WEEK 44 2013Week 44 runs from October 29 to November 4

With all the information coming to light about international spying – and the suggestion that America’s NSA may even be a ‘rogue agency’, there are many numeric connections to be made now.

This is week 44, the sum of which is 8 – the number of POWER in the material world.

November 4 is the last day of week 44 – and the 5th anniversary of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, who was elected on this day in 2008. And, as time tells its tale, November 4 is also the 60th birthday of the NSA. Yes, the National Security Agency was established on November 4, 1952. And 1952 was an 8 global year.

arpanetAnd how interesting it is that October 29, the first day of week 44, marked the 44th anniversary of the INTERNET, or Arpanet as it was called back then (“Advanced Research Projects Agency Network”). On the 29th of October, 1969, the first internet message was sent by a UCLA programmer to another computer  at Stanford Research Institute.

The simple message was “login”, but only the first 2 letters came through. So the very first internet message was “LO”, which also happens to be an old expression, meaning ‘look!’ ‘see!’ 4 is the number of work – and how things work …and, lo and behold… nothing has impacted and changed how the system works more than the internet. 1969 was a 7 global year – the number of science and technology. 2014 will also be a 7 global year.

Being established in week 44 is not the only connection between the Internet, the NSA, and President Obama. All are connected to the US Department of Defense (DoD). D is the 4th letter of the alphabet, and 4 is the number of work, employers and employees. The DoD also happens to be the largest employer in the world (it includes the entire US military, as well as numerous agencies, contractors, and civilians).

Bradley ManningIn this age of transparency (brought about by the shift in time when the 1000s evolved into the 2000s) it took two DoD employees – Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden – quite separately – to bring transparency and the power of openness to the most closed and secretive entity on Earth. And it took two journalists, Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald – also separately – to spread the word via  the press – the Fourth Estate.


Regardless of whether we agree with their actions, or understand their true motives, or no matter how we feel about their ‘personalities’, they – and other whistle-blowers – have widened the road of truth by leaps and bounds. Such action is likely to increase as we move further into truth and openness, and could get very messy as far as the NSA’s control of the internet is concerned.

The term ‘Fourth Estate’ was coined 300 years ago meaning, ‘free agent – independent of the king’. In this day and age, a free and independent press is hard to find. Many journalists are bound by their own limited points of view – or the interests of their sponsors and advertisers. But in this age of transparency and the expanding quest for truth, there is an opportunity for real investigative journalism to make a permanent comeback. The problem is that many so-called journalists are less informed than the general public on many issues – as if they cannot wrap their minds around complex matters. This not only undermines the dedication and intelligence of qualified journalists, but has contributed immensely to the dumbing down of the population. But people everywhere are waking fast and want to go deeper.

When all the letters in the name National Security Agency are converted into numbers, the vowels = 9, the consonants = 9, and the entire name = 9. So, the name National Security Agency gives us 999 – which is also the emergency code for Great Britain. The emergency code for the USA is 911.

Britain and the United States have been close allies in many military and political matters, including both world wars, and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The term “special relationship” is often used when describing these two countries – because the level of cooperation between them is unmatched among other nations, especially when it comes to banking, trade, military planning and operations, the development of nuclear and other weaponry and, last but not least, intelligence gathering and sharing.

44 is the international country code for the UK.

Last week, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, issued a thinly veiled threat to the press about their ‘responsibility’ when it comes to reporting on the NSA leaks. He said that he doesn’t want to have to take legal action against the Guardian and other newspapers over intelligence leaks and would rather talk to them’. He then said ‘it would be difficult to avoid acting if newspapers declined to heed government advice.’

(Added Nov. 1, 2013):  44 is also linked to Australian mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose global media empire is associated with spying on individuals to disparage them, sell more newspapers and, of course, increase his overall power in the world. The vowels in his birth name, Keith Rupert Murdoch,  add up to 4, the consonants add up to  4, and the whole name adds up to 8, giving us another variation of 44/8.   And it is in week 44, 2013, that his News Of The World editors, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Culson are on trial for charges of phone hacking, illegal payments to public officials for information, and a coverup to avert a police investigation.

Added Nov 4, 2013: NOVEMBER 4 marks the 34th anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, (1979), in which 52 American Embassy workers were captured by Iranian students – supporters of the Iranian Revolution led by Ayatollah  Khomeini. The crisis lasted for exactly 444 days. This led to the heavy sanctions against Iran that are still in place today.

images44 enables high levels of concentration and determination which can be used to accomplish just about anything you put your heart and mind into. 44 just ‘gets on with the work’ and has no time for pettiness or self-consciousness. This energy enables us to learn, grow, and transform ourselves with what appears to be ease, but is actually accumulated knowledge gained from past experience. Today, common-sense solutions often consist of what was once considered ‘odd’ or eccentric. This serious energy separates the amateurs from the professionals and rejects false information. 44 clarifies and  expands our view of reality.

44 is the most balanced form of 8 – the number of power on the material plane. The belief that ‘money is power’ and ‘time is money’, and that power needs to be heartless in order to sustain itself, has greatly limited growth and prosperity on Earth and has produced a hierarchy of tyrannical individuals and bullies.

infinityThe true purpose of 8 is to establish the perfect balance that keeps abundance flowing smoothly in all directions. The true purpose of 8 is to prevent the ‘system’ from collapsing in on itself by its own top-heaviness (greed). That is what the emphasis on the top 1%, the war on the poor (austerity), and the war on women, is all about. (See the link at the bottom of this page: THE POWER OF 8).

The United States is in an 8 national year in 2013. So is Britain, China, and Greece. The Euro is also in an 8 year.  November 2013 is an 8 global month throughout the world.

2013 is a 6 global year – the number of extremes and balance. The balance of power is on the move and, despite the goal of the ruling forces to take full control, the movement involved does not appear to be in their favor because they need secrecy in order to operate. The 2 energy of the 2000s is bringing life into openness instead – posing the question, “what is the difference between secrecy and privacy?”

This question is likely to trigger much debate in the upcoming 7 energy of 2014. 7 is the number of secrets. 7 is also the number of INTELLIGENCE. And as 2014 unfolds, and takes us inward, we are likely to find out just how unintelligent our intelligence agencies are – and, as a result, how lack of insight – at the top – is greatly endangering life on Earth.

November 4th, the last day of week 44 marks the 18th anniversary of the death of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin who was assassinated by an Orthodox Israeli extremist.  That was 1995 – a 6 global year. 2013 is also a 6 global year – a year when extremists are at their most desperate. The difference is the transparency of the 2000s. We can see through the actions and arguments that extremists traditionally use to drag us into their chaos.  But that does not mean they can’t take us by surprise.

The balancing vibrations of a 6 global year represent home and family and, on a broader scale, country and nationality – and broader still, the family of humanity and our home, Planet Earth. 6 brings balance and peace to life, but it also triggers massive resistance among the extremes, as expanded consciousness pushes them back to their natural place – the fringe – the edge.

6 is the number of responsibility and problem solving and is helping us find innovative solutions so that the parts of the system that work for the good of humanity and the planet can be maintained.

44 represents both opposites and common ground. People have become so locked into their different points of view that there seems to be no way to connect or agree. And yet there really are a lot of things that we all agree on… and that is where we have to start. If humanity doesn’t pull itself together, we will tear ourselves apart.

An aerial view shows workers wearing protective suits and masks working atop contaminated water storage tanks at TEPCO's tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in FukushimaUntil December 9, all the week numbers begin with 4. Unresolved issues from the previous 4 global year, (2011) are also coming back into view, such as the ongoing and expanding mess at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan. 1 is associated with nuclear energy because 1 is the nucleus of all the numbers. 1 = the atom. The splitting of the atom is symbolized by 11.

November is the 11th month of the year – the number of illumination, inspiration, and the evolution of humanity through our own self-acceptance. 11 represents 1 in mirror image – and the need for each of us to face our own reflection and simply BE who we are. 11 shines its light into the shadows, deceptions, and cover-ups so that we can actually SEE what life is – and what we, as part of this wonderful evolving creation, have the potential to become.

44 shines the light of 11 (times 4) on our DIFFERENCES, for the purpose of showing us the richness and depth of our DIVERSITY. But the patriarchal system to which we are all subjected cannot allow the beauty and function of diversity to be appreciated because this system has turned life into a race – a never-ending competition – the class system – which is rigged in favor of those who currently run the show.

The majority of people WANT peace and equality. And the majority forms the basis of a democracy. That is why certain extreme factions are brazenly trying to tear democracy apart.  They cannot prosper in this game if they do not control it. Democracy is by no means a perfect system. But until we learn how to live, peacefully, in a state of free will, it does offer an interim framework on which we can learn how to do just that.

But we must remember that change of such monumental proportion – the healing, balancing and transformation of an entire system – does not conclude in weeks, months or even years. This level of change is ongoing and unpredictable and can take many unexpected turns. This is a multi-generational event. Young people today can greatly impact the quality of life for generations to come.

As we travel further in time, the will of the people, regardless of age, gender, or culture, is rising everywhere, unstoppably. Free Will is the next stage of our evolution. But we must accept that for some time to come there will be an almighty effort to prevent Free Will by those whose interests are rooted in the past.

Since 4 energy needs to understand the ‘mechanics’ of everything, including our feelings, 44’s fusion of masculine logic and feminine emotion can help us recognize and deal more easily with the inevitable stress. A greater sense of purpose arises out of the 44/8 energy. Each of us really can play a role in helping humanity to not only survive the era that is ending, but also shape the new era that has yet to form.

44 helps us to discover new talents or skills or improve upon existing ones. 44 brings impetus or motivation which leads to breakthrough, especially when it comes to righting wrongs and correcting inaccurate understandings. 44 enables us to be catalysts for real and meaningful change on a very large scale.

44 signifies the need to better understand and balance (heal) the huge gap between the physical and metaphysical worlds. We all have instinctive understandings about the spiritual side of life, even if we are unable to put them into words. Eventually, if we really do want deeper understanding, the most effective language will manifest, too.

The power of 44/8 is not confined to one week. 44, and all the numbers, occur constantly in nature. And the deeper we delve into the realms of feeling and creative impulse, the more the numbers have to tell us.

The Power of 8

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5 Responses to POWERFUL NUMBERS – Week 44

  1. michele says:

    Thank you for shining your light Christine, and thank you for the heart at the root of your sharing. Your insights are healing, sobering and uplifting.
    Abundant Blessings,


  2. linda says:

    thank you so very much for your post they’re so lightning and right on spot.they’ve helped me get over rough spots and help making decisions the day I found your post on Facebook was a life changing day and I will always be grateful to you you’re inside and the information that you have been willing to share god bless


  3. Bridget says:

    Your details on the numbers in comparison to todays and historical times sends off alarming bells and whistles. Thanks for sharing your insight. But one question I always ask is what should I do with this information? What should I be doing as a parent to protect and prepare my children for what is to ultimately coming our way? What can I do as a citizen to bring about change and make a difference in this life? The forces all seem too powerful to be able to push back or make a difference. The clutter of our own personal waking life is enough struggle to get through. How does “little ole me” face this world?



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