week 36Week 36 runs from Tuesday, September 3 to Monday, September 9.

”The measure of intelligence
is the ability to change”
-Albert Einstein

 September brings us to a major numeric balance point in which the vibrations of all the numbers are intensified by the number 9. No matter which yearly cycle you are in personally, its energy is doubled in the 9th month of the year. When you add 9 to any number, you always arrive back at the original number. (6+9=1+5=6). This applies to the 6 global energy of 2013 which currently affects us all. Where there is no balance, there can be no justice, fairness, or equality. Where there is no balance, there can be no peace.

3 = people/population/communication

6 = balance, extremes and problem solving

9 = the end of an era

Week 36 adds up to 9. And we are in the 7th week of a 10 week run in which all the week numbers start with 3 – the number of communication, creativity, and continuance.

A numeric balance point reminds us that when we lean too far in one direction, we lose sight of what is happening in other directions – and we lose our balance. In week 36, be prepared to adjust and adapt as you go.

(From last week’s article: “Week 35 – Power Plays and Game Changers”)…

As we enter September’s double 6 energy, life on Earth is moving back and forth like a pendulum that is free to swing in any direction – in response to the rising will of the people and the choices we make.  ….finding a way to achieve peace remains our most urgent unsolved problem because the system in which we live thrives on war!“

36= 9, and 9 contains all the other numbers (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36=9). In week 36, this numeric crescendo is likely to shake our suppressed emotions loose. There may even be times when we think we are ‘losing’ our minds when in fact our minds are expanding with new understanding.

6 is the number of EXTREMES and BALANCE, RESPONSIBILITY and PROBLEM SOLVING. 6 represents both WAR AND PEACE. It is the number of FAMILY – MOTHER, FATHER, CHILD, HOME, NOURISHMENT, HEALTH, NEIGHBORS, COMMUNITY, LOVE and NURTURE, and A SENSE OF BELONGING. War blows the family dynamic to pieces – making 6 also the number of  the refugee and the homeless.

The 6 energy helps us to make major changes to our existence by triggering our sense of RESPONSIBILITY. In the transparency of the 2000s, the male-dominated PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM is laid bare for all to see.

In the 2000s, we are responding to life from a deeper level of understanding. 2 is the number of responsiveness. We are responding emotionally, and are learning that when emotion is expressed with peaceful intent, it has a transformative power which is creative rather than destructive. 2 represents cooperation and caring. To CARE is to have feelings for. Lack of caring makes us careless – indifferent.

This week’s powerful 36/9 vibration provides potential for drastic and much needed change, but we cannot find our way ahead until we understand how we came to be where we are. Learning from past mistakes forms the firmest foundation for a peaceful future.

Our repressed emotions are rising to the surface, and we will keep attracting what we most need to learn until they are expressed. That is why humanity is where it is – on the brink of another war. Here we are again. As regular as clockwork.  War is ancient history repeated over and over again. The reason we cannot stop this self-destructive mechanism is because we don’t know how to let go of the past.

We cannot change the past – but we can change the effect it has on us. We can allow it to continue to hurt us by holding on to the feelings involved, or we can accept the past just as it was – and let that pain go! Until we reconcile ourselves with the past, history cannot help but repeat itself .

Time does not stand still, but WE stagnate if we do not learn what time has to teach. Life on Earth is a journey through time. Time is the rhythm of nature. But when we experience the same thing over and over again, such as constant war, we are stuck in a karmic rut which we cannot leave until we learn what the experience has to teach. Until we do, war can never end.

In this week’s highly sensitive 36/9 vibrations, optimism, responsibility, and realism combine, denial falls away, and there it is – reality – and history – staring back at us.

Humanity is dealing with crisis after crisis. But what exactly is a crisis? It is a critical point in any situation where the potential exists for either improvement or deterioration. A crisis is a turning point – and which way it turns is a matter of the CHOICES made! This week, a deeper acceptance of the past can bring us into present time, which is where the future is always formed. To invest our love in the future, we must give as much as we can to the present.

369 gridThis week, we are moving through a numeric balance point that depends on the numbers 3, 6, and 9 for continuance, balance, and regeneration. 369 is the non-stop rhythm that holds life together. The FABRIC of life. There is no other set of numbers that works in this way. And of course, 3+6+9=18, which also adds up to 9.

If we could only see ourselves as we really are instead of how we think we should be, we would see that the fabric of life is torn and that the gaps between us are filled with every emotion that we are too afraid to feel – not only the hatred, fear, rage and grief, but also the hope and joy that we deny out of fear of being disappointed. In order to heal, we must make peace with our own feelings. Like everything else, peace starts within.

The way of peace is the way of truth.
A truthful man cannot long remain violent. 

We will never find balance by focusing only on the ‘positive’, and rejecting as ‘negative’ anything that does not feel ‘good’. A balance of power is going on in the world, and this is different to previous power balances. This time, truth is a major part of the equation – and what is true power if not truth itself?

Our feelings are our personal truth. 3 is the number of communication and provides the ‘spreading’ mechanism for truth or for lies. 9 draws a conclusion and completes the process. This is a week of feeling ‘torn’ – as we see different sides of the story and recognize the patterns of oppression and suffering that we have been repeating in the course of time.

6 is the ultimate problem-solving vibration – and humanity has an ENORMOUS problem to solve. War is not an answer. It is the failure to find an answer. However, war is an unavoidable step in the human journey until we transform this self-destructive system of greed that makes war inevitable.

As we stand in the center of our own points of view,
we believe that everything is about us.
~Robert M. Pirsig
(Zen And The Art Of Motor Cycle Maintenance – An Enquiry Into Values)

repetition 369 is angular energy – triangular energy. This week, we are looking at things from different angles, which is pulling us out of our comfort zones. We may find ourselves disagreeing with those we usually agree with, or agreeing with those we could never agree with. Looking at things from different angles is expanding our consciousness considerably.

These angles are our points of view – what we see from where we stand. In our search for certainty, we can become stuck in a point of view, unable to see the connections that the wider and deeper picture contains. Then, we can only relate what we see to ourselves. In an evolving world, very few things are certain.

Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart.
Learn to love the questions themselves.
Rainer Maria Rilke

We must be constantly aware of the different slants and angles being used to sway us. Don’t succumb to mere sound-bites, hearsay, rumor, and repeated words and images. Don’t judge by surface appearances alone. 3 is the number of appearances, and we judge others on their appearance all the time – age, race, nationality, gender, the decisions we make, how we look, how we sound, how we dress, how fat and  thin we are; how rich and how poor we are. And oh how we judge each other’s points of view.

6 is the number of judgment and justice. Our points of view are what we base our judgments on. And we often pre-judge, which is prejudice. But 369 gives us a chance to open up our field of vision so that we can see the relevance of different sides of the story. This is consciousness expanding – a MAJOR event in this arduous journey towards free will and peace. Yes, confusion is what we first encounter when dealing with a complex issue, but we must learn to be patient with the questions if we are to arrive at the correct answer.

It is lack of free will that keeps the old system of class, greed, and war in place. But since the beginning of the new millennium, the will of the people, all over the world, is rising up to free itself, and those who run the old system will do anything to stop it. As a result of the instability that the rising will is creating, the Middle East is the most destabilized – because that region provides the physical fuel – the lifeblood – the OIL on which this system of titles and entitlement, hierarchy and positioning, runs.

6 represents CONTROL. An extreme of which is the tyrant – a person who uses power oppressively. Western nations, including Britain and the USA kept many despots in power throughout the 20th century in order to secure the oil supply, but are now having to deal with the uprising human WILL which we are calling the Arab Spring in that region.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad was born on September 11, 1965. He is in an 8 personal year in 2013, which is peaking in September.  8 is the number of power. Power comes. And power goes. The power of the tyrant is on the way out because the will of the people is rising to free itself of tyranny. The will of the people is evolving unstoppably. The will is comprised of the entire emotional range. It is our emotions that drive us and propel us through life. The will is feminine energy rising up to bring balance into this severely imbalanced ‘man’s world’.

There is a link at the end of this article to a video of a recent Arab Summit in which Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi warned other Arab Leaders, including Bashar al-Assad, that the day will come when they will all be executed like Saddam Hussein. They all laughed at him. But after Gaddafi himself was killed in the most brutal fashion by Libyan rebels, other leaders must be feeling very nervous now and, as a matter of survival, they must continue to do all they can to put down the Arab Spring. Of course, this is being mirrored all over the world, as the police everywhere are becoming militarized. The will of the people – everywhere – is rising, and the system is fighting back.

We are traveling a section of time in which emotions that have been buried for years, decades, and generations, are being shaken to the surface. Emotions of all kinds are going to flow strongly in September. 

“Watch the sun rise. See how it clears
your mind and your heart as it rises.”
~Yoko Ono

The mind prevents us from evolving by refusing to feel anything unpleasant. But life will grow increasingly unpleasant until our electrical minds and magnetic feelings connect as equals and produce the inner balance that our survival depends on.

We are not here on Earth to merely play the same old game. We are here to change it. We need to perceive each other more fully and more accurately. We need to find a way to step across those barriers that keep us divided. We need to clear our hearts and minds of all that old programming that tells us that life is a dog-eat-dog existence. We need to find those areas on which we agree – and work from there. Balance IS agreement. Balance resides in COMMON GROUND.


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Gaddafi video



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6 Responses to Week 36 ~ A GLOBAL BALANCE POINT

  1. S says:

    “The mind prevents us from evolving by refusing to feel anything unpleasant. But life will grow increasingly unpleasant until our electrical minds and magnetic feelings connect as equals and produce the inner balance that our survival depends on.”

    Wow, great work. I’m a 11 Life Path and so I honestly felt like this line validated the last 9 years of inner work. Great work.


  2. I don’t mind losing my mind. It happens often. I surf the waves of energy with what I call “functional insanity” and keep the optimistic outlook of an adventurer on a treasure hunt! What an exciting time of change!


  3. My name is a 10-1, my heart’s desire an 11-2, and my path a 25-7.


  4. 10 keeps you innovative and looking forward, with the desire to bring what you already have to new and improved levels.

    The two 1s in 11 illuminate your mind and enable you to see far and dream BIG, while 2 gives you the sensitivity to be honest with yourself and others and keep it real.

    7 is a learning experience – the path of the intellect. 2 is the conduit through which your mind and emotions MEET (in the heart). The vibrations of your feelings open your mind. 5 gives you broadmindedness and a need for freedom, variety and diversity.

    Not a bad combination you’ve got there, Kelton!


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