Malaysia_Airlines_Boeing_777-200ER_Wedelstaedt(See new information at end of page.) 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the passengers, crew, and their families. The only thing more painful than knowing that loved ones have died is not knowing what happened to them.

Speculation runs high. If the aircraft had exploded, there would be debris in the water. If it had plummeted into the ocean, its sophisticated technology would be sending messages to the surface. If it had been hijacked and flown elsewhere, radar would have picked up its course. We are told that the aircraft may have been changing direction when radar contact was dropped – and 2 passengers were traveling with stolen passports. Trying to reason with incomplete information is frustrating. And distracting. But that is what speculation is — guess-work.

A numeric pattern is visible – which is not unusual when an event of this magnitude occurs. It’s impact sends out a cluster of  related numbers – just as the attacks of 9/11/2001 produced a flurry of 11-related connections, including the fact that the world’s largest symbol of 11, the Twin Towers in NYC, was razed to the ground.

In the case of Flight 370, the dominant numbers are 3 and 7. To begin with, March is the 3rd month of this 7 global year (2+0+1+4=7). And this event occurred on the 7th day of the 3rd month.

As mentioned in my recent article “2014 – YEAR OF THE MIND”, there is always something “strange” and unfamiliar about the 7 vibration. The numerology involved here does indeed reflect the typical ‘weirdness’ and complexity of 7.

Malaysia_AirlinesThe type of aircraft involved is a Boeing 777-200ER. (Even the extension 200ER adds up to 7). En route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, flight 370 disappeared off the radar in Vietnamese air space on 7 March, 2014. This date breaks down to 7/3/7. (Or 3/7/7 in the USA.) The trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is 3,700 kilometers. Malaysia Airlines started its operations on October 1, 1972, which breaks down to 1/1/1 = 3. (Therefore, 3, made up of 1+1+1), is this company’s Destiny Path Number).

Slide77 represents the inner details – hidden aspects – the inner workings – secrets – conspiracies – mysteries. 7 studies and analyzes the facts, and is also the number most associated with planning and orchestration. 7 thrives on knowledge – intelligence.

Slide33 represents outer appearances which can be very deceiving. 3 is the ultimate ‘illusion’ number, and represents all forms of art and communication. 3 often over-simplifies in order to avoid having to deal with complexity and detail. So, when it comes to understanding this case, there is a constant pushing and pulling of information.

When 3 and 7 combine, understanding often gets thrown off in a new direction whether it is based on truth or not. 3+7 = 10 – the number which brings situations, for better or worse, to a ‘new level’.

Ironically, truth-seeking 7 is often used to hide the truth. 7 both deepens the mystery and intrigue – and exposes aspects that have been covered up. Consequently, 7 is associated with speculation, conspiracy, conspiracy theories, secrets, spying, scandals, downfalls, and paranoia. 3, in its shallowest form, is associated with distraction, gossip, hearsay, and the spreading of rumor.

These are perplexing numbers indeed because, whether by chance or on purpose, they tend to obscure the reality of the matter – and other matters simultaneously going on in the world. It’s all connected.

New information added: March 17, 2014, regarding date of flight.

Early reports gave the date of Flight MH 370 as 7 March (which was correct in UCT (Coordinated Universal Time) but in local time, takeoff occurred 41 minutes into 8 March.

Local time is vital for accuracy. But in this case, the cross-timing of events makes both dates valid – which only adds another layer of circumstance and deepens the mystery.

It takes time to load a large plane like a Boeing 777. The crew were probably already on board and the passengers were probably boarding before midnight. Certainly, everyone on board arrived at the airport on 7 March, 2014, at which time they were already locked into the situation.

8 March, brings us to the next phase of the mystery – the day Flight MH370 disappeared.  8+3 = 11 – the number of illumination – the shedding of light.

8 represents power on the material plane as well as both abundance and greed. But most of all, 8 represents CORRECT UNDERSTANDING, which is true power. 8 teaches us that information has no value if we do not understand it.

3 is the number of communication, illusion, population and popular isues. 11 is shining its light on this case to the extent that the entire world is watching and waiting.  Add the 7 year of 2014 into the mix, and we have 18 = 9 – the number of endings, drama, loss, and deep emotions.

And then came 9 March, and the 10th, the 11th, and so on – each day yielding a new angle through which to look at the possibilities.

7 is the number of mystery, conspiracy, secrets, lies, and theory. And, as the 7 year of 2014 unfolds, we are seeing these aspects of 7 manifest before our eyes. There are no answers here.  Not yet anyway.

Added: Monday, March 24, 2014: 

The enormous concentration of 3 and 7 that this situation produced, shifted gear today, as the Malaysian Government informed the grieving families, and the world, of their ‘final analysis’.  They concluded that the aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean on 8 March, and that all aboard perished. Today is a DOUBLE 7 day in this 3rd month of this 7 year. March 24 – 3+2+4 =9 – the number of conclusions, completion, endings – and deep emotions…

Once again, there are no answers here.

Added: Monday, April 7, 2014:

MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014 is a 777 day in the world.

(1) 2014 is a 7 global year.
(2) This is the 7th day of the month.
(3) This is the 97th day of the year. (9+7=16=7)…
…all of which relate strongly to the mystery of missing flight 370. (3×7= 2+1=3).

Whether these numeric connections will bring answers or not remains to be seen. 7 is the deepest number – the number of the mind – and here we are searching one of the deepest reaches of the planet – the Indian Ocean.





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39 Responses to THE MYSTERY OF FLIGHT MH-370

  1. Great article and connection here. I found it strange listening to the news last evening, and immediately thought of the Bermuda Triangle. All very strange indeed. Love your work….you’ve influenced and supported me in so many ways!!


  2. Loretta says:

    Great Analysis!


  3. Kim says:

    Thank you! Great info!
    KctspeciAbduction is my though….
    Someone is trying to make a Large statement/get noticed…..


    • Kim says:

      Obviously have a typing problem here:
      Abduction is my thought -7
      Getting noticed -3
      Thank you Christine!!!


    • The different scenarios are extensive, Kim, and that’s certainly a possibility.


      • Natalia says:

        Hi… My Name is Natalia. I was born 3/7/1984. Considering wut u said about the date in this article, is it significant in my birth?


        • Hi Natalia – yes the numbers 3 and 7 are most significant in your life. They are 2 of the major energies into which you were born. Keep in mind, though, that this article discusses 3 and 7 in the context of an extreme and dire situation. These numbers possess many wonderful qualities which would be out of context in the case of flight 370. But, yes, when 3 and 7 combine, there is often denial of the facts – or a refusal to communicate certain details – and confusion. Just knowing the chemistry involved should help you to recognize it in your life – and nip it in the bud.


          • Natalia says:

            I thought u were gunna mention that my year of birth equaled 22 n so does my name. But my middle n last name together equal 11 so with that plus my first name being 22 n my year of birth a 22 i thought there might b a signifigance w the 3 & 7… thank u for ur insite!!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    A good analysis Christine. Thank you for your insight.



  5. Megan says:

    That’s pretty cool!! Does my birthday have any ‘special’ meaning?


  6. Some other numerology coincidences………The plane lost contact at 1:11 a.m. again No. 3 (1+1+1) and it was cruising at that time at 10670 meters ( 1+6+7 = 14 again a multiple of 7). Total persons on board were 239 – 2+3+9 = 14 …indeed intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Michelle Boroks says:

    thankyou for your insights…this is a strange happening. I personally feel that maybe the plane was taken for hostage situation or to use the plane for a terrorist attack or both. If you are knowledgeable enough you will know how to turn off all radar within the plane so that no one can “see” where they are.

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  8. Bella says:

    Today (Thursday 3/13/2014) feels like we are in a major retrograde or I’m in the twilight zone. As if everything and everyone is being pulled in the wrong direction and in pain.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Am i reaching here, or does their symbol make a 33


  10. Anonymous says:


    3 x 7 = 21 or 777 Black Magik or a Dark form of the occult

    The number 27 = 9+9+9 the most powerful magnification of 9 as it symbolizes 3 nines

    so you have a plane with 777 and 3*7= 21

    Obama meets The Jesuit Pope 27th march = 3
    It always works in 3s so the next 777 what i found out is 27July 2014

    7+7+2=1+6= 7
    156days remaining = 3 

    what do you think all of this?


    • I don’t see numbers in terms of occult or black magic because these sequences occur in every facet of life, but there is certainly a numeric pattern forming around this sad incident.


    • I should add that 777 occurs prominently this week, as I explain in the personal weekly forecasts (see sidebar above for link to April 16 forecasts which also provides a link to the karmic numbers involved.

      “NOTE: Calendar Week 16 (1+6=7) begins on April 16, which is also the 106th day of the year. (1+6=7). This brings another concentration of 777 energy into this 7 global year. (2+0+1+4=7), which then becomes 7777. Be sure to read the 7 forecast as well as your own. This is also a good time to read about the 16/7 karmic energy – and because the number 13 is also prominent, astrologically, we can learn a lot from the 13/4 karmic description, too: ”

      There will be other incidents of 777 (and other relevant sequences) throughout the year, including July 7 2014, July 16 2014, and July 25, 2014.


  11. Hi Christine,
    Yes, I know, long time no contact….I have had a week away and just arrived back – yes by Jet, many of us travel by Jet now over long distances, from foot to flying like a bird in such a short distance of time. How quickly life is moving?
    I, like many, have been watching the drama evolve over in Malaysia, now Perth and the South Indian Ocean. but what struck me is the strong influences of nations and people working together for the common goon, in such a short period.
    In the North we have Russia and it’s not wanting to lose its southern satellite state of Crimea a region of Ukraine, nor especially its shipping port for its Black Sea with access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, with its Navy and supposed nuclear armed ships. President Putin with his disturbed growing-up background striding the world with a peaceful successful Winter Olympic Games, then showing the true leadership of old Russian Bear tactics we thought and hoped had gone into the past since President Gorbochov arriving. Now the western world once again uniting as best as it can to persuade Mr Putin to go no further and come to the discussion table.
    Contrast this in the North with what has been going on in the South, that so many Nations have come together to help Malaysia Airline and its country find this missing MH-370 airplane. The extra-ordinary lengths the effort and the financial costs involved – we are seeing love and nationhood in action. IS THIS ANOTHER SIGN, and we have had a few too many that it may take bad news of disasters to bring the world together in the peace and harmony its ordinary people desperately seek?

    I am adding a little to this story that many of us have watched the daily Press meetings from Malaysia and the Deputy Transport Minister read out the daily news and try to answer the somewhat silly questions the journalists try to find for the readers or viewers across the worlds’ news media. One can see the Humility and the Humanity in the the man and the affect this tragic mysterious story is taking on him. I for one will write to thank him.

    As always Christine the wisdom of your words continue to spread like LIGHT for the world. Keep up the good work. ps. I have a feeling this new pope is going to do some great work too – any articles ready for this beacon yet?


  12. And today, Saturday April 5th, the media is reporting that a Chinese ship has located a pulse signal at 37 KHZ… “37” one more time.

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  13. Just a few other things to add. Anyone have some more to add?
    Flight Date 3/7/14
    Flight Nuber 370
    Aircraft Number 777
    Souls On Board 270
    Trip Length 2700 Statute Miles
    Co-pilot Age 27
    Black Box Frequency 37.5 KHz
    A total of seven Chinese ships convened in waters west of Australia’s Perth to coordinate their search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, as per CCTV News.
    7 Indonesians on-board
    Many 7s and such can be found in an official timeline…



  14. Diana says:

    Hi Christine, when planes go down or have problems I usually start seeing 737 or 747 which means for me that it is associated with problems regarding a plane. I started seeing 747 and 737 constantly during the first week of March before the plane went down. After it went down I asked my guides where it was and was given coordinates 44 by 107. Usually I get the name of a city or state not latitude and longitude so I had to look up on a map where this was. Soooo close to where they are looking. If you take where they are currently looking and just continue down further south it ends up right at the coordinates. I have tried connecting to several sources including the Austrialian Maritime response team, which they said they would forward to the correct authorities. I feel so frustrated because this feels so “right” to me. When they had the Colorado mass shooting I knew the night before some type of shooting was going to occur and got the city, state and the name of a church. The church ended up a couple of blocks from the shooters house and I think he might have talked with someone there or knew someone there who knew what was going to happen. I wish there was a format or place for people who are intuitive to gather and post and be taken seriously. It is so frustruating to feel you can speed up a search and help resolve the trauma of family’s involved and yet not be able to.

    Being a numerologist myself numbers seem to speak to me. Whenever I am on the right track or “path” for me I get confirmation by seeing 1111 or 111. When issues of trust or conflict with friends or family I start getting 222’s. etc. It is amazing to me how if we pay attention and watch for the pattern the numbers can really speak volumes in directing your attention to a particular subject or lesson. Thanks for listening to my frustration today!


  15. Hi! But the distance from Kuala Lumpur to Bejing is not 3700km but 4333km……


  16. Miss Morey says:

    Reblogged this on Against All Odds...


  17. Paras Sharma says:

    “There will be other incidents of 777 (and other relevant sequences) throughout the year, including July 7 2014, July 16 2014, and July 25, 2014.” :: As you were discussing, MH-17 777, crashed on 17/7/2014 … so many 7s .. hard not to see the connection again…


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