THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 50)


Week #50 brings an additional surge of 5 energy into the 5 global year of 2012, and teaches us that our value goes way beyond money and worldly possessions. Our true value comes from what we give, not what we take.

December is an 8 global month in this 5 global year. (12+5=17=8). 8 is the number of POWER. 5 is the number of CHANGE. 8 represents abundance through the use of available resources. 5 = resourcefulness. The energy of 8 has always been used by the system as an instrument of manipulation and greed, when in fact its true power comes from knowledge and correct understanding, which is what humanity is gaining now. This is helping us to understand what is going on in the world, and exposes the lengths that the ‘powers that be’ are willing to take to retain control. (See link to article “The Power Of 8” at end of page).

12 is a big number this month. The fact that people recognize the patterns that 1 and 2 are making this December reflects our position in the journey. We are evolving from the ‘man’s world’ of the 1000s, to a balance of both masculine and feminine in the 2000s. Now, in the 12th month of 2012, we are experiencing an acceleration of evolutionary movement. Remember, we are gaining knowledge. INSIGHT is flowing. We are starting to know things, simply by the way we feel. That is one of 2’s principle powers – the power of intuition. It was lack of intuition and reliance on mental reasoning alone that enabled this imbalanced system to do the damage it has done, and last as long as it did.

1+2 = 3… the number of communication and creation. 3 is created by 1 and 2. The 3 energy is going to help us create a different kind of world; a new sustainable and peaceful way to live. But we need to go deeper into the power of 3 in order to find what it really has to teach. We have been living at 3’s shallow end which only reflects what is going on at the surface and encourages us to go quietly along with the program. Shallow 3 is the ultimate dumbing-down weapon. 3 has been taken over by the ‘entertainment’ and ‘communication’ industries which reflect the outer shell of reality which can be very deceiving. Shallow 3 encourages rivalry between friends – and the need to compete and keep up appearances. But 3 goes much deeper than that. 3 is the number of communication – the very basis of consciousness. And at the depth of 3, there is pure authentic JOY.

The time comes when the pain to remain
a caterpillar is greater than the metamorphosis
it takes to become a butterfly.
AlexSandra L. Lett

People in all walks of life, not just the arts, are filled with 3’s creative energy right now. The emphasis on 12 this week incorporates the energy of 1, 2 and 3. And this is a chance to calm your inhibitions and start to create the next step in your journey – according to what you want. Visualize it with all your senses. The pace that feels most comfortable for you is the pace that is right for you. So, no matter how much others misunderstand or oppose you, continue to be who you are and set your bearings according to your heart.


History hasn't changed

Electrical 1 has always ruled the world, but just look at the condition the world is in! It is clear that without the balance that comes from magnetic 2, we are in a pattern of self-destruct. A deadly rut. This is an electro-magnetic world, and if the imbalance in the human aspect of nature is allowed to cause more damage, Mother Earth will rise up to protect herself again and again …. and I write this just as news is emerging out of China of their intention to blow up 700 mountains to make way for a sprawling commercial metropolis. (See link at end of page).

Mother Earth is our ultimate life-support machine. She enables our very existence in physical form. The more she rises up in self-preservation, people are rising up, too – everywhere – to free themselves from the dictates of a cruel and pointless system.  As she rises to protect herself – so do we.

The ongoing transition of Egypt is a vivid example of this. After the valiant uprising in 2011, which toppled the 30 year reign of Hosni Mubarak, the newly elected president Mohamed Mursi, decreed himself, (on November 11, (11:11), this year), sweeping new powers that essentially made him just another dictator. The Egyptian people, once again, rose up and protested vehemently and, on December 9, the first day of week 50, Mursi scrapped his plans for dictatorship, but refused to delay the controversial vote involved. It is unlikely that the people, after all they have been through to free themselves of oppression, will accept any compromise. 5 is the number of freedom – and 5 is extremely strong right now. The current constitution of Egypt, which Mursi is trying to amend, was ratified on 30 March, 2011 – that’s 3/3/4 = 10 = evolutionary change.

When hundreds of thousands of people gather in the streets and squares in unrelenting protest, governments are starting to back away just a little. They are sensing their vulnerability as their tactics start to lose the all important power of persuasion, even ‘persuasion’ through intimidation and violence. The direction human evolution is taking is one in which power comes from balance, with love, not greed, as its guiding light. In this direction, it is the need to overpower others that constitutes weakness because that is the act of siphoning the power of fellow human beings out of fear of being weak.  Of course, it’s a trickle down system, and that specific fear trickles down rather easily into all walks of life. It is the deflected fear of the bully.

Last year, the Occupy Movement rose up around the world. How ironic it is that the New York Police Department who treated the Occupy protesters with brute force just over a year ago, actually credited Occupy Wall Street last week for helping to curb crime and keep the city safer in the immediate aftermath of super-storm Sandy.

5 represents freedom, and some of the worst cases of slavery are being exposed now. (We have changed the word slavery to ‘trafficking’, but we need to call it what it is).


Last week, a raid on an Indian sweatshop freed 14 enslaved children who were forced to make cheap christmas decorations, under deplorable conditions. This shed some much needed light on the magnitude and stark reality of modern day slavery. The will of those children had been snatched from them. Thank God these precious babies were rescued, but there are millions of children all over the world (and adults), who are trapped in slavery. They reflect the need for all human beings to rescue our Will from the cleverly disguised dictates of this hierarchal industrial system.

As we continue to regain our emotional vibration, we find ourselves having to deal with a variety of fears, many of which are quite unnecessary – and we are learning to tell them apart from situations in which fear would be helpful. And yet, there is not that sense of panic which swept the world after the September 11th attacks on the United States. Fear was rampant and irrational back then, and constantly fanned to keep the population compliant.

With so much emphasis on 12/12 this week, it is important to note that the Supreme Court of the United States handed the presidency to George W. Bush on 12/12/2000 – an 8 day in the year (power). The Bush years were the beginning of the system’s unraveling because the more things were covered up, the more the truth was sought. Gradually, the pursuit of truth entered this world of lies – and the direction of the human journey changed. The timing was right – the very early years of the 2000s. That was part of the change from 1 to 2 and, as dire as that period was, it could not have happened any other way.  When you look at that era through the lens of cause and effect, you see that it all unfolded from what was already in place, and the decisions made from then on. The abundant 5 energy we’re experiencing now represents the decisions we make which form the direction we take. 5 is the power of CHOICE.

The true strength of people is more potent than we ever realized. 5 represents the physical world and our place in it. We are realizing that the force of a few has taken away the will of the many by systematically manipulating emotion which then misinforms the mind. We cannot hold back our emotions and still be true to ourselves or anyone else – because emotion is honesty, sincerity, and openness. It is the absence of emotion that makes the world so harsh, misinformed, and so cloaked in secrecy. There is tremendous cruelty in this world… and we have to find a way to protect ourselves from its totally unloving essence. The only way we can do this is to stop being cruel to ourselves, after all, as this evolving journey is teaching us, all change starts within.

It is our resistance to accepting our emotions that makes them appear unacceptable, but only because we have been conditioned to push them down or push them away, and never truly FEEL them. Consequently, we have never really felt the extent of our own power. That’s one way we are cruel to ourselves – we hold ourselves back from becoming our true selves because we are afraid of our own potential.

The two most powerful aspects of ourselves, Electrical Mind/Spirit – and Magnetic Emotion/Will, have been deliberately kept apart. But their true power and purpose cannot come to life if they do not CONNECT. We have been forced into polarization – war within ourselves – DISCONNECT. In the outer world, the rift between people is also the inability to connect. We see it as left and right, or black and white etc, but this divide will continue to exist at all levels and dimensions until we become the whole beings we are meant to be.

As our ability to feel increases, our DESIRE for a better way to experience life, which comes from deep inside ourselves, is also rising. DESIRE is a deeply misunderstood word. Desire is our foremost vibration without which life stops. The first desire is the will to live and is what enables life to continue! This expresses itself through the number 3, the number of continuity – and the number of joy.

We are afraid of making mistakes because we are programmed to be afraid of being judged. The truth is that making mistakes and learning by trial and error is how we learn.  The program tells us to play it safe and stay within its definition of ‘normal’. This stifles the imagination so that nothing can ever change. But the Will is evolving now, and being willing to change is the will to live. Change is movement and movement is life.

Emotion is the WILL of humanity. It is the part of us that never gives up – unless we let go of that natural emotional lifeline that carries us through the most troubled waters – HOPE. And then there is the kind of hope that flows through us in the form of ‘hopes and dreams’. We need both kinds of hope when traveling the 5 vibration because 5 is the energy of adventure, excitement, and expanding one’s horizons by daring to take a chance or two.

Emotion is pure feminine energy, which we all possess in abundance, regardless of gender. The feminine Will is an entity unto itself, with a consciousness all her own – as precious and sacred as the masculine Spirit. These two parts of ourselves are starting to come together now within the body. They are meeting in our physical hearts and, as a result, heart is being reborn in the physical world and is starting to replace the heartlessness that we were led to believe is just ‘life.’ Humanity is evolving in the direction of LOVE. We must try to remember this when things get tough – or unforeseen events send us a shock.

5 represents CHANGE and the UNEXPECTED.

As I explained in the article “2012 – The Meeting Of Time”, the past is crossing paths with the present. What we avoided is catching up to us. Our view of life is broadening because we are in the difficult process of coming out of denial. Positive changes are happening everywhere, but they will run into problems when unresolved issues of the past get in the way, which is unavoidable. In order to make progress, we must accept that we are having to deal with the promise of tomorrow and the decay of yesterday – simultaneously – in the present.


CHINA TO BLOW UP 700 MOUNTAINS TO MAKE WAY FOR NEW METROPOLIS:  The video shows you what will replace the mountains.


The freeing of the human will: Trafficking – India – cheap xmas decorations ~  Call it what it is. It is slavery.









*** Be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. See sidebar (scroll up ) for links.




2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT




12 12 12


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