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2014 is a 7 global year – a learning year – which will increase our awareness significantly. But it is not enough to merely learn. The mind alone cannot change anything. We can study and analyze a problem all we want, but until we are emotionally driven to do something about it – all we see is the same old reflection. But when we accept that something simply cannot continue as it is and make a commitment to changing it, we develop our freedom to think, feel, and decide everything for ourselves. This gives consciousness to our imagination which, in turn, generates new ideas and solutions.

This is a time to actively look for answers. 7 signifies study, research, examination, investigation and deep awareness. As evolving beings, the learning never ends and, this year, the learning is more concentrated than ever. This is a chance to go much deeper.

But 7 produces a kind of mental fog while we wait for answers to emerge – which makes it difficult to plan ahead. And yet, 7 is the number of planning. We are learning to PLAN our way into a more livable future. We must learn to be patient with detail – and patient for results. This is not easy in a world that demands instant response and gratification.

In this cut-throat system, planning easily turns into plotting, and 7 is the ultimate conspiracy energy. Theories will abound this year. But there is transparency in our world these days, and some of these stories will be beyond denial – as clear as day. Some will be seen as the propaganda tools they were designed to be…

(Added March 13, 2014): … and others, such as the disappearance of a Boeing 777 aircraft, will tease our minds relentlessly as lack of facts and conflicting information create a ball of sheer confusion. See article: The Mystery of Flight MH 370 – (link at end of page) …

A  casualty of the 7 July 2005 London bombings is brought to the surface at King's Cross station. Photograph: Reuters

A casualty of the 7 July 2005 London bombings is brought to the surface at King’s Cross station. Photograph: Reuters

The last 7 Global year was 2005. On July 7, London experienced a series of bombings which killed 52 civilians (5+2=7), and injured over 700 more. July 7, 2005 breaks down to 7 / 7 / 7, and the more concentrated the 7 energy is, the more likely it is that many facts are deeply concealed. 7 represents conspiracy, secrets, lies, and the abuse of power.

*There is always something “strange” and unfamiliar about the 7 vibration. It exposes us to situations for which we have no previous experience, making us feel as if we’re ‘on our own’, even if we have plenty of support. We can be surrounded by others in the 7 vibe and yet feel ‘alone’. This can make us lonely – or it can make us better appreciate our ‘alone time’.  In the 7 vibe, there is often a craving for more time and space to call our own.

7 represents PRIVACY, which is already shaping up to be one of the most important issues of our times, not only in terms of spying on the population, “net neutrality”, and media consolidation, but in many different ways, including personal privacy at home and work.

The 2 energy of the 2000s is a transparent and detail-oriented vibration in which we are learning how to be open and honest. Being honest with ourselves is how we intuitively make the right decisions. Openness clears the fog and brings clarity.


See end of page for link to this article

Pope Francis is speaking about the powers of openness, tolerance, and forgiveness. Ah! Pope Francis! Talk about the changing of minds!! He is soothing hearts and minds with large doses of truth and kindness. People want truth – not judgment; not cover-up; and not distorted or sugar-coated facts. This pope is considered so ‘cool’ that he even made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, giving him ‘rock-star’ status! He turned 77, last December 17th, so he has a lot of 7 energy at his disposal this year.

Catholicism is the spiritual belief system – the faith – of an estimated 1.2 billion people. And 7 is the number of FAITH and SPIRITUALITY. If organized religion does not evolve out of the dark ages into the potential of present time, it cannot survive. Pope Francis knows this, and has made enormous progress for his cause. His views on the role of women have a long way to go. But he, like everyone else, is evolving. We are ALL evolving. We are all in the process of CHANGING OUR MINDS.

When 2 and 7 combine, the 9 energy brings the kind of endings that form new beginnings – not dead-ends. Both 2 and 7 represent INTUITION – and in 2014, we will be able to feel and sense what is happening more easily than usual. Even in situations that make no sense whatsoever, the desire to understand will draw to us the various pieces of the puzzle until it falls into place. But this cannot happen if our minds are already made up, (closed). When 2 and 7 merge, we learn new things – things we simply did not know before.

Ignorance and indifference keep our minds closed. A closed mind is trapped in a point of view. A closed mind cannot reason or be reasoned with. No matter how open-minded we believe we are, we all have various points of view that do not capture the larger picture.

chemicals-pesticides-of-giant-agri-corporationsIt’s not just humanity that is evolving. Everything in life is connected, and everything is in the process of taking its next step.

This industrial/hierarchal system cannot function in openness. Secrecy is its greatest weapon. Technology has evolved faster than those who control it. They do not know how to clean up the havoc they make – nor do they seem to care. In fact, they insist on less and less regulation. Greed and arrogance are consuming them. Denial on this scale reflects as stupidity and arrogance. The infrastructure on which they depend is crumbling.

Trains, planes, automobiles, ships, oil rigs and nuclear plants are melting, sinking, crashing, and exploding – ROUTINELY. Deadly chemicals and industrial waste are leaking and poisoning the environment – ROUTINELY. Fracking is shaking and smashing the bones of our planet and polluting the ground and drinking water, even in areas most vulnerable to earthquakes – ROUTINELY. Fracking has caused earthquakes in areas that never had them before. This violent assault on our planet to extract her resources – THE RAPE OF MOTHER EARTH – is in full force.

“Betrayal” by Mario Sanchez Nevado
(see link at end of page.)

And this is where the WAR ON WOMEN begins. It is a war against the feminine. A war against Free Will. The war to control MOTHER NATURE and her resources is reflected in the belief that women, too, must be kept in their place. It is the feminine in all of us that struggles to be the free and creative beings we truly are.

Women are the outer form of the feminine, but feminine energy runs through both male and female – as our WILL. Feminine energy is magnetism. Masculine energy is electricity. We are electro-magnetic beings in biological form. So too is Mother Earth.

We all possess masculine energy with which to think and act, and feminine energy with which to feel and sense.  And while it is true that the masculine mind holds the emotions back because it doesn’t want to feel them, it is also true that the feminine emotions hold themselves back because they don’t want to feel the agony of being rejected by the mind. If healing is our intent, the mind must let the feelings know that it not only accepts them, but loves them, too. This is basic SELF ACCEPTANCE – the essential next step on our evolving journey.

We can all be optimistic when things are going well, but it takes far more courage to believe in ourselves when things get rough. We must develop FAITH in ourselves to adapt as we go and deal successfully with whatever may lay ahead.  Optimism is HOPE, and hope is the most important ‘survival feeling’ we can possibly have. COURAGE and OPTIMISM support each other in a vital and subtle way. Optimism sustains courage – the belief that you will find your way through it. Even a glimmer of hope can give you the WILL to carry on. Your WILL is your feminine vibration.

It is just as important to appreciate what is going right as it is to understand what is going wrong. Without this balance, our view of reality is one sided. 7 dulls the glitz and glamor of life so that we can see reality more clearly. 7 is on a quest for truth and accuracy and helps us to determine what is important, what is trivial, what is causing our problems, and how to remedy them. 7 wants to KNOW – just for the sake of knowing. This is why SCIENCE is so much in the spotlight.

2014 will have its lighter side of course, but generally, 7 is a serious energy… and 2014 is a time to get serious about many things.

“When will they ever learn?”
Pete Seeger ~ “Where have all the flowers gone?”

The WeatherCLIMATE CHANGE is not some far-fetched theory which may or may not happen some day. It is happening right now, and extreme weather conditions around the world are just the beginning. Humanity is finally coming out of denial about this. Climate Change is here, and we must learn to cope with, and survive it.

This fundamental change to life on Earth is sparsely covered by the media. Yes, they give weather reports, but seldom go into the science behind the extreme conditions. To do so, they would have to make the population aware of the detrimental effects of consumerism – and they can’t do that because advertising consumer goods is how they make their money. Corporations are their customers. We, the people, are their ‘product’.

It makes no sense to destroy the planet that sustains us for ‘economic’ reasons. 7 represents INTELLECT and INTELLIGENCE, and we can plainly see the consequences of our destructive way of life – a system in which everything we do is reduced to a financial transaction of some kind.


Artist Unknown

There is nothing on Earth that did not originate from Mother Nature. She gives us everything we could possibly need. She provides it all. We think we are so clever about so many things – but in this YEAR OF THE MIND, we will learn that the learning never ends. We will also realize just how unknowledgeable and incompetent the corporate/political world really is, as incident after incident of ineptitude and ignorance destroy the natural habitats of living beings, animals and humans alike, and rip the natural landscape to pieces. This is not progress. It is lack of intelligence.

This is a soul-searching process. Here’s a clue: you are a soul. Meditate upon what that means. ~ Michael O’Connor, sunstarastrology.com

2014 emphasizes SURVIVAL. This includes the right to exist, as well as questions of equality and dignity, war and peace, security, privacy, and the ability to stand up for oneself. Survival is also a matter of the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the health of our bodies, and the roofs over our heads.

The impact of the BULLY is also in the spotlight now – in politics, sports, commerce, the work place, in every walk of life, including one’s home and neighborhood. 7 dredges up secrets and lies, and uncovers scandals, downfalls, gossip, and powerful lessons about humility and the vulnerability of ‘title’ and ‘position’.  7 brings the classic fall from grace – the fall from one’s ‘high horse’, and falls of any kind which can shock us into fuller consciousness.

The ‘7 fall” can feel like a kick in the gut,  a slap in the face, or the indignity of being ‘down on one’s knees’. In reality, those feelings are intense bursts of emotion (honest response) reaching out to consciousness for acceptance. They are you asking yourself for help. Acceptance of how we feel after a fall is what softens the blow and starts the healing process. Acceptance is what picks us up, places us on our feet, and gives us the confidence to get back on the horse, so to speak. To deny a feeling its full expression is to prolong the pain – which is self-torture. Guilt tells us that we should not be feeling such a feeling – and so we suppress it.

7 shows us just how debilitating guilt is – shame – unworthiness. You see, ALL hatred begins as self-hatred. Guilt is sometimes right, but it criticizes without a desire for healing. Guilt often tries to disguise itself as love. But it judges love. Guilt judges all feelings. Guilt  is pure judgment and contains no love at all. Guilt prevents movement because it is made of unmoving judgment. So stop judging yourself. Guilt prevents old wounds from healing by keeping them forever open. So let go of guilt. The core intent in our hearts determines our understanding of right and wrong. Guilt prevents self acceptance.  Self acceptance is SELF LOVE. 

7 is the number of DIGNITY – one of the fundamental needs of all human beings. This forms the very basis of our VALUE SYSTEM. The sheer horror and indignity of RACISM is still very much with us, but this is inevitable in a system of outright competition – a constant and ruthless race for superiority – to be #1. This atmosphere – this climate – cannot respect life’s diversity, let alone understand that diversity reflects our potential for wholeness and richness. COMPETITION without rules is not competition. It is war. And war is systemic violence which preserves the very concept of superiority and inferiority. Racism stems from this cruel class system which judges, classifies, and intimidates.


glass-is-half-cleanTo be positive is to be SURE of something – and flexible enough to change position in response to changing realities. But the meaning of positive is often misinterpreted to mean ‘focus only on the results you want, while sweeping potential problems out of the picture’. This is not being positive. This is not optimism. This is DENIAL. Mistakes – mis-steps – eventually catch up with us and what was swept under the rug comes back to haunt us. Positive thinking, without acceptance of reality and the feelings it triggers, is self deception. To think positively means facing reality head-on, regardless of how it makes you feel, and being determined to deal with it in the most constructive way. To be positive, we must accept the ‘negatives’. Only then do we have the full picture.

The behind-the-scenes nature of both 2 and 7 help us take a deeper and more honest look at what we reject as “negative”.  Uneasy feelings tell us something may be wrong, but we refuse to listen to them. We cut them off before they have a chance to settle into consciousness. In doing so, we cut ourselves off from our own built-in communication system. Our sensory system. Emotion. Our WILL!  And we label it “negative” without understanding what negative is. We cannot understand it’s vital purpose if we refuse to open our minds to it.

“The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition that impels us to unfold our powers.” Erich Fromm

7 represents RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, and PATIENT AND METICULOUS ATTENTION TO DETAIL. It is not just the emotions that need healing. A healing of the mind is also necessary – from the constant bombardment of misinformation and deceit – as well as the self-inflicted wounds that come with fighting off our feelings. Mind control is actually the control of emotions because whether you believe something or not often depends on how it makes you feel.

Those who control the system routinely turn our own feelings, especially fear, into weapons against us. They know that everything starts within, and in order to divide and conquer a population, this division begins with mind against emotion. Emotions are the WILL of the people – and we are in the exhilarating, confusing, and often traumatic process of FREEING THE HUMAN WILL.

Our mental grasp of Free Will is not going away. Never before has humanity more clearly understood its own position. This year, more people than ever are attracted to science, philosophy, and metaphysics. We want to see things in detail and find the connection between one thing and another. This desire for deeper understanding moves us forward on the evolutionary path because desire gives movement to life by giving us something to look forward to – something to aim for.

However, if we desire something we know we cannot have, we must then consider the cause and effect – the karma – behind this ‘road to nowhere’ and aim for ‘letting it go’.

We all want to venture more deeply into life, but pushing ahead without knowing what we’re pushing towards can dull our senses and hold us back. Taking a direction that is right for us requires us to decide what our true priorities are, and arrange our lives around them. That’s what it means to be true to oneself.



2014 ~ (PART 2) ~ KARMA – learning to learn

2014 ~ (PART 3) ~ The Lesson Continues Until It Is Learned

2014 ~ (PART 4) ~ THE 777 VIBES OF JULY 2014



“Betrayal” the art of Mario Sanchez Nevado

Sometimes we panic

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14 Responses to 2014 – YEAR OF THE MIND

  1. celia says:

    Hi Christine, i love your 2014 – year of the mind! I am excited to read the next part. Having had an interest in Numerology for the longest of time and walking the 25/7 track I am very thankful for your generous giving of your time and energy. I find your expression and explanation of the energy of Numbers very clear and soulful. many thanks. Celia


    • Hello Celia, I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I’m sure that people on the 7 destiny path, or with strong 7 energy in their charts, are going to feel the 7 vibe more intensely than usual. This is an excellent time to implement what 7 has taught you over the years. Wishing you an enlightening, happy, and successful year.
      With love,


  2. pascalelinda says:

    Thank you Christine for your good article – I have translated it and put it up on my blog for french readers : http://passageemergence.blogspot.fr/search/label/Num%C3%A9rologie%20-%20Christine%20DeLorey

    No news from you concerning ADA/Mylène — are you & Bob at a dead point or just still waiting ?

    Sending you my very best thoughts and feelings, Linda


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  4. ANAND says:

    i m deeply impressed and influenced by your destiny numbers analysis, making emotion as the base component. It really helped me to know myself and my purpose in life


  5. ANAND says:

    Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. chardy says:

    Hi Christine!

    I would like to know at what point in the calendar year does the energy of one’s Personal Year take effect/begin? For example my date of birth is November 8, does that mean my 8 Personal year energy does not or did not, in the case of the current date, until my date of birth? Or did the 8 energy begin for me at the beginning of the calendar year (2014) in January??? I am of the opinion that I was still under 7 Personal Year energy up to Nov 8; so that I will actually be influenced by my Personal Year 8 energy from 11/8 2014 through to 11/8 2015. Which is correct, in your opinion?? Thanks so much!


    • Hello Chardy, The yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily forecasts are based on the numbers in a specific calendar year. This is numerology after all, not astrology. You were born at a very precise point within a specific yearly cycle which had already begun — 11 months and 8 days into it in your case. However, on January 1st, the yearly number changed, and a whole new yearly cycle began. From this perspective, your 9 year begins on January 1, 2014. I hope this is helpful.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s a little disappointing, lol! I did not utilize in consciousness, at least, the energy of my 8 year fo that by the time I realized i was in it, it’s been about over; so I fear I’ve resisted much of it and the potential to manifest more 😦 And now I am on the threshold of a ‘releasing’ or ‘letting’ go of things…..Thank you for the clarification! Namaste!


    • I wouldn’t worry too much about that. You see, the world itself is in an 8 year in 2015. (2+0+1+5=8). The 8 energy does not have the same dynamics here in the 2000s that it had in the 1000s. When numbers change as drastically as that, the whole frequency changes. 8 is still the number of power on the material plane, but in the context of 2, the power itself is shifting. I will be writing an article about it soon. I think your 9 year energy will serve you very well in 2015.


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