2013 (Part Two) ~ CONCENTRATED TEN

concentrated tenWe are traveling through a convergence of 10 energy in which our individual choices can significantly alter our collective direction. A concentration of 10 means that a whole new perspective is possible. Calendar Week 10 began on the 64th day of the year, which also adds up to 10. And it’s all connected to our current decade – the 10s – which is all about fundamental and innovative change – things that have never happened before – a change in the flow of life which can positively impact the masses – and the planet.

This concentration can help us to see things as they really are, and consciously take a new step which will improve the quality of our lives. We can only judge this quality by the way we feel about it! We cannot find balance without connecting to our feelings and senses. Your feelings are ‘you being honest with you’.

There are only 9 numbers in the numeric spectrum, after which all the other numbers can be reduced to a single digit. (10 = 1; 11 = 2; 12 = 3… and so on). Therefore, 10 is the number which brings everything to the ‘next level’.

What an interesting set of numbers occurred on March 10. Not only was that the 10th day of the month, it was also a 10 global day, (3+1+0+2+0+1+3 = 10) within a 10 global week, and a 10 decade. This energy had waves of potential running through it – jolts of positive energy kept in balance by one’s own honest feelings. March 10, 2013 was a turning point in the development of courage, confidence, and vision, without which we cannot evolve any further. 10 helps us choose from the possibilities open to us, in partnership with our inner truth. 10 adds up to 1, and 1 represents the individual, independence, self-leadership, and realism. We are all 1’s. We all count!

Wherever 10 is present, we are reminded that we live in a digital world – a world of numbers. 1 and 0 also represent the binary system on which our computerized lives run. 10 is also a reflection of the ‘black and white’, ‘either/or’ binary thinking that we are all stuck in to a large extent. A deeper understanding of 10 can help us move beyond this trap. We must also remember that numbers are a natural occurrence in life, and the patterns they form have tremendous relevance and meaning.

At the bottom of this page, there is a link to my article from 2010 (Welcome To The Decade Of The Tens), which explains a lot more. Also, from 2011, (Steve Jobs and the number 10)

March is a 9 global month, a combination of the 3rd month and the 6 global year of 2013. 9 facilitates endings, completions, and letting go. The end of an era. A time of both chaos and healing as the endings in 9 give way to the beginnings in 10. 9 also represents increasing awareness on a massive scale (as in ‘the masses’). 6 is the number of balance. Therefore, extremes will be a major part of the story that unfolds this year. So called ‘austerity measures’ are ‘extreme measures’. Their purpose is to deflate and control the Will of the people. This is a wake-up month, for sure, as more and more people become aware of how the system really works, not just in economic terms, but also the food we eat, so-called ‘health-care’, the depraved inequality between the classes of this class system, and the impact our unnatural way of living is having on the natural world.

The 3 energy of March 2013 emphasizes communication on a very constructive and creative level if we can heal our hates, prejudices, and fears. 10 makes us aware of the real quality of life – not the illusion painted by a system which defines success and happiness in terms of money, materiality, position, and the power one has over another. The real quality of life is abysmal throughout the world as ‘the powers that be’ extend their mindless grab of life’s abundance, including the resources that Mother Earth gives so freely, and ourselves – not as human beings, but human “resources”.

1 and 5 are also prominent here. Both 1 and 5 represent CHANGE. The 1/5 combination winds intricately through 2013 and this flow of electromagnetic vibration has a practical and down-to-Earth approach – because it is seeking balance.

1+5 = 6, which is the number of balance, so the timing is right, but 6 is also the number of extremes which are desperate to maintain relevance. Not just out there on the world stage, but the extremes we all carry within – the furthest points of ourselves – our basest energy, which we all have – along with the parts of ourselves that we most deeply deny.

1 brings change of a gradual, progressive nature. 5 brings change that is sudden and unexpected, often the end result of the gradual step-by-step process of 1. That’s where we are in our journey through time – on an enormous wave of CHANGE. In the process, we’re starting to see the fall of various institutions, including religions, all kinds of hierarchies, banks, media, all of which is in place to establish fixed norms – so that nothing can change.  The ‘establishment’, in other words.

There is a tug of war going on in the world, which is actually humanity’s inability to let go of the past. Our hesitation, and in some cases, our outright refusal to learn, is preventing us from evolving into a more stable, balanced and loving species. If we dare to look at what’s happening beyond our own comfort zones, we can see that great pockets of human life exist in sheer misery, desperation and cruelty – and it does not have to be that way

In the decade of the 10s, and the millennium of the 2000s, humanity is in the process of pulling itself together, connecting, searching for common ground, unity, cooperation, harmony and partnership. Caring, not careless. Nurturing not butchering. Feminine 2 reveals what our situation most needs – simply by helping us to be honest with ourselves.

But the old ‘man’s world’ of the 1000’s is competitive masculine energy which still believes that ‘winning’ is everything, and is terrified of change, loss, failure, not winning, and not being #1. But the game they are playing – the race they are running – cannot continue in the 2000s. Life is not a competition. We are not the human ‘race’. We are humanity.

We are part of a much greater existence which expands on the energy of potential and possibility. 10 represents the ‘next step’ – away from the violence of the past – or will it be another trip around the karmic wheel and more of the same? We are the only species at war with itself which is really stupid, and needs to stop. We need to become more peaceful. But, of course, everything starts within, and the war between our masculine minds and our feminine feelings has to stop first, not by one part of us ‘beating’ the other, but by each part accepting the other as their equal partner within the body.

March 19 (in the USA) and March 20 (in all countries East of the USA), marks the 10th anniversary of the big lie that was called the Iraq War.

“WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing’!”

All over the world, humanity is calling out loud and clear to stop the violence, at every level, with an emphasis on violence against women and children. Feminine energy is rising in the 2000s, and it needs to be protected, by all of us, against attacks from the extremes who are caught up in their sense of importance, so afraid of losing ‘position’. 1 is the number of ego… our sense of self. We are programmed to kill the ego on the premise that it is the cause of all our problems. When we find balance in the ego between inflation and deflation, we gain a balanced perspective of who we are. But to lose our sense of self completely is to lose our will, which is our sensory system, without which we have no senses – and no sense! The will is our intuitiveness, our feminine energy, our feelings and emotions. Our will is the MOTHER of invention. She thrives in 10 energy, and if she is given acceptance and love, she helps us to move ourselves out of the ruts we’re in.

In this competitive world, 10 is the number by which we measure perfection – 10 out of 10, the perfect 10, etc. But competition is out of control. This is quite visible on the world  stage, in politics, banking, business, sports, and any area that believes that winning is all that matters. The world of competition is in self-destruct because the rules are rigged so that no one else has a chance to compete. They are not competing. They are destroying competition. Anything that is too big to fail is a pocket of greed that is oblivious to the life of anything else around it. Too big to fail is a bomb on our path through time – a time bomb – ignited by its own imbalance; its own top-heaviness.

Meanwhile, old unmoving hatred which was once well hidden is being squeezed to the surface so that it can be fully exposed, healed and allowed to move into the past where it belongs. The most condensed and entrenched hatred tends to explode onto the surface, causing unbearable damage. Part of the emotional healing process that we are all engaged in at the present time is to heal our ill feelings – some of which are sicker than we imagine. Loving and peaceful INTENT is essential.

Our ability to withstand pressure is constantly being tested. And yet our understanding of life is increasing as our emotional vibrations stretch, enrich and OPEN our minds. Intelligence increases when mind and emotion accept each other, as the separate but equal entities that they are, masculine and feminine – electricity and magnetism – natural partners, within the body.

There’s going to be a big fight for control this year. Support what you truly believe is right an true, but keep your mind open. Look for common ground.

Focus on what you are most avidly interested in. Whatever you are ‘good at’, pursue it. This is 10 energy we’re traveling. 10 builds self-acceptance, confidence, and NEW ideas.

Inflated egos are falling into balance while deflated egos are rising into balance. That’s the potential. That’s the next level. That’s 10.


2013 (Part One) HEARTSPELL




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Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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1 Response to 2013 (Part Two) ~ CONCENTRATED TEN

  1. Hello Christine, as ever you are so in tune with your inuitivity. The wisdom of numbers was brought to us by Pythagoras some 2500 years ago and with it his Theoram. We simple evolving human beings are still trying to work out our own simple lives in a confusing world.
    Whilst I was reading your words I was thinking how Jesus of Nazareth may have felt in his small world around Galilee near Jerusalum whilst he was growing up and learning his Carpentry trade with his Father. Was he so in touch with his Higher-Self and with God or the God Force that he could trust his intuition to do what he was guided to do. He showed us the way of course, like a number of enlightened souls, that we should TRUST ourselves and our intuition. Must we, should we in turn trust the flow of natures energy – Numerology and Astrology and other etheric truisms.
    Your words mention that we must trust the feminine sides of our nature and use it to bring peace into the world – WE as I meant us men! As a believer in re-incarnation I feel comfortable that men and women re-incarnate through a number of lives to become ‘Christed’ and therefore in time there will be no further need for us to return to the School of Life – this world.
    I have read a number of books recently that cover the Middle Ages in Europe from the turn of the 1’s, 1000 AD and up to the Renaissance period, that started really around 1300 AD to the 16th century, 1500 (a 6). It was certainly a man’s world and women had no position in the world at all unless you were wealthy/privileged, even then it was still for procreating a Son and Heir. We have come a long way, in a short time compared to how many years has been on this planet.
    The fight for the women’s vote in the UK was quite a battle, but it came at the best time it could just as the First World War started, for without women being involved in that struggle, it would not have gone the right way. By the time the 2nd World War started in 1939, women were needed in so many areas of men’s normal careers, whilst the men were away fighting. It has not taken a back-step since, in most of the Democratic world. With the advent of the Internet and the world wide web, we can see the start of Women being Free in the Muslim world. It will be slow, there will be many strong women who will sacrifice their lives – as we have witnessed already – the religeous leaders will bully them, insult them, maybe stone them and have them killed, possibly by their husbands or family, but in time 100 years or more, hopefully less, they will gain their Freedom and independence.
    My readings over the last few days took me to “First Lady” a book written by Michael Dobbs, where an average male Member of the United Kingdom Parliament, had an affair, nearly broke up the family; but his wife decided to turn it around and helped to make her husband improve himself to be come the leader of the opposition and win an Election to become the Prime Minister of the UK . Needless to say she used all her feminine charms added together with the male deviousness she got him to the top. It reminded me a little of Hilary Clinton with her husband, and their experiences in the White House and how things turned around for them ‘Both’ to so positive. It would be great for womankind if she is healthy enough to stand for the Presidential Election in 4 years. Good for the world but also good for all Muslim Women, everywhere; maybe other anti-women states as well. If she leads she will help to change the balance of the world and speed up it’s PEACE.
    Thank you once again Chistine. I am looking forward to Monday. From what my ‘stars’ are doing it may seem at last there will be endings and beginnings for me. After all its only taken me around 50 years to get where I saw I was meant to be!!!! Don’t stop yourself going for goals readers, but be careful in what you wish for, it may take longer, BUT, don’t give up. All our great leaders, Men and Women believed in what they should do, and DID NOT give up.
    Thank you again Christine. Gerald


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