March 20, 2014 – A Triple 3 Day

Triple 3

Today is a 3 day in a 3 calendar week in the 3rd month of the year.

3+2+7=1+2 = 3
Calendar week #12  (1+2=3)
March = 3

3 emphasizes communication, images, words, friends and enemies, creativity and the arts, outer appearances, illusion, gossip, hearsay, rumor, triangular movement, and the continuance of physical life.

As with art, 3 ‘tells the story’ by reflecting what’s going on inside onto the surface. Therefore, what’s happening in the physical world right now is a reflection of what’s happening within the human condition. We are lost at sea. We are at war with ourselves. We are destroying ourselves by destroying the planet that gave us life and keeps us alive. We judge by appearances which leaves us highly vulnerable to those who have mastered the art of deception. 3’s creative vibration is often used to play tricks on the mind, making us accept what we are told or shown – simply because we are too impatient for answers.

Even when there is no ill-intent, without accurate information, 3 cannot tell the story accurately and comes across as rumor, gossip, and hearsay. But do not underestimate the importance of this number. 3 represents the continuance of life. It is the number of creation and procreation. Both today’s date and Calendar Week #12 emphasize this dynamic clearly: 1 = father, 2 = mother. 1+2 makes 3, the child. And life goes on!

Keep in mind that we are ALL children of the Earth. As we evolve, we can see just how childish we still are in our ability to perceive what is going on around us – and to us. Life is NOT an illusion, but an illusion has indeed been painted over life so that we believe only what our physical senses tell us, unaware that our physical senses are so easily manipulated.

3 is the number of appearances and gives us the outer reflection. So, on a day like today, when 3 is highly concentrated, (and throughout March), we have an opportunity to slow ourselves down to a pace at which we can actually THINK – to go beneath the surface and delve deeper.

3 represents CREATIVITY. So what are we creating? How can we create a more peaceful existence? Remember that the outer wars are reflections of what’s going on inside us between masculine mind and feminine emotion. When we make peace with ourselves and create equality within, the affairs of the world will follow.

* * *

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5 Responses to March 20, 2014 – A Triple 3 Day

  1. spirited13 says:

    Thanks Christine….wonderfully said…It’s true that we need to be careful at this time with not only what we are thinking or creating, but what we are feeling….If we can feel it in our hearts, then it comes to pass….so, maybe we need to really be aware of just what it is that we ARE creating in our wonderful world….it is alive and it needs us to care for it….Thanks for the reminder Christine…you are a true teacher of people…Blessings, Barbara xxxx


  2. Aga says:

    March 20th, 2014 fell on Thursday – isn’t that a 4th day of the week instead of 3rd? Otherwise – great info.


  3. Aga says:

    Makes sense now. Thank you for taking the time to explain this Christine 🙂


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