April 22, 2014 ~ A DAY OF MASTER NUMBERS


2014 is a 7 global year, (2+0+1+4=7), and April is an 11 global month (7+4=11).

April 22 is the last day of calendar week 16 (7), and is the 112th day of the year (4), which gives us another 11. Today is an 11:11 day.

It is also a 22 day, a 33 day, and a 44 day. We are moving through a powerful set of master numbers, in direct correlation with the astrological Grand Cross.

In this 7 year of truth-seeking and gaining knowledge – the year of the mind – we struggle to break through the barriers of denial. The reality of the early 2000s is not easy to wake up to. We know we have to change the way we are living, but cannot find a way to do so while keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table. Facing reality is often so tiring and frightening that we habitually distract ourselves and return to unconsciousness (denial). And at other times, facing reality is exciting, fascinating, and motivating. We are getting there.

Today is the 44th “Earth Day”, and when 44 is globally present, there is often a connection to the USA’s 44th president, Barack Obama. He can achieve a lot when it comes to environmental healing, despite the constant obstruction he faces. 4 is the number of obstruction, delay, restriction, and, hopefully, breakthrough. Today, 44 is present in a big way. 44 represents the meeting of opposites (including East meets West). 44 helps us identify who we really are inside and reveals common ground with those who are not like us at all.

infinity44 is the most balanced form of 8, which symbolizes infinity, extension, and the continuation of life. 8 represents power in the material world, which comes from knowledge, not money, position, or force. Of course, people everywhere are abusing their personal power at unprecedented levels by twisting knowledge to their advantage, or ignoring knowledge, to the detriment of everyone else.

Gaining knowledge is the theme of this 7 year – and the collective consciousness is opening to receive it – one mind at a time – until we can’t take any more and we distract ourselves yet again. Whenever we get too close to the truth, distractions are created to divert our attention – distractions that are impossible to ignore. And yet, 44 keeps us awake and aware with its practicality and its ability to persevere and simply ‘get on with it’.

Both 4 and 7 represent LEARNING, ORGANIZATION, ANALYSIS, and PLANNING. Of course, all numbers have their shallow and deep ends, and at the shallow end of 4 and 7, there is a belief that their way of doing things is the ‘only’ way – the ‘proper’ way. This has created a stalemate when it comes to changing what needs to be changed. But when these two numbers are brought together in the natural flow, as they are right now, the numeric chemistry forms the illuminating 11 energy which shines its light onto what we most need to see and understand at the time.

3 is a magic number which enables us to transform ideas and emotions into physical outcome. 3 represents creativity and all forms of art; communication, and outer appearance. Our emotional energy may be so moved now that it triggers a more creative phase of our existence – instead of the destructive cycles we have been forever traveling.

3 is the number of happiness, cheer, delight, joy – precious qualities of life that have diminished terribly since the 2000s began. The potential for happiness in our world has been captured by the crumbling and feelingless patriarchal system and replaced with so-called “austerity” – the extraction of happiness for the sake of greed and fear of loss and lack. Not only is ‘austerity’ a way for the very rich to steal from the poor and middle class, but is also a means of ‘social cleansing’ which is a more widespread form of ‘ethnic cleansing’. It directly attacks women and children, LGBT, the disabled, the elderly, the poor, and any group that the system deems to be ‘inferior’.

One of the main attributes of 33 is to alleviate suffering on a global scale, and transform gloom into cheer, and ugliness into beauty. 33 is the most balanced form of 6 – the number of responsibility, home, family, healing, balance, and transformation. 6 can be very judgmental, but 33 teaches us to love without condition, without judgment of others, or ourselves. 33’s capacity for acceptance is immense. But again, every number has its deep and shallow ends which, in the case of 6 often produces controlling, dictatorial and downright cruel traits. 6 is known as the number of the tyrant, the energy of which is emerging everywhere. Fascism is on the rise. 33/6 can resolve this imbalance and bring peace to diversity – or it can create havoc with a childish tendency to look only at surface matters, instead of delving more deeply into the bigger picture.

33 inspires us with optimism which enables us to make the best use of what we have, and never give up. Optimism is hope. Optimism can lift us over the hardest of times. However, it must be used in balance with realism to be most effective.

6 represents home and family, and on this 44th Earth Day, it is wise to remember that Mother Earth is our home, we are all part of one family called humanity, and that humanity is only one part of a greater planetary entity. Diversity is the nature of life, which means that we must heal the gaps created by our ‘fear of differences’. We are still so childish in this respect. The healing aspect of 33 shows us that we will always judge each other for being ‘different’ until we stop judging ourselves for not being ‘perfect’.

2 is the principle number of our times. 2 is the number of intuition, and 22 brings this quality to very impressive levels. When 22 is active, our emotional range is open, and we can sense more accurately – we can feel it – know it. 2+2 = 4 – and April is the 4th month. The 22nd of April, therefore holds very strong messages. The fact that it has been designated ‘Earth Day’ is significant indeed. If we, as individuals, do not wake up to the realities of life on Earth and start to take responsibility for our own participation in the killing of our planet, we will blindly, carelessly, and WILL-LESS-LY destroy the mother energy – and ourselves.

Outside conditions are reflections of our inner condition. The war on women, rape, and the general undermining of feminine energy reflects as the over-mining of Mother Earth’s precious resources. We have not learned how to use them and therefore see them as finite. But in this learning 7 year of 2014, perhaps we will learn more about 2’s principle lesson of fairness.

This is why JUSTICE is such a vital issue of these times. Justice IS balance. If justice is not fair, it is not justice. If justice is not based on equality and truth, it is not justice. Justice is one of the principle energies of life. However, we can all see how justice ‘systems’, all over the world, are totally corrupt. In fact, there are very few parts of this industrial system that are not immoral and contaminated. 4 is the number of work, order, method, and ‘system’.

22 is the most balanced form of 4. Its purpose is to improve conditions on Earth on a very large scale. This energy represents the masses rather than the individual. 22 is the master builder, and brings results and finality to matters that require structure, knowledge, patience, and dedication. Cooperation is essential. When people do not consult others where needed, when people do not share vital information, chaos ensues. There is little room for ego when 22 is active.

33 drastically enlarges the picture – and encourages us to speak up and express what we are feeling, while 11 enables us to look at a situation from different angles and points of view. 11 is a driving force in all our lives, particularly at this point in time when we must move from the male dominated 1000s into the balance – the equality – of both masculine and feminine. Resistance to this change has created a global war on women.

We cannot reach the balance of 2 until 1 reflects upon itself and accepts itself. 1+1=2.  Without this, 1 cannot evolve. 1 is the number of self – and 11 enables us to find self acceptance and spontaneity. 2 is emotional energy, feminine energy, the human WILL. Resistance to change is resistance to feeling.

2 is the number of peace through diplomacy – the number of unity, partnership, and cooperation. Today we experience the two 2s in 22 which result in 4. We also experience the 2 that emanates out of 11. While 2 triggers our emotions and senses (which originate in the solar plexus area of the body – the gut), the 7 energy of 2014 continues to draw us inward and open our minds. 33 represents the heart, which connects the mind and emotions with the physical.

Both 4 and 7 rely heavily on the laws of cause and effect to reach their conclusions. Karma is cause and effect. Karma is something we learn from rather than be punished by. We must learn how things came about – what really happened – and why. Without this intelligence, we cannot learn from past experience and can only keep making the same old mistakes and trudging the same old rut that we’ve always trudged. It is SO important to understand the past. What’s happening today is the manifestation of past actions – history repeating itself – and an opportunity to create a different future.

By fully accepting our past, here in the present, we are able to feel, sense, and create what we really want, instead of what we have been programmed to believe we ‘should’ want.

2 is bringing balance into the world, with 11 as its conduit. 1 + 1 will always equal 2, the number of equality. In fact, when 11 turns sideways, they give us the ‘equals sign’. 2 is the number of equality – and that’s where humanity is headed. Unity will not be easy. We have to learn to ORGANIZE and PLAN our way forward – as one. (1)

2014 – The Year Of The Mind




About Christine DeLorey

Numerologist and author of LIFE CYCLES Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness (ISBN: 0-9673130-9-0). Author of the nine-book series: CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time. My main website is: www.creativenumerology.com
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