being judged, and once we learn to recognize the truth contained in our feelings against the illusion painted by this class system we find ourselves trapped in. Even those at the top of the system are trapped there, but can’t admit it because it would mean having to accept that they are no different to anyone else. Not superior. Not exceptional. Just human beings evolving into a higher version of themselves. Of course they don’t want things to change. But, like it or not, as part of the 100%, they too are evolving. Kicking and screaming and causing real damage every step of the way. They have rendered themselves so out of touch with humanity that they don’t even realize that the imbalance they have caused is going to destroy them too. The Will of the People has sensed the danger, and is allowing its feelings to move, express, and find solutions.

This is a reflection of our nature if only we would recognize it – a nature which is higher and deeper and wider than we ever perceived life to be. When the 2000s began, we entered a new frequency of time in which we are developing the power of our emotional system and all its appendages, such as senses and feelings, urges and desires, attraction and repulsion, and all the various forms that each of our emotions (our feminine energy) take. We are developing our instincts and our ability to perceive – to think, feel and decide everything for ourselves.

Meanwhile, so much is going on in the world that it is difficult to know where to focus, the pace is accelerating, the violence is escalating, and people are afraid and suffering. In the other direction, people are rising, feeling their own worth instead of being classified and labeled, and the corporate grasp has been forced open just a little bit, because the people demanded it!

We are the ones with the power and, as the age of transparency unfolds, it is plain to see that the system extracts our power from us – systematically! Our awareness, on so many different levels, continues to expand, but we need to be constantly aware of the fact that all the change that lies ahead will be the result of our actions leading up to it.

The 11/2 energy of week 47 can help us to broaden our attention span (which the system tries to control with trivia and sometimes with shock), and pay much greater attention to detail than we are accustomed to. We need the truth, and that too can only come from within. 2 is the number of PATIENCE and, in the millennium of the 2000s, we need to treat details more patiently so that a larger picture has a chance to emerge. We are SO impatient for results!

The laws of cause and effect are one of the main lessons we must learn from the 1 energy before we can move comfortably into the new millennium of the 2s. 1 is the number of origins. We must learn how things came about – what really happened – and why. Without that intelligence, we cannot learn from past experience and will consequently keep on making the same old mistakes and trudging the same old rut that we’ve always trudged. It is SO important to understand the past. What’s happening today is the manifestation of past actions. And look, here we are, with Israel attacking Gaza – again!

4 = breakthrough. We have been in the 4 weekly energy for 8 weeks now, and we need to find a way to break out of this eternal merry-go-round – aka the karmic wheel.

The same applies in our personal lives. We are frequently finding ourselves in the past because that is where the answers – the cause – to our current problems lie. We are delving more deeply into the past than ever before because we want the truth. Our fear of further stagnation is finally outweighing our fear of the unknown – and the only way to move forward is to release the unexpressed emotions that are holding us there. And the healing of those emotions is a process in itself which we will certainly be dealing with, in a major way, in the 6 energy of 2013. 6 is the number of extremes and balance. It is also the number of disease and healing.

4 and 7 form a serious, practical, and sometimes proud vibration which gives us the opportunity to learn new things by looking more deeply into any situation. By studying one area in more depth, we learn a lot about other areas because everything is connected.

Looking in depth shows us where areas of opposition actually have things in common – and if we do not find these essential areas which can be mutually agreed upon, we, as a species, may not be around much longer. But we cannot find this common ground without the desire to do so. That means letting go of all the misinformation and speculation and, quite frankly, put more effort into our thinking. 4 is the number of effort. 7 is the number of thinking. We’re wising up now. The dumbing down has to stop.

Both 4 and 7 represent LEARNING, ORGANIZATION, ANALYSIS, and PLANNING. Of course, all numbers have their shallow and deep ends, and at the shallow end of 4 and 7, there is a belief that their way of doing things is the ‘only’ way. This has created a separation of vital facts – obstruction, lack of progress, and stalemate when it comes to recognizing reality. But when these two numbers are brought together in the natural flow, as they are this week, the chemistry involved forms the illuminating 11 energy – and 2, the number of cooperation and sharing ideas. 2 also brings the art of DIPLOMACY to a whole new level in which fairness and equality are the true objectives and not some political or commercial aim.

2 is bringing balance into the world, with 11 as its conduit. 1 + 1 will always equal 2. In fact, when 1 and 1 turn sideways, they give us the ‘equals sign’. 2 is the number of equality – and that’s where the human species is headed. It will not be easy but we have to learn to organize and PLAN our way forward. The combination of 4 and 7 can produce an end result that is constructive, well researched, well planned and well managed.

Not only must we ‘will’ the future into being from the inside out, which is hard work in itself, until we become accustomed to the process, but we must also do the physical WORK which will make those changes HOLD in the outside world. We are capable of so much more than we ever knew.

There is a lot of guilt in the 4/7 combination. With so much emphasis on the number 3 in the weeks ahead, we must remember that 3 denotes INNOCENCE not guilt. And what we are likely to see is how guilt is placed on the innocent – the victim – in order to avoid responsibility for one’s own wrongdoing. Blaming the messenger falls into this category, too. All the cruelty in the world is the manifestation of guilt we have denied.

Notice how so much of what happened this year has been sexual and gender based. There are sex abuse enquiries going on all over the world, many of which seem to be connected to people in high places. Buried details are being drawn to the surface by our desire to know the truth. Again, this is a matter of people overpowering the will of other people. As we evolve into FREE WILL, we are seeing the plight of people (including children) whose wills have been stolen. There is a deep sexual side to all this, which is not surprising in a 5 global year. 5 represents sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender and free will.

ALL of the numbers involved this week have a common theme in which ATTENTION TO DETAIL is essential. Week 47 provides intelligence through which humanity can expand dramatically. 7s infusion of dignity can result in an all out refusal to accept the old ways of this system which numbed our feelings and dumbed us down. Humanity is finding its power – within the system itself – because the system stole it.

That is going to change because the desire for truth is starting to outweigh the fear of uncovering it. People instinctively know that the truth of any matter is essential for balance, and that lack of balance is loss of power. Balance is fairness. Balance is equality. Balance is justice. Balance is truth.

In true balance, power flows freely in all directions with nothing overpowering anything else.

The stories must be told. The truth must be released. We must be constantly aware of the different slants and angles being used to sway us. Don’t succumb to mere sound-bites and the mental drudgery of repeated words and images. Don’t judge a book by its cover or a situation by its surface appearance. As we question what it is we really value, our attitudes and expectations could swing back and forth in waves of uncertainty before a drastic change is made. At some point though, the avoidance pattern will undo itself and we will know where we stand – and what we stand for.








… and be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. (See sidebar for links)




2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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8 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 47)

  1. angelsong119 says:

    Christine…I want to personally thank you for bringing up a subject most wouldn’t dare touch. The Israeli occupation of land which was designated as Palestine’s during the Carter years. The continual encroachment by the Israelis has left Palestinians basically land locked. Yet no one seems to be brave enough to point out what you have. And who cries the loudest when they are attacked? Exactly….


  2. Gerald says:

    Hi Christine, as ever you cover the wrongs (or experiences) of the world so clearly. We humans are going through a difficult and changing period and we hope the Politicians, especially inside the United Nations and certain regional governments, can work together to resolve, with the Arab and middle east countries, problems that can only get worse before they get better.
    Sadly for those in Lebanon, what they say as “Palestine”, we should be aware that HEZBOLLAH (Party of Allah) has a few strong-hold areas inside, one of which is the GAZA region.
    Hezbollah is a Shi’a Islamic Militant Group and one of their main aims is, ‘the elimination of Israel’.
    Whilst I am sure by far majority of Palestinians are peaceable, the country has been infiltrated by the Hezbollah movement, with the support of Iran and Syria. They are heavily armed and therefore hold a manipulative power over a peacable public.
    The whole region of the middle east has become unstable, due we must suspect, more so to the Billions of Dollars of Oil revenue. However, as much of the region has been Nomadic prior to the discovery of Oil, the other big problem that will no doubt surface is that two main sections hold power the Sunni and the Shi’a’s. If we forget the borders of nation states that the west put in place from the first and second world wars of the 20th century, these two main bodies hold the real power – in their numbers.
    In Iraq we saw Hussein killing thousands of Kurds, ethnic cleansing. It has not been mentioned much in the news, but Syria, President Assad has also taken advantage of killing Kurds and non-syrians. It will no doubt come out in the news coverage as the ‘civil war’ will end – at some stage.
    It is interesting too Christine that you can see the 22nd November as being an interesting date. Some respected Astrologers have also mentioned that this year the 22nd/23rd are ‘days to stay at home and to take care’
    I remember too of the Assasination of President Kennedy on the 11/22/1963 = 52 = a 7 day, just where we are now. It will be an interesting week….me thinks!
    ……Can we help change the Middle East? I doubt it, only they can do that themselves, as they seem to carry blood feuds through their families to the ‘ength’ degree, we in the west can only assume that it will quiten down one day, perhaps when the Oil runs out and the Water drys up!
    Thank you as ever Christine….
    Best wishes Gerald.
    ps, I bet your own birthday numerology looks interesting this year!


  3. Dafna says:

    Hi Christine,
    I am a long time reader to your site and appreciate the work you do.
    Today you brought up the Israeli – Palestinian issue. Issue that has lived for far too long yet is far more complex then the details described here.
    I was born in Israel and follow a Buddhist life perspective. I am a child of the Universe and believe in Unity Consciousness. I do agree that whatever happens anywhere on this planet affects the collective, and I take that responsibility to heart by choosing to be compassionate, forgiving and kind. I do understand my actions, thoughts and deeds affect the collective so I choose with highest intentions.
    There are many complicated details to the Israeli – Palestinian issue. As there are many other places within this Universe that suffer from the consequences of fear based agendas.
    I believe that the important issue is to focus on viable solutions rather then digging in the past. Yes history is part of our existence, however it is full of contradictions and biased views, which only assists in staying in fear based space. We only have this present moment and we can choose to change how we view one another.
    I hope that humanity is reaching soon a tipping point that will direct us on a trajectory to Unity.
    I was born in Israel, however I am a child of the Universe – The ONE universe that we all inhibit and I focus all of my energy on lighting more candles in our precious world because we need LIGHT and LOVE so that the Darkness fades.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Dafna. I feel your words deeply and know you are speaking from a very loving place. The issue is indeed incredibly complicated. I have followed it closely for the last 40 years of my adult life and am aware of the complexities. And for many years, I have been writing, through the prism of numerology, about the freeing of humanity’s will – our feminine energy – yin – magnetism – mothers’ love – which is bringing balance to the dominant masculine energy that has forever occupied the physical world. This imbalance of power can clearly be seen in the never-ending tragedy of Israel / Palestine.

      What you are proposing is exactly what needs to happen, but it cannot do so until the hate at the root of the problem is healed, and which runs a lot deeper than only Israel / Palestine. And yet the same old issues of Israel / Palestine keep coming back time after time, generation after generation.

      Our vast emotional range includes varying degrees of anger, which is the feeling our magnetism draws when its freedom to move is curtailed. Movement is life. There is a lot of anger in the world today. But when we have no acceptance for anger and block it from expressing itself, it becomes even angrier. Over time (and generations), anger becomes hardened, condensed and extremely bitter. It progresses into the most judged against emotion of all…… rage. Denied rage becomes hate. We cannot just switch hate off without it becoming hate in denial.

      Then, in its continued effort to express, this hardened feeling eventually explodes and lashes out at its oppressor. The oppressor is that part of the masculine mind that has no tolerance for the feminine feelings. This is the resistance that 1 is putting up to 2, electricity against magnetism, yang against yin. It is our inner conflict. And that is the scenario playing out in the very same spot, over and over and over in Israel / Palestine, in karmic repetition.

      I fear for all of the souls in that region, and I will not deny this feeling. It is not wrong to speak up against extreme violence, especially with the stakes as high as they are right now on the world stage as the final weeks of 2012 unfold. People must speak out against this tragedy if that is what their feelings need to express. People must not be expected to deny their feelings – including you, who has so beautifully expressed yours here. Please believe me that I love how you feel and am drawn to the warmth and love you express. You are so accurate in saying that we need to focus on viable solutions, but part of the solution must include awareness of the cause. That is the basis of karmic healing.

      2012 is a 5 global year – which is all about learning from mistakes so that we can stop repeating them. Until humanity does that, nothing can prevent hate from becoming even more hateful. Israel / Palestine is a prolonged physical reflection of the suppression of the feminine.

      With love,


      • Dafna says:

        Hello Christine,

        Thank you for taking the time to reply and for the kindness in your expression.
        I agree with you that emotions have to be expressed and never denied or ignored – The only way towards healing is through all that we feel.
        You speak of awareness of cause to allow karmic healing (I understand profoundly what you speak of as it’s part of what I do here this lifetime) – I believe that both sides lost sight of the initial cause. There is so much hate and both sides feel they are right, yet that is not what will bring peace and healing.
        I trust you will agree – only COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS can bring PEACE.
        I am a realist and am aware it’s a complicated conflict. I just don’t see Peace forming if each side keeps looking at the past. Yes, the past happened and affected many, yet the past nor the suffering and loss cannot change.
        One of my favorite songs is IMAGINE. I hope that humanity moves in the direction of UNITY with the understanding that we are ONE. When a being hurts another (regardless religion, country or border) that being hurts themselves. No being will be able to hurt another when we can see the world in that way.
        Again, thank you for your work. You have helped me in my inner journey.
        I am a 9, with a 9 life challenge and a 9 year cycle. It has been an incredible year and I am ready and willing to contribute in the way I am called upon during these transformational times within our evolution.
        Warmth and love,
        Dafna ~


  4. S says:

    Dear Christine,
    I am not too familiar with your word, someone had forwarded me your current blog post. I appreciate your compassion for the Palestinian people and have no judgment about your right to speak what you feel is your perspective of this very delicate situation. However, I do suggest you do some research!! Gaza is NOT under Israel’s “occupation” but rather it stands on its own. There are over 20 Arab countries in the world (vs. ONE tiny Jewish country) most of them in the vicinity of Gaza, yet NONE of these countries are willing to accept these “poor palestinians” because most of them are TERRORISTS!! Many Gaza residents managed to flee the conflicted area and got into Egypt, yet the Egyptians did not want anything to do with these people (sadly), and returned them back to Gaza – again, because most of them are sons and daughters of Hamas = HATE, suicide bombers, and otherwise Killing machines (they believe killing a Jew = going to heaven. They teach this to their children and brainwash their youngests. Can you really reason with that??!).

    i have lived under rocket attacks by the Hamas in Gaza unto my hometown near Tel Aviv. I remember being on high alert in case Red Alert Siren is being heard and then running for shelter while listening to the horrific sounds of explosions (and believe me- that sound has not left my system even 20 later even now that I live in the safety of Canada!!!).

    Gaza residents have the freedom to create their own country or join one of the other muslim countries around, but they are simply interested in one thing (and no, it is NOT about land): eliminate israel off the map (listen to Iran’s president openly stating this over and over again). Israel is having to deal with hate energy from *every direction!!* And civilians who live under constant rocket attack from Gaza have had it! 12 years of attack without peace. The people of south israel(like my 90 year old great aunt who is too frail to go down to the bomb shelter so she just sleeps by the door!!) are not able to go to work (and lose income), children are not in school, they can’t go to the store to get groceries – in case tgere will be another siren, sine they get 15 SECONDS to get to safety.

    now, I am against killing of any kind. Words like weapons, army, war- are words I try to avoid expressing in my life. My heart breaks when i see the images of suffering and panic on BOTH sides; yet i have little doubt that if people in cities around North America were to live under these conditions of threat to their existance, like the people of Israel are living- I am certain that opinions such as yours would be very different!

    imagine New York, L.A, Your own home town being constantly attacked by rockets thrown lets say by native people who wish (rightefuly so!) to claim back their land stollen by white people, even if they already received part of the land back (but now their mission is simply to kill for the sake of killing), what would you do?

    Before you judge publically, please just at least be informed!!


  5. Gerald says:

    Firstly, Dear Shiri, your very recent history is of course correct, but what is 65 years in the time of things since Moses took his people home? Buddha has been right for 2500 years, Saints & Prophets are supposedly right in The Old Testament, Christianity and the words of Jesus has been right for 2000 years.Then along came Mohammed and chanelled words known as The Koran from the Angel Gabriel early A.D 600, only 1400 years ago, and the Muslim followers believe they are right. It preaches “the Oneness with God and emphasizes divine mercy and forgiveness. He enjoins justice and fair dealing, kindness to orphans and widows, and charity to the poor” We must understand that there is an element which is called a “Fundamentalist” in ALL RELIGIONS, only a small percentage use Arms though, but it is these that must and WILL be weeded out, through life’s journey or journey’s, IF you believe in REINCARNATION as I do.
    If I said to you Shiri, LET THE WOMEN RUN THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES, Let them be educated and given positions in all aspects of society and especially in ‘Its religous and spiritual’ education. Would you agree with me that there will be peace ONE DAY SOON?

    To Dafna and Christine’s responses, THANK YOU BOTH for your lovely words. It is good to share these words of ‘wisdom’ across the world. It always fills me with hope that gradually, slowly but surely, the world will become a ‘Heaven on Earth’. If we look back even in British history in the late 19th century we were sending women and children to prison for stealing bread, because they were starving or sending them to penal colonies in Australia or New Zealand to populate a new Empire.
    The world has become smaller in recent history, due to the Jet Engine, it has become even smaller and more knowledgeable with the advent of the World Wide Web. We are witnessing history speeded up, in the Middle East (the Arab Spring as it’s called) and in many other countries. One day we will see more Freedom of Speech and democracy in China. We will see Dictators go, we will see the futility of war. Will it take 100 years or longer? Peace will only be speeded up by the use of the feminine and masculine energies working in harmony….BUT IT WILL COME….maybe those of you that read this, will be part of this PEACE in this life OR THE NEXT we may have to experience.
    Thank you again, Gerald – a Brit’ living in Portugal


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