THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 49)

week 49WEEK 49 – Denial’s Last Stand

4 = limitation through inexperience.

9 = the end of denying experience.

4+9 = 13.

13 is the karmic experience of coming out of denial.

Week 49 is the last week in a 10 week streak in which all the week numbers began with the serious and down-to-Earth 4. Next week is calendar week 50. 5 is the number of change, freedom and unexpected developments, but first we have some important lessons to learn about denial from 49’s practical, no-nonsense vibration.

The goal of denial is to prevent the truth from reaching consciousness. This week, we are likely to see huge reflections of denial both on the world stage and in our own lives. As humanity becomes increasingly more open and honest with itself, we are starting to get a much clearer sense of our true potential – and how that has been denied us by a system which can only operate by keeping people distracted and unaware.

Denial in others will be easy to recognize, but we also need to recognize where we ourselves are avoiding reality. If a particular feeling persists, if memories keep popping up, or something from the past returns, you can be sure that an unresolved issue needs to complete itself and then move naturally into its proper place – behind you.

Your desire to evolve is forcing you to remember what was denied – and finally learn the lesson the experience contained. As you tie up the loose ends of the past, (a function of the number 9), you lighten your load, and memories of who you really are can then start to return.

Denial keeps us tied to the past by emotions that we are too afraid to feel. But we cannot be free until our feelings are freely expressed. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is the freedom to BE YOURSELF… to be who you really are deep inside.

To express what’s in your heart is to express your SELF.

9 represents the endings that make beginnings possible. What we thought were established facts are also going to evolve into truth and openness. We are in the process of expanding our awareness by learning new things about life and the way we have been living. Our imaginations are starting to flex their creative muscles – even when other aspects are falling down around us. The road to free will is littered with obstacles. 4 is the number of obstacles and obstruction.

One of 4s many purposes is to IDENTIFY. 4 also represents one’s personal sense of identity. In order to move on, we must forgive. And in order to forgive, we must identify what needs to be forgiven. Healing emotions that are stuck in the past can only take place in the present. 49 facilitates this, and is very patient with both the details and the time it takes to understand them.

Emotional healing is the next big step in the human journey. That is what’s driving our current evolutionary spurt, and it is not something we can rush. It is something we need to gain a deeper understanding of.

4 is the number of system. 4 = pattern. And in the process of coming out of denial and seeing life as it is, many of the systems, patterns and institutions we assumed were permanent, have started to crack and will eventually drop away. In their place will be the reality behind them, whatever that may be. What was hidden is coming to the surface, and those who get their way through secrecy and manipulation, are the ones most in denial now.

At all levels, karmic 13 is finally giving other sides of the story a chance to be heard. Emotions are running high, the vibrations of which are opening our minds and increasing our awareness. That is how we are evolving. Consciousness expands as mind and emotion meet and, rather than try to cancel each other out, as they have always done, mind and emotion (masculine and feminine) are now seeking harmony (equality and balance) with each other instead. We cannot evolve without this uniting experience. And we cannot release ourselves from the misunderstandings of the past by denying they exist – or matter.

For as long as we continue to deny how powerful we have the potential to be, this cruelly imbalanced system will continue to take its toll because that is what it is programmed to do. In this system, there is always a toll – a price – to pay for everything. Nothing and no one is free, including those who run the system. It is a system of slavery which cannot be eliminated until we understand the karmic pattern that causes it to return over and over, in different guises. No matter what form it takes, slavery is always based on the same old practice of one overpowering another and stealing their most precious energy – their feminine energy – their WILL.

Nature is not ‘programmed to go along with the program’. That is why the system plays down the importance of environmental matters. It doesn’t want us to look at and learn from nature. It doesn’t want us to know that we are all part of the natural world – and that all these antiquated beliefs about superiority and inferiority – the class system itself – have no place in reality.

4 shows us, through logic and deduction, how the world works. 4 represents method, detail, effort, determination, persistence, patience, attainment through hard work, and a strong desire for accuracy.

13 exposes our misunderstandings about work, accomplishment and identity. Notice how 13 is threaded all the way through the upcoming year – 2013. We will not learn what we have to learn about 13 – or 20 – in the course of a week. Karma is cause and effect. Karma is the learning of what we most need to learn at any given time.

Practical 4 deals with physical existence – an unfathomable complex of plans in motion – patterns – random events and interconnecting cycles of time and space. The patterns are not the problem. The problem is that we are trapped in certain patterns with no foreseeable way out. Therefore, we have to learn to read the patterns. And we have to learn to sense when an experience has played itself out and let it go – and move on. And we are making headway in that regard.

The whole world is in flux – and yet, here and there, we find order in the chaos and optimism in the anxiety. We know that certain ‘old ways’ must end and new approaches must be taken. The awakening that has been spoken of for decades – is happening. We have at last recognized that we are a species at war with itself, and we can see the absurdity in this. We have reached a stage where we want to be free to discover, for ourselves, how to live – in peace!

We have always been too afraid to open our eyes, hearts and minds to the harsh realities of the class system because deep down, we knew that once we did, the old image of life would fade away and we would have to feel the shock of recognition. 49/13/4 is likely to deliver such a jolt this week.

The geometric symbol of 4 is the square. This brings us to Tahrir Square and the roller-coaster path that Egypt is taking on its road to free will. 49 is the perfect square of 7, (7×7=49), and 7 is the number of secrets and underhandedness on the one hand, and analysis and wisdom on the other. 7 also represents FAITH, and we are seeing the futility of one belief system trying to dominate all others.

We must remember that change of such monumental proportion does not conclude in weeks, months or even years. Change is ongoing and unpredictable and can take many unexpected turns. The will of the people is rising EVERYWHERE and we must accept that, for some time to come, there will be an almighty effort to prevent FREE WILL by those whose interests are rooted in the past.

2012 is a 5 global year – the number of change and freedom by learning from our mistakes. Everything converges in 2012 – and although that has been obvious all year, this quickening – this shifting of humanity’s position in time and space – will reach some kind of crest this month – and will continue to crest as December unfolds.

Emotion is our honesty. Therefore, we must remember that it is not just denial of the truth that we need to come to terms with, but also our tendency to deny how the truth makes us feel.








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