week 35Week 35 runs from Tuesday, August 27 to Monday, September 2.


The 35/8 vibration enables us to step away from the daily grind, take some time to ourselves, and really feel the energy inside us which is struggling to reach our consciousness. 35/8 is an expansive, resourceful vibration, and the feelings it triggers need to express themselves outwardly to create space for new understandings to come in. What an interesting week this is likely to be.




These numbers suggest serious power plays are unfolding in a global game that is changing drastically. 35/8 can help us to create a turning point which will take us in a direction which is right and natural for us.

3 is the number of EXPRESSION, COMMUNICATION, and CREATIVITY. 3 is the child within, maturing, evolving, gaining knowledge and skill, standing tall, yet still a child. 3 represents YOUTH. 3 provides networks of language, images, sounds, and all forms of communication through which we express ourselves. Expression is vibration. Vibration is life. 3 provides a triangular conduit through which information is transmitted and received.

5 = FREEDOM and CHANGE and represents all that is ‘DIFFERENT’ and UNUSUAL. 5 is the number of DIVERSITY and, therefore, differences of race, creed, gender, ideology etc. are emphasized. This is very physical, sexual, and sensual energy. 5 represents the physical body. 5 also represents ALTERNATIVES. Therefore, when making major decisions this week, we really do need to know what we are dealing with and what our options are. 5 is the number of CHOICE. August is a 5 month in the world (8+6=14/5). The geometric shape of 5 is the pentagon, which is also the name of the most powerful military center on Earth. Karmic 14/5 helps us to learn from past mistakes – as we desperately need to do right now!

8 represents POWER in the material world which we gain from correct understanding. We can use this KNOWLEDGE to bring BALANCE and FAIRNESS into any situation.  8 is the symbol of infinity. PERPETUAL MOTION. Continuation. 8 represents ABUNDANCE. But because we have never correctly understood life’s true nature, we have thrown our planet so far out of balance that the continuation of life as we know it is seriously jeopardized. 8 represents one’s personal power on Earth, but this energy has been commandeered by power-hungry people who use it to bully, disempower and control everyone else. They need darkness (deceit, heartlessness, and secrecy) in order to stay in control, but the transparency of the 2000s is lifting their cover, and we can see what they’re doing.

2013 is a 6 global year – the number of both EXTREMES and BALANCE. As we enter September’s double 6 energy, life on Earth is moving back and forth like a pendulum that is free to swing in any direction – moving in response to the rising will of the people and the choices we make. 6 is the number of RESPONSIBILITY.

6 is also the number of PROBLEM SOLVING and PEACE. But finding a way to achieve peace remains our most urgent unsolved problem because the system in which we live thrives on war! We are unraveling ourselves from old programming that tells us that in order to get what we want in life we have to fight for it.

3 = communication and storytelling and, yes, here we are again. The same old story in the lead-up to war is once again being communicated. And as usual, people are suffering beyond belief. But there can never be peace in the outer world until the war we wage within ourselves is recognized, soothed, and healed. This is why it is so necessary this week to stop what we’re doing and stand still for a while and willingly FEEL our true feelings and the intelligence they hold, instead of merely shrugging them off or shutting them down.

With 35’s resourceful, creative, sensational, and sexual vibrations at our disposal this week, we are traveling through FERTILE GROUND. These are the numbers of conception and pregnancy, and the birth of new solutions to old problems, (which is the potential of each new generation.) The old game can change, evolve, when we are able to will such a change into being. It is the will that is evolving now. The will of the people – our feminine emotional energy – our ability to FEEL.

Humanity has never had free will and cannot know what we are truly capable of until the Will is fully healed. What is happening on Earth right now, and for quite a long time to come, is what MUST happen in order for this healing – this evolution to occur.

The more honest we are with ourselves, the more easily we will evolve out of the dishonesty and manipulation that the current system runs on. We must be as realistic as possible and accept current circumstances as they are. We cannot change them until we do.

Feel your own heartbeat as it pulsates throughout your body. Feel your own life force moving within you. Life IS movement. You have within you the enormous but suppressed power of your own free will.

This week’s abundant and productive rhythms have specific messages which apply to us personally and collectively.  Below are the Creative Numerology Weekly Forecasts for the numbers 3, 5 and 8. They can help us to better understand the potential for humanity right now.

Slide3This week, 3 tells us: We are living at such an unnatural pace that many equate taking a rest and replenishing one’s energy with failure. But, only from a more relaxed frame of mind and body will you even remember what you are trying to succeed at. Notice how strong and dignified you can be when you operate at whatever your natural pace happens to be at any given time.

Slide55 tells us: This cycle emphasizes adventure, freedom and the unexpected. Adventures are filled with unforeseen ups, downs and challenges, but outcomes are not set in stone. Outcomes are created. A certain situation needs to be handled quickly and responsibly, but it is not meant to dominate your life indefinitely. Believe in yourself, utilize some good old-fashioned resourcefulness, and get back into your own unfolding story.

Slide88 tells us: You can accept your present conditions as permanent, or seek information that will help you make a positive change! It is time to regain your composure and learn about your amazing power to create something new out of something you already have. Study your existing resources and be willing to turn them upside-down and inside-out if necessary. Focus. Believe in yourself. Take the time to figure things out. Information alone is not enough. Correct understanding is the key.

Slide6And as we move into the double 6 monthly vibration of September 2013, 6 tells us, emphatically: As different sides of the story unfold, your feelings are bound to fluctuate. There are no guarantees in any relationship, or in life itself, but you are now in a position to free yourself from certain pressures of the past. The wheels of balance are in progress, giving you a chance to make your life less complicated.


As the drums of war beat increasingly louder, the inner beat of humanity’s evolution is stepping up, too, enabling us to move in our own natural way and BE our real selves. Peace in the outer world will come when our masculine minds make peace with our feminine feelings. That is our inner war. As masculine and feminine reach equality (balance), both are transformed into a much greater power. In balance, humanity will discover its true potential. We must make a commitment to changing this deadly game and set ourselves free, no matter what is happening in the outer world.


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