Slide05Calendar Week 31 runs from Tuesday, July 30 to Monday, August 5, 2013.

Courage  is the only antidote to fear – and courage is in the air this week. We are learning as we go, which is exactly as it is meant to be in the constantly changing and accident-prone 14/5 energy of August 2013.

August = 8, and 2013 adds up to 6. Therefore, August 2013 = 14/5. So let’s look at this monthly energy first.

We must not mistake courage for recklessness or indifference. The karmic influence of 14/5 teaches us to learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. 14/5 is a lesson about learning our lessons.

We learn and gain awareness through trial and error, through the partnership of thought and feeling, and the ability to connect one thing to another (basic 1+1=2). We learn through our desire to learn. 14 exposes the excuses we use to keep old harmful habits in place. 5 represents diversity, freedom, sex, gender, one’s own physical presence, addiction, travel, excitement, and unusual experience.

5 star5 is the path where all paths meet. People are more distracted than usual. Clashes and crashes are bound to occur. 5 is the pivot point – and the center – of the numeric scale. August will bring sudden, unexpected, and unusual developments.

We have traveled through some very unusual energy since the feminine 2000s began – energy which vividly reflects our reality back to us – the shock of which is opening our hearts and minds and bringing us out of the futility of denial. We can see how we’re living, struggling in many cases, how afraid of our differences we are, and how the system works; at least, we can see some of it. Much is still hidden.

When the pentagram is active, as it this August, there is usually a direct connection to the Pentagon in Washington, which is the world’s largest physical symbol of 5.

Week 31 of 2013 is unusual indeed. 3 = communication and  1 = new beginnings. 1+3=4, and 4 represents determination, dedication, hard work, organization, system, restriction, and breakthrough. 1+3+4=8, the number of power in the material world. And here we are in August, the 8th month of the year. 2013 adds up to 6, the number of responsibility, balance, extremes, equality, stability, home, family, education, justice, and healing. August = 8… 2013 = 6… 8+6=14/5..

In this hectic vibrational mix, we can expect significant exposures and power plays on the world stage – and in our own lives. At the same time, the potential for improved conditions is strong. People are moving forward despite grotesque attempts by governments and corporations to drag us back into the past, where their positions were more secure. The human appetite for peace is increasing significantly.

HEXAGRAMOn July 29th, 2013 (the last day of week 30) we experienced an unusual astrological event in which the planets formed a hexagram. A 6-pointed star. This happened on a 6 global day in a 6 global year). I am not an astrologer, but I do enjoy it when astrology and numerology click, as they did on July 29. The number 29 gave us the illumination of 11. And, as the Star Of David formed in the heavens, the most serious peace talks between Israel and Palestine were announced. Ah! More of the same old BS, one might assume. And it may well turn out to be just that. But this time around, Israel and Palestine have a better chance than ever before to start healing an open wound in the fabric of humanity that is so painful that we have never been able to move beyond it. The tone seems very different this time. The two triangles that make up the Star Of David are active in the heavens, with some kind of climax or progress occurring two weeks from now in week 33 (August 13 to 19).

3 = communication and optimism. 1 = beginnings and change. 3+1=4, and 4 = restriction at one end and breakthrough at the other. The potential for peace is THERE – even as the surrounding region, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Bahrain, and many other countries continue to boil over. For most of us, the terror and suffering involved in these wars are beyond comprehension. Millions of people are struggling just to stay alive. Such trauma continues to scar generations. Here in the 2000s, humanity is ready to heal these wounds and evolve into something better. The most basic common ground humanity has is SURVIVAL. The Middle East symbolizes the survival chakra on Earth, code red, which can and must heal and evolve in the transparency of the 2000s. Terror is condensed unmoving fear, which is something to be soothed and healed, not held in place, tormented, and escalated. A  war on terror can only increase terror.


Israel’s flag is a hexagram – a 6-pointed star – inside an equals sign. What remarkable symbolism this is! Israel and Palestine have an opportunity to find true balance, on the basis of equality – which can only be found with the mutual desire to survive. The Israeli flag was adopted on October 28, 1948 – (a 33/6 day in the world). (1+0+2+8+1+9+4+8= 33/6). I will talk more about the 33 energy in week 33. Meanwhile, 6 represents extremes, balance, fairness, justice, equality, and peace.

We must stop judging our emotions as positive and negative. All emotion is an essential component of life. At one end is pure survival instinct. At the other is pure joy. In between is an entire range of emotions, feelings, sensations, urges, and impulses, which provide a vast depth of understanding and potential that we are only now becoming aware of.

A feelingless world is a barbaric world, and the deeper we allow ourselves to feel, the more we feel the desire for peace. Emotion is feminine energy – magnetism – the only thing that can bring balance to this disproportionate electrical ‘man’s world’.

On the first day of week 31, Hillary Clinton stepped forward with some symbolism of her own (she is in a 6 year), and made it ‘kind of’ clear that she intends to be the next president of the United States. If so, the US can expect some fierce pushback to prevent the first female president taking over where the first black president left off. The world stage is awash in symbolism and reflections of ourselves – with both racism and the war on women quite apparent everywhere in the world.

This week, Pope Francis, on the subject of homosexuality, asked ‘who am I to judge?’ Perhaps this is a sign that the catholic church, which forms the spiritual belief system of an estimated 1.2 billion people, is changing its tune. But, so far, it has not changed its core belief that homosexuality is a “sin”. In fairness, 1 is the number of beginnings, so perhaps this is just the start of a greater tolerance, and then, perhaps, acceptance of women as equals, too. The catholic church is still adamant that women cannot be part of its masculine hierarchy.

U.S. Army whistle-blower, Bradley Manning, was found not guilty of ‘aiding the enemy’, but guilty of other charges which could result in over 100 years in prison. This whole case is a matter of communication, words, images, surface appearances, morality, and TRUTH. While Manning faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison, those who committed the atrocities he uncovered were not punished at all. Most symbolic is the fact that this verdict was made on the 225th anniversary of a law that was enacted to protect whistle-blowers (truth tellers).  It declared: “it is the duty of all persons in the service of the United States, as well as all other the inhabitants thereof, to give the earliest information to Congress or other proper authority of any misconduct, frauds or misdemeanors committed by an officer or person in the service of these states, which may come to their knowledge.”

* * *

Of course, these stories represent just a tiny snippet of how the week started, but are highly symbolic nonetheless. For the rest of the week, (and this will extend throughout the month of August), there is an emphasis on resources – and being resourceful. On the world stage, this will no doubt involve Mother Earth – the ultimate resource. The words ‘vital signs’ seem appropriate this week.

But true resourcefulness is something we can all home into now if we look at our personal situations more closely and appreciate what we’ve got going for us, individually. These are our assets – what we’ve got to work with. In the 8 energy of August, we create what we want out of what we have at our disposal. That’s resourcefulness. Just remember (from this month’s #4 personal monthly forecast)  that “ideas, no matter how clever or innovative they are, have no value unless they are brought to life.”  4 = the hard work, dedication, and attention to detail which creates breakthrough.

Current numeric chemistry highlights our physical reality, and is helping us to form a much needed partnership with the physical planet which sustains us. Mother Earth is our ultimate life-support system. And the world stage is the mirror in which we can see our true condition – if we dare to look at it in detail.

* * *

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