Week30Read about the numeric energy influencing the world this week… Calendar week 30 runs from Tuesday, July 23 through Monday, July 29.

3 is the number of WORDS and IMAGES, and it is prominent in our lives for the next 10 weeks.

Storytelling, both fact and fiction, is part of human nature. Life is movement. And where there is movement, all kinds of information is communicated. 3 represents THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION.

3 is the number of CREATIVITY, THE ARTS, ILLUSION, and PRESENTATION. This holds wonderful potential for those involved in creative projects – and for those who desire a more creative way to live than the current path of destruction.

This week, it will be difficult to hold our feelings back because the numbers are positioned to facilitate emotional movement. 3, 6 and 9 are everywhere. Unexpressed feelings from the past are surfacing, and instead of going over the same old memory yet again in your head (looping), you may now be able to let the memory run its course,  and let yourself feel how you truly feel. It may come as a relief to you. On the other hand, if your feelings come as a shock, the key is to have the firm intention of healing and forgiveness in your heart, and the understanding that we are responsible for our emotions. They are not weapons.

Every number has a shallow end, and 3’s shallow end is the shallowest of all. 3 is the number of SURFACE APPEARANCES, which are what we see and understand, before we have gone deeply enough into the details. Going beneath the surface enables us to see different sides of the story.

3 represents one of the principle emotions – HAPPINESS – but happiness cannot last while we are carrying OLD unhappiness inside. We have to free ourselves of this by healing and releasing these emotions. Humanity is currently experiencing an emotional reaction – possibly a delayed reaction – to experiences of the past. We evolve by understanding our experience, hence the saying , “you live and learn.”

We are starting to communicate with ourselves, letting our inner circuitry, the enormous emotional range which we all possess, operate as it is meant to. The more honest we are with ourselves, the more able we are to recognize inaccuracy or embellishment. For example, in a recent interview in which former NYC police commissioner, Ray Kelly, was asked whether the city’s ‘stop and frisk’ laws are linked to the pressure of arrest quotas, he said: “There are no quotas. There are productivity goals like in any other business.”  His deflection of the truth, actually told the true story. Productivity goals are quotas. And he referred to the NYPD as just ‘another business’. This is double speak. And people are getting much wiser to it.

Language is a mighty force. We are becoming more aware of what is being said – and what is not being said. Entire industries have formed around the need to keep the public distracted, uninformed, confused,  and powerless. 3 represents POPULARITY, POP-CULTURE, POPULATION, PEOPLE.

3 is also the number of SCATTERED ATTENTION. The shallow end of 3 is a great distractor. In the upcoming weeks, we will need to look beyond surface appearances. We have to look deeper. Try not to get caught up in gossip. Do not rely on hearsay for your information. These are 3s weaker points.

No matter how peaceful we want to be, a power struggle is going on between ‘the people’ and those who control us. There is also a battle going on between past, present, and future, as present day powers continue to grab a fundamental component of life – communication itself. That is why the air waves and the internet must never be owned. That is why monopolies are forming in the “news” industry.  And that is why the US House of Representatives, on the second day of week 30, rejected a measure to curb the NSA’s secret collection of hundreds of millions of phone records – made possible by the Patriot Act which was signed into being by George W. Bush on October 26, 2001 (a 3 day in a 3 global year). That is when it became legal for the US government to spy on its people.

While people all over the world were joyfully distracted by the fairy-tale-story of “The Royal Baby” in London, other major issues were largely ignored. Also in Britain, ‘officials’ (including private security firms) may soon be given sweeping new powers which criminalize any behavior they judge to be annoying or ‘a nuisance’. Yes, being annoying could soon be a crime in Britain. There are strong connections here to America’s Patriot act because such laws destroy the checks and balances which protect the people.

Here is a major story that is not getting enough attention:  in Alberta, Canada, a major tar-sands oil spill has been going on for 9 weeks now, with no end in sight. Those in charge of this disaster admit that they do not know how to stop it. This is one of countless true stories which are currently having an accumulative impact on the population – and Mother Earth herself.  On July 6, also in Canada, an unattended 73-car freight train carrying crude oil broke loose and became derailed. This resulted in a gigantic explosion, with 42 confirmed deaths, and 5 presumed dead. The blast also destroyed more than 30 buildings in the small town of Lac-Mégantic. It should be remembered that Canada’s tar sands constitute the bottom of the global oil barrel – the dirtiest oil on the planet!

* update: new information on Alberta oil spill suggests that this leak has been going on for months, not weeks. See link at end of page….

Also on the 1st day of week 30, a natural gas rig off the Louisiana coast exploded and is still burning. It’s unclear when the well will be plugged.”

We have all this cutting-edge technology – but we have no idea what to do when things go wrong. 2013 is a 6 global year – the number of RESPONSIBILITY – the number of JUSTICE, CHECKS, BALANCES, and PREVENTION. Stories involving lack of regulation are likely to rise as 2013 continues to unfold. Corporate incompetence, negligence, and indifference are creating horrific stories all over the world.

Meanwhile, an elaborate series of twists and turns in the story of the Middle East continue to unfold, some confusing, some terrifying, and some highly enlightening and filled with hope. 3 represents the power of OPTIMISM.

Week 30 is the last week of July, which is a 4 global month – the number of both breakdown and breakthrough; the number of work, workers, and the inner-workings/mechanics of things. 4 exposes our limitations and weak spots, while offering us the powers of determination, perseverance, attention to detail, and commitment. July’s 4 energy, the number of ORDER, brings our attention to the LAW itself. There are landmark legal cases happening all over the world which bring existing laws into focus, such as the ‘stand your ground law’ in the USA, which was first signed into being by Jeb Bush, then Governor of Florida, on October 1, 2005. That was week 40, and 4 = order, and order = law.

So much of the story-telling is going on within the individual, as we reach a new level of honesty about how we really feel inside. And we are gaining strength from this. It enables us to see how the past made the present inevitable, and can help us set a course into the future which feels right for us. 6 = balance.

We are bound to feel turbulence and shockwaves for the next 10 weeks (weeks 30 to 39), as we confront surface appearances and discover the truth behind them. But isn’t that often the substance of a good story? How people find themselves outside their comfort zone – and how they cope?





Update on Alberta Oil Spill


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3 Responses to Week 30 ~ SURFACE APPEARANCES

  1. Patsi McConnell says:

    This is very interesting – for many years i seem to wake up at the same time 3.33 – what is all that about? Also my house number is 133, my birth month is the 3rd month. Looks like 3 is a big part of my life.


    • Hello Patsi, yes, just being born on the 3rd makes 3 a very powerful energy in your life. As for 3.33,’ seeing numbers’ has become quite a phenomenon all over the world. It’s not surprising really because we are living in the digital age – the age of numbers – so it stands to reason that we would be more aware and more attracted to them. For the next 10 weeks, 3 is very concentrated. It will be interesting t see how it impacts us.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Coincident? That the affluent city of Calgary was severely flooded while the tar sands leak oil. Mother Earth’s blood and her defence to balance.? Something to think about.


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