NOVEMBER 29, 2012 = 11:11 + 5

November 29, 2012 is an 11:11 day ~ in a 5 global year.

As we transition from the 1000s into the new millennium of the 2000s, the number 11 and the phenomenon of 11:11 remind us that in order to evolve from 1 to 2, two 1s have to join together. 1 + 1 = 2.

2+0+1+2=5 ~ the number of CHANGE and FREEDOM.

On this day, and under these super-powerful energies, the United Nations will make a historic vote to make Palestine the 194th nation. This important step towards peace in the Middle East (and the world), if it is allowed to hold, should not be understated in the final weeks of 2012 since the karmic vibration of 5 is 14, and 194 adds up to 14/5.

Karma is not punishment for misdeeds. Karma is the learning of what we could not previously learn – cause and effect. And the very nature of 14 is to learn from past mistakes, on the understanding that NONE OF US ARE FREE if one of us is not. We are MANY! We are ONE!

1 represents the individual. 2 represents unity.

1 is electrical and masculine, which is why the old system is an electronic, ‘man’s world. But as we move deeper into the magnetic 2 energy, we are experiencing the imbalance caused by a lack of feminine charge – magnetism – emotion – which is why the system is so cruel and feelingless. In the 2000s, the system is breaking down where it needs to, and transforming into something more loving and sustainable.

WE ARE the ONES who are changing the way we live on Earth – from the inside out – by the outward expression of our feelings. WE ARE the conduits of LOVE. This is most apparent in the increasingly important role that women are playing, all across the world, to keep those channels OPEN. But it is very important to remember that we all possess feminine energy (the amazing emotional range), regardless of gender.

After passing through yesterday’s sensational 333 energy (which continues all the way through December), today is the 334th day of the year, which adds up to 10. There are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum. 1+0 brings us back to 1 again, only on a higher frequency. 10 brings things to THE NEXT LEVEL and represents innovation and true progress. And, of course, are living in the DECADE of the 10s.

When you add 11:11+5, you get 27 – perhaps the most sensitive combination of numbers because that is where emotional 2 finds balance with intellectual 7.  This combination does not bring feminine dominance, but EQUALITY, FAIRNESS, JUSTICE, and BALANCE.

27 adds up to 9, which represents the endings that must occur in order for beginnings to begin. 9 is the number of giving – and forgiving! 9 is the number of deep emotions, drama, injury – and healing.

It will not be easy, or immediate, but we WILL find balance and peace and a new way to exist on Earth, because the rise of feminine energy, in all of us, is the rise of the human WILL, which, by nature, must be free.



To read about the 14/5 Karmic energy, click here and scroll down.



About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is:
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9 Responses to NOVEMBER 29, 2012 = 11:11 + 5

  1. angelsong119 says:

    Good morning Christine,
    Once again your insight resonates, calling to all those who would listen…if only they would listen. Repeating the past because the lesson has not been learned. Your words speak to me on many levels today, both personally and to my extended family of kindred spirits.
    I see you as our messenger of truth, the feminine, daring to soften the masculine, the sunshine melting the ice. Thank you for your words of hope today,the perspective I needed but could not pin it down. It’s all there in black and white, but sometimes one cannot “see” it clearly.
    And when the call went out today for Earthly Angels…you answered


  2. As always Christine you are finding the words to inspire. I sincerely hope that those souls that read your words of wisdom are themselves inspired to spread the word and the vibration that is being radiated at this time. Whether it is through the change in numbers, the movement of the planets and from souls that have passed, or a total of the whole, that we are as ONE, male and female alike, that we can make a difference.
    I am of an age when I was moved by the words of president J F Kennedy, the content of a well written word yes, but it was in the vibration of his voice that I was more moved, and motivated to do something that helped in my near surroundings. But I also felt I could make a difference to the world as a whole. I have helped where I can, and I know I have other areas in the world to go to, and I will not rest on my laurels. WE MUST NOT REST. It is said that “many are heard but few are chosen”, but whether we are in the forefront or not, it does not make a difference for WE AS A WHOLE can help those souls (leaders) forward with our thoughts and prayers – as we can help Christine in her important role with our responses.
    The world is going through great changes, in all levels. This time it is more noticeable due to 24 hour news, the Internet, free reporting in Facebooks and Twitter. Photographs of ‘evidence’ of atrocities sent around the world instantly. Financial meltdowns due to greedy bankers and greedy governments willing to accept the ‘short-term’ tax profits from an unnatural and unsustainable growth. We must learn to live within our means and save for the luxuries and not worry about ‘keeping up with the Jone’s next door’. In this reduction of materialism, we can slow ourselves spiritually and physically to make sure we ‘look in the mirror’ and see how silly we can sometimes be. It may hit harder in the USA, it may be hard to slow the pace as the US relies on spending, but if the US can spread the wealth and create jobs, whilst they are less dependent on Oil and Gas being ‘imported’, then we shall see a stronger America in many ways; and the world needs a robust America. Hopefully, along with Canada, and Europe, they can show the world again, what is possible in order to create a ‘balanced’ society in many areas.
    As Christine is highlighting in her pages these next 3/4/5 or more years will see great and necessary changes. Although the West is going through problems of its own, by ‘our example’ and by wise, sensible leadership we can help influence many countries to see that a ‘social democracy’ rather than further Communism or Fascism, or indeed religeous fundamentalism, is better than what they have now, for ‘their own’ people.
    “EQUALITY – FAIRNESS – JUSTICE and BALANCE” what Christine has written. SO, LIGHT WORKERS, WE KEEP WORKING, SPREAD THE WORDS….thank you again Christine….Gerald


    • Thank you Gerald. That is so kind of you. I appreciate your support very much. And you always have such an interesting perspective. I want to thank you too for your birthday wishes two days ago. I had such a lovely day.


  3. I’m also in a 5 house in a 5 room. What change, lol! I’ve been working with my feminine energies, or “inner woman.” I really have to validate what angelsong119 says, and thank you so much, Christine, for being who you are!


    • Hello Kelton, yes, big changes for you this year – and more to come in 2013 in terms of personal growth and making the right connections! I hope you’re doing well. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words.


  4. Bobby Hulse says:

    2013 as 20 + 13 = 33 <~ Master number
    2016 as 20 + 16 = 36 <~ Concentration and essence of 6.


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