WK29Read about the numeric energy influencing the world this week…

In 2013, Calendar week 29 runs from Tuesday, July 16 through Monday, July 22.


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.  ~Gandhi


Where there is no justice, fairness, or equality, there can be no stability, balance, or peace. We must find a way to allow diversity to flow freely without one energy overpowering another – which seems like an impossible task. And yet, everything going on in the world right now is an opportunity to discover how we might achieve this. We are in highly complex territory, all over the world, and an acceleration of events is underway, whether it is visible or not.

We live in a world in which anything can be ‘arranged’, and we can therefore never be sure of whether events and circumstances are real or contrived. But we also have within us the natural radar of our minds and the natural sonar of our emotions with which to connect dots, draw lines, put 1 and 1 together, feel the hidden vibration of deception, and arrive at the truth. We will be dragged along by this old and dying ‘class system’ which is based on judging each other very harshly, until we find a way, individually and collectively, to transform it.

THE HUMAN WILL continues to rise against oppression – sparked by emotional events which lead us back to old issues that we have avoided for generations. Week 29 shines a light on the RACE we are all forced to run from the moment we are born until the day we die – and the way the race is rigged to the advantage of those controlling it.

Why does everything have such racial inferences right now? One reason is that July’s 4 monthly energy focuses on work and system, and how the system works. And we can plainly see that the system is ONE BIG RACE, for position and superiority. It’s all connected, including the fact that many white people still don’t consider ‘white’ to be an ethnic group but, simply, the norm.

2 is the number of perception. 9 is the number of expanded awareness – which implies that something important must be learned in this regard – especially the way we perceive each other. 2 also brings empathy and understanding.

2 is the number of CONNECTION. The shocking verdict last week (week 28) which found George Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ of murdering 17 year old Trayvon Martin, has brought race front and center in the USA – and the time is right for this. There are much broader implications here, and connections to other issues of civil rights both in the USA and around the world. One of the greatest icons of civil and human rights, Nelson Mandela, will be 95 years old this week, and I have no doubt as I look at these distinct numeric patterns, that the current emphasis on African Americans is indeed connected to the continent of Africa itself, and how Nelson Mandela, connects South Africa to North Africa, particularly Egypt. It is ALL about the freeing of the human will and how the entire continent of Africa is connected to the origins of life on Earth.

Nelson Mandela’s birthday is Thursday, July 18, a 22/4 day in the world (7+9+6=22/4). 22/4 is the master number which has the potential to improve conditions on Earth on a massive scale – or – if the power of 22 is abused, chaos usually follows. 2 is the number we are evolving into. Nelson Mandela is a symbol of strength and dignity in the face of oppression. His birthday falls on the 199th day of the year, symbolizing humanity’s journey out of the masculine dominated 1000s, into the potential equality and balance of the 2000s.

Friday, July 19th, is the 200th day of the year… a 5 day in the world – the number of CHANGE. We are changing from 1 to 2 – and there is great insight to gain from this numeric mix – just as long as we are patient with details, with our progress, and with what we perceive as our own and other people’s faults and failings. 2 is the number of PATIENCE, and the 200th day of the year is a good time to recognize just how powerful patience can be. By looking at all sides of the story – from different angles – you will find a more balanced and desirable way to proceed. Think things through. Don’t act impulsively. There is a time and place for everything.

Note added: On the 200th day of the year, President Obama made a surprise speech about the racial divide in the USA, confirming that there is indeed a problem which needs to be addressed. July 19, 2013 is a 5 day in the world – the number of the sudden and unexpected – and the number of diversity and freedom – the number of constructive CHANGE. His numerology suggests that this speech was his own idea (non political), and very personal. Hopefully, it marks the beginning of a new and more realistic approach to the problem. He is in a 9 Personal Year, a 7 month, and an 8 personal day. This was very powerful. We cannot solve a problem that we refuse to look at – and into.

Saturday, July 20, gives us more 2 and 9 energy (7+2=9). Whenever the day and month add up to 9, the vibrations involved are amplified and you get a DOUBLE DOSE of weekly and daily energy. On these days your weekly Creative Numerology Forecast always repeats as a daily forecast. Circumstances, memories, and feelings often reach a peak on these dates. This is a  time of completion and conclusion – and the fact that this occurs in week 29 (11/2), heightens our sensitivity – and our intuition – even further. Be sure to re-read your weekly forecast today.

Then we have Sunday, July 21st, 2013 – the 202nd day of the year which is directly connected to the energy of our current decade of the 10s – which happens to be the 202nd decade of the Gregorian Calendar. That is quite a connection, and now that we know it is there, we may be able to use this energy to create something new out of what we’ve already got, or at least plan to do so in the near future. July 21, 2013 is a 7 global day in a 7 global month – the number of planning, intelligence, wisdom and humility at one end – and ignorance, paranoia, and misplaced feelings of superiority at the other.

Week 29 ends on Monday, July 22, which also adds up to 29, (7+22=29), which intensifies the 29/11/2 energy further. Add to that the 6 energy of 2013, and we are in an 8 day – the number of power in the material world. The number of abundance. The number of correct understanding and infinite balance. But at the other end of 8 is the heartlessness of greed, manipulation, and bullying. The unbridled misuse of the 8 energy by bankers and corporate executives created an enormous amount of damage on Earth – over many years and decades. Positive change – the transformation of the system – seems to take forever. But in the course of time, these changes are happening amazingly fast as we travel through the 14th year of the 2000s. (Yes the 14th year, not 13th because the millennium started with the year 2000, not 2001).

This week’s energies can bring unusual ideas to mind. But we are discovering that mind alone is simply not enough. We are all in the process of change. We are not losing our minds. We are changing our minds. That’s what happens when we learn new things.

The 6 energy of 2013 places a tremendous focus on the judicial systems of all countries, and how laws have been passed which are designed to keep the will of the people down – in order to maintain the positions of those in control, and protect them from scrutiny. 11 is the number of illumination and is currently shining its revealing light on these matters.


11 is one reflecting on oneself. To evolve, we must face our own reflection and accept who we are. 11 symbolizes self acceptance. 11 is our bridge to 2. (1+1=2). 1 leads and sets direction and pace. 11 teaches us to look at things in different lights and from different angles in order to see a larger  picture – the whole potential for better or worse. When we look at 11 from a vertical angle those two parallel lines become the equals sign.


equalsEQUALS. Spirit and Will are not the same. Electricity and magnetism are not the same. Light and dark are not the same. Neither are masculine and feminine. But they are natural equals because not only does each have its own power, purpose, and function, the existence of one depends on the existence of the other. The equals sign has become a major symbol of Marriage Equality and LGBT rights, but its power and purpose also extends to answers, results, and solutions and, of course, equality for all.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

We cannot go forward while our understanding of reality is stuck in the past. This week, the 9 energy can help us dig into the past to answer questions we did not know how to answer back then. Or to give our own honest account of what really happened. There is a strong story-telling element to this week’s vibrations. Deeply emotional events are shaking our senses and opening our minds. Our feelings may not always seem loving, but the light that brings us to the truth is love itself. Awareness is our first and foremost safety net, but wherever we do not accept the loving light of truth, we remain unconscious – in the dark.

Humanity is emitting so much emotional energy at this time that it is often impossible to comprehend the sheer massiveness of the changes currently taking place in the world.  Week 29 appears to be a kind of cut-off point in which the sensitivity of 2, the expanded awareness of 9, and their combined value of 11 are drawing our true feelings to the surface, forcing us to be honest with ourselves.

The light of 11 is connecting us to what we have been denying. We are finally owning it, so to speak. Acceptance often comes as a shock to the system. And because what happens within manifests in the outer world, the more rattled and vulnerable this patriarchal war-torn system becomes.

The INTENT with which we tackle these complex and difficult matters, both in our own lives and in the world at large, is all important. We can be angry and still have loving intent. We can be afraid and still have hope. We can be downtrodden and still have the determination to pick ourselves up and try again. We can grieve our losses and still celebrate our blessings. But we cannot afford to deny any of our feelings.

Our feelings are the energy of our WILL, and it is this Will Power that drives us forward on the evolutionary track. Without loving intent (and not the mere “appearance” of love), the will cannot understand its power or purpose and is easily subjugated by those whose will is not loving at all.

The more honest with ourselves we are, the stronger the vibrations of our feelings become. And it is that vibration – the vibration of truth – that is opening our minds and expanding consciousness.  We are at a point in the human journey where the  denial we’ve been hiding behind is crumbling. The truth is becoming undeniable. Denial involves shutting out consciousness of a particular reality by refusing to accept how we really feel about it. Ignorance is the act of ignoring truth.

“History is never a closed book or a final verdict.
It is forever in the making.”
Arthur Schlesinger

The experience of generations has taught us a lot about life. But we are told, “don’t look back.”  But that way, we don’t get to see the mess we made. We must look at the past and accept it exactly  as it was. We cannot put things right if we refuse to look at and accept where we went wrong. As Winston Churchill once said: “The longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.”

To understand the EFFECT, we must first understand the CAUSE. The layers go deeper than we can imagine, but if we really want to heal and evolve, if we really want to be free, it’s a journey we have to make. If we do not know where we went wrong, if we do not learn from our mistakes, then the karmic rut gets deeper. We cannot prevent what has happened from happening, but we can prevent it from happening again and again.




About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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6 Responses to Week 29 ~ CONNECTIONS

  1. S says:

    U did it again. Your definition of denial gave me the biggest AHA moment – due to all the heightened feelings (mostly anger/hate) the nine year has brought…I think i’ve just come out of some significant denial (and am coming across my core/real self). I think the last few years have basically been a drive towards coming out of it – certainly if denial is the way you described it…woah!

    Many thanks (again)


  2. Susan says:

    Great explanation of 29/11! Is there any significance to a person who keeps attracting people whose birth dates add up to be a 29/11? I am surrounded in my personal life by 29/11 men and just met another one. (I’m in a 5 cycle, 10-16-64, divorced).


    • That’s interesting, Susan! You are probably the best one to determine whether it has significance or not. You might get the best results if you look for the connections yourself. Perhaps the characteristics of 29/11/2 are visible or discernible in those individuals, or there is something to learn from them that is not related to the numbers. Perhaps you are just sensitive to those vibrations right now and are simply noticing them more easily, or perhaps it’s too early to be able to make a connection. Wow!


  3. Gerald says:

    Hi Christine, Sadly your system did not receive my comment to this last week, never mind. Suffice to say I returned to the UK after 7 years -some said ‘resting’- but I wondered if it was ‘In the Wilderness’, I certainly had a lot of time on my own there. I flew out on the 18th and arrived on terra firma on the 19th! It seemed time to get back to begin, another, new start. The Astrologers were commenting in similar terms to your Wisdom, and I just FELT, it was time to begin again. Co-incidentally your notes mentioned Nelson Mandela’s birthday, maybe his last, and is the same age my Father passed, and your comments from M K Gandhi, both men I have read much about and 20th Century heroes. So this 49/4 is starting again. Well, here goes I think this next phase/Term of my life will be the important period where I continue to follow those early dreams. Best wishes, and thanks, as always for grounding the wisdom, Gerald


    • Welcome home, Gerald. Perhaps you were both resting and exploring the unknown at the same time. 7 years is a long time to sustain such a journey, and I’m sure you have gained much from it. You left Portugal on the 18 = 9 = endings and letting go. You arrived in the UK on the 19th = 10 = 1 = change and starting afresh. Your timing seems so natural. I hope you find what you’re looking for, Gerald! I hope we all do!
      My love and very best wishes,


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