week 34

Week 34 runs from Tuesday, August 20 to Monday, August 26.


3 gives us the ability to create. 3 represents friendship and friendliness – as well as enemies and hostility.  3 represents sunshine, sparkle, optimism and beauty. 3 is what carries us through rough times. 3 is hope.

3 is the number of expression, and everyone seems to be telling their story right now. Most importantly, 3 represents the true expression of feelings.

Nothing is what it seems in 3. Gossip, rumor, and contradictions abound. There is a shallowness about 3 until we understand its deeper power and purpose. 3 is the number of the arts, illusion, drama, the story, the game, the players, and the stage, (including the world stage). 3 is the principle energy of the internet and all forms of communication.

3 represents surface appearances, and we now need to go beneath the surface and be aware of the communication that is happening within each of us, in response to what is happening outwardly. There’s a LOT going on in our own personal lives, and some confusion is inevitable!

“In all chaos, there is a cosmos.
In all disorder, a secret order.”
Carl Jung

4 needs everything to be ‘just right’. 4 is both the architect and builder who must share knowledge in order to produce a viable structure. But there is often strong disagreement about method and procedure which causes inflexibility and restriction. This throws 4 out of balance and causes it to fight with itself. This creates chaos which, in turn, restores 4’s sense of purpose. The 4 vibration is always on the lookout for disorder and inaccuracy which it will work diligently to rectify. As it makes its detailed assessments and adjustments, new understanding is gained, and great advancement can be made. But 4’s stubbornness can make us believe we are right when we’re not – even at times when there is no right or wrong answer. 4 represents the agony of struggle, and the joy and relief that comes with breakthrough.

“There is a deeper wave than this that you don’t understand,
There is a deeper wave than this tugging at your hands…”
Love Is the Seventh Wave – STING

3+4 = 7

7 uncovers secrets, lies, scandals, and conspiracies which stir up emotions and opinions. 7 is looking for truth, which it delivers as INSIGHT. 7 represents the mind and the need to know. 7 exposes the secrets we keep from each other (and ourselves) by reflecting reality and making us look at things we don’t want to feel or think about. 7 is the main influence behind issues of privacy, spying, plotting, and the abuse of power.

This week’s 3/4/7 combination is real ‘smoke and mirrors’ energy, which we are starting to see through. As a result, we are getting a clearer picture of how the surveillance and private security industries are influencing and controlling all aspects of everyday life.

Week 34 is about accepting the truth and rejecting the deception that fuels the current system. If the truth were told, consistently, this awful system of war and misery would collapse.

However, the rush for instant answers prevents us from going deeply enough into a situation to understand its complexity. Sometimes we just have to stand back, take an overview, analyze the details, and WAIT for the insight to come. In such confusing times, there is no shame in saying “I don’t know.”

August 2013 is a 5 month in the world. 5 is where the past, present, and future MEET. 5 represents freedom. It moves erratically and unpredictably and often results in sudden unexpected developments. Instability is part of 5’s vibration. We must learn how to navigate this energy freely, and as safely as possible. 5 represents adventure and is attracted to things it considers ‘different’ or ‘unusual’.

On July 29, (the last day of week #30), we experienced an unusual astrological event in which the planets formed a hexagram in the sky. A Star Of David. I wrote about this in week 31 in my article “All The World’s A Stage”. (link below). At this time, a revival of the Middle East Peace Talks was established between Israel an Palestine in order to start healing an open wound in the fabric of humanity that is so painful that we have never been able to move past it. What is happening in Egypt is directly connected to Israel and Palestine. What is happening throughout the entire Arab world is directly connected to Israel and Palestine, because that is the site of the deepest cut and has always affected the stability of the world, not just the region. The 2 energy of the 2000s represents equality and unity, peace and prosperity. In the course of time, the time to heal has come. It is a matter of survival, not politics.

Last week, the Star Of David occurred numerically through the number 33, (link below). And it’s happening again astrologically this week, on Sunday, August 25. The 7 energy is significantly amplified on that day. 7 = learning, and if we have learned anything over the course of generations it is that WAR is not an answer. OPPRESSION and AUSTERITY are not answers. They are the source of injustice, unfairness, imbalance, and terror.

In the age of transparency, we can see the old political carnival for what it is – and how those in control are now going after anyone who stands in their way. But let’s not forget that evolution is happening anyway, and much progress is being made in the direction of fairness, justice, and freedom. People are working hard on this, dedicated, courageous.

5 = freedom and change.

3 = communication, language and images.

4 = the 4th Estate – journalism and investigation. 4 also = restriction.

7 = knowledge and information.

It is no wonder that we began week 34 with freedom of the press and freedom of information at center stage. But it’s not just about protecting reporters. Not all reporters are invested in the truth or can even recognize the truth. It goes deeper than that. It is a matter of protecting FREE SPEECH for all human beings. To express ourselves freely is a basic human right because free expression is the basis of free will.

In week 34, our truth catches up with us. Emotions we were unable to express at the time they were triggered are coming to the surface. Looking ahead can be helpful for setting a goal, but our attention is needed in the present so that we can do what has to be done to create the future. We must also look back into the past and fully accept what happened there, and learn from our mistakes. Until we learn to forgive ourselves and others, we are simply marking time, treading water, stuck in the past.

Time does not stop while we figure out how to let go of old feelings. Unexpressed feelings get clogged up until the pressure of holding them in becomes so severe that we have no choice but to let them out.  We then have to deal with a DELAYED REACTION.

Unresolved issues from the past are rising to the surface. We saw this reflection last week with the arrest in Pakistan of Pervez Musharraf for the 2007 murder of Benazir Bhutto; the announcement in Britain that Scotland Yard is investigating new information in the death of Princess Diana, the CIA announced that there really is such a place as Area 51 – and that they, the CIA, were behind the Iranian coup of 1953 (which had its own delayed reaction in the form of the Iranian Hostage crisis which lasted from 1979 to 1981.

More recently, from 2011, and what many had feared all along, it is revealed that the Fukushima nuclear meltdown was never under control. From the very beginning, the Japanese energy company, Tepco, covered up the truth and lied to the world as they struggled with a problem that NO ONE knows how to deal with. That is a common pattern with environmental deniers. Their first instinct is to cover up the damage, seemingly unaware that denial of the facts caused the problem in the first place. The Japanese government is currently considering raising the nuclear plant leak warning from a level 1 to a  level 3. This is a HUGE problem for Japan – and the world.

Meanwhile, Hosni Mubarak will be freed as the Army tightens its grip on Egypt. The attempt to put the Arab Spring down is intensifying throughout the region.

Difficult and complex questions that we have always avoided are suddenly urgent again. And the timing is right. 2013 is a 6 global year – the number of problem-solving. September’s double 6 energy will no doubt be turbulent, but it will also produce answers!

7 is the number of the intellect, and our minds are likely to be working overtime this week. Know when to rest. This is the weekly reading for the 6 year. No matter what year you are in personally,  6 will affect you too.

“The effort you will have to exert is becoming more apparent, and part of you may feel anxious or even resentful about this. Another part of you feels determined to persevere and organize your life around what must be done. Strive to make things simpler, not more complicated. This includes knowing when – and how – to take a real break. It also entails forgiving. Freedom and responsibility can be loving and efficient partners if they choose to be.”

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