WEEK 32Calendar Week 32 runs from Tuesday, August 6 to Monday, August 12, 2013.

5 is the number of adventure. It brings excitement and uncertainty combined. Feelings of instability – and the recognition of potential – are strongest when 5 is active.

Week 32 is a 5 week in a 5 month. This diverse and multi-directional vibration represents physical presence, unexpected development, and a variety of events. In concentrated 5, everything seems to be happening at the same time, and is strangely connected in some way.

3 represents all forms of communication, and we are currently experiencing a 10 week phase (weeks 30 to 39) in which the entire range of 3 energy is extremely active, in the form of hearsay, rumor, and gossip, as well as truth, encouragement, and inspiration. 3 spans the misery of destruction, war, and constant struggle, and the joy of creativity and genuine friendliness. The power of words and images is emphasized. So too is our growing ability to look at things with more than just our sense of sight, and listen with more than just our sense of hearing. Our entire sensory system is evolving, and we are learning to FEEL, SENSE, THINK, and ACT independently, rather than be taken in by the ignorance or ulterior motives of others.

2 represents progress. In the context of time, we are evolving from the masculine 1000s to the balance of the 2000s in which masculine and feminine are equal. In the context of personal evolution, we are seeing a wider picture, noticing connections, putting 1 and 1 together – and making 2. We are also developing the ability to cooperate with each other rather than compete. However, this is creating havoc in the old system which is unable to sustain the evolutionary development that humanity is making. The old system will do anything it can to prevent this expansion of human will and consciousness. 2 enables us to CHANGE current conditions through diplomacy and other peaceful means.

2013 is a 6 global year – the number of both BALANCE and EXTREMES. 6 represents COMMUNITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and  DEPENDABILITY. As the violent balance-of-power continues, life on Earth is slipping and sliding all over the place in response to REAL CHANGE. A crescendo is in progress – something is building – and because 5 is the number of the unexpected, we cannot know how it will turn out.

5 brings surprise and excitement, and generally shakes things up. This fast-moving vibration travels in spurts and “rushes”, triggering our feelings at the adrenaline level. In the process, unexpressed emotions from the past are pushed and pulled to the surface. Our memories are breaking out of denial and back into consciousness.

Memory is the natural pathway to the past. In the 5 vibration, we LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE, and memory is where we retain what we learn. Every experience contains potential to expand our awareness! If we learn what the experience has to teach, there is no need to get stuck in the past. By understanding our experiences, the past can remain in its correct position, behind us, as a source of wisdom. Memory is what consciousness rests upon.

Whether we are male of female, this emotional build up is our suppressed feminine energy – our WILL – our magnetism. As the feeling leaves, the lesson it contained stays  and our understanding of life increases. We cannot forgive and forget, if we cannot remember what needs to be forgiven.  Most of our illnesses are the result of emotion that is not allowed to move, and becomes trapped in the body – in the muscles, organs, sinews, bones, vessels, cells, and blood, and can cause great distress to the physical body in their effort to move OUT. Emotions are conscious energy, and energy MUST move.  We enable them to move out by expressing them! We express them by feeling them. 5 makes us more aware of our physical condition – and brings deeper meaning to the question: “How do you feel?”

5 is the number of the ‘unusual’. It takes us outside of our ‘usual’ point of view and provides an extended vision of reality. When 5 is derived from karmic 14, we must recognize where and why we have been blocked. What’s happening on the world stage is an accurate reflection of what 14/5 has to teach.

From my 2009 article “Karmic Numbers”: 14/5  involves grabbing freedom for oneself at the expense of others, or in a way that undermines our own best interests. It involves overindulgence in the physical aspects of life at the expense of inner development. 14/5 involves lack of accountability and exposes self-centeredness, laziness, incompetence, lack of caring, erratic behavior, and the inability to finish what we start.

It’s not only the 14/5 vibration that we’re traveling through this week. ALL the karmic numbers are active now, and every day of week 32 brings some fascinating numerology which can help us understand what’s going on:

Not only is August 2013 a 14/5 month in the world. (6+8=14), but the very first day of week 32 (Tuesday, August 6) gave us a double-dose of this energy. (8/6/14/5). August 6 was also the 68th anniversary (6+8=14/5) of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, reminding us that 14/5 is all about learning from past mistakes. That was a colossal mistake which somehow linked Japan forever to the perils of nuclear energy. On August 6, it was widely reported that the Fukushima nuclear reactor which was damaged in the 2011 earthquake/tsunami is contaminating surrounding groundwater with radioactive discharge, and is moving towards the Pacific Ocean.

August 6 is also the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in which minorities in the United Sates were given the same rights as the white majority. Now, 48 years later, as the population of minorities starts to out-number the majority, that law, for which so many suffered and died, is under attack. (4+8=1+2=3=people/population).

When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
~Pete Seeger

Karmic healing is the learning of what we did not previously know – or the remembering of what we have forgotten – and the acceptance of the feelings triggered by that reality. This expansion of awareness forms the powerful evolutionary current we are all traveling at this time in the human journey. Knowledge is power.

14/5 returns us to forgotten old experiences by activating our memories.  Very often, it makes us repeat the same old mistake yet again, perhaps in a different form, until we become so discouraged by our own actions that we start questioning why it is we keep making the same mistakes. History repeating itself is the story of humanity to date – and it’s time to change this inexperienced part of ourselves. 5 brings experience. Just remember that how one experiences something may be quite different to the way someone else does.

Wednesday, August 7 is a 3 day in the world, (8+7+6 = 2+1 = 3), and is reinforced by the 3 in week 32. It is the 219th day of the year, which also adds up to 3. Surface appearances can be very deceptive now. 3 is the number of words, images, communication, and beauty, while 7 seeks what it perceives as ‘perfection’. Both 3 and 7 like to find fault – 3, to one’s face, often with a smile, and 7, behind one’s back, as it mistrusts and over-analyzes. 3 has a tendency to blurt things out. 7 keeps its information close to its heart.

Thursday, August 8 is the 8th day of the 8th month, and a 22/4 day in the world. (8+8+6=22/4). 8 represents POWER on the physical plane which comes from sustained balance which, in turn, comes from correct understanding of how to attain that balance. We are learning. We are recognizing what works and what doesn’t. To have knowledge is to be aware. And we, the people of this world, are becoming more aware – every day.

August 8th is the 220th day of the year, giving us an extra dose of 22 energy. 22 can be used in amazing ways to improve conditions for the masses. But when the power of 22 is abused, havoc and confusion follow.

When the immense power of 22 is combined with the power of 8 (the number of power itself) it also incorporates the power of 3. (22+8=3+0=3). This brings the power of the people into the mix, and is rich in lessons about preventing ourselves from being overpowered and disempowered. In this week’s atmosphere of REAL CHANGE, it is clear that a change of strategy is needed. Some have already started this process and are being the change they want to see in the world.

22 adds up to 4, the number of RESTRICTION and BREAKTHROUGH; SYSTEM and IDENTITY. And because 13 is such an important part of this year, the 13/4 karmic energy is also present. It is threaded all the way through 2013, but we will feel it even more intensely when we go into week 40 on October 1st. (See links below for Karmic Numbers.)

There is a great deal of focus on world events right now, even though most countries are deeply involved in their own domestic matters. After all, it’s a 6 year in the world. The number of HOME and FAMILY. This double 8 vibration emphasizes how homes and families are CONNECTED, and how one ‘home’ or ‘family’ can effect another. In this concentration of 8, and in the transparency that the 2 energy of the 2000s brings, the mechanics of this hierarchal system, which is set up to favor just a few ultra-wealthy families and those who protect them, is more visible than ever.

There is nothing wrong with wealth. This is an abundant world. But there is something wrong when life becomes a game of ‘winner takes all”.  No one can own all of life. Life will fight back – and win. It’s a matter of balance. It’s a matter of karma. The double 8 vibration of August 8 adds up to 16/7, which is a highly karmic number.

From my article, “The Karmic Numbers”: 16/7 affects matters of SELF-AWARENESS, PRIDE, SECRETS and LIES. It involves the abuse of power, and the formation of partnerships for the purpose of outdoing or controlling others. 16/7 is the number of conspiracies – not just the theories behind them. This is the ultimate ‘smoke and mirrors’ energy which, like 14/5, comes from self-centeredness, arrogance and lack of accountability. Love can exist within this energy, but distorted motives can result in some decidedly unloving behavior. (See links at end of page for a more detailed account of all the karmic numbers).

This double 8 day brings surges of power, shows of strength, jockeying for position, and masculine energy (which exists in both men and women) rising up to mark its territory – in a stream of 16/7 karmic energy which represents secrets, plots, scandals, and downfalls. 16/7 produces the classic ‘fall from grace’.

No wonder sex scandals are popping up all over the place. We are evolving from masculine 1 to feminine 2. And there is no greater symbol of masculine energy than the number 1 –  the penis! There’s been a lot of talk about vaginas just lately, but we need to understand both the feminine and masculine principles if gender equality is to be realized.

Feminine 2 does not want to dominate. 2 wants equality so that balance can prevail on Earth. The war on women, which is taking place everywhere in the world, is the result of the fear – the terror – of how the male dominated status quo will change if women should be accepted as equal.

August 9 is a 5 day – in a 5 week – in a 5 month. It is also the 221st day of the year, which adds up to 5. So we have quadruple 5 energy on August 9.  The choppy waters of change seem to be centered around this date, with 9, the number of drama, endings, and deep emotions, very prominent. Great inner movement is indicated . Even if nothing memorable ‘happens’ in the outer world on or around August 9, massive inner change can occur through our willingness to feel what we’re really feeling. Our emotions have been activated by the unprecedented turbulence in the world, and, without exaggeration, this movement is waking us up and bringing us to our senses. We are learning how to sense; how to feel; how to intuit our way through life instead of groping or fighting our way forward. These vibrations demonstrate that a feelingless world is a barbaric world, and the deeper we allow ourselves to feel, the more we feel the desire for peace and compassion – as a way of life5 is the number of DIVERSITY, and the acceptance of diversity is the acceptance of our differences… which is peace.

Saturday, August 10th is the 222nd day of the year. TRIPLE 2 = 6.  2 is the predominant number of our times, and it’s peaceful qualities are what we are evolving towards. Meanwhile, we are all trying to balance ourselves amid the evolutionary turbulence of this 6 global year – a journey of extremes and balance. 222 = PATIENCE. KINDNESS. CONNECTION.

11 is the principle energy of this stage of human evolution, and symbolizes our journey from 1 to 2. Without two 1s, we cannot reach 2. And without each other, we cannot survive. 1+1=2, which is the theme of Sunday August 11, 2013. We need to find common ground on which to build a better world. This is a day of great sensitivity. A day of deep feeling and thought. 8+11= 19, which means that the 19/1 karmic vibration is also active now. (See link below).

Monday, August 12 brings the focus back to that powerful combination of 8 and 22/4 and shines a light (again) on the absolute necessity for peaceful solutions, which can only come from within the people. It is only the insanity of greed that holds our transformation back. And because the goal of greed is to take everything, misery spreads and the overall quality of life is diminished. Greed extracts the joy out of other people’s lives in order to feel productive. But greed can never find happiness because greed cannot be satisfied. It will consume itself in the end.


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