THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 51)

12202012Week 51 – A CHANGE OF FREQUENCY


Both 5 and 1 signify movement and change. 1 is gradual progressive change which we frequently fail to notice, and 5 is the kind of change that we just don’t see coming – sudden, unexpected, drastic and shocking. In the 5 energy, all of the small changes made in 1, 2 3, and 4, suddenly BECOME what we have been consciously or unconsciously creating, sometimes bringing happy surprise, and other times bringing chaos and confusion.

In  retrospect, we realize that, perhaps, if we had paid more attention to the details, we might have been able to avert certain problems from happening. Attention to detail is a major part of what the 2000s – and our evolution – are all about. Attention to detail expands awareness. But pictures, stories, memories, worries, and patterns, run through our minds so quickly that we barely notice them against the distractions of everyday life. We still ignore so much. We still deliberately distract ourselves from meaningful information. And with this being what we call ‘holiday season’, avoidance is likely to be even more pronounced this week, and next.

Last week, people everywhere celebrated the numbers 12 12 12, and although those numbers were valid, they were missing some vital information – the 20 in 2012. The year 12 happened 2000 years ago… and we need to recognize precisely where we are in our evolutionary journey, and learn what these dates – our current coordinates – have to teach us.

The fact that December 21 represents the end of the Mayan Calendar has resulted in this particular date being etched on the human psyche as some kind of deadline we have given ourselves. I do not know enough about the Mayan calendar or culture to comment intelligently on this, but I can see that it is an important date in the journey, nonetheless.

However, it is the preceding day – the eve of the Winter Solstice – December 20, 2012 – which produces the most fascinating numeric pattern, no matter which calendar format is used – no matter which way you look at it.

This pattern brings the 20 in 2012 undeniably into consciousness if we are willing to receive it. We most certainly have something important to experience and learn from this.


These are not palindromic numbers like those of 11 February, 2011. That was the day on which a courageous Egyptian population succeeded in forcing the Mubarak regime out of power. Palindromic numbers run the same backwards and forwards (11022011), suggesting that events could go either way; and Egypt’s fledgling democracy certainly is undergoing some severe tests at the present time. But there is something more emphatic about the numeric patterns of December 20, 2012, as if it is not a matter of chance, but a matter of fact.

Numbers are natural occurrences in life, and the patterns they form have meaning.

December 20, 2012:

* 1+2+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 10 = the current decade number.

* 1+0= 1 = the leading number of the millennium from which we are evolving.

* 20 = 2 = the leading number of the millennium to which we are evolving.

* 12 = our evolution from 1 to 2 = 3 = the number of communication, expression, creativity, and friendship.

* 2012 = 5 = the current year = a time of great change, and new frequencies and vibrations.

* The 21st is connected to another important coordinate in our journey – the 21st century, which brings us back to 3.

Of course, other calendars are used in the world, but it is the Gregorian Calendar, which has the most effect because this is the calendar most commonly used by this industrial system which, for the most part, is run by white Christian males. The Gregorian calendar is based on Christian holidays and culture, and has reflected not only a ‘man’s world’, but a white man’s world – for a very long time.

But times are changing drastically now. What was the ‘norm’ in the previous millennium has gone, although those who control that system are fighting tooth and nail to keep things the way they were. Will the infamous date December 21, 2012 be used as a cloak of deceit to fool us? Or will Mother Nature choose to express herself on that date? Or will this date pass without incident? We will see.

Part of December’s monthly forecast for the 5 year reads: “Be aware of the deceptive games that people play. This month, there is likely to be more to certain people than meets the eye, and it is important to understand who and what you are dealing with. Try to gain more knowledge and experience of the issues surrounding you.”

Just as we ignore the 20 in our current years, we also ignored the 19 in the 1900s. Consequently, we are still traveling the same old 19/1 karmic route (rut) that keeps us, as a species, going around in the same old unproductive circles in which we arrive back at the same results every time — WAR, KILLING, CONFLICT, CRUELTY, SLAVERY, IMBALANCE, UNFAIRNESS, INJUSTICE – and no real progress.

But again, times have changed. There is movement within. We are feeling the pain of stagnation and loss, and those feelings are pushing us toward real and momentous transformation. We were programmed to feel only what we were told was ‘normal’, and if our feelings contradicted those established ‘norms’, then we simply did not fit in. We have been programmed to be afraid of appearing ‘different’, when difference – diversity – is our true nature. However, people today have evolved, and are evolving, out of such conditioned thinking and ‘sameness’, and are embracing the uniqueness that comes from the number 1 – the first number – the number of origins and beginnings – the number of self, self understanding, and being oneself.

The more we are able to feel, spontaneously and willingly, the more of our stolen WILL we will be able to rescue from the clutches of the old system. This is a principle function of the 20 in the 2000s – THE FREEING OF THE HUMAN WILL – and our ability to feel!


10 is the number of the current decade, the number that brings our efforts to new levels of development. 10 represents true innovation, and not just repackaged ideas and variations of the same old theme.

Both 12/12/2012 and 12/21/2012 add up to 11 – which produces feminine emotional 2 energy – magnetism.

The 2 energy of the 2000s takes us beyond the self so that life has more depth and meaning. 2 is the result of two 1s. That is why the number 11 has been so prominent in our lives for the past two decades. What we are learning from masculine 1 is enabling us to evolve with feminine 2 and finally achieve BALANCE and EQUALITY on Earth.  2 is the number of sensitivity and the senses, relationship, relativity, perception, cooperation, caring, partnership, detail, and patience.

The 5 energy of 2012 represents learning from mistakes, and in a year of so much change and action in our own lives, as well as in the world, we are finally seeing ourselves, each other, and our position in the human journey more clearly. 5 is the number of experience and learning as we go. We have started to learn and are no longer willing to keep making the same old mistakes and ending up with the same old experience.

5 is the number of experience. 5’s diverse frequencies weigh us up and determine whether we can go forward or whether our lack of awareness will force us to ride the wheel of unresolved karma, life’s almighty learning curve, for another indeterminate slice of time. This particular 5 year, 2012, seems to be different. Humanity, as a whole, as ONE, seems to be moving forward this time. Week 51 signifies a turning point on a scale we have never encountered before.

5+1 adds up to 6 and so does the year ahead: 2+0+1+3 = 6. As the human will continues to rise, an even greater effort to keep the people down is likely to be implemented. 6 represents balance, which implies the use of extreme measures. And yet, something within the human species is changing drastically. The way we have been existing on this planet until now makes no sense. We are a species at war with itself, and we know it doesn’t have to be like that.

Your WILL is your feminine energy (which we all possess regardless of gender). Your will is made of your vast range of emotions and all the different levels of feelings and senses that are generated from them. Free Will is the free and spontaneous movement of our emotions and feelings within and out of the body.

Free will and free expression are the same thing. Without free will, there is no happiness because happiness is not only something we feel within, it is something that needs to be expressed outwardly in order to be experienced fully. That is how happiness spreads. 3 is the number of happiness; expression, communication, beauty, and friendship.

3 is also the number of INNOCENCE, as opposed to guilt. There is also the kind of INNOCENCE that comes from choosing to do the right thing just for the sake of it. And, of course, there is the pure INNOCENCE of children.

The USA is reeling from the mass shooting in Connecticut last week (week 50), which left 20 precious innocent children and 6 precious adults dead. December 14, 2012, was a 6 national day in the USA, and a 22/4 day in the world – a (24)6 day in the USA.

(When calculating dates, I tend to leave both master numbers and karmic numbers whole, although there are exceptions).

14 is the karmic vibration of 5 – and 2012 is a 5 global year. Based on its July 4, 1776 birthday, 5 is the Destiny Path of the United States. 5 is the number of FREEDOM, MOVEMENT and CHANGE. Karmic 14 shows us what needs to change.

With the spate of gun-related killings that have plagued the USA in recent years, people kept asking ‘what is it going to take to stop the violence?” Well, if the deaths of 20 innocent children isn’t what it takes, I can’t imagine what is.

The numerology of the Sandy Hook tragedy is so telling, but I must say it is terribly difficult to write about, as is any situation in which innocent life is needlessly wiped out. It is even more emotional when little children are involved because they are innocence itself.

calculation grid

First, there is the name Nancy Lanza – the mother of Adam Lanza. The name Nancy Lanza breaks down to the very numbers we are all traveling at this time: 1, 2 and 3.

1 = the father, 2 = the mother, 3 = the child. Nancy Lanza was killed by her own child – and by her own gun.

The name Adam adds up to (10)1. And the name Adam Lanza also adds up to (10)1.

December 14, 2012 was a 6 day in the USA – the number of FAMILY. 1+2+3 also add up to 6. Adam Lanza’s actions devastated the lives of multiple families in Newtown, Connecticut.

The name Newtown is comprised of 3 master numbers. The vowels add up to 11/2 which is the basis of our evolution. 1+1=2) .

The consonants add up to 22/4, which was the global day number on December 14, 2012 (3+14+5=22/4). Adam Lanza was born on the 22nd day of April, 1992.

The combination of all the letters in the name NEWTOWN add up to 33/6.

Not only was the USA in a 6 national day, we are also just days away from 2013, which is a 6 Global year. (2+0+1+3=6).  6 represents family, neighborhood, community, balance, healing, love, and problem-solving. 6 is the number of education, teaching, and schools. 6 is also the number of extremes, tyranny, and the inability to tell right from wrong.

14, of course, is the karmic vibration of 5 – change, chaos, the sudden and unexpected, and learning from mistakes. 14 shows us what needs to change, and it seems that the message is still being received regarding not only the gun culture in the USA, but the culture of violence that has become the ‘norm’.

This terrible event at Sandy Hook Elementary School also brings the name Sandy back into the news – the recent hurricane which hit both Connecticut and New Jersey in October. The name Sandy adds up to 8, which is the most prominent number associated with another shooting victim, ex-congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords whose Destiny Path number is 22/4, and who, along with her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, are now vehemently advocating gun restrictions in the USA. There is a link to my article on Gabby Giffords at the end of this page.

Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992. This date breaks down to 4 — 22 — (21)3. He was therefore born on the (29)11/2 Destiny Path.

22/4 represents achievement on a very large (sometime global) scale which improves conditions for large amounts of people. But when this energy is used self-servingly, it tends to create havoc. He was in an 8 personal year, an 11/2 personal month, and a 25/7 day.

His birth name, Adam Peter Lanza, gave him 5 Motivation (vowels), 33/6 Inner Self (consonants), and 11/2 Expression (combined letters).


But that is enough of the numbers involved. They are in the past now – and they were not the cause of this tragedy. There are issues that need to be discussed in the present. Communication is essential now. Not only about guns. But also about the DRUGS routinely given to kids with emotional and mental problems and, worse, kids who are just being kids who are given these mind-altering drugs because they express themselves differently from others.

The drugging of children to keep them ‘in line’ must be addressed, otherwise school shootings and other acts of violence will only increase. Mind/mood altering drugs are designed to kill the emotions. Over time, those taking them are unable to feel anything at all – no compassion, no empathy, no sympathy, no mercy, no love – just cold intellect. It would be most educational to know what drugs Adam Lanza and all those who commit these irrational unfeeling acts were taking, and for how long. We are, unfortunately, as afraid of the pharmaceutical industry as we are of the gun industry. That, too, must change.

A feeling is meant to be felt – and felt again and again if necessary, until it has run its natural course and evolves into clarity. This natural inner movement IS the human will… the will to live… and let live! The drugging of children who do not ‘conform’ is the deliberate holding down of their will, so that eventually there is no reason to live… or let live. Free will is ever increasing openness – the freedom to express oneself – the freedom to be honest.

We must also remember the other beautiful innocent children who are killed every day in wars and conflicts all over the world. Guns and drugs are a huge problem, yes. And so are bombs, landmines, drones, torture, rape, ‘trafficking’, and all the other violent acts that we, as a species, inflict on each other. Such senseless violence – humanity against humanity – will continue until we stop the wars going on within ourselves, between our masculine minds and our feminine emotions. That’s where it starts. Everything starts within. Until the human species ends the eternal war it is having with itself, the same old karmic rut will keep the same old conditions in place.

We are in this healing process now. That is why we are feeling our emotions so strongly. There is no point in blaming ourselves or others for things in the past that we could not understand until now. We must see what’s wrong, and strive to put it right.

One of the main themes of 6 is RESPONSIBILITY.










Be sure to read your weekly and monthly forecasts in the weeks ahead. They are written for these times. See sidebar (scroll up ) for links.







2012 – Part 3 – MIDPOINT





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16 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 51)

  1. Nicely written! Great job. I love it!

    -Natima Nicole


  2. Veronica says:

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for pointing out the “coincidence” of the name “Sandy” appearing before the end of 2012 in life altering ways. And both times, people were affected in the tri-state area of NY/NJ/CT. In Chaldean Numerology, “Sandy” is a 5 name. Wow….


  3. Kat Alyst says:

    4+2+2+1+9+9+1=28 which is 10/1 NOT 4……am I not adding this correctly? Yes if you do the numbers for the current year (4+22+2012) it is 4. But it’s not his birth number.


  4. Linda Smith says:

    Dear Christine,
    I have your book, I get your weekly updates.
    Perhaps because I am finishing up a 6 year, and have just turned 60, and have children and grandchildren my heart is just so broken open by the events of Sandy Hook. I know that there is and has been so much attention on the “victims” of this unthinkable act of violence; yet my heart just aches for the young man who was so broken in some way that he was able to inflict such harm on not only his own Mother, but on all these children. As a student of many avenues of spirituality, I cannot help but wonder if there wasn’t some sort of “agreement” among them to “demand” attention and force our nation to pull our collective heads out of the sand of second amendment smoke and mirrors. And I know that sounds strident and emotional…
    Still my heart just hurts for Adam and the whole Lanza family.
    I speak from a place that has known this variety of trauma. My youngest sister was murdered in 1980. She was 19. So, I have walked this road and I don’t speak lightly of forgiveness or without having done it myself. It was sad, it took as long as it took. I am thankful that I managed to survive the way to healing, in spite of those who demeaned me for feeling compassion for the person who took her life.
    I know I am rambling…I just felt the need to share. We are all we have. Let us stop throwing stones at one another.


    • Oh Linda, you are not rambling at all. Not only do you speak from your heart, but also from experience. I really appreciate this.

      I also believe it is possible that agreements were made at the spirit/heart in just the way you describe. I also feel empathy for Adam, which is why I referenced the drugging of children. At 20, he too is a child and if, as I suspect, he was drugged at an early age with ritilin or whatever, this deadly effect could certainly be linked to that cause.

      How sad about your sister. I experienced a similar tragedy (not murder) in 1978 (we are around the same age), and the healing process has been deep and ongoing. So I understand what you mean when you say it took as long as it took. Sometimes, emotional healing can be the work of a lifetime. Your ability to forgive is part of that process. To forgive is to let go. It’s not easy.

      Linda, thank you for sharing your feelings, and your profound and beautiful view.

      With love,


  5. Cassie says:

    Adam equals a #1 but Lanzo equals a 14/5 total #6


  6. Cassie says:

    Do you know Adam Lanzo’s date of birth? And it he has a middle name? The Expression I get is a #6, from those 2 names. You said it equaled a 1 in your article.


  7. Marie says:

    In britain we write our dates day, month, year so 20.12.2012 …which looks as if it might be special as its double 2012 ? I realise it adds up the same but the pattern of it is different. Marie


    • Hello Marie, yes, if you look at the above pattern with all the 12s and 20s, I have written the British date format – dd/mm/yyyy – under the 2012–2012 pattern. I think it’s very special indeed. Yes, all three formats add up to the same number (10/1), but the placement of numbers is also important.

      I am also British, by the way. Born in London, and grew up in Langley, Berkshire. You just reminded me that I really do need to take a UK trip soon. I have family and friends there who I miss very much! So, thank you!


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