week 33Calendar Week 33 runs from Tuesday, August 13 to Monday, August 19, 2013.

Magic is what we make from what we’ve got – even if all we’ve got is an idea. At this stage of our evolution, our magic does not happen as quickly as we would like because the weight of our inexperience – and our unexpressed emotions – hold us back. But 3 is a magic number, and Week 33 will try to get our buried emotions moving so that large scale transformation can occur inwardly, and then in the outer world. 3 is the number of JOY, and one of the principle goals of 33 is to alleviate suffering on a global scale, and transform gloom into cheer.

In the karmic 14/5 energy of August, the nature of the transformation depends on the choices we make. 33 = 6. And 6 = responsibility.

Of course, this patriarchal system is rigged to limit our choices and deceive us into thinking that we cannot change anything. But we know better than that. And as humanity progresses in the direction of openness and free will, those who control the old system will continue to do everything they can to prevent this natural movement in time. We cannot know what will happen next, but the road ahead is filled with encouraging ups and devastating downs. We are experiencing radical change, and turbulence is inevitable. However, the sense of responsibility we feel when 33 is present, helps us to overcome various fears for the sake of caring for and protecting who and what we LOVE. 33 loves without condition.

33 is the most balanced form that 6 can take, and has the qualities of the master teacher, communicator, and networker, whose objectives are met through ‘unusual’ means. 33 is a bright and alluring symbol, rich in hope and possibility. 33 inspires us to make the best of what we have, and never give up.

We are traveling through the 6 energy of 2013. That is our position in time. If only we could break through our limited understanding of time, we would realize that we are all time travelers, and that time is the rhythm of Mother Earth herself, and the framework upon which we evolve.

6 is the number of judgment and justice and can therefore make us very judgmental. All over the world, the various judicial systems are under scrutiny, and we can plainly see the imbalance and double standards that exist there. We can also see the ease with which corruption flows when those in control position themselves above the law. Matters of justice, and how we judge each other, are of prime importance now because justice is fairness, and fairness is balance. Justice brings healing, while injustice keeps the wound painfully open.

It is in the 3 energy that we are most susceptible to the expectation of being judged, (self-consciousness and peer pressure). 33/6 can vibrate these fears to the surface and replace them with genuine confidence. So, this week, be aware of an increase of self-assuredness and a general easing of anxiety – even if there are things going on that have grounds for concern. When you stop worrying about how others perceive you, you will have more energy to focus on what needs to be done, and you will know, instinctively, that you are capable of handling whatever life may bring.

33 contains the desire of 22 to improve conditions for the masses – and the light and inspiration of 11 which shines itself into areas of darkness and shadow. 22 is the master builder, and brings results and finality to matters that require knowledge, patience, and dedication, while 11 enables us to look at a situation from different angles and points of view. 33 drastically enlarges the picture – and encourages us to speak up and express what we are feeling. (This is especially true on the very last day of week 33, Monday, August 19, which happens to be a 33 day in the world… but more on that later).

Another way to look at 33 is in the form of three 11s, the number of illumination – at triple power. 11 sheds its light far and wide and brings transparency into life. We are living through the unprecedented experience of transparency encountering secrecy, which is turning the world as we know it inside out and upside down.

11 gives us INNER VISION, which means that we can see what our feelings are communicating to our minds and hearts. 3 is the number of communication, with ourselves as well as each other. In the 11/3 combination, we can see the chemistry – the magic – we have in us to create if we can establish the right conditions for it. We are traveling through HIGHLY creative, healing, and liberating vibrations this week.

Our feelings are likely to speak to us loudly now, and probably for a long time to come. So we need to be able to recognize and identify our various feelings as they arise. By knowing what we are feeling, and why, we will start to understand what we have to learn from our feminine emotional energy, regardless of whether we are male or female. But if we just act out our emotions without knowing what’s happening inside, the end result may not be creative, healing, or liberating at all.

The mind prevents evolution by refusing to feel anything unpleasant. But life will grow increasingly unpleasant until our positive masculine minds and  negative feminine feelings connect with each other as equals, and produce the inner balance that our growth depends on.

However, while it is true that the mind holds the emotions back because it doesn’t want to feel them, it is also true that the emotions hold themselves back because they do not want to feel the agony of being rejected yet again by the mind. So, if emotional healing is our true intention, we need to form a dialog with our feelings which lets them know that the mind no longer wants to reject them. 33/6 represents unconditional love, and since everything starts within the self, we must accept and love all the different parts of ourselves – without condition – including our feelings, no matter what they happen to be. We must stop judging them, and let them exist as the power they are meant to be.

There has never been acceptance for emotional expression on Earth and, consequently, the emotions of lifetimes are backed up within us.  There is so much more to us than we ‘think.’ But if we refuse to feel what we are feeling, we cannot think for ourselves, and have to be told what is real and what is not and, of course, those doing the telling, may not be telling the truth. Our refusal to feel more deeply than we do is what gives the ‘ruling forces’ their ability to rule. They maintain their power by controlling our emotions, by knowing how and when to push our emotional buttons – and by keeping down any aspect of life that is ‘feminine’ in nature.

When 33 is used for the benefit of the masses, it exudes tolerance, the ability to explain complex matters in simple terms, creative excellence and, above all, common ground on which to build. 33 does not threaten or attack. It invites peace.


For the past two weeks, the numbers (and the planets in Week 31) placed an enormous emphasis on the symbolism of the Star Of David, (the hexagram or 6-sided star). But its association with 33 is ancient – and highly significant at this time in the journey. See “Week 31 – All The World’s a Stage” and “Week 32 – Karmic Convergence” for more details of just how important the upcoming peace talks between Israel and Palestine really are, and how they effect the stability of the entire Middle East. This particular effort, at this particular time, remains a vital aspect of our evolution because the open wounds that exist there must be closed and healed in order for humanity to make progress.

3 represents CONTINUITY as in 1= father, 2 = mother, 3 = child. Regeneration. Replication. Life goes on. And of course, 1+2+3 = 6, which represents marriage, family, home, domestic matters, security, healing, education, pets, and community.

RELATIONSHIP and CONNECTION are major factors for all of us this week, and particularly on the last day of week 33, Monday, August 19, which is a 33 day in a 33 week.

These two 33s on the 19th, give us another master number – 66 – which, in turn, adds up to 12 – and back to 3. While 33 is the master communicator, teacher, and networker, 66 is the master teacher, communicator, and healer.

Those two 33s also generate 9 separate streams of 11, which create 99, which add up to 9 (9+9=1+8=9).  You cannot have 3 and 6 without 9 being part of the equation. This is part of the reason that 3 is known as a magic number. This triangular replicating energy moves in mysterious ways.

9 is the number of endings and conclusions and letting go, and if ever there was a day to bring something to a constructive close, this would be it. And because it occurs in a 5 month which exposes our habits, addictions, and the rut we’re in, perhaps that is the kind of ending we need to be looking at. 5 = change.

Additionally, when the month and day add up to 9 as they do on August 19, our personal weekly energy is amplified. As I always remind my facebook and twitter followers, on these days your weekly reading doubles as a daily reading. Circumstances, memories, and feelings often intensify or reach a peak. 9 represents endings and ‘letting go’.  This is often a  time of completion and conclusion.

Whenever we stay too long in a situation that is not right for us, it is usually guilt that prevents us from finding our way out of it by disguising itself as fear. August 19, 2013 is the perfect date on which to break guilt’s hold, FACE our fears, and power our way through them with lessons learned, and new, revised intent. In all this concentrated 3 energy, it’s time to get creative!

The weekly reading for those in the 6 year applies to all of us since the year 2013 adds up to 6. This week it reads:

“Reality is the theme, and with freedom, sex, and responsibility also in this cyclical mix, it seems that you are about to “conceive” something significant. Remember that you are responsible for what you create, be it a child, a painting, a situation, or even an atmosphere. And, whatever you create must be allowed to evolve as it needs to, and is able to. Life is urging you to live – and let live.”

Be sure to read your own personal weekly reading on August 19 because it is doubled today. (Week 34 starts on Tuesday, August 20).

When we lean too far in one direction, we lose sight of what is happening in other directions – and we lose our balance. Acceptance of reality and flexibility help us to reach and maintain balance. Be prepared to adjust and adapt as you go…

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3 Responses to Week 33 ~ MAGIC MOMENTS

  1. Pamela Lambert - Loring says:

    I would like to receive your emails. How do I do that?


  2. Gerald says:

    As ever Christine you have brought into the world (www) domain, words of wisdom. My return to London seems to be timed well. Meeting a lady from Sydney, who has just risked coming here, following her dreams, and a 6 in a 6 year, you could have written her C.V. The lady I see forms part of a team I was shown some years ago, to put together. Incidentally all will be women – I was shown this too – fronting the ‘efforts’ with me orchestrating the required structure necessary. All will be based in different countries too. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance you are writing. I was obviously meant to find the wisdom. Thank you again, and hopefully in the not too distant future I will write separately to tell you what is happening. This boy born on United Nations Day is trying to fulfil the many ‘visions & dreams’ that started 50 years ago. Your words are certainly helping with this, and after 7 years in the Sun wondering what I was doing there, I seem to be back on the right track – at last. Thanks Christine. I will keep you informed in a separate note. I send all Light and Love for your important work…


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