THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 52)

Week 52

Week 52 – The Week Of Lessons Learned by Christine DeLorey

In just a few days, the 5 global year of 2012 moves behind us, and a new yearly cycle – the 6 global year of 2013 – begins. Very often, we have the most to learn at the end of a cycle and, sure enough, calendar week 52 is filled with reflections which can help us better understand our position as we enter the new year.

Week 52 holds the energies that break down illusion and deception. Some of our own personal illusions may fall apart this week, especially in areas where we have been deluding ourselves in some way. The more we accept our individual truth as it becomes clear to us, the more likely we are to see the lifting of a large scale illusion on the world stage.

5+2 = 7, the number of secrets, lies, conspiracies, revelations, and scandals. As consciousness rejects erroneous and irrelevant old programming, it is expanding with new input. This is a week of evolutional insight, if we are open and willing enough to receive it!

The 5 in 52 is connected to the 5 energy of 2012. 5 is the number of freedom, change, resourcefulness, and learning as we go. We all had BIG lessons to learn this year. But are we aware of them? And are we attempting to break free of the holding patterns of our daily habits and routines? 5 points out our addictions – including ideologies which formed out of our fear of the responsibility that comes with freedom.

We live in a system in which we have been programmed to avoid stepping off the ‘beaten track’. Well, the beaten track – the way of life that was carved out for us by others – is coming to an end, and it’s time to learn how to pave the way and plot the course for ourselves. This will take time, and great patience with each other, with detail, and with the pace of our progress. And this evolutionary movement will also come up against violent opposition from those whose positions of power are threatened by it. This is already happening all over the world. The will of the people rises up, and the “established system” pushes back with brutality.

7 represents the art of PLANNING… and you may find yourself entertaining a big or unusual idea this week. Don’t discard it just because you cannot find a way to immediately put it into effect, or because there is some complexity involved. This week’s 5/2/7 vibration tells you to dig deeper into the details. Learn how to study and plan your way forward – or your way out. Expect things to take time to materialize. 7 is the number of knowledge – and we are gaining knowledge right now – this week.

Knowledge is power.

6 is the number of responsibility, and we can be sure that the 6 global year of 2013 will be one in which accountability and being responsible are major themes. Yes, of course we will make mistakes. A function of the 5 energy is to recognize our miss steps – our miss takes – and seek a better way, and we need to bring 5’s flexibility with us into the 6 global year.

INSIGHT is being triggered this week to remind us of the creativeness and resourcefulness which come from 5 – the number of THE UNUSUAL – THE UNEXPECTED – THE EXOTIC – and anything ‘DIFFERENT’.  This is what gives us our ability to learn NEW things – our ability to break through the ‘usual’ and evolve to a new level of consciousness.

Last week’s enormous focus on 3 remains. The 3 energy is threaded all the way through 2013. This week, both 5 and 3 represent continuity, survival, and procreation. 5 and 3 are the most creative numbers when combined. They represent CONCEPTION and form the ultimate pregnancy vibration. The 5/3 vibe will stay with us in the months ahead, and by using the knowledge we have gained from it to make our journey a more loving and meaningful experience, we will learn what works and what doesn’t – and we will make great progress – because we learn from experience.

5/3 represents  CONCEPT and BRINGING IDEAS TO LIFE! This very sensual and sexual vibration also points out the patterns we are stuck in – our addictions. We need to be more aware of how dependent we are on the various things  and people we take for granted.

The 2 in 52 is connected to the leading number of our times, the powerful 2 millennial energy. 2 is the number of patience, cooperation, attention to detail, sensitivity and caring. Life on Earth has changed drastically since the electrical 1000s moved behind us, and the magnetic 2000s began. With each day, we move further into the 2 energy, and we realize just how imbalanced and unequal the current system is. This realization is the basis of the upcoming changes, from which no one is immune. We, humanity, are in this together.

Both our singularity and our unity are reflected in the number 11 which, of course, adds up to 2 – the number of relation and relativity. This requires us to look at reality from different angles in order to see the bigger picture. Look at 11 from a different angle and you have the equals sign. 11 brings balance into life – which is equality. 1+1 = 2, which demonstrates how freedom is upheld through cooperation and partnership, and the desire – the firm intent – for inner and outer peacefulness.

7 is the number of reflection, learning, wisdom, and intelligence. 7 represents INSIGHT. The doors to consciousness are blocked by denial of reality, and this deprives us of the knowledge that will take us forward. But 7’s irrepressible quest for knowledge can open those doors. We all have something to learn this week which really can make a difference to the way we proceed from here. 7 reflects reality, and from reflection comes awareness.

Reflection is part of the miraculous yet simple way nature communicates with us, if we would just remove the blinders of denial, look beneath mere surface appearances, and experience this metaphysical conversation first-hand. We are not separate from nature. We are part of it. And running through the core of nature is the natural phenomenon of numbers, to which people all over the world are relating more and more each day. Of course, an avid interest in numbers is only natural in this digital age we’re traveling.

We love the concept of being limitless and yet, at this stage of our evolution, most of our problems occur when we overstep obvious limits. We must be honest with ourselves about our INEXPERIENCE as well as our skills. We must understand the repercussions of incompetence. While it is true that we learn from mistakes, that is not an excuse for recklessness and indifference. We must learn to respect boundaries while figuring out how and whether to break through them. Evolutionary movement has various speeds, frequencies, and intensities. We do not all move – or learn – at the same pace or in the same way. If we crash through barriers before we are ready for them, we can cause unnecessary harm and injury. Learning is a great patience!

That’s all for 2012. I will be writing about 2013 soon, and I am really looking forward to that.

Be sure to read your weekly forecast for this week – and the two extended daily forecasts for December 30 and 31. There is also a link to your yearly forecast for 2013.

I am really happy you enjoy this work, and thank you so much for your support.

With much love,


Be sure to read your personal weekly forecast for week 52. This week, you’ll get extended daily readings for December 30th and December 31st … and a link to your yearly forecast for 2013….



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4 Responses to THE FINAL WEEKS OF 2012 (week 52)

  1. Thanks Christine, Merry Christmas !


  2. Sherri Saucier says:

    Hi Christine, your commentary is very informative. My husband I seek out this information daily in order to determine how to proceed with our day. This is a great way to start out the day. Understanding and accepting ourselves as well as others is the way to achieve the greatest awareness there is. The bond with mankind will evolve immensely as this appreciation grows!


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